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Jerusalem must remain the capital of Palestine القدس يجب أن تبقى عاصمة فلسطين

Donald Trump is expected to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The move will break long-time US policy and potentially stir unrest, not only in the Middle East but around the world. Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967 and subsequent occupation of the area is still considered illegal by the United Nations. This announcement could spark controversy and provoke violence across the world and fan flames of militancy. It will also break decades of diplomacy and disrupt the Arab-Israeli peace talks. Help us stop this declaration. 1967 borders must be respected and Jerusalem must remain the capital of Palestine. من المتوقع ان يعلن دونالد ترامب القدس عاصمة لاسرائيل. هذه الخطوة ستكسر سياسة الولايات المتحدة وتزيد من الاضطراب، ليس فقط في الشرق الأوسط ولكن في جميع أنحاء العالم. لا يزال يعتبر ضم إسرائيل للقدس الشرقية في عام 1967 والاحتلال اللاحق للمنطقة غير قانوني من جانب الأمم المتحدة. هذا الإعلان قد يثير الجدل ويثير العنف في جميع أنحاء العالم ويشعل نيران من التطرف. كما انه سيكسر عقود من الدبلوماسية ويعرقل محادثات السلام العربية الاسرائيلية. ساعدنا في إيقاف هذا الإعلان. القدس يجب أن تبقى عاصمة فلسطين

Nadera Alsukkar
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Petitioning United Nations, International Criminal Court

Hold Myanmar’s military accountable for genocide

In Myanmar, young children, women and men, the old and the disabled have been tortured, set on fire, raped, murdered and their houses burned. The persecution of the Rohingya Muslim community has been well documented through the media.We started this petition to hold those in charge to account through the International Criminal Court (ICC). We crowdfunded to put pressure on the United Nations, we protested outside Downing Street and we also have gotten in-touch with International Lawyers to pursue an investigation to put on pressure. A year later, the UN have released a report saying that 6 of top military leaders should be investigated for genocide and other crimes against humanity. Although they say that it should be referred to the ICC, a monument and rare step, the referral still needs the backing of the permanent five Security Council members - and may be rejected.That’s why we need to add as much pressure as possible to show that this issue cannot be ignored. Please sign this petition to add public pressure so that the people responsible for destroying lives are actually held accountable.More than 10,000 Rohingya Muslims have been murdered. Over 700,000 Rohingya have been displaced. We as the humankind have to take action because they are innocent people that don't deserve this. The Rohingya community is being ethnically cleaned as the army and the government deems (Islam) a foreign. The OHCHR also noted that “more than half of the women its human rights team interviewed reported having suffered rape or other forms of sexual violence. Many other interviewees reported witnessing killings, including of family members and having family who were missing.” When I started this petition, the UN said that war crimes having been committed was “very likely.” Now, they say genocide must investigated. Myanmar’s leader Aung Sang Su Kyi should also be held accountable. This is not easy but we are getting closer. The Rohingya community are still suffering - justice is needed - history will wonder how we have allowed this to happen. We say never again.The enforcement of the UN’s findings would go a long way in ensuring justice for the Rohingya people alongside other vulnerable minorities.Please help us to convince the International Criminal Court to invesitgate by signing this petition.

Hussein Mohamed & Najma Maxamed
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Petitioning United Nations, Donald Trump, Theresa May MP, World Leaders

Kudüs Filistin’in başkentidir ve öyle kalmalı

Donald Trump’ın kısa süre içinde Kudüs’ü İsrail’in başkenti olarak tanıması bekleniyor. İsrail’in 1967’de doğu Kudüs’ü işgali ve sonrasında işgal ettiği bölge Birleşmiş Milletler tarafından yasa dışı olarak değerlendiriliyor.  Bu kararın alınmasını engellemek için kampanyamızı imzalayarak destek olun.

Nadera Alsukkar
1,550,987 supporters
Petitioning International Animal Rescue, United Nations, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)

END the Yulin Dog Meat Festival NOW!

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an inhuman festival held each year in Yulin, China where dogs are stolen from their owners, picked up as strays off the street, or bred from illegal puppy mills to be cooked and eaten because they supposedly help the health of those who eat them. Some people there even consider it a delicacy which I find sad and crazy, especially since this only started in 2005 so it's not like it's part of a long tradition. While being brought to the festival, the dogs are crammed into cages -- 5-6 dogs in a cage meant for a rabbit -- to the point where they can't even move their heads. Their limbs are often twisted into awkward positions causing them great pain. The dogs are deprived of food and water for many days. When they finally arrive at the festival, they are tortured even further. After dying an extremely painful death, they are then cooked and served to anyone at the festival. Around 15,000 dogs have been eaten during the 10-day festivals in the past. I want people to sign my petition to make people aware of what's going on. I want to send a message to the government there and make sure the Yulin Festival doesn't continue so that not one more dog suffers. I am a 13-year-old dog owner and animal lover who finds it hard to live knowing dogs are being tortured on the other side of the world as I live my life. Whether you're a dog owner or not, please help stop innocent dogs from being tortured and killed.

