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We need a UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan!

The UK has declared a climate emergency - now it's time to take emergency action. It's clear that unless we do, we face the gravest threats in human history: uncontrollable droughts, floods, extreme heat, species extinctions and suffering for hundreds of millions of current and future generations. We need a UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan, and we need it now.  All the technologies to do this are ready, waiting and getting cheaper by the day. More and more climate emergency declarations are being made. To maintain momentum these must urgently be turned into real-life actions on the ground.   A UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan would offer the vision, policies, resources, funding, networks, training and re-skilling required to enable this collective endeavour. It should be based around a smart, inclusive process, backed by the advice, data and technical resources needed to support local actions. This action plan should: Phase out fossil fuels fast and stop all subsidies to fossil fuels; stop all fracking now; and stop burning coal. Support a national programme to insulate the UK's housing stock. Invest in renewable energy, powering up our clean energy supply. Transform agricultural subsidies. Radically increase UK tree cover and enhance soils and peatlands. Invest in joined-up affordable public transport, and in better walking and cycling.  Cut flights through a frequent flyer levy – and scrap the third runway at Heathrow. Invest in the creation of new jobs and fund training in skills for the future.    As a trained engineer, I have now been working at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) for over 30 years. Since 2007, I have been part of a team of experts, developing models based on detailed knowledge and cutting edge research which demonstrate that a Zero Carbon Britain is achievable - while also bringing benefits for society, nature and the economy. We can make a better world! Please sign my petition calling on the government to create a UK-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan.

Paul Allen
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Stop housing homeless teenagers in unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation.

This Christmas there will be a 16 or 17 year old that finds themselves homeless, it must be a terrifying situation to be in. But just when they need a place of safety, some teenagers are put into unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation by local authorities. Scared, frightened, abandoned and hungry is how many describe the experience. In the worst cases young people have reported sexual assault, after being put into rooms with no locks in a house full of strangers. That's why I've started this petition calling on the Welsh Government to put an end to homeless teenagers being put into bed and breakfast accommodation, no exceptions. There is a fantastic network of charities across Wales that can provide safe places for homeless teenagers to get back on their feet -- in warm, clean accommodation with staff who are trained to help. But End Youth Homelessness Cymru say that local authorities place around a hundred 16 and 17 year olds into unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation every year and this number is rising. Guidance in England says teenagers should never be put into B&Bs. In a recent debate at the Welsh Assembly officials said they would look again at the guidance local authorities are given here. If people across Wales come together on this issue - we can convince the Welsh Government to make the change needed. All we are asking for is that homeless teenagers have a place of safety, a shower, a hot meal and someone to talk to. I don't think it's too much to ask of our Government this Christmas.

Michael Sheen
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Justice for Christopher Kapessa

Christopher Kapessa was a young black 13-year-old child who died on 1st July 2019 after being pushed into the river in front of many of his peers. He was the only black child present at the scene of the incident. Within 24 hours South Wales Police decided, without interviewing all the other children or collecting all the evidence, that this was no more than a tragic accident.  South Wales Police tried to convince his mother, Alina Joseph, that Christopher had willingly jumped from a bridge. Soon after a complaint was lodged against the police.   Consequently South Wales Police appointed a new major police investigation team who then submitted new evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Earlier this year the CPS decided not to prosecute anyone despite establishing that there was sufficient evidence to charge the teenager who pushed Christopher into the river with manslaughter. They argued that this was not in the public interest. This is a perverse decision because it implies Christopher’s life is cheaper than the ‘public interest’. The family’s lawyer has asked the CPS to review their decision.  Christopher was a gentle likeable child who loved to be outdoors and he was a talented footballer and won many trophies. Despite suffering racist abuse, he, amongst all his other siblings, would look at things positively – he did everything to integrate with his peers and within the community.  He loved life. Christopher deserves your attention and justice. Alina Joseph and her supporters, have launched the Christopher Kapessa Family Campaign to ensure justice for her child. Our demands include: ·      The suspension of police officers involved in the initial investigation ·      A fitting memorial in Christopher’s name. ·      An independent Inquiry into the conduct of South Wales police and other agencies involved with this family so that lessons can be learned.  If you require further information, please contact:

The Monitoring Group
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Force Joel Osteen to pay back any and all government aid funded by taxpayers.

