Reconsider the parcel price increases
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Reconsider the parcel price increases

    1. Karen White
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      Karen White

      Sydney, Australia

In Australia today many thousands of families rely on income produced through small businesses that operate online. It is not a new phenomenon but it is rapidly growing – well it was.

The huge price increases by Australia Post for their parcel services will force many businesses to close and those people will then require unemployment benefits and that will affect Australia’s unemployment rate negatively.

Price increases of over 30% for some products and 10-15% for most is not sustainable, especially as there are prices rises twice a year. The money for this is coming from the pockets Mum & Dad businesses –businesses that are a very important part of the Australian economy.

Australia Post, as a government owned business unit should have more than just the bottom line in mind when setting prices for what is an essential service for many.   Last financial year, Australia Post reported a profit of over $280 million dollars. It is unacceptable to gouge Australians further by continual price increases.

Australia Post
Reconsider the parcel price increases and stop gouging Australians

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