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Protect Net Neutrality from the Trump Administration

The internet has helped to boost the economy, create an amazing tool for educators, and provides an outlet for communication with people all over the world.  However, the simple policy that has protected this magical land of opportunity is under fire from both the Trump-appointed FCC chairman (Ajit Pai) and service providers like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon. Sign this petition to call on the FCC to protect net neutrality under the Trump administration. Net neutrality regulations are designed to stop ISPs like the big cable and phone companies from favoring/crippling certain websites and services for their own benefit and financial gain. These rulings could be reversed as Republicans continue to deregulate private industries.  As a senior in high school, I can appreciate the need to be able to complete homework, communicate, and access streaming media like Netflix without an ISP slowing down my traffic. In the 21st century, internet is like drinking water, electricity, or transportation. Those without neutral access to it are at an unfair disadvantage. If net neutrality goes away, the internet will become distorted, and your access to certain content will be based upon your ISP's financial interests and what you're willing to pay, like cable television, hurting the consumer. Let's stop the telecom lobbyists who buy their influence, and the private companies who already control so much of our media before it is too late.  

Blake Cerenzia
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Petitioning Greg Abbott

Stop the Execution of Rodney Reed!

The State of Texas wants to execute an innocent man on November 20, 2019. Rodney Reed was wrongfully convicted in 1998 of the rape and murder of Stacey Stites. He has sat on Texas’ Death Row for 2 decades. Despite mounting evidence of his innocence, the State has repeatedly denied a new trial, refused to allow existing evidence into court, and even refused to review new evidence. Although Innocence Project attorneys secured a stay of execution in February 2015, Rodney is now back on the schedule to be killed on November 20, 2019. Existing Evidence and Facts A) PICKUP & APARTMENT. Stacey lived with her fiancé (Jimmy Fennell, Jr.) in an apartment in Giddings and supposedly drove to work in Bastrop using his pickup truck on the morning of her death. Forensic examination of the pickup discovered DNA belonging to only Fennell and Stacey. Nothing associated with Rodney was ever found in the pickup. Furthermore, local authorities (prosecutors and law enforcement) did not search the Giddings apartment—the last known location for Stacey before her disappearance and death. B) BEER CANS. Stacey’s body was discovered out in the middle of nowhere, about 5 yards off a dirt road under some scrub oak. Two empty beer cans were found nearby. Two different kinds of the same brand, one can crushed and the other was not. That indicated 2 different drinking behaviors and likely 2 different people. Rodney and Stacey? Not this time! DNA analysis came back indicating that they belonged to 2 local police officers with whom Fennell worked as a cop. This evidence was withheld from the defense during the trial. So much for due process. This alone should require a new trial. C) THE BELT. The prosecutor’s theory is that Stacey was murdered as a result of ligature strangulation. Choking someone to death manually (by hand or arm-bar) or with a ligature (a rope, electrical cord, wire, or belt) requires physical strength and causes substantial injuries to the victim. Segments of a woven leather belt was recovered on the ground near the body and near the pickup. Tests demonstrated that the belt had not been cut. It had been torn in two. That would have required an incredible amount of force; force that would have caused significant physical injuries to Stacey had it been used in strangulation. However, Stacey did not show any of the typical signs of strangulation upon examination at the time of her autopsy: no injuries to her neck strap muscles, intact hyoid bone, intact cricoid cartilage, and no petechiae. Regardless, the belt remains a crucial piece of evidence that has never been tested for DNA. D) SEMEN. Semen was recovered from the victim and analyzed for DNA. It was determined to belong to Rodney. The description of the semen given by the medical examiner who performed the autopsy indicated that they were falling apart and older than 24 hours – that is, before Stacey disappeared. The medical examiner has since recanted his testimony regarding the validity of the DNA. Rodney and Stacey were involved in a consensual sexual relationship that had not been broken off even though she was engaged to Jimmy Fennell, Jr.. Testimony from numerous witnesses confirming this affair was never heard in court. Rodney and Stacey had been together the night before her disappearance. E) VIOLENT HISTORY. Jimmy Fennell, Jr., had a history of sexual violence and threats. Fennell failed a polygraph test twice about Stacey’s murder. The question he failed both times was his response to “did you kill Stacey?” He answered no! Fennell was released from prison in 2018, after serving a 10-year sentence for raping a woman in 2007 while she was in his custody as a police sergeant in Georgetown, Texas. That victim stated that Fennell had told her that if she reported him, then he would hunt her down and kill her after he got out of prison. Past Appeals and Denials The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (Tx-CCA) and the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals have both denied Rodney the chance to present any of this existing evidence in open court. Why not? Rodney Reed (a black man) was convicted by an all-white jury of killing Stacey Stites (a white woman), who was the fiancé of Jimmy Fennell, Jr. (a white police officer), indicating that race played a major role in Rodney’s conviction. Yet, the truth remains that over the years, Rodney’s defense attorneys have uncovered a mountain of evidence that points to his innocence and that corroborates the defense team’s theory that Jimmy Fennell, Jr., was involved in Stacey’s murder. Yet, the courts continue to deny Rodney’s attorneys the opportunity to present any of this evidence in court. New Evidence and Appeal During the filming of an A&E television special about Rodney's case (2014, Dead Again: Dead Man Talking), a retired NYPD homicide investigator came to the conclusion that Stacey was murdered before midnight. This was several hours earlier than the time proposed by the original medical examiner and the prosecuting attorney at trial. The physical evidence has since been shown to world renowned forensic pathologists Drs. Michael M. Baden, Werner U. Spitz, and Cyril H. Wecht. All three agreed that Stacey must have died before midnight, which places her back in the apartment during the time that her fiancé, Jimmy Fennell, stated he was present with her. Furthermore, new witnesses (including a law enforcement officer) have come forward regarding statements made by Fennell about what would happen to Stacey if she cheated on him. This evidence, as well as the DNA testing and new forensics evidence, needs to be heard in open court by a jury. We, the undersigned, believe it is a travesty of justice to deny Rodney Reed the chance to present the above evidence to a jury. We demand that Reed death warrant be rescinded, that he be granted a new trial where the evidence of his innocence and Fennell’s possible guilt can be presented, and that the execution of Rodney Reed not go forward under any circumstances.

