Chilliwack School District Board of Education: Prevent the distribution of religious materials in public schools
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Chilliwack School District Board of Education: Prevent the distribution of religious materials in public schools

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      BC Humanist Association

Recent secular victories in Chilliwack are at risk.

On November 13th, the Board of the Chilliwack School District deleted Regulation 518 that stated, "The Board approves the distribution of Gideon Youth Testaments to Grade 5 pupils with parental consent." At the same meeting, the Board agreed to draft a new policy to permit the "distribution of materials" by March 2013.

This new policy represents an attempt to use public schools for religious proselytizing in BC public schools.

Superintendent Evelyn Novak intends to gather feedback through February to draft the new policy. While this feedback may not be open to the public, secular voices will be heard.

Please sign the petition below to send the message to the Chilliwack School Districts that BC schools should remain secular.

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    1. Competing Petition

      We've now surpassed 300 signatures!

      A competing petition has started on Go Petition in support of the distribution of Gideon Bibles to Grade 5s in Chilliwack. So far it only has 43 signatures, but we can do better. Keep sharing this petition and we'll deliver it to the School Board at the end of the month.

      Also get a print copy from our website and mail it to us.

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      250 signatures and we've been featured in the Chilliwack Times & Progress:

      Be sure to add your voices to the newspaper comment sections and share the petition with your friends.

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    5. Keep up the momentum

      Nearly 150 signatures in the first two days! Let's keep it up. Make sure you're emailing your contacts and sharing it on Facebook/Twitter. We also have print copies available on our website at

      We've already had a couple interviews about this petition and should see some stories come out in the next few days.

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    7. Great response and emails disabled

      Thanks for a great initial response everyone! In just a few short hours you've already sent 30 messages to Chilliwack trustees.

      We received a request from the Superintendent to stop spamming them, so we won't be emailing them every time someone signs the petition but will forward a complete list when we complete our petition.

      Thanks again for the support and make sure to invite your contacts and share the petition.

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    Reasons for signing

      • over 1 year ago

      This entire town is over run with the religious right, as someone who beleives in freedom of choice, I choose to send my children to public schools to avoid the topic of religion and just let them learn and be normal children. I read all these comments online from my local newspaper's website where people defend the distribution as tradition and quoting things some idiot on fox news said about taking god out of our schools.. My wife and I have decided since day one that we would try to shelter our kids untill they reached an age were they could begin to understand what exactly religion was and if it was something they choose to beleive in or wish to explore further. I feel this topic of bible distribution in schools is ancient thinking and as a tax payer in the city of Chilliwack I'am utterly disgusted that this is still allowed to happen in a public school. The fact that i have to provide out of pocket money for pencils and note books for my kids to learn with due to lack of funding is frustrating enough, but even more so that a special interest religious group can hand out bibles still free of charge is rediculious. Teaching religion in public schools was banned years ago, so to all these people in support of the distribution as freedom of choice/religion/tradition, you must also respect the same freedom of those who don't beleive that you don't need to read a bible or sing in church to be a good person. As I`m sure that if my son`s didn`t get one and one of his friends parents said yes to it, he would question why he was excluded and what exactly was being handed out... which in my opinion is not a grade 5 public school topic to be had... keep your crap at your church and your own christian schools please!!

      • over 1 year ago

      I don't want religious persuasion/propaganda in public schools

    • Catherine Scott MAPLE RIDGE, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      Our public schools in BC are denominational, according to the Provincial Education Act, religious materials and instruction have no place for the use of students. Religious fanatics should keep to themselves and away from youth

    • Nicole Foisy CHILLIWACK, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      I believe in people's freedom of knowledge.

    • Pradeep Menon NANAIMO, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      Schools must remain secular.


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