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YouTube is a video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google.

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Petitioning Google, Inc

Fire Susan Wojcicki as YouTube CEO

Since February 2014, Susan Wojcicki became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YouTube, which is part of Google. Under her leadership things started to went downhill and caused the reputation of YouTube and Google from the copyright controversy to the 2016 controversial YouTube PR Nightmare known as The Ad-Friendly Monetization Policy which was severely criticized by various YouTubers that the new rules censors and silenced YouTubers' freedom of speech and their platforms by demonetizing YouTube videos that deals with controversial subjects (like tragedies, natural disasters, politics, health, and etc.) and YouTubers loved Freedom Of Speech, but the new Ad-Friendly Monetization rules are still a dire form of Censorship by TPTB at Google and YouTube. The current Ad-Friendly Monetization Policy is still unfair to YouTubers. We also want that policy abolished or changed for the better. The controversial Ad-Friendly Policy at YouTube is one of the few reasons YouTube went downhill and turn for the worse and into the wrong direction. The PR Nightmare has to be fixed, make YouTube and Google go into the right direction by having common sense rules like No Tolerance Policy on YouTube Trolls, False Flagging, and censoring music just like Internet Vigilantes like UMG_MK trying to do a witch hunt on removing YouTube videos of songs by The Beatles. We want YouTube and Google go into the right direction and fire YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Make YouTube Great Again!

Spencer Karter
239,943 supporters
Petitioning AmazonMusicMX

Retiren a Johnny Escutia de todas las plataformas de música

El señor Johnny Escutia es una persona que se dedica a hacer canciones donde realiza Apología del delito de feminicidio en las mismas, la apología del delito es "el elogio público de un acto que ha sido declarado criminal", la "defensa o alabanza de un delito o delincuente de manera pública". Desde los títulos de sus canciones se refleja la misoginia que contienen como "perra mugrosa" "violala" "hasta que muera", incluso pedofilia con "novia pequeña". si los títulos no fueron suficiente para erizarte la piel, algunos extractos de sus canciones mencionan lo siguiente: "yo quiero esta noche tener la perra (violala violala), y si se pone loca y pide socorro (pégale mátala), y después que la mate (en pa pa partes cortala), la meto yo en bolsas de plastico negras (y y y botalas)"  en "Novia Pequeña" relata como agarran a una niña, la violan y torturan entre varios hombres "pequeña tu cul* vamos a rasgarlo y tu cuerpo a desmembrarlo y lo que sobre a orinarlo" y tristemente eso no es lo mas feo de la canción. Además tiene una canción alabando el lamentable feminicidio de Ingrid Escamilla, la cual él mismo describe como "la canción mas hermosa". Por toda la enfermedad que contienen sus canciones deberían quitarlo de todas las plataformas musicales, cerrar todas sus cuentas en redes sociales, y retirar sus canales de YouTube. En México donde se sitúan algunas de sus canciones la violencia de genero alcanza niveles impresionantes día con día, según cifras oficiales en enero de este año 2020 fueron asesinadas 10 mujeres al día. No es posible que estas grandes empresas permitan canciones que hagan apología de los feminicidios. Asimismo es increíble como puede haber compañías discográficas que trabajen con este tipo de personas para producir un material tan dañino para la sociedad. 

Abigail peralta
179,604 supporters
Petitioning Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime

Make Streaming Media Services Free To Encourage People To Stay Home During A Quarantine

During a worldwide viral pandemic, social distancing and personal quarantine is vitally important to stem the risk of spreading disease. As a result, right now millions of people worldwide are keeping themselves at home in order to prevent community spread of the COVID-19 virus. While this is a heroic and necessary challenge, it also runs the risk of boredom and isolation, which can lead to depression, among other factors. Many people are turning to their streaming services to alleviate their monotony. The problem with this is that many people cannot afford these membership fees, especially in a time like now when many people's economic livelihood is already strained.  Therefore, this petition asks that all worldwide streaming services enact a temporary 60 day stoppage of membership charges, as well as per-movie rental fees. If people can watch as much as they want, whenever they want, this will help alleviate the stress of home isolation, as well as encourage people to stay home. This is a responsible community health strategy. Many other media markets have done similar ideas. This is an easily manageable path of assistance for these corporations, one specifically which only they can provide.  I call upon every one of these companies that can help make an involuntary homestay more comfortable and therefore more successful to do their part to lift our sorrows and stresses of the quarantine. 

Philip Kolas
156,949 supporters
Petitioning YouTube, Google, Inc, Susan Wojcicki

Reconsider the new rules regarding children/family videos on YouTube

After failing to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protect Act (COPPA), Youtube was made to pay a 170 million dollar fine; the largest COPPA fine in history. Due to these privacy violations, the company announced new rules and regulations regarding children's entertainment on their platform on September 4th, 2019.  What does this mean? In the coming months, creators will be required to say if the content they create is made for kids. This will in turn, limit several features on the platform that was originally accessible by everyone. This includes no longer having personalized ads, no matter if an adult is watching the video or not. Personalized ads and monetization allow for many toy and family YouTubers to make it a full time job. Removing this feature will effectively leave many creators without a job.  Other changes that will be implemented will lead to decreased creator/community interaction. Comments will not be allowed on videos along with likes/dislikes, the community tab, and live streaming.  Creators should not be punished for Youtube's inability to comply with COPPA. If these changes go into affect, many online toy and gaming communities that thrived on Youtube including My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Disney, and Roblox will no longer be able to exist.  Youtube, please consider revising these changes. They will have several unintentional consequences that will effect lives and communities of many who have used your platform for years. 

Okami Girl64
147,072 supporters