Campaign to End the Death Penalty
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Retiren la inversión que deforesta el Amazonas

(English) Desde hace tres semanas el Amazonas arde sin ningún tipo de control. Sólo en los últimos días se han registrado más de 12.500 incendios en 4 países, sin el esfuerzo necesario para apagarlos. El 80% del territorio deforestado en Brasil se dedicará a criar vacuno y a cultivar soja (soya) para pienso de los pollos, cerdos y vacas que comeremos. Toda la carne que consumimos está detrás de la pérdida del Amazonas: China, Unión Europea y Estados Unidos son los mayores importadores desde Brasil. ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Dreyfus, JBS, Marfrig, Minerva, Benavides Madeiras, Nordisk Timber, Tradelink, Usina y Temate son las principales agroempresas, productoras de soya, ganado, madera y azúcar. BlackRock, Capital Group, HSBC, JPMorgan, BNP y Banco Santander sus máximos inversores/prestamistas El 44% de las exportaciones de Brasil vienen de estos productos (soja, ternera, azúcar y madera), mayoritariamente de tierras deforestadas del Amazonas y el Cerrado. PEDIMOS A LA UNIÓN EUROPEA, CHINA Y ESTADOS UNIDOS QUE DEJEN DE IMPORTAR CARNE, SOJA Y MADERA DE TIERRAS DEFORESTADAS DE BRASIL E INCIDAN EN UN CAMBIO DE POLÍTICA AGROFORESTAL EN LA AMAZONÍA PEDIMOS A LAS ENTIDADES INVERSORAS Y PRESTATARIAS QUE RETIREN SU APOYO A PRODUCTOS Y EMPRESAS BRASILEÑAS QUE OPERAN EN TIERRAS DEFORESTADAS LO EXIGIMOS COMO CIUDADANOS/AS, CON EL PODER DE DEJAR DE CONSUMIR LA CARNE ALIMENTADA CON INCENDIOS DE BOSQUES. --- El Amazonas ha sido hasta ahora el mayor bosque tropical del planeta, dándonos el 20% del oxígeno que respiramos y albergando el 10% de la biodiversidad global. Ha sido el hogar de un millón de indígenas y aún es fundamental como sumidero de nuestro CO2 en la emergencia climática ante la que nos encontramos. En las últimas dos semanas se ha incrementado en un 80% el número de incendios en la Amazonía y en el Cerrado, sobre todo en Brasil (Rondonia y Mato Grosso), Bolivia (Chiquitanía), Perú y Paraguay. No se están poniendo los medios adecuados para apagar estos incendios en ninguno de los países. En el caso de Brasil, el 80% del territorio deforestado se dedica a soya (para cualquier pienso animal) y ternera. Si redujésemos nuestro demanda de carne, se reducirían los motivos para deforestar intencionadamente. El 23% de la economía brasileña proviene de las exportaciones, y la mayor parte de ellas son de esta soya (soja) y de ternera. Más áreas de cultivo agrícola beneficia a las exportaciones a corto plazo. La manera más sencilla de ampliar frontera agrícola es quemando los árboles, lo que aún se complica más en época seca. En el informe reciente de Amazon Watch se identifican las principales empresas brasileñas que exportan soya, carne, madera y azúcar y el apoyo financiero que recibían. Soya: China es la principal compradora de soya brasileña. Las principales empresas son ADM, Bunge, Cargill y Dreyfus, con capital estadounidense y europeo. El crédito fundamentalmente llega de BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, Barclays, Bank of America, Citigroup y Deutsche Bank. La inversión proviene de Vaguard, State Farm y BlackRock. Carne: el 41% de la ternera que comemos en Europa proviene de Brasil. La piel de vacuno brasileña se exporta fundamentalmente a Italia y Estados Unidos. JBS, Marfrig y Minerva son las principales empresas exportadoras de carne de ternera. Fundamentalmente obtienen su crédito de HSBC, Banco Santander, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley y Bank of America. Capital group, BlackRock y Fidelity financian sobre todo a JBS, de acuerdo a Amazon Watch. Madera: al menos la mitad de la madera exportada proviene de tala ilegal. Benavides Madeiras, Nordisk Timber y Tradelink son las principales exportadoras brasileñas. Las compradoras son mayoritariamente empresas europeas de distribución de madera, sobre todo de Bélgica, Holanda, y Dinamarca, seguidas por Francia, Reino Unido, Canadá y Estados Unidos. Azúcar: un producto que hoy en día está en cada alimento procesado, en cada bebida y hasta en el pan. Usina y Temate son las principales productoras brasileñas que venden a las dos principales refinerías (ASR y ED&F) con compradores tan claves como Pepsi o Coca-cola para sus bebidas azucaradas. Pidamos que se retire la inversión y la compra de estos productos que llevan la huella de la Amazonía brasileña deforestada. Como consumidores, hagamos que nuestras firmas se conviertan en nuestra voluntad por reducir la compra de carne y alimentos envasados, sabiendo que lleva la huella de la deforestación amazónica, que condena nuestro futuro y el del planeta. Más información aquí <---- @rosaenlatierra #AmazonDefenders #PrayforAmazonia #SaveAmazonRainforest

