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Remove Selma’s KKK Memorialization: Rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Fifty years ago, the Voting Rights Movement marched through Selma and over the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The marches across the bridge led to the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and today the bridge is a symbol of nonviolent victory for change! Unfortunately, the bridge is STILL named after a man who served as Grand Dragon of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan, was a Confederate General, and was later elected as a United States Senator. The bridge was the site of “Bloody Sunday”. On March 7, 1965, hundreds of nonviolent protesters attempted to march from Selma to Montgomery for their right to vote. But as they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge, they were met by Alabama state troopers and deputized civilians who were armed with billy clubs, tear gas, and cattle prods and attacked the marchers and drove them back to Brown Chapel Church. How could a landmark that holds so much significance for the civil rights movement be named after a man who not only supported slavery, but held one of the highest positions within the Ku Klux Klan? It's time for the state of Alabama, the city of Selma, and the National Park Service to remove a KKK leader's name from the historic bridge.  Selma and the Voting Rights Movement altered the course of history forever, and Selma has done too much for this country to remain unchanged. Selma is currently 80% African American, with a black mayor and majority African American local city officials. The name Edmund Pettus is far from what the city of Selma should honor. Let’s change the image of the bridge from hatred and rename it to memorialize hope and progress. Please sign our petition calling on Selma and Alabama leaders and the National Park Service to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Students UNITE
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Petitioning U.S National Park Services, Paul Ryan, Eleanor Norton, Muriel Bowser

White Supremacists are Not Welcome in the District of Columbia

Dear Acting Director Smith, Speaker Ryan, Delegate Norton, and Mayor Bowser, On August 12, 2017, Heather Heyer was murdered during a rally and counter-protest in Charlottesville, Virginia that sought to preserve Confederate culture, glorify slavery, and display abhorrent White Supremacist ideals. Some of the organizers of that rally are now planning an event in Washington, D.C. on August 11, 2018, under the thinly-veiled guise of a "white civil rights" protest. Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, their associates and assorted partner organizations are not welcome within the boundaries of the District of Columbia. They will receive no assistance funded by taxpayers from the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, nor the municipal government with jurisdiction over the areas where they seek to promote their hate-speech. We, the undersigned, urge you to deny permits for this rally and leverage your respective oversight powers to send a clear signal that the citizens of the District of Columbia refuse to offer a venue for intolerance, racism, and anti-American values in our city. Hate is not welcome here.Sincerely, Concerned Citizens of the District of Columbia

R. P.
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Petitioning Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, U.S National Park Services, Mike Pence, U.S. Governors

Stop the removal of historical Confederate Monuments.

These monuments are a reminder of what our country had to go through to become whole again. Many of these monuments are not only in dedication to the men who served in the Confederacy but they also served in the US army pre-civil war. It is important to save these monuments for future generations to see these monuments and learn about them and the men who gave everything for a several causes. These were brave men, good men and religious men. I beg the President, Vice President and the US Supreme Court to stop the purge of our American History in our cities and towns across the south.  I urge President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the U.S. Supreme Court to sign a bill into law protecting these monuments, all military monuments from removal. Please save our history. 

Matthew Evans
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Petitioning U.S National Park Services