Joel Osteen and his church recently received over four million dollars in taxpayer-funded government aid. For his church that does not pay taxes. If you believe this is unfair to taxpayers, please stand with us. This is not an issue of religion, this is not an issue of who you believe in. This is an issue of fairness. His business is the church, which apparently is doing quite well to afford this man a home and estate that is several million dollars. Whilst constantly riding in private jets and doing things normally reserved for the richest of people. This man is no longer a servant of Christ or his people, but a servant to the almighty dollar. It’s clear that he is manipulating the system to maintain massive amounts of wealth. This is incredibly unfair to people that follow him, as they may think what he’s doing is justified in some sick way. Our government and this man should be held accountable for this gross overpayment and blatant disregard for taxpayer’s well-being. While the average American is struggling with covid, bills, work, and every other daily stress, this man is banking over four million dollars of our money. If you believe this is not to aid in his message of love and kindness of man and woman in the vision of God, or you simply believe his acts are unfair and downright slimy, please sign this petition to force him to pay back any government aid that was recieved. Thank you. 

Brad Wallace
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Allow pet owners to say goodbye in the last moments

I had to have my beautiful dog of almost 13yrs put to sleep yesterday. Now for anyone, that would be traumatic enough. Now what if i said, i had to say my goodbyes, hand him over in the veterinary practice carpark and not allowed to be with him in those final moments and instead have to watch him being carried off, wide awake strapped to a stretcher, with him not knowing that THAT'S the very last time he saw me? You'd think I'd done something wrong or my dog had done something wrong for him to be destroyed wouldn't you? Nope, not at all! Bruno (a german shepherd) had been my baby for almost 13yrs. Apart from my kids, he was my everything. I suffer quite badly with anxiety and depression, so he was almost like my assistance dog in a way. When my anxiety would rise up, the first thing I'd do was grab the lead and off we'd go, on our wanders. We'd go everywhere together, everyone knew us and knew how much i loved him. A few months after i had him i caught for my son, so he went through my pregnancy with me, he'd put his head on my bump and get kicked then grunt but he secretly loved it. Then i had my son and he went into protective mode and they were as thick as thieves all their life. Where one was, there was the other and it stayed that way for years. All the while, he was with me through all my bad times too....broken relationships, miscarriages, my mam dying and being cut off from my dad by my sister �. He was also there for the good son learning to walk, ride his bike, walking to primary and junior school with us for the first and last time, all the kids at school knew him and would always give him a hug or pet him as they passed and everyone we passed would say what a gorgeous, good natured dog he was. He also went through the pregnancy and birth of my grandson ❤ he's been right by our side through everything. That same protectiveness also applied the other way, I was right by his side through everything with him....tumours, sickness and old age. Everything except death! On sunday morning, i woke to find my handsome baby had taken a turn for the worse overnight and his back end had completely collapsed. He'd wet himself, soiled himself and couldn't get up � I felt like my world had just fallen apart in that very moment. Because of his age and this being something that had been happening for a while, i knew what needed to be done. Now for anyone who thinks i made this decision lightly, let me assure you, this was not done at the click of my fingers. I was physically sick at what i was about to do to the only real best friend I had (I mean that as no offense to my friends at all, if they're my friends, they'll know what I mean). So i rang the vets and explained that financially (being a sunday) i couldn't afford the fees (it was over £500 on the sunday and £300 the next day. I'm not working and already had to borrow the £300 from a good friend of mine) so would make him as comfortable as i possibly could, then bring him in the next day for him to cross the rainbow bridge. And that's where it went very wrong..... I made the appointment and I assumed that, due to the nature of the visit (COVID19 aware) i would be allowed to be with my baby in his final moments. How wrong was I! No, i had to say my final goodbyes in the practice carpark, with people arriving and leaving with their pets, while I'm sobbing on the grass, saying my goodbyes to my dog! Bare in mind, my dog was lame too, so its not as if he could do much either bless him. Then when I'd said my final goodbyes, i couldn't even carry him inside myself (i had a covid mask and was even willing to scrub up and wear scrubs if i had to). I had to watch my baby getting put on a stretcher and carried inside for the last time, knowing that he didn't know it would the last time he ever saw me. He was probably terrified. I was given the option of paying an extra £60 so they could sedate him so he wasn't aware that he was being carried away from me to his death, an option that was financially out of my reach. To me that felt like emotional £60 so he doesn't know what you're about to do to him when we take him away or he'll be awake. I absolutely broke my heart! I will never get that image out of my head...EVER!! OK, so here's what I'm hoping to achieve. I want all pet owners to be allowed to be with their pets, or for some provision to be put in place so that when a pet has to be put to sleep, the owner can be with them in their final moment. I never want what happened to me to happen to someone else. I know some practices allow for long line leads so the injection can be given at an acceptable social distance. However this is still only SOME practices, that's not enough, it should be all practices when it comes to final goodbyes. So i want a provision in place, that during this time where we have to social distance because of COVID19, owners should be allowed with their pets during those final moments when they're crossing the rainbow bridge. These animals may be just an income to a vet, but to us their family. So please, sign and share this as far as you can so nobody has to go through what i did when i said my final goodbyes. RIP Bruno, you'll never be forgotten ❤❤   