Rosa en la Tierra
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President Donald Trump...Please Pardon my Chronically ill father!!

My father, Felix Walls, is a federal prison inmate serving life on drug conspiracy charges. I’m not proud of some of his life choices. I make no excuses for his actions and neither does he. But he has now served 24 years with good behavior and his health is failing. My family is seeking a Compassionate release on his behalf. His prosecutor, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and the U.S. Probation Office have all approved his release plans but a judge must sign off for him to spend his last days at home. He is now 75 years old. He suffers from Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and arthritis. His Parkinson’s condition has advanced to the point where his ability to function in a correctional facility is greatly diminished. My father has met all the criteria for compassionate release. Compassionate release is a program in which inmates may be eligible for early release due to “particularly extraordinary or compelling circumstances which could not reasonably have been foreseen by the court at the time of sentencing”. Our dad is not a danger to his community or himself. He was involved in drug trafficking in the 1970’s and 1980’s and convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine in and one count of conspiracy to launder money. We’re simply waiting for Judge Robert Cleland of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan to approve our Dad’s compassionate release petition. The petition has languished in the court for almost half a year – with no explanation for the delay. Time is running out for our father. Please sign and share this petition calling on the Eastern District Court of Michigan to grant final approval for our father’s compassionate release –before it’s too late.

Phyllis Bell
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Free Ahed Tamimi