Designate Prince Rogers Nelson's Paisley Park As A National Historic Landmark

To National Historic Landmark Program & The Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson    Pursuant to Code of Federal Regulations, Title 36, part 65, we the undersigned, fans of Prince Rogers Nelson, do hereby nominate the building structure which was  the residence and studio of Prince Rogers Nelson, known as ‘Paisley Park’, located at 7801 Audubon Road, Chanhassen,Minnesota, 55317, to be designated as a National Historic Landmark for the purpose of preserving this landmark for the future and so that it not be destroyed or not available to future generations    This site sufficiently meets the criteria as set forth by the aforementioned regulation as follows:Paisley Park is a building and structure  which possesses exceptional value in illustrating the heritage of the United States in artistic culture and possesses a high degree of integrity of location and setting.   It is associated with the life of Prince Rogers Nelson, deceased, who is a significant person in the history of United States, a United States citizen who was an internationally  acclaimed musical artist, singer,writer,poet,composer,film director, and academy award winner. The association being that Paisley Park, so named by Prince Rogers Nelson,was not only where he lived, but also included a studio where he created the music and where a stage where he performed as well. The events associated with Prince Rogers Nelson are outstandingly represented.  As Paisley Park is associated with the life,music, of Prince Rogers Nelson, it meets the criteria for being named National Historic Landmark, with all of the benefits and protections therein.  The areas of significance are ‘Art’ and ‘The Performing Arts’. It is a building and structure which possesses cultural value.  Paisley Park possesses significant value  as that is not only  where Prince Rogers Nelson created music, but also where he lived and performed. It also possesses significant value to his legions of fans not only in the United States, but worldwide as well.    Prince Rogers Nelson’s significance is unquestionable in the history of music art and performing arts.. He had mastered numerous instruments, and received numerous awards for his achievements in music.     We the fans of Prince Roger Nelson wish the structure, building, and objects therein, to be preserved for future generations, and for those fans to visit and for others to visit. It is a location that is loved by his fans and recognized as the place which is associated with Prince,his life,and his music. We, the fans of Prince wish that the building and structure  be protected from demolition and/or any other sort of destruction. We, the fans of Prince wish that ‘Paisley Park’ be preserved as a tribute to the outstanding legacy to Prince and be designated as a museum and a National Historic Landmark.  

rayeEllen Stiles
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Petitioning U.S National Park Services

Don't Ban Sports & Recreation on the National Mall

There are few things more American or uniquely DC than playing a recreational sport in the shadow of the Washington Monument or the National Capitol Building. Unfortunately, the National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a ban on all sporting and recreational activity along the National Mall from 3rd to 17th Streets.  The ban includes eliminating currently permitted softball fields around the Washington Monument grounds and the first-come, first-served policy on the plots from 3rd-14th Streets.  The proposed policy is an extreme position and massive change from long standing practice. Among the NPS-cited concerns, their primary reason offered thus far for the total ban is the perceived impact sports and recreation might have on the recently installed grass turf.   Context:The total ban is antithetical to the purpose of the Mall.  Through the inception of the National Mall dating back to the L'Enfant plan of 1791 and the redesign by the McMillan Commission of 1901, a main intention of the Mall is to serve area citizens and the city by providing open recreation space. The National Mall represents the vast majority of open grass space in the city and is often cited as a contributing factor to the city’s frequent ranking as a best place to live or fittest communities.  The NPS over the past 2 years has already successfully managed preservation of the newly installed turf along the Mall by resting sections when necessary and working with local stakeholders.  At its peak recreational sports typically use portions of the Mall merely 4 workdays a week during a 3-4-hour early evening time frame and light use of some weekends.  This small time frame represents, at most, a moderate use of the Mall but has an over-sized impact on creating a foundation of well being for the city. Even those who do not regularly participate in the games, tourist and local residents alike, will often stop to watch the activity and reflect positively on the games and at times, join in themselves.  The NPS ban would dampen the vibrancy of the City by directly restricting access of tens of thousands of area residents and touching a much larger number of people through its negative impact on health and wellness and the local economy.  Exacerbated by an existing shortage of available play space throughout the city, the NPS ban would further stress the existing limited resources of the city and restrict groups like Congressional Softball, Senate Softball, House Softball, Flag Football, Soccer, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Bocce, Kickball and others that have become a DC institution and part of the fabric of the city.  While maintenance of the turf is certainly a worthy priority we do not believe it should be put above the recreational, health and economic needs and interests of area citizens.  This uniquely Washington DC, and indeed American, Institution must preserved. Our Position:Access to 3rd to 17th streets should remain open for sports and recreation as it is vital to the vibrancy and health of the city. We seek a dialogue with the National Park Service and other stakeholders to solve this impasse of access to the open space between 3rd-17th Streets.  We are ready to collaborate with the NPS to establish best practices that balance the need for recreation and the integrity of the Mall turf. Please help us maintain access and recreation on the National Mall by signing this petition and spreading the word.  You can get more information and learn about ways you can help at - A Coalition of stakeholders, concerned citizens and players on the National MallSUPPORTERS: Congressional Softball, DC Chamber of Commerce, United Fray, Social Sports Foundation

Robert Kinsler
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Petitioning Merial , RABORAL.COM , USA.MERIAL.COM , Donald Trump, President of the United States, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, , United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),, aphis.u...