Jack P
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Petitioning United Nations, United Nations Environment Program, European Parliament, yulin, Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, Jerry Brown

Petition To Stop Yulin 2018

Please take action now and voice your support for a ban on this year’s dog meat festival in Yulin, China. Signing and sharing this petition is crucial, we must make one final push to save thousands of innocent dogs – they don’t deserve to die!  Spread the word and Say No To Yulin 2018

Talile Ali
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Petitioning United Nations, Antonio Gutteres, Pinarayi Vijayan


The wrath of mother nature has affected our homeland -Kerala ;India  Posted on 16 th August 2018 The incessant rains triggered by the South West Monsoon have caused havoc in the Northern and Central regions of the State of Kerala, South India. Almost half of Kerala is reeling under Floods. Landslides, a resultant of the torrential rains, pose a new threat to the communities living in the hilly terrain. Till date, 25 landslides have been reported in Kerala and 21 such incidents are from Idukki District. Due to continuous rains, there is a steady inflow of waters in all the water reservoirs, reaching its maximum capacity. The Government has opened 22 reservoirs on Thursday and this has caused sudden flooding in Districts of Kerala. The worst affected Districts are Palakkad, Ernakulum, Alappuzha, Idukki,Pathanamthitta,Thrissur  Wayanad and Kozhikode. Several Lakhs of people are dislocated at present staying in Public Buildings such as Schools, Government Offices and Marriage Halls. The roads and the communication facilities are totally disrupted. In many places, the electricity poles are washed away and the people are forced to stay indoors. There is acute shortage of safe drinking water, food, health facility and shelter. We the people of Kerala are seeking international aid from United Nations as soon as possible.Pls share and be part of to invite for Urgent International Aid. Not updated after 16 th August. Live statistics In updates.       #prayforkerala

Dr.Itticheria Alex
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Petitioning United Nations, UNICEF, Enrique Peña Nieto

Alto a la separación de niños y padres migrantes

Es urgente que el mundo, y particularmente México, expresen su más rotunda condena a la separación de niños migrantes de sus padres. Estos niños se han convertido en rehenes de la política cruel del presidente Donald Trump quien en este momento sólo mira las elecciones intermedias, y para ello se vale de cualquier medida. Las leyes estadounidenses prohiben que ninguna autoridad toque siquiera a estos niños que viven detenidos en jaulas, como si fueran animales: carecen de consuelo, de apoyo sicológico. El encierro de estos niños migrantes no tiene parangón en la historia reciente.

Eduardo Yribarren
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Petitioning Alfonso Dastis, United Nations, Felipe VI de Borbón

Liberen a los niños palestinos encarcelados!!

Ahed es una niña palestina que ha luchado siempre contra el maltrato diario al que está sometida su familia y su pueblo. Hace unos meses, su primo fue asesinado por el ejército de la ocupación. El 18 de diciembre dispararon a su otro primo pequeño, Muhammad Fadel Tamimi, una bala en la cabeza y ahora el niño sigue en estado muy grave. Al día siguiente de ese disparo, mientras los soldados de la ocupación estaban en la puerta de su casa disparando a otros niños y jóvenes del pueblo, Ahed les increpó. No podía soportar ver desde su casa cómo disparaban a niños. Sentía impotencia y rabia. Al escuchar sus increpancias, un soldado comenzó a maltratar físicamente a Ahed. Le empujó, le amenazó y le golpeó en la cara. Ella, en defensa propia, abofeteó al soldado como acto reflejo. Esa noche, el ejército de la ocupación entró en su casa y arrestó a Ahed, desde entonces se encuentra en cárcel. Firma para pedir a Naciones Unidas, al Ministro de Exteriores de España y al Rey de España Felipe VI que exijan a Israel el respeto a los Acuerdos sobre la Protección de Menores e intervengan en la puesta en libertad de Ahed Tamimi. Al día siguiente de ser encarcelada, la madre de Ahed fue a comprobar cómo estaba su hija. A ella también le detuvieron y también se encuentra desde entonces encarcelada. La familia es muy conocida por el ejército de ocupación israelí porque siempre ha luchado pacíficamente por sus derechos contra el abuso de poder ejercido por los soldados. Además, Ahed ha venido a España y ha visitado varios países de Europa para informar sobre la situación que vive su pueblo.  El lugar en el que vive Ahed, un pequeño pueblo de tan solo 600 habitantes en la Cisjordania ocupada, sufre cada día la violencia ejercida por el ejército que les protege. Les destruyen sus cosechas, les agreden, les provocan, y les maltratan física y psicológicamente. Cuando alguna persona se defiende ante estos ataques, los soldados responden desmesuradamente: les envían a la cárcel, les atacan con balas, gases lacrimógenos y pelotas de goma y, en algunos casos, hasta terminan con sus vidas. Como ocurrió hace unos meses con el primo de Ahed. No les importa si eres un niño o un anciano, lo único que les importa es que eres palestino. Durante décadas el pueblo palestino no ha disfrutado del derecho a la vida. Somos un pueblo que vive con miedo. Somos un pueblo que duerme con miedo. Que juega con miedo. Que estudia y trabaja con miedo. Tenemos miedo porque cualquier día dejaremos de vivir. Os pido que firméis y difundáis esta petición, si lo hacéis estaréis defendiendo los derechos, no solo de los niños palestinos o del pueblo palestino, sino también de los niños y pueblos que, por todo el mundo, sufren situaciones injustas como la nuestra. Firma para pedir que la ONU, el Rey Felipe VI de España y al Ministro de Exteriores de España que exijan a Israel el respeto a los Acuerdos Internacionales sobre la Protección de Menores y que intervengan en la inmediata puesta en libertad de Ahed Tamimi sin ningún tipo de represalia.  

