We want better policies and procedures from the OSPCA

We want better policies and procedures from the OSPCA

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      Laura Kathleen

      Mississauga, Canada

There is no reason this dog should have been left to suffer on a balcony with no water or food walking around in his own feces for 4 days. When the proper authorities of animal abuse and neglect were called the person reporting was told this is a "non emergency" REALLY??? What constitutes and emergency?? Please help show how important change is as what happened in clearly unacceptable! I am also confused as to how OSPCA deemed it a "non emergency" based on the dog having food and water when the report they recieved clearly stated "NO FOOD AND WATER". Sounds like an attempt to cover up their EXTREMLY poor judgement! Also how is it that they are campaigning like crazy to not leave your dog in a car...whats so different about this situation? The dog was still left out in the sun! Dog in car = emergency Dog on sunny balcony with no food or water = non emergency. I dont get it????

*CURRENT STATUS* as well as the story.....

A dog that was left on a feces-filled seventh-floor balcony in Scarborough has been rescued, Toronto police tell CityNews.

Despite claims from residents that the dog had been outside for days, without food or water, police said Tuesday the dog was unattended for 24 hours and had plenty to eat and drink.

Still, it was enough to lay a fine against the person who lives in the apartment at 410 McCowan Rd., who was looking after the pet for a friend. That person, who has not been identified, was fined $205 for failing to provide a suitable outside enclosure.

Appalled residents at the Scarborough apartment complex say they helplessly watched for “days” and accused the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of ignoring their calls.

However, the OSPCA told CityNews in an email it was first notified at 4:20 p.m. on Monday – and police rescued the dog shortly after midnight.

At no time was it an “emergency situation,” the OSPCA said, noting that the dog did have food and water.

Residents had told CityNews the dog was increasingly emaciated and seen pacing, and that animal agencies ignored their calls and gave them the run around.

When the call came in, OSPCA spokesperson Alison Cross said, “We informed the caller that the next available officer would respond as our officers were all on the road responding to other calls.

“Our dispatch informed the caller that the police could also be contacted.  The Ontario SPCA did assign the case to an Officer last night and the investigation is ongoing,” Cross said.

We want better policies and procedures from the OSPCA . It is unacceptable what has occurred and new policies must be made regarding that is classified as an "emergency".

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    • janet chernov WPG,MB., CANADA
      • 3 months ago

      These people should put themselves in that situation like that poor dog was in to know what it feels like. People are so cruel and stupid

    • Patrice Pop PROVIDENCE, RI
      • 6 months ago

      I cannot believe there must be a petition to point out the obvious to these authorities. Epic fail on their part.

      • 7 months ago

      don't ignore animals in trouble

    • Eileen Peters PASADENA, CA
      • 11 months ago

      We need stiffer penalties for the so called "people" who are abusing, neglecting, torturing, murdering and fighting these beautiful creatures! It's time to stop the 2 legged animals from getting away with these cruel and inhumane crimes!!!

    • laurie horgas KIMBERLEY BC, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      someone has to speak for the animals!


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