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We need a UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan!

The UK has declared a climate emergency - now it's time to take emergency action. It's clear that unless we do, we face the gravest threats in human history: uncontrollable droughts, floods, extreme heat, species extinctions and suffering for hundreds of millions of current and future generations. We need a UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan, and we need it now.  All the technologies to do this are ready, waiting and getting cheaper by the day. More and more climate emergency declarations are being made. To maintain momentum these must urgently be turned into real-life actions on the ground.   A UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan would offer the vision, policies, resources, funding, networks, training and re-skilling required to enable this collective endeavour. It should be based around a smart, inclusive process, backed by the advice, data and technical resources needed to support local actions. This action plan should: Phase out fossil fuels fast and stop all subsidies to fossil fuels; stop all fracking now; and stop burning coal. Support a national programme to insulate the UK's housing stock. Invest in renewable energy, powering up our clean energy supply. Transform agricultural subsidies. Radically increase UK tree cover and enhance soils and peatlands. Invest in joined-up affordable public transport, and in better walking and cycling.  Cut flights through a frequent flyer levy – and scrap the third runway at Heathrow. Invest in the creation of new jobs and fund training in skills for the future.    As a trained engineer, I have now been working at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) for over 30 years. Since 2007, I have been part of a team of experts, developing models based on detailed knowledge and cutting edge research which demonstrate that a Zero Carbon Britain is achievable - while also bringing benefits for society, nature and the economy. We can make a better world! Please sign my petition calling on the government to create a UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan.

Paul Allen
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Petitioning Lesley Griffiths, Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, Welsh Government, Lesley Griffiths

Stop housing homeless teenagers in unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation.

This Christmas there will be a 16 or 17 year old that finds themselves homeless, it must be a terrifying situation to be in. But just when they need a place of safety, some teenagers are put into unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation by local authorities. Scared, frightened, abandoned and hungry is how many describe the experience. In the worst cases young people have reported sexual assault, after being put into rooms with no locks in a house full of strangers. That's why I've started this petition calling on the Welsh Government to put an end to homeless teenagers being put into bed and breakfast accommodation, no exceptions. There is a fantastic network of charities across Wales that can provide safe places for homeless teenagers to get back on their feet -- in warm, clean accommodation with staff who are trained to help. But End Youth Homelessness Cymru say that local authorities place around a hundred 16 and 17 year olds into unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation every year and this number is rising. Guidance in England says teenagers should never be put into B&Bs. In a recent debate at the Welsh Assembly officials said they would look again at the guidance local authorities are given here. If people across Wales come together on this issue - we can convince the Welsh Government to make the change needed. All we are asking for is that homeless teenagers have a place of safety, a shower, a hot meal and someone to talk to. I don't think it's too much to ask of our Government this Christmas.

Michael Sheen
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Petitioning UK Parliament, Welsh Government, Support Admin, Theresa May MP

Seperate maternity unit for women giving birth to a deceased child.

So as many of you know, pregnancy is the greatest thing a woman can ever experience. When you find out your expecting, your whole life changes. Your baby becomes your priority.. But then to find out your baby has passed away in the womb or is suffering multiple anomalies is heartbreaking. Especially knowing you have to wait a gruelling few days before your labour is induced and you have to give birth to that baby knowing you will never hear his/her first cry. I believe there should be a completely seperate maternity unit in hospitals for expectant mothers going through this traumatic experience as I personally had to spend 48 hours in induced labour in a maternity ward full of expectant mothers with soon to be born healthy children and all night all I could hear was babies crying, mothers in labour and heartbeat monitors of lovely strong baby heartbeats.. Knowing myself in a short while I would be giving birth to a child taken too soon. To make matters worse after you have gone through the labour process you then have to walk past delivery suites. You see mothers cuddling their newborns. They are ready to start a whole new life as a family whilst mothers of deceased children can not simply smile at others because we know it should also be us holding our newborn in our arms with our partner stood next to us smiling down at our baby. Mothers of babies who passed away before 40 weeks should not have to endure the pain of spending hours/days in a maternity unit seeing other people go through exactly what you had planned to go through. It is absolutely heartbreaking and if you are a mother of an angel who has gone through this experience I am sure you can agree with me. I dont want future expectant mothers going through a simular situation to go through the pain and suffering I had to endure. Nothing will make giving birth to a deceased child any easier but atleast if you have your own privacy in a ward where you dont have to face happy & overwhelmed parents cuddling their healthy newborn children then just maybe it will be a tad bit easier ♡

Clare Bartley
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Petitioning Welsh Government, Julie Morgan, Councillor Huw Thomas, Councillor Graham Hinchley

Keep funding organisations that support families of children with disabilities and ALN.

Families with children with disabilities and additional learning needs face many struggles. We have to fight for the support that our children need constantly. We fight to get appropriate help within schools. We fight to access the health and social services our children need. We fight to ensure that our children are able to access the benefits that they are entitled to. Families First, a Welsh Government initiative to support vulnerable families, is removing its funding to Snap Cymru and Diverse Cymru. Snap Cymru assist families to access appropriate support in education. Diverse Cymru advise and advocate for families trying to access disability benefits for their children. It will become even more stressful and difficult for us to get appropriate support for our children.  The system is already stacked against families with disabled children, statutory services are thin on the ground and we are now going to see a drastic reduction in the support offered by two organisations which provide essential advice and advocacy. There has been little or no consultation with the carers and families that this decision will affect. Both of these organisations have been a lifeline for many of us during extremely difficult circumstances. We want the Welsh Government, Cardiff Council and Families First to review the Families First funding decision and prevent the loss of yet more services for disabled children and their families.