Omar Rkiouak
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Petitioning United Nations

Not about religion, it’s only about HUMANITY -Stop the Killing-

Hundreds of children are being killed everyday in Syria and yet no media is paying much attention. And if someone famous dies, the whole world talks about it but what about those innocent kids/people being killed in Syria on the last 6 days and the world is remaining silent. Have we lost our humanity! My heart has torn apart looking at those innocent kids has born to such unsafe world. Never one can rest while a child suffers in any situation that can be changed. Wake up world!  Raise your voice! Stand against this cruelty 

Rina Batumalai
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Petitioning United Nations, Donald Trump, President of the United States, United Nations Security Council, U.S. House of Representatives

Solicitud ante la ONU para aprobar la Injerencia Humanitaria en Venezuela

Solicitud ante la ONU para aprobar la Injerencia Humanitaria en Venezuela por el Movimiento Resistencia Venezolana. Estimados ciudadanos, la mediación y las vías democráticas se han agotado en la lucha por un cambio de gobierno en Venezuela. La situación es grave, la violación a los derechos humanos más elementales no merma y a diario mueren personas de hambre por la escasez y el alto costo de la cesta básica alimentaria, además la falta de insumos médicos, cada día está cobrando más vidas ya que se hace imposible tener acceso a medicamentos y servicios clínicos/hospitalarios de calidad. Esta batalla que estamos librando no es contra ciudadanos comunes, pues es bien sabido que nuestros "dirigentes" están estrechamente relacionados al narcotráfico, con dinero mal habido han sabido comprar conciencias, han regalado cargos políticos y militares a conveniencia blindando así su permanencia en el poder. Es de conocimiento público que los pasaportes diplomáticos, aviones y recursos del estado son usados por los esbirros del gobierno a su antojo para seguir implantando su narco terror en nuestro país mientras que el ciudadano de a pie padece la peor crisis humanitaria y política en su historia. Las irregularidades a las que se exponen los venezolanos sobrepasan cualquier camino democrático que se pueda plantear. Por las razones expuestas anteriormente, y en relación a lo expresado por Donald Trump, presidente de los Estados Unidos, sobre la posibilidad de una intervención humanitaria en Venezuela, respaldada por una mayoría importante de países hermanos, los representantes del Movimiento Resistencia Venezolana, creemos en que ésta sería la única opción viable para extraer definitivamente la cúpula de narcos que mantiene sometido al país. Con todo nuestro debido respeto, MOVIMIENTO RESISTENCIA VENEZOLANA EQUILIBRIO NACIONAL POR VENEZUELA Dios con nosotros, cúmplase! --------------------------------------------- ENGLISH VERSION Requested:  by the people, for the people of Venezuela – “RESISTENCIA VENEZOLANA”                                  To All Citizens,  All mediations and all democratic courses of action have been used towards the constant fight for a change in Venezuela’s government, to no avail. The current situation in the country is severe and serious. Essential human rights have been violated and it does not sojourn. People of Venezuela die daily due to hunger and to the extreme high costs of basic food needs. Furthermore, there is a major shortage of medical supplies and access to them and to medical services, clinics and hospitals of quality which adds to the death tolls in the country.  This ‘battle’ that we keep fighting is not against civilians but against our government “leaders” whom are well known to be involved in drug trafficking, money laundering, and using same to brain wash other politicians and citizens; they create for them military and political ranks with the only purpose of securing their permanency in office.  It is publicly known that diplomatic passports, planes and any all other state resources are used to the advantage of this malicious government and to continue causing fear in our country while Venezuelan citizens suffer from the worst humanitarian and political crisis in its history. The daily challenges to which the ‘people’ of Venezuela are exposed to surpass any democratic ideal. For the above mentioned, and in relation to what has been voiced by POTUS Mr Donald Trump regarding possible humanitarian intervention of the United States in Venezuela, supported by vast majority of fellow countries, we, “Resistencia Venezolana”, believe and support that this would be the only viable option to finally destroy this nasty government to which Venezuelans have been prisoners of. With all our respects,   “Resistencia Venezolana”   “Equilibrio Nacional” 

Movimiento Resistencia Venezolana
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