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Include Gary Johnson in national Presidential polls

The Commission on Presidential Debates determines whether or not a candidate can be included in the debates based on their performance in five selected national polls. In order to be included in the debates, a candidate must be polling at 15% nationwide. We, the undersigned, believe that Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for President has a chance to reach that threshold. A recent Fox News poll found Gov. Johnson to have 12% support nationwide and his mainstream media exposure in recent weeks has been unprecedented for a Libertarian Presidential candidate, which means that his support has likely grown. Paired with the fact that polls have consistently shown Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to be among the most polarizing candidates in history, we believe that there is a real opportunity this year for a third-party candidate to make a difference. With the Libertarian Party being the only third party likely to appear on the ballot in all fifty states and the political experience of both Gov. Johnson and his running mate, Governor William Weld, we believe that they are the most likely to capitalize on this opportunity. We urge you to include Governor Johnson in your national polling and help give the American voter another option this November.

Adam Sheets
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Petitioning Andrew Sugerman, Susan Wojcicki, Google, Inc, Wall Street Journal

Reinstate PewDiePie's Network & Scare PewDiePie Season 2!

PewDiePie is well known for his comedic approach to many topics.. Yet due to the push of many media companies—one main culprit being Wall Street Journal (@WSJ)—PewDiePie has been cut off from his network Maker Studios & YouTube has canceled his YouTube Red series Scare PewDiePie Season 2 to the outrage of many fans. All of this because PewDiePie was being PewDiePie?? This whole idea of PewDiePie being an Anti Semite & Racist has been blown out of proportion! It's time the people have a voice on this! Let's work together to let Disney & YouTube know they have made a mistake!

Mister Omega
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Petitioning NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, Associated Press, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Wall Street Journal, ABC, MSNBC, Washington Post, LA Times

Stop Calling Immigrant Prisons "Detention Centers"

My name is Sylvester Owino, and I was in “immigrant detention” for 9 years. My name is Carlos Hidalgo, and for a year and half I was incarcerated in “immigrant detention centers.” That is what the media, government, and for-profit prison companies who run these facilities call them, but in reality, these are immigrant prisons. People in immigrant prisons are not serving a sentence, but simply awaiting the outcome of our request to stay in the US. Those of us who have lived behind the locked gates and barbed wire know that the term “detention center” does not accurately describe the conditions and truth of what happens on the inside. We, who have survived these brutal places, are requesting that media organizations - The Associated Press, The New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, and other influential media outlets, call these facilities what they are: immigrant prisons. Until we are honest about the fact that these are prisons, the inhumane conditions inside will continue to be covered up by the term “detention center,” and the corporations running the facilities will continue to make millions off of the suffering of the people inside.  If these are harmless “detention centers” … Why do they look like prisons, why are they run like prisons, and why are they owned by prison companies? We were incarcerated in facilities run by the two largest for-profit prison companies in the country. Carlos was in GEO Group’s Adelanto immigrant prison, and Sylvester in CCA’s Otay immigrant prison in San Diego, among other facilities. We both experienced countless human rights abuses. We worked for the for-profit prisons for $1 a day, cleaning and cooking. Carlos was put in solitary confinement for 6 days for organizing a hunger strike to protest inhumane treatment. Sylvester filed complaints on behalf of friends who were beaten by guards.   In Adelanto immigrant prison, 3 people have died in the last 7 months, and 6 people have attempted suicide since December 2016.  Dozens of us have gone on hunger strikes to try and change things. In order to end the abuse, we must first call them prisons and then close them. Starting with Adelanto. Sylvester & Carlos Supported by: o Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective, IEIYC o Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, ICIJ o Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement, CIVIC

Sylvester Owino, Carlos Hidalgo, and #SchoolsNotPrisons
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Petitioning U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, President of the United States, Donald Trump, John Cornyn, Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Richard Shelby, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Lisa...

#SAVEH2B: Save Small & Seasonal Businesses!

