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Stop the Post Office from Discriminating against the Underbanked

For years now, thousands of Americans have relied on the Post Office to accept Pre-paid debit cards to purchase USPS Money Orders.  They do this to avoid check cashing places/online transfer sites which charge exorbitant fees to transfer money from prepaid debit cards to Money Orders.  Most of the time the Money Orders are then used to pay bills.   However, recently the Post Office has changed their POS system to prohibit the purchase of Money Orders with pin based pre-paid debit cards.  Not only does this action go against the Post Offices' written policy of allowing Pin-based debit cards to be used for the purchase of money orders, but this policy change is not compliant with federal regulation.   1. The Post Office specifically states that Money Orders can be purchased with pre-paid debit cards.  Pre-paid debit cards are pin based debit cards.  They are not "giftcards" as some misinformed Postal Employees might argue.  Giftcards are classified as "closed loop" cards, which can only be used at specific store(s).   2. The Durbin Amendment to the Dodd Frank Act specifically prohibit the Post Offices' actions.  The Post Office restricts the ability to use the Pre-paid debit cards over the debit card network.  The Post Office only allows Pre-paid debit card transactions to be run over credit networks, which would be a violation of the Durbin Amendment.  Furthermore, the Post Office has implemented this action to target only a select few banks, not all banks that issue debit cards, again another violation of the Durbin Amendment. We hope the Post Office not only follows its own policy, but also Federal Law.  We know that it is the holiday season, so it might take some time for the Post Office to change the POS system to once again help thousands of Americans who rely on the Post Office to accept Pre-paid debit cards to purchase USPS Money Orders.  However, we are looking for a swift resolution.  

Anonymous Anonymous
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Petitioning United States Postal Service, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell

Treat Peace Corps Like Military for Mail Purposes

We have young men and women in the Peace Corps (and similar agencies) around the world, representing the United States, doing great, peaceful, work in our country's name. Yet mailing supplies to them costs hundreds of dollars because, unlike mail to our military men and women, it is deemed overseas mail. This should change. For example: we collect and ship used paperbacks (through a great organization Operation Paperback) to our brave service men and women across the globe. The books are shipped media mail and, since our soldiers and sailors are deemed to be on American soil wherever they are, the cost for a box of books runs about $4.00. Recently a young woman from our town was with the Peace Corps, teaching English in Morocco. She mentioned that she only had 3 tattered children's books to use, so we collected hundreds of children's books and prepared to ship them to her. The cost of the same size box of books we sent for $4.00: $180!  Let's make it easier for Americans to support and supply our Peace Corps volunteers. Let's amend the USPS regulations to allow shipments to go on the same basis as we do to our military volunteers. Think of the benefits to the US if, in addition to the expertise our volunteers bring, they could also distribute books and sports equipment and treats and other supplies. In addition, let's let Peace Corps volunteers pick up packages at our local military bases or embassies. Too many packages that are shipped to certain countries disappear before they get to our people; let's give them a safer means of distribution. The additional cost would be small; the potential benefits could be great!    

Tony Iovino
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Codice fiscale per identificare i profili\ Petition against cyberbullying

Il cyberbullismo è ormai un fenomeno molto diffuso. Le vittime dei ripetuti attacchi sono tutti, dai personaggi pubblici ai ragazzini. La violenza non è solo quella fisica, ma anche quella verbale. Non è un qualcosa da sottovalutare, poiché se ad esser presi di mira sono soggetti più vulnerabili potrebbero esserci conseguenze anche gravi. Il cyberbullismo nella maggior parte dei casi viene praticato da persone che, per insultare, creano cosiddetti profili "fake" in modo da nascondere la propria identità. Un passo per iniziare a fermare il cyberbullismo, o almeno per evitare la creazione di profili falsi, sarebbe quella di chiedere i codici fiscali al momento dell'iscrizione. SE SEI D'ACCORDO FIRMA QUESTA PETIZIONE E AIUTACI A FARLA DIVENTARE REALTÀ!  Cyberbullying is a very common phenomenon. Everyone can be victim of the attacks: from famous people to teenagers. It isn't something to undervalue, because violence is not only physical, but it is also verbal abuse: if the vitcims are vulnerable people consequences could be even more serious. People who make Cyberbullying often create fake accounts to denigrate their victims and to conceal their real identity. A way to begin to stop this practice -and to stop the creation of fake accounts- it could be require social security number at the moment of the registration. If you agree sign this petition and help us to make it truth !

Veronica Lorenzano
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Petitioning City of North Port Commissioners, United States Postal Service, USPS

Keep the Venice FL mailing address for West Villages

Dear City of North Port Commissioners,    We, the residents of West Villages, respectfully request that you stop your action to impose a North Port mailing address for our residences in the West Villages. As underlined in the free press, the previous attempts by the City were not successful, and we are determined to defend our rights with all the means provided under the laws of the United States of America.    As the government of the people for the people, your duty is to consider our unwavering voice in this matter.    When we bought our houses in the West Villages, one main consideration was the Venice mailing address and we paid for it, as the real estate market dictated the sale price; you should not be offended by that, as we contribute substantially to the city tax base. We, the homeowners/taxpayers/voters, are saddled with significant financial burden for all the infrastructure in the West Villages, and we have the right to say what we want to happen in this case.     The West Villages District is no longer completely contained in the City of North Port, as the southernmost part is in the unincorporated Sarasota County, and that is another factor to change your position and approach.     There are other local examples where such situation as our West Villages mailing address is the norm (see North Venice - Nokomis), and we hope that you will utilize your time, energy and resources for more important issues for the city.    We are hopeful that you will listen and do not drag the city and us through an undesirable confrontational process. Sincerely, Your voters and taxpayers in the West Villages

Concerned North Port Citizens
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