Natalie Jones
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Allow partners into pregnancy appointments, scans and ante/postnatal wards

Risk management has been put in place for COVID-19 which stipulates pregnant women must attend all scans and appointments alone, and cannot have visitors to ante/post natal wards. Partners have a key supportive role in these times and should be allowed to attend, using PPE if necessary. These restrictions result in spending days in hospital during an induction alone, or time after recovering from labour alone, negatively impacting their mental health. It also affects the partners bond with the baby, particularly where a donor has been used or a same sex couple, as the partner feels pushed out of the pregnancy experience. With regular reviews now being taken to slowly phase out lockdown, it’s key that all sections of the UK Government, along with the NHS, look at how partners can safely be permitted into all parts of healthcare during pregnancy as soon as possible. If partners continue to be excluded from these key areas then we are failing to provide adequate support to new mums and disrupting the bond for partners. There will be a price paid as we no doubt see a rise in post natal depression for both mums and partners if steps aren’t taken to allow partners back in. I’m due to give birth in about 4 weeks, and have personally felt the effects of attending medical appointments and scans alone. I’ve had episodes of reduced movements and had to attend the hospital alone. My wife has had to anxiously wait, alone, not knowing what is happening, feeling helpless and forced out of the pregnancy. We have no doubt that plenty of other couples out there are going through the same struggles. The fears of birthing alone, or at least having to endure a large amount of time before and/or after birth, alone. The partner feeling unimportant during such a key stage in their families life. Something needs to be done quickly to address the negative impact this is having on what should be such an exciting new milestone.

Gemma Craig
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Children with Cancer should not have to appeal for special educational help