PLEASE ASK CONGRESS TO #SAVEH2B AND SUPPORT IMMEDIATE CAP RELIEF!  American Small and Seasonal businesses are currently approaching their busiest season of the year and they will not be receiving their seasonal guest workers. Without these legal, temporary employees American businesses and workers are in jeaprody.  The H-2B Visa nonimmigrant program allows employers to hire foreign workers to come to the United States and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis. H-2B workers are not considered immigrants. In order to qualify for an H-2B Visa, an employer must prove that there are not sufficient U.S. Workers who are capable of performing temporary services or labor. MYTH: H-2B WORKERS TAKE JOBS AWAY FROM AMERICANS.FACT: American workers are guaranteed first chance at every job later filled by an H-2B temporary laborer. By law, every open position must be properly advertised in the community and requires employers to hire any able and willing American workers to fill open positions. The fact is that H-2B temporary workers actually support American jobs and the U.S. economy. The H-2B program provides an opportunity for seasonal businesses to operate at a greater capacity, thereby retaining their full-time American workers and contributing more to their local economies. Additionally, temporary foreign seasonal workers help support many upstream and downstream jobs. According to the American Enterprise Institute study on Immigration and American Jobs, every H-2B worker creates or sustains 4.64 American jobs on average. MYTH: EMPLOYERS DON’T EVEN TRY TO HIRE AMERICAN WORKERS TO FILL THESE TEMPORARY HARD LABOR JOBS.FACT: Employers work extremely hard to hire American workers because 1) it is dramatically cheaper to do so, and 2) the law requires that employers demonstrate that every effort has been made to hire Americans before they can start the process of trying to hire a temporary foreign laborer. Again, the fact is that the vast majority of American workers are not interested in temporary seasonal manual labor jobs. Geography is a big obstacle for many employers; for example, many resort communities don’t have a sufficient local labor pool. And, in many cases, these types of seasonal jobs may not be appropriate for high school students due to the hours or labor laws that prohibit the use of heavy machinery by minors. MYTH: PAYING HIGHER WAGES WILL ENTICE AMERICAN WORKERS AND SOLVE THE SEASONAL TEMPORARY LABOR SHORTAGE.FACT: Hourly pay for these types of jobs have gone up significantly over the last few years because employers who use the H-2B program are required to pay their H-2B workers and similarly employed American workers a premiumwage dictated by the U.S. Department of Labor. These temporary manual labor jobs often pay considerably more than the minimum wage, but American workers still won’t take the positions. Sadly, in many cases, employers who obey the law and use the H-2B program are often competing against businesses that choose to illegally hire undocumented immigrants and pay those workers considerably less. If wages were raised even higher, seasonal employers who use the program would not be able to sustain their businesses or their American workers. MYTH: THE H-2B PROGRAM REPRESSES WAGES FOR AMERICAN WORKERS BY PROVIDING A CHEAPER LABOR SOURCE.FACT: Hiring H-2B workers is a much move expensive and risky option. In addition to the fact employers are required to pay H-2B workers and similarly employed American workers a premium wage that is often well above the federal minimum wage, complying with the H-2B program is extremely costly, complicated and wrought with uncertainty due to an overly restrictive cap and a constantly changing regulatory environment. Employers turn to the H-2B program as a last resort, after extensive efforts to recruit American workers. MYTH: H-2B WORKERS OVERSTAY THEIR VISAS AND EXACERBATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IN AMERICA.FACT: According the U.S. Department of Homeland Security visa overstay in the H-2B program are rare. Workers who do overstay their visas are barred from using the program ever again. The fact is that the vast majority of H-2B workers and their employers are meticulous about compliance. Not following the strict program rules means the end of a well-paying seasonal jobs that allows these workers to provide for their families and still maintain their homes in their native countries – a risk these workers are not willing to take since they generally return to the same employer year after year. Additionally, when approving H-2B visas, the U.S. Consulate confirms workers’ ties to their home countries. Further, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires employers to promptly report any H-2B workers who do not report for work or who complete their work earlier in the season than anticipated. MYTH: THE H-2B RETURNING WORKER EXEMPTION IS UNNECESSARY.FACT: The H-2B program’s annual 66,000 cap (33,000 for each half of the fiscal year) is not adequate to meet the demands of a growing economy. The cap for the first half of the fiscal 2017 was reached on January 10. The second-half cap was reached on March 13, leaving many seasonal employers shut out of the program with no access to legal seasonal laborers. Without the returning worker exemption passed by Congress with bipartisan support and signed into law by the President, many companies will have to close their businesses, lay off American workers or turn away customers.This provision is essential to the survival of small and seasonal businesses across the country and should be made permanent. An H-2B returning worker exemption is a narrow solution to a seasonal workforce shortage that focuses on workers who are valuable to their seasonal employers and who have never violated the terms of their past visas or other U.S. laws. These workers do not pose a security risk and they are not taking away jobs from Americans. For more information please visit: https://www.SaveH2b.org   To contribute further, please contact your Congressmen/women and tweet using the hashtag: #SAVEH2B

