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Stop the Post Office from Discriminating against the Underbanked

For years now, thousands of Americans have relied on the Post Office to accept Pre-paid debit cards to purchase USPS Money Orders.  They do this to avoid check cashing places/online transfer sites which charge exorbitant fees to transfer money from prepaid debit cards to Money Orders.  Most of the time the Money Orders are then used to pay bills.   However, recently the Post Office has changed their POS system to prohibit the purchase of Money Orders with pin based pre-paid debit cards.  Not only does this action go against the Post Offices' written policy of allowing Pin-based debit cards to be used for the purchase of money orders, but this policy change is not compliant with federal regulation.   1. The Post Office specifically states that Money Orders can be purchased with pre-paid debit cards.  Pre-paid debit cards are pin based debit cards.  They are not "giftcards" as some misinformed Postal Employees might argue.  Giftcards are classified as "closed loop" cards, which can only be used at specific store(s).   2. The Durbin Amendment to the Dodd Frank Act specifically prohibit the Post Offices' actions.  The Post Office restricts the ability to use the Pre-paid debit cards over the debit card network.  The Post Office only allows Pre-paid debit card transactions to be run over credit networks, which would be a violation of the Durbin Amendment.  Furthermore, the Post Office has implemented this action to target only a select few banks, not all banks that issue debit cards, again another violation of the Durbin Amendment. We hope the Post Office not only follows its own policy, but also Federal Law.  We know that it is the holiday season, so it might take some time for the Post Office to change the POS system to once again help thousands of Americans who rely on the Post Office to accept Pre-paid debit cards to purchase USPS Money Orders.  However, we are looking for a swift resolution.  

Anonymous Anonymous
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Sanitation, PPEs, and Hazard Pay for United States Postal Service Workers during COVID-19

The goal of this petition is to raise awareness and protect the USPS employees during COVID-19. It is not my intent to take resources away from the medical workers on the front lines, but require the USPS to provide adequate sanitization at their facilities. The USPS is hiring additional workers to support the workforce that has seen a significant increase in mail and package volume due to COVID-19. I challenge them to protect their current employees who are working overtime and on their days off due to this increased demand in volume and shortage of workers due to illness. I challenge the federal government to provide financial support to USPS management to ensure the employees are protected and provided hazard pay. It is my understanding that the protective equipment (gloves/masks) and sanitation is on "back-order" due to a "supply chain issue" forcing some stations to have to go out and purchase their own supplies, and leaving some without any.  The USPS maintains that they are taking adequate safety measures, however there are various stories from employees across the country that say they feel unprotected.

Christina Ramos
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Honor Vivien Thomas, a Black Medical Pioneer, with a Commemorative USPS Stamp

“I think he is the most untalked about, unappreciated, unknown giant in the African American community. What he helped facilitate impacted people all over the world.”  - Dr. Levi Watkins, Johns Hopkins University Please join me in this petition to the United States Postal Service to create a stamp honoring Vivien T. Thomas, a medical pioneer who overcame huge obstacles and institutionalized racism to help revolutionize cardiac surgery. Through his hard work and determination, Thomas paved the way for generations of black doctors across the country. The Black Heritage Commemorative Stamp Series has honored some of the black figures who have made their mark on history. Thomas is undoubtedly worthy of such an honor. Against the backdrop of Jim Crow segregation, Thomas, a black carpenter's apprentice with an innate genius for surgery and Dr. Alfred Blalock, a renowned white surgeon, dared to defy medical gospel by forging a partnership that changed the course of medical history. Working alongside their colleague, Dr. Helen Taussig, the duo put Johns Hopkins on the map by developing a revolutionary surgical procedure to treat a congenital heart defect called “blue baby syndrome”. Their technique, now called the Blalock-Thomas-Taussig shunt, saved over 200 infants and children within one year of its first trial procedure in 1943. In brazen defiance of deep seeded segregation at John Hopkins and with only a high school degree, Thomas found himself at the center of groundbreaking medical research and a teacher to two generations of America’s premier heart surgeons. Ultimately, his professional acknowledgment provided for many an opportunity to revise their perspective on what modern medicine should look like: a collaborative endeavor devoid of political and racial conflict and driven by a mission of service to all in need of care. Today, his portrait hangs next to that of his colleague Dr. Blalock in halls of Johns Hopkins Medical School and his remarkable story continues to reach new audiences through the award-winning documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman, ​Partners of the Heart (2003), and the Primetime Emmy winning HBO film Something the Lord Made. Despite Vivien T. Thomas' impact on the medical field, his story is all too often lost in the annals of history. Including Thomas in the USPS Commemorative Stamp Series will truly extend his legacy of determination and excellence against all odds, inspiring the next generations of youth to pursue their dreams in science and medicine.

Andrea Kalin
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Petitioning United States Postal Service

Put the actor Vincent Price on a stamp

Ladies and gentlemen of the United States, I am asking that you sign this petition to put the late actor Vincent Price on a stamp. Born on May 27, 1911, he was an American actor with over 200 credits to his name.  With his trademark mustache, & his devilish laugh, he spent his life making us scream, & loving him for it! Along with his acting, he was an accomplished artist, holding a degree in art history from Yale University.  He worked with Sears to allow people to buy quality art for their home, you could actually buy a Picasso through this program.  In 1951 he founded the Vincent Price Gallery and Art Foundation on the campus of the east Los Angeles Community College, which is still open to this day.   He was also very passionate about fine dining, writing various best selling cookbooks.  Even though he was a big fan of opera, Vincent contributed his talent for Alice Cooper’s song Black Widow, & of course we all know his rap on Michael Jackson’s Thriller, ending with his trademark laugh. He never won an Oscar, but he does hold not one, BUT TWO, stars on the Hollywood Walk of fame, one for tv & one for motion pictures. In 1997, the post office released a set of stamps based off the Universal Monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy, The Wolfman, & The Phantom of the Opera.  In the similar vein we believe that releasing a stamp of his famous characters, around Halloween would be a perfect honor for him. USPS I hope this petition finds you, & you bestow this honor upon him.

Jake Godbold
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