Require the USDA and Merial to add wildlife to the label of RABORALV-RG Rabies Vaccine

I am requesting that the U.S.D.A require Merial Inc., whom makes and produces the rabies vaccine, RABORAL V-RG (License # 298) to list the wildlife animals, Skunk, Raccoon, Coyote, Fox and Bat,  that the U.S. government has been giving this rabies vaccine to since 1990, on the label of the vaccine Imrab3 and also make it available to U.S. certified and licensed Veterinarians to also be able to administer the vaccine to these same animals and to be able to give these animals a certificate of rabies vaccination, as is done with all other vaccinated animals, so that these animals will be treated as fair as vaccinated cats, ferrets, horses, dogs etc. are, and given a quarantine time, the same as other animals listed, if they happen to nip/bite someone. Rabies is an infectious disease of warm-blooded animals, including man. The rabies virus is thought to have originated in bats. The virus survives only in living animals and does not exist in the environment. The virus does not infect birds or cold-blooded creatures such as reptiles and amphibians. Although small mammals, such as rabbits, squirrels and mice can be infected with rabies, these species are considered a low risk for transmitting the disease. Rabies is more likely to infect mammals such as dogs, mongooses, skunks, coyotes, raccoons or foxes. In all species, the saliva of infected animals contains live rabies virus particles, which can spread to a new host via bites or scratch wounds. Rabies can also be spread by aerosol (saliva droplets in the air) in caves inhabited by large numbers of infected bats. In the United States, humans are most often infected with the rabies virus by bats. Infected domestic animals, including cats, dogs, horses and cattle, can also transmit rabies to man. Protecting your pets from rabies via regular vaccination is important to reduce the potential of transmission of rabies to your pets and to humans. While extremely rare in the United States, human deaths are still caused by bites inflicted by unvaccinated rabid dogs in many countries. It is very important to seek post-exposure treatment immediately if ANY animal bites you, especially while traveling outside the United States. Post-exposure treatments for humans are no longer a series of abdominal injections and these treatments are very successful in preventing rabies if begun immediately following exposures. Travelers are often unaware that in certain countries the risk of rabies exposure, even from what seem to be pet dogs, can be very high. RABORAL V-RG is an oral rabies recombinant vaccine that protects raccoons and coyotes against rabies, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to rabies to humans and domestic animals. It is only sold to government agencies conducting rabies control programs. RABORAL V-RG immunizes the animal during the eating process. While they eats the bait, the vaccine is exposed to the tissues inside the animal's mouth and the vaccine causes an immune response against rabies.This vaccine is a highly specialized and safe vaccine because it has only one genetic element (i.e., gene) of the rabies virus (NOT the complete virus) so the vaccine will not cause rabies. After eating the vaccine, in approximately 10-14 days the raccoon or coyote will be protected against rabies, should it get exposed to a rabid animal. Each year in the United States, approximately 5 million doses of RABORAL V-RG are distributed into wildlife habitats by public health officials.The bait-units containing the vaccine are distributed by airplane, helicopter or by hand to reach the target species. The location and number of baits used depends on the severity of the outbreak and the specific public health official's goals for their rabies control efforts. Radio messages, TV announcements and posters are used in communities to alert citizens of upcoming baiting programs. As of today, November 3, 2017, the US government, will not allow Merial to sell this vaccine to licensed veterinarians to administer to these animals, even though the government has been using them, successfully, since 1990, on these animals. Merial will not add the animals names to the label either. The IMRAB3 vaccine is the intravenous version.      Every year the federal government distributes ORV (oral rabies vaccine) across the US, by the thousands. They have concluded the cost benefits of the efforts showing that it does eliminate wildlife rabies, saves lives, and the taxpayers pays for this. They say that "To eliminate rabies in our county, like other countries have done, we need to prevent the disease in the wildlife. As a result of the ORV program, in 2004, the dog/coyote strain of the rabies disease has been eliminated  in Texas. The World Health Organization declared the US free of canine rabies in 2007. This an similar success in Canada and several other European countries demonstrate that using ORV for wildlife can manage and eliminate rabies. ORV programs reduce Epizootic related pet and livestock vaccination, quarantine and euthanasia, Lessens the burden on state services (paid by taxpayers) for animal diagnostic testing, lessens livestock and wildlife losses. By combining the expertise of human health care providers, veterinarians & wildlife professionals rabies management can improve the health and well being of all species impacted by this disease. The partners for Rabies Prevention meeting held in August 2017 in Switzerland, brought together over 40 representatives from 27 organizations to discuss international efforts to support countries as they move forward to eliminate rabies. They have came up with a slogan 'Zero by 30' . They want to eliminate rabies worldwide by the year 2030. It CAN be done and this is just my way of helping, because as long as rabies is in the wildlife, we will not eradicate this disease. Making this Change happen will not only help save wildlife, but also domestic animals, people and it will help rehabbers and people that own exotics and wildlife. If we don't put these names on the label and make this vaccine available to vets, then I do not see us ever getting to the point of eradicating this disease. It will save taxpayers money, by letting the rehabbers and owners take the animals to their vet and getting the vaccine. It will save these animals lives if they bit someone, they wouldn't have to be killed and decapitated and will save money all around. Also, it just isn't fair to not have these animals names on the labels of the vaccine that the government is giving them, IT WORKS, let the vets buy it from the Merial, let the people buy it from the vets. The main reason that this is close to my heart is because of a skunk that I rescued at around 4 days old when the mother and siblings got killed by a tractor. I raised her on an eyedropper, got her descented, spayed and vaccinated with the IMRAB 3 rabies vaccine. That did not save her life when she supposedly nipped someone at the age of 6 months old. She was confiscated by the Fish and Wildlife and the Health Dept, took to a local vet, euthanized and decapitated. The person, a relative, that said they got nipped DID NOT EVEN GO TO THE DOCTOR. All they had to do was make a few phone calls to a few places. There was not any proof that my Pepe even bit her. No evidence even was shown for Pepe to be taken away because "That is the Law. She is a Skunk, even though she had the rabies vaccine that is given in the wild by the government, it is just like she has not had it because Skunk is not listed on the label... they have no rights." You can read her full story at PromisesForPepe on Facebook, Instagram, GoFundMe and  .com  Pepe was born on or about May 2, 2016 and was killed Nov. 2, 2016 The day that they came to take her away I promised her that I would not let her death be in vain. That is when I made this promise to her that I would do what I could to help her kind. I will never forget the health dept person bringing her headless body back to me, still warm, and I held her for 4 hours crying. I do not want any person and especially and animal to ever have to go through this again. It was uncalled for, barbaric, outdated.    