Children and young people diagnosed with cancer are  too often left  without the support of an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) or statement of SEN or are being left waiting unnaceptable amounts of time for the right support. For a child, education absorbs much of their world. The progress or lack thereof is often clearly linked to their sense of happiness and self esteem. Slipping behind or the prospect of examination failure can be emotionally absorbing such that in the case of children little else may matter as much.. This needs to change. The law and code of practice needs to change so that A. Children with cancer undergoing chemo and radiation therapy should be automatically entitled to an assessment of their educational needs as opposed to delay and their cases left to local authority discretion. B. The time limits governing learning assessments should be shortened for cancer patients so that the process should not take longer than six weeks from start to finish. C. The code of practice ought to provide a specific presumption favouring the grant of education and health care plans and statements of SEN for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.and radio therapy. These children and young people should not be forced to appeal to a tribunal for help. Children and young people along with their parents will frequently be deprived of  the  physical emotional and financial  reserves needed to take on such an organisational inertia. Although the current law allows for children and young people with cancer to receive an assessment of their needs, too many are being denied the protection of an EHCP or even an assessment. The current law allows for local authorities to determine when an EHCP is necessary but many are using this discretion to the disadvantage of cancer patients. Cancer research charities around the world generally recognise the impact of chemotherapy in regard to cognitive functioning. "Chemo brain" or "chemo fog" is widely understood to frequently develop among cancer patients. However it appears this is not always appreciated by local council special needs departments. Yet even the most basic research into the effects of cancer will lead to conclusions that learning difficulties are very common in children receiving both chemo and radiation therapy. Lower IQ scores over time can vary depending on the intensity of the treatment but common symptoms include attention and concentration difficulties, reduced processing speed and executive functioning difficulties. Further the development of short term memory deficits are commonly noted. But that is not all. Cancer treatment can have an impact on vision and hearing and even a child's muscle and bones. The impact on mental health is also not insignificant. Studies have found survivors of childhood cancer are likely to develop mental health symptoms including anxiety and depression and even suicidal thoughts. Children will frequently experience longer term effects such that prominent cancer charities record:-  "For the rest of the childhood cancer survivor’s life, doctors should watch for things like pain, tiredness, and anxiety, as well as other possible signs of late effects. Physical and emotional effects may linger" What does the law and code of practice say and why does it need to change? The law in relation Education and Health Care Plans and statements can be found in the Children and Families Act 2014 as well as in the Education Act 1996. The 2014 regulations in England and the 2001 regulations in Wales are also relevant together with the Codes of Practice. The codes of practice in both England and Wales recognise that cancer is a disability but states at (XViii).  " Children and young people with such conditions do not necessarily have SEN, but there is a significant overlap between disabled children and young people and those with SEN. Where a disabled child oryoung person requires special educational provision they will also be covered by the SEN definition." The code offers little more by way of specific guidance and neither does it advocate for child cancer patients being given any particular priority. Under the current law a child with learning difficulties seeking an EHCP in England or a statement in Wales may have to wait six weeks for merely an initial assessment decision. A further 10 week wait may follow before children may learn whether they are to be given an EHCP or statement.. Taking into account any dispute that may arise in regard to its contents , at typical tribunal , might mean a further six months is spent. On average it would not be unusual for a whole year to be spent dealing with this if one considers it from start to finish. The average chemotherapy treatment plan can last anything from two to six weeks. It is therefore a fact that Children with cancer cannot wait. Although cancer is recognised as a disability under the Equality Act it does not follow that children with cancer will be assessed for learning impairments arising out of the condition itself or from the effects of chemotherapy or other treatment.. The law affords the council this discretion to refuse at every stage starting initially with the initial assessment. In practice therefore , it might result in waits for up six weeks and then if there is a dispute another few months waiting for an appeal. We then must add the time it might take to challenge a decision thereafter to refuse the issuing of a plan or equivalent , or the time necessary to appeal an inadequate plan. All this time may be lost. It is not unusual for a child to have to wait two years from start to finish before securing an adequate plan. All children with cancer whether undergoing or having undergone chemotherapy should be automatically entitled to an assessment. The time limits thereafter governing the issuing of any plan for cancer patients should be shortened to allow for quicker decisions to be made. We believe that it is reasonable for the law to provide a much shorter time period in such cases from the current 16 weeks to a six week limit in such cases. Further that the SEN code of practice should be amended to allow a presumption in favour of issuing a plan or a statement of SEN to such child cancer patients rather than leaving councils with the discretion. Childhood cancer is already traumatic enough for both the child and the family. These children and their parents should not have to face additional stress of having to wait whilst they worry about the possibilities of educational decline. They need our fullest support and this requires a change in both the code of practice and the law to give them a better chance of both speedier and more sensible decision making. Help us secure change for these children and young people. Change to relieve an unnecessary burden that frequently rests upon their shoulders. 

Michael Charles
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Seperate maternity unit for women giving birth to a deceased child.

So as many of you know, pregnancy is the greatest thing a woman can ever experience. When you find out your expecting, your whole life changes. Your baby becomes your priority.. But then to find out your baby has passed away in the womb or is suffering multiple anomalies is heartbreaking. Especially knowing you have to wait a gruelling few days before your labour is induced and you have to give birth to that baby knowing you will never hear his/her first cry. I believe there should be a completely seperate maternity unit in hospitals for expectant mothers going through this traumatic experience as I personally had to spend 48 hours in induced labour in a maternity ward full of expectant mothers with soon to be born healthy children and all night all I could hear was babies crying, mothers in labour and heartbeat monitors of lovely strong baby heartbeats.. Knowing myself in a short while I would be giving birth to a child taken too soon. To make matters worse after you have gone through the labour process you then have to walk past delivery suites. You see mothers cuddling their newborns. They are ready to start a whole new life as a family whilst mothers of deceased children can not simply smile at others because we know it should also be us holding our newborn in our arms with our partner stood next to us smiling down at our baby. Mothers of babies who passed away before 40 weeks should not have to endure the pain of spending hours/days in a maternity unit seeing other people go through exactly what you had planned to go through. It is absolutely heartbreaking and if you are a mother of an angel who has gone through this experience I am sure you can agree with me. I dont want future expectant mothers going through a simular situation to go through the pain and suffering I had to endure. Nothing will make giving birth to a deceased child any easier but atleast if you have your own privacy in a ward where you dont have to face happy & overwhelmed parents cuddling their healthy newborn children then just maybe it will be a tad bit easier ♡

Clare Bartley
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