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Petitioning CNN, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, BBC

Boycott the 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Vanity Fair and The New Yorker magazine recently announced they were boycotting the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner. These outlets have decided to protest the Trump administration’s ongoing attack on truth and the freedom of the press. As President, Donald Trump has slandered unfavorable coverage of his policies and statements as “fake news” delivered by a “lying, dishonest press” -- a term disturbingly similar to the original German “Lügenpresse”, also used to discredit the press during a period of authoritarian rule in that country. Top White House strategist, Steve Bannon, declared the press to be “the opposition party” that should “shut its mouth”. And who can forget White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, who coined the infamous term “alternative facts” while pressing for networks to fire commentators who voice critical opinions of Trump. These antics are simply a continuation of the bullying and dangerous treatment Trump encouraged against members of the press at his political rallies -- placing our free press under threat. Every media outlet (and every citizen) should reject this un-American behavior by our government, on principle. Our media outlets should join Vanity Fair and the New Yorker by boycotting this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner. If you support and respect a free press and it’s role in safeguarding our democracy, please sign and share this petition today.

Enzo Loren
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Petitioning Anderson Cooper, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX Broadcasting Company, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal

No Notoriety for Mass Shooters

Mass shootings in the United States continue to capture a lot of attention by the media. The continued reporting of the shooters’ names and images are inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Research has found a contagion effect whereby the excessive emphasis on the perpetrators can inspire copycat attacks and can cause them to be more lethal as shooters try to outdo one another.  We call upon the media to responsibly report on these stories by limiting the use of the names and photos of the perpetrators in their coverage in accordance with the No Notoriety ( campaign. Research (e.g., Schildkraut & McHale, 2018) shows that viewers still will follow these cases if this information is limited. Please support this call for responsible reporting in the coverage of mass shootings in the United States. 

Jaclyn Schildkraut
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Petitioning Wall Street Journal


There was a biased article published only to make a very famous Youtuber look bad and for clicks so that they could make more money. It's ridiculous and very unproffessional. 

that weird channel
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Petitioning Google, Inc, Wall Street Journal, News Corp.