Tonya Poindexter Vaughn
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Petitioning U.S National Park Services

Save Kevin the Deer of Assateague Island

It was the summer of 2012 when I first saw him. I was used to the wild horses and the Assateague wildlife because I had been exposed to them since I was 4 years old. But, when I saw Kevin the deer he was much more than the average Sika deer. I'm not the only one that feels as if he is more of a family pet than a wild animal, many families know his name and have an attachment to him and look forward to seeing him every year. If you were to meet him you would feel the same way. Hunting him down during the Assateague hunting season is wrong! He is exposed to people all summer and is an easy target to any hunter. He brings a lot of happiness to many families over the summer and is more than a dinner. He is family, not food. Please sign and save the coolest deer alive.

Emily Andrews
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Petitioning Nancy Pelosi, California State Senate, Jerry Brown, U.S National Park Services

Revoke the permit for "Patriot Prayer" Rally at Crissy Field SF Aug 26th

Revoke the permit granted for "patriot prayer" alt-right gathering at Crissy Field in SF on August 26th 2017. This country has enough problems to deal with, we don't need to condone hatespeech and riots, and we certainly need to stand together against racism and for free speech. However, this event will provoke violence and has already prompted an opposing rally. Much like the situation in Charlottesville. There are major concerns and no guarantees that these protests can be kept apart. Revoke the permits for these rallies and avoid the clash and violence. Keep people safe, we owe it to eachother.