My name is Nasri Akil from Toronto, Canada. I started this campaign to support" Ahed Tamimi", her mother "Mariam", her cousin "Nur" and the other kids detained by the evil hands of the Zionists of the fake state of Israel. In a desperate hope to get enough signature to put pressure on decision makers to do something about the constant twisted detention of Palestinian kids. In turn this will expose the evil of the zionists and pressure the international community. I would like to mention here that this petition has nothing to do with race or religion or ethnicity. It's pure right against wrong. Zionism is not Judaism. Judaism is a religion not a race. Many Jews are not Zionists. Most Zionists are not Jews. Many Zionists hate Jews. Opposition to Israel is NOT anti-Semitism. Ahed Tamimi, 16, was arrested ( kidnapped actually ) by Israeli forces in the middle of the night. Since she was a young child, she has been active in weekly demonstrations against Israel’s theft of her family’s land in occupied Nabi Saleh. But as Tamimi stands against Israeli occupation, she underscores: whenever a people face oppression, we must show solidarity. Israeli soldiers shot Ahed Tamimi's relative in the head, leaving the teenage boy in a coma, and then invaded her family home. She demanded that the occupying Israeli soldiers leave her property immediately, shouting "don't touch me" and "leave!" Now she's in Israeli military detention, where 75% of Palestinian children report assault. Ahed is a child, and like thousands of Palestinian children she could be humiliated and abused if we don't get her out fast. She has become another child statistic of the countless other children detained illegally in Israel. Her court date is December 25th, 2017. She was taken into question at the Moscobiyeh prison, notorious for it's dungeon cell, torture tactics fully utilized on children, and extensive harassment. She was put in isolation, left in an icy cell, without proper food. In fives days she was moved three times. Why? To exhaust and break her.  When her mother arrived to be there with her, she too was arrested.  We demand that Ahed and all Palestinian children are released from Israeli prisons now.  The international community must put an end to the ill-treatment and detention of Palestinian children. Enough is enough.  Ahed Tamimi represent all the innocent kids in the Isareli detention and represent the Palestinians struggle against the illegal occupation of Palestine. Since 1967, Palestinian children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory have been living under Israeli military law and prosecuted in military courts. Israeli military law, which fails to ensure and denies basic and fundamental rights, is applied to the whole Palestinian population. Israel is the only country in the world that automatically prosecutes children in military courts that lack basic and fundamental fair trial guarantees. Since 2000, at least 8,000 Palestinian children have been arrested and prosecuted in an Israeli military detention system notorious for the systematic ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children. Around 500-700 Palestinian children are arrested, detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system each year. The majority of Palestinian child detainees are charged with throwing stones, and three out of four experience physical violence during arrest, transfer or interrogation. Unlike Israeli children living in illegal settlements in the West Bank, Palestinian children are not accompanied by a parent and are generally interrogated without the benefit of legal advice, or being informed of their right. They are overwhelmingly accused of throwing stones, an offense that can lead to a potential maximum sentence of 10 to 20 years depending on a child’s age. AHED TAMIMI will go to trial on Christmas Day for slapping an Israeli soldier, illegally trespassing on her property, the day after her 15-year-old cousin was shot in the face. In December 2011, Mustafa Tamimi was killed during a protest in the village when an Israeli soldier shot him in the face with a tear gas canister. One year later, Israeli soldiers shot and killed Rashadi Tamimi in the village. One wonders why the "slap" is the Crime? I decided to do something about it and start with what I can. So that's why I am here asking you to help me help Ahed, her family and all the other kids. I also started a fund raising campaign on "GoFundMe" hoping to raise enough money to hire as many legal advisors to support Ahed and the others legaly in the court and get some justice. I mean enough is enough...I can't sleep I can't eat and these kids are experiencing all of that twist. Someone must do something. This is not right. This is not humanity. We cannot make this acceptable by doing nothing.  I earnestly ask that at the very least, we make some noise in support of Ahed Tamimi and the other children that are held prisoners with no charge, no defense, all in violation of international laws.   She is one, but we are many. It takes a united front to add pressure, to induce accountability and hopefully give freedom to the oppressed, weak and innocent.  To Ahed and all the children in Israeli jails: We stand by your side, and are holding you in our hearts. We will not give up until you are free. You are not alone. As a wise man ounce said: "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible" Sign. Support. Make Noise. Add Pressure. Be Human.  what if Ahed was your daughter, sister or just a friend? What would you do?

Nasri Akil
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Petitioning President of the United States, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United States Supreme Court

Elephants are NOT Trophies!

Take a stand for elephants and tell our President and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife that you do not support the trophy hunting industry and want the United States to protect elephants and not be responsible for the slaughter of this great animal.  We do not agree with the changed policy on allowing elephants to be killed for sport and allowed entry into the United States. The African elephants are listed as vulnerable/threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) while the Asian elephant is classed as endangered. One of the biggest threats to elephant populations is the ivory trade, as the animals are poached/murdered/slaughtered for their ivory tusks. The U.S. Government has decided that it is open season on elephants and ss Americans, we believe in the sanctity of life for this regal animal and request that you reverse the decision to allow criminal poachers to continue their trade and also allow cowardly big game hunters to continue their sport.  By reversing the ban you are putting a target on elephants and in turn, the poacher trade will increase too. We do not agree with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services determination that hunting African elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia “will enhance the survival of the species in the wild,” which is the standard by which officials judge whether to allow imports of parts — known as trophies — of the animals.  We do not believe the wordsmithing by a local FWS spokesperson said in a statement that,  “Legal, well-regulated, sport hunting as part of a sound management program can benefit the conservation of certain species by providing incentives to local communities to conserve the species and by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation,”  This statement is spin and an abomination on the entire idea of conservation and the benefit of the elephant species. 83% of Americans support banning elephant trophies.  These are inhumane policies please stop them and this careless decision and place back the ban on elephant trophies of any kind allowed in the United States of America.  We are better than this as a country and need to make a stand for decency, honor, and conservation of one of the largest mammals on this earth.

Michael Garvey
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