Sharon Ross
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Petitioning Welsh Government, Ken Skates

Don't take Neath off the main railway-line. #KeepNeathOnTrack

For the attention of Welsh Government Minister for Economy and Transport, Ken SkatesCC... UK Government Minister for Transport, Chris Grayling. Dear Government Minister(s), I draw your attention to the recent news that suggests that Neath will be taken off the main railway line from Swansea to London Paddington. I am not in favour of this decision because I believe that taking Neath off the main line would have a detrimental effect to the economy and re-generation of our town. The station is already run-down and a hub for anti-social behaviour. Taking Neath off the main line would only worsen these problems.  It would also have a negative impact on those who commute on the main-line to work, meaning they would have to take an extra connection to Swansea, Baglan or Port Talbot first. Recent figures via research conducted by Plaid Cymru Councillor for Neath South Jamie Evans has found that: Around 830,000 passengers used Neath train station a year, making it the second busiest station, behind Swansea in the historic county of West Glamorgan and busiest of the five stations in Neath Port Talbot. The plans to remove Neath from the main line would mean commuters travelling to Cardiff from Neath would have to first catch a train to Swansea, Baglan or Port Talbot, meaning an increase in both cost and time taken to get to and from work. People from Neath, Pontardawe, Skewen, Glynneath and the Dulais Valley would see no benefit at all from the “10 minutes” saved on a journey between Swansea and Cardiff. I would gratefully ask you to reject this proposal.

Bethan Phillips
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Petitioning UK Parliament

Weekly mental health support groups in all schools

At the age of sixteen I was admitted to the care of camhs (child and adolescent mental health services). I was diagnosed a few months later with an eating disorder which then led to depression and anxiety. I soon found myself isolated and alone finding clarity and peace in alcohol, drugs and self harm, only adding to my problems. I knew that many children in school were struggling but were afraid to speak up as there was nowhere young people could get together and talk about mental health. Being in school and feeling afraid and alone is a dark place to be. I feel that my journey would have been much easier if I could have spoke in a group at school about various experiences. Many young people are not fortunate enough to receive a place at camhs creating isolation and fear. I wasn't referred or acknowledged as having a problem until I took an overdose of paracetamol at school. In 2015 I lost a friend who also attended camhs.She was fifteen at the time of her death, and I remember her speaking about the fact that she wanted to come to school,but that she struggled as she felt that people found it hard to understand. I believe pupils with or without mental health issues would benefit from such groups in schools ,as they could not only better themselves but grasp an understanding, help friends and support one another. They just need a room and a time to meet. These groups would be run by named teachers, school councillors or students themselves depending on the resources each individual school has available.It's easy to label these children as attention seeking, but what's important to remember is that they do want attention. Just like we would expect medical attention when we are physically unwell, they are crying out for help as they too are sick. Imagine yourself in hospital asking doctors for help, but then being told that there's nothing wrong with you and that you've made it all up purely because nobody can see an injury. This is our reality, and it's happening daily. Hundreds of children are dying each year as their voices aren't being heard, a change is needed now.

Sarah wilkinson
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Petitioning UK Parliament, Welsh Government, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Independent investigation to establish whether the RSPCA is fit purpose.

I’m calling for an independent review of the RSPCA to establish whether it is still fit for purpose and operating in the animals best interest.  Each year there are hundreds of headlines in the media highlighting the failings of the RSPCA, however they remain untouchable. They spend a fortune on ad campaigns portraying themselves as a “caring” profession who “rescue” animals in distress or who have suffered maltreatment/neglect. However as many people who have contacted the RSPCA to report such matters will know, it is a rarity that they will a) attend the reported incident, and b) take action to protect the animal.  The most recent case in point would be the abused pony in North Wales, of which videos and pictures are going viral. The RSPCA are quoted as saying "The RSPCA and an independent vet attended and were happy with the horse's condition and care” (Leader Live article by Joe Robinson. 18/04/2019). It can clearly be seen from the video footage that the horse was injured and was being mistreated by his owner. Since this video has been shared on social media, the RSPCA have changed their tack and have advised that this matter is “under investigation”. So that begs the question... if the video had not gone viral, would the RSPCA not have warranted any further action and have been happy to leave the pony in that condition with those owners?? Small localised rescue and rehoming charities operate on a fraction of the donations the RSPCA receives and rescue so many more animals from maltreatment or neglect. It’s time the RSPCA is answerable for its failings and let people who actually ‘care’ about animals have a say in the running of the organisation! It seems it is no longer fit for purpose, as those employed by them / their internal policies are not there to benefit the animals, only to generate profits!  It’s also seems a reoccurring problem that the RSPCA “pay off” ex employees with large sums of PUBLIC money! Why?! In 2017 it is reported that they paid of a Chief Executive (with a mere 15months in post), with a SIX figure sum!! That being on top of their already large salary of approximately £150,000. They received only a warning from the charity Commission! Another headline this week alone, has revealed how two RSPCA employees have been arrested on suspicion of fraud. It is suspected that approximately £450,000 have been fraudulently acquired by the two employees. How has this gone unnoticed for so long for that amount of money to be taken? In January a former chairman of a branch for the RSPCA was jailed for stealing £184,000 from the charity.  Last summer it emerged that the daughter of the national RSPCA council chairwoman was living RENT FREE in a 4 bedroom detached property with cattery (open to the public 3hrs a day), was purchased by the charity, totalling approximately £700,000. Conveniently, this property is a mere 2 doors down from her mother (the chair) and she lives there with her husband and children. How on earth can they justify spending PUBLIC DONATIONS on that?! It’s time this fiasco is stopped and an independent investigation is launched to weed out those who clearly do not care about the animals they serve. 

Chloe Scott
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