braden mackay
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Petitioning U.S National Park Services, The Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, Senator Bob Corker, Representative Chuck Fleischmann, Mayor Andy Burke

Save historic Williams/Hardy House (Littleholme) from destruction on Lookout Mountain, TN

On a plot just south of Cravens House, on the side of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee is a 1920s Tudor Revival cottage. Although its existence is obscured by a large outcropping of rock and the Ohio monument, to the curious visitor has beckoned for almost 100 years. A short walk and a closer look might make you think that someone’s happily-ever-after was cut short. The storybook-style house has slowly fallen into neglect over the past two decades. Ivy and vines have grown to its roofline, the green paint on its timbers is peeling, and the stucco is blackened in places by mold. A quick peek inside a window reveals that many of its decorative features, like fireplace mantel and ironwork, have been salvaged, absconded by thieves, or, hopefully, removed and stored by the local Park Service. There’s nothing modern about this house. The two baths on the first floor are period with green and pink tile. The kitchen is small and gutted. It’s so original, that even in its abandoned state, it’s like being back in time. The home was built in 1928 by Edith Soper Hardy. Her husband, industrialist, and a former mayor of Chattanooga, Richard “Dick” Hardy, died suddenly on August 14th, 1927. In his will, he specified that $25,000 would be pulled from his trust so his wife could purchase or build a home to her liking. Mrs. Hardy chose to tear down their cottage on Shingle Road and build a new one in its place. She employed a popular Chattanooga-based architect, Clarence T. Jones. At the same time, Jones was working on the J.B. Pound residence, Stonedge, on Lookout. Mrs. Hardy had plans for the old house drawn up a few months after her husband’s death showing the placement of various structures, walls, trees, a vegetable garden, cement walkways, and some of the property’s unique stone and rock storage areas. The Hardys moved to Chattanooga from Chicago in 1910. From the beginning, they were both well-liked and active in the community. Edith was quite independent of her interests from her husband’s business and charitable activities. As the founder of the Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga, she would later become a national figure among humanitarians as a director of The American Humane Association and spent a year volunteering for the Red Star Society in New York City, New York. The Red Star provided much-needed medical supplies, veterinarians, and ambulances to the over 8 million horses, mules, and other animals that were used on the front lines during WWI. When she returned home, she continued her work with the Red Star by raising money locally and developed local training courses for those desiring to enter the Army veterinary corps at Camp Greenleaf. It was said of Mrs. Hardy, "Her love for her own beautiful horses has made her interested in all others and she has given of her time and means so generously to the work of the Humane Society that her recent election as president, though adding to her burdens, was recognized as a deserved tribute. Dogs and birds, cats, horses, mules, all receive her loving ministration. Her loving manner in rebuking a brutal driver or thoughtless owner for some cruelty is so gentle yet so authoritative that few resent it." Ethel Soper Hardy died at her brother’s house in North Carolina in 1944 at age 68. In 1947 the Williams' family moved in and would spend over 50 years in the home. Since 2001 The National Park Service has owned the property and house. Originally, they planned to renovate the home and garage/servants quarters into lodging for rangers and bathrooms for the Cravens site. The Park then reported that the renovations to the home would cost an estimated $1.2 million.  Recently, several local architects and preservations specialists estimate about $250,000.  It was therefore decided that the house would be removed, and in a 2013 article of the, a ranger was quoted as saying that the property would become parking. Later, a park official told me that the plans for demolition would come in the next few years. The Williams/Hardy House, also known as Littleholme, is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park have acknowledged the home’s historic importance to Chattanooga. Yet it remains endangered from being torn down. The reasoning for tearing down the home is that it wasn't there during the Civil War.   However, there are many examples in the Park that are not of the Civil War era that have been put to public use. Even the adjacent Cravens House is a post Civil War structure that is often misrepresented as a Civil War structure by local Park officials. Ironically, the Cravens House was once endangered before a local group raised the money to restore it.  We just want the same opportunity to save Littleholme.Because the restoration and reuse of this home could be enjoyed by any of the one million-plus annual visitors to The Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, we encourage everyone, no matter of location, to sign this petition. You can find out more about the Williams/Hardy House (Littleholme) at The Williams/Hardy House, or Littleholme, was added to a local list of endangered properties due to its local historical significance and its current state of endangerment of being torn down by the National Park Service. For those who want to contact the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park directly and speak with Superintendent Brad Bennett about saving Littleholme, here's his information below. By phone and email(423) 752-5213 x115 office(229) 591-3972 By mailPark SuperintendentChickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park3370 LaFayette RoadFort Oglethorpe, Georgia 30742