Petition for the Wall Street Journal to fire Ben Fritz

As you all know by now, the Wall Street Journal tried to ruin the career of the popular YouTuber PewDiePie by making the accusations that he is a fascist, Nazi supporter and anti-Semite, all of which are completely fabricated, ridiculous and unjustified statements. These lies published by the WSJ stemmed from a video that PewDiePie made which was taken completely out of context by news outlets, primarily the WSJ of which Ben Fritz is an employee. Ben Fritz is a journalist who currently works for the WSJ, and has made multiple anti-Semitic and racist posts using his own Twitter account, making him hypocritical of his actions to accuse Felix of being a fascist. The WSJ has now become a hypocritical media spectacle, and needs to take action against Ben Fritz. The WSJ should make a published apology to Felix Kjellberg for their slanderous accusations, and if they are really against fascism they should do the right thing and fire Ben Fritz. This petition fully supports (but does not represent) PewDiePie and fully supports the fight against fascism and racism, something a news media outlet as well known as the Wall Street Journal should also stand against. This petition is a demand to the WSJ to do what is right and respond with taking positive action against fascism, racism and hypocrisy within their company. Thank you for showing your support. And Felix - if you're reading this - just know that we all stand with you.

Greg T
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Petitioning U.S. Senate, Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal

Shut Down the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has committed libel against Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as "Pewdiepie". This crime has resulted in: -The cancellation of the second season of the show "Scare Pewdiepie". -A significant loss of income. -A severed deal with Maker Studios among other things. The Wall Street Journal knowingly and intention misrepresented Felix in a way that would cause him harm. The relentless actions of The Wall Street Journal have significantly negatively affected Felix and, as such, The Wall Street Journal should be shut down.

Julian Benali
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Petitioning Consejo Comunitario de Mecana, Corte Constitucional de Colombia, Ministerio de ambiente colombia, alvaro, Alvaro Uribe Velez Ex Presidente Colombia, green pace, Congreso de la Republica de Colombia...

Parar Inmediatamente la tala de árboles en el Chocó-Colombia para exportar a China

Vendieron una parte del Chocó ¡¡¡ Empiezan a tumbar árboles para exportar a China La empresa “Colombia Hardwood” ha comenzado a tumbar árboles en Bahía Solano para exportar a China, las maderas más finas del Chocó: algarrobo, sande, cedro amargo, bálsamo, caimito, chanul y virola. Esta empresa no es cualquiera. Es dueña de REM Forest Products, del billonario canadiense Frank Giustra, un corsario financiero que obtuvo una licencia de aprovechamiento forestal otorgada por Codechocó en 2006 (Resolución 2293) para explotar durante 15 años más de cinco millones de metros cúbicos de madera; unos US$1.500 millones. Esta compañía tienen a su vez vínculos financieros con Pacific Rubiales Energy, Medoro Resources, Alange Corp, Gran Colombia Gold. Es decir, se trata de un proyecto de envergadura: madera, oro y petróleo. La Prima-REM ha instalado en la playa de Huaca un campamento con una docena de empleados canadienses, otros tantos colombianos, 80 ciudadanos nativos de las comunidades negras e indígenas y dos helicópteros. La empresa se dispone a cortar su primer millón de metros cúbicos en 44.596 hectáreas, autorizado por la Ley 70 de 1993. Este territorio -inembargable, inalienable, se extiende entre Bahía Solano y Juradó, el Pacífico y la Serranía del Baudó, y ocupa una superficie de 67.327 hectáreas donde viven 18 comunidades, 1.329 familias y 5.846 personas. Es decir, el 70% de la superficie, será controlado por la empresa. La madera que se explotará en los próximos años costaría US$280 millones, de los cuales la compañía reconocerá al Consejo Comunitario el 10%. Los directivos actuales hicieron el negocio, pese a que en 2005 se opuso la Ley Forestal felizmente rechazada por la Corte Constitucional-, por considerar que con ella se “facilitarían transacciones y el aprovechamiento con ánimo de lucro de los bosques nativos plantados en las principales zonas del Pacífico y de la Amazonia”. Codechocó dio el visto bueno y el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente aplaudió el logro. El Consejo Comunitario de Mecana, donde se ha construido el campamento de Prima Colombia Hardwood, considera amañada y tramposa la consulta y corrupta a cambio de miserables dádivas. Para protestar contra la tala de una de las selvas más preciosas del planeta, se encadenó tres días a un árbol de Bahía -Museo Entomológico UNAB

Leonora Velasquez di D
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