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Petitioning Chris Croy, Regional Director, Molly Diggins, Director of North Carolina Chapter of Sierra Club, Tom Cormons, Executive Director, John T. Coley IV - Vice Chairman, Gordon S. Myers, David Cobb - Div...

Boycott Elk Killers, Ross and Sons Dairy Farms

Elk are native to the Southern Appalachians and the eastern seaboard. They have seen a tremendous comeback in states like Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, bringing in tourist dollars, hunting and outfitting dollars, and benefiting the ecosystems they exist in by browsing down young forest, fertilizing meadows and opening up grassy areas that other wildlife like deer, turkey, grouse and bear depend on. Unfortunately, while the public at large has hailed the return of the majestic elk to the hills of the smoky mountains, a handful of bad actors has taken it upon themselves to poach, poison and shoot these animals.  One of the worst culprits is the Ralph Ross and Sons Dairy Farm of Waynesville, NC. Just this year 2 young bull elk were found dead on the farm. The owners did not report the incident, the elk were found by a wildlife officer doing his rounds. When the officer returned the next day to investigate further, the facility had attempted to cover up the killing by burying the 2 elk on the property. This was after the NC WIldlife Resources Commission installed an electric fence on the farm to keep the elk out, at taxpayer expense. The fence cost $19,000 and was funded from state hunting license sales. Ross farms did not shell out a penny, and has likely been reimbursed for any damage the animals ever inflicted on crops. Again, at taxpayer expense. Between 1995 and 2014 Ross and Sons Dairy farm has received $222,787 in state dairy subsidies, and are among the top 3 farms receiving such subsidies in Haywood County. During the same period they received a total of $336,330 in Federal USDA subsidies. Yet despite the significant public dole this facility is on, they continue to shoot the public's elk at every opportunity. The Wildlife Resource Commisions members were infuriated, and described the shootings as a "spite killing". Not only this, on January 29 of last year, no less than 7 elk were shot on or near Ross Farms. Ralph Ross called the NC WRC to report shooting 3 elk that were eating his crop, but WRC officers found 4 more shot to death on the property and in the woods nearby.  This brings the total number of elk shot by Ross Farms to 9, that we know of (who knows how many others they've buried in the woods), and suggests that the farm is not only killing elk that trespass, but also *proactively murdering and possibly poisoning elk that venture anywhere near the farm*. There is absolutely no evidence that Ross Farms has even attempted to take any non-lethal measures to keep elk away, such as taste and odor based repellents, salt shot, trained dogs, strengthening existing fencing, etc.  Small farms like Ross Dairy are entitled to numerous subsidies and tax write offs in this country. It is likely that none of the non-lethal methods mentioned above would cost Ross Farms a penny. Furthermore, it is unlikely that any of the small amount of crop damage done by elk thus far has cost the farm any money, either.  I'm sure we all support small farm operations; I do too. I want Ross Farms to do well and stay in business. But I cannot in good conscience patronize a farm operation engaged in an ignorant war with wildlife, and a precarious population of elk at that. When Ross Farms cleans up it's act I will be comfortable purchasing from them again. We're asking that you all boycott Ross and Sons Dairy Farm, and that the officials and administrators linked in this petition impose legal and monetary sanction on businesses that dip their hands into the public coffers while pursuing anti-conservation practices. They're stealing from the people of North Carolina and hurting the cause of wildlife conservation. Those of you who live in North Carolina can contact your House Representative and Senators and ask that Ross and Sons Dairy Farm and anti-wildlife businesses like them be punished. Everyone else please contact U.S. Fish and Wildlife the National Park Service and the Department of Interior and say the same. Everyone can also contact the Waynesville, Haywood County and North Carolina Chambers of Commerce and tell them that no ethical business would purchase from Ross Farms!      

Mass Strike
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