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The British Government should investigate criminal activities related to the Iraq Invasion

Petition for the British Security Services to investigate and for HMRC to serve Unexplained Wealth Orders on all joint British/Iraqi passport holders who either served in the Iraqi government, led religious sects or commanded Iranian-backed militia groups in Iraq since the 2003 invasion of Iraqand who are now resident in Great Britain. We need 100,000 signatures. Notably, where these passport holders are residing between Iraq and Britain, they have two separate names. In Iraq, they use their real name or an alternative name, on the British passport is a different name altogether. Following recent protests in Iraq, many Iraqi Politicians, Religious Leaders and Shia Militia Commanders (supported by Iran) have fled to Britain bringing with them millions of pounds stolen from the Iraqi people. Many millions of those people continue to live in poverty and are without clean water, medicines, or electricity - 17 years after the illegal invasion of Iraq led by the United States of America and Britain.In April 2020, the Grand Ayatollah's son, Muhammad Rida al-Sistani, flew into Heathrow Airport, London on a private jetliner. It is estimated that millions were brought into Britain. This money had been donated to the Grand Ayatollah by Shia Iraqis donating 20% of their salaries and was intended to be spent for the benefit of the poor in Iraq. Two members of al-Sistani's entourage hold western passports, which is also of great public interest bearing in mind the Grand Ayatollah's repeated threats towards countries such as Israel and declared support for terrorist groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine. This potential funding is obviously of great concern to the Jewish community, both in Britain and elsewhere in the world. It is a worrying possibility that Great Britain, unwittingly or otherwise, is becoming the terrorist-funding capital of the world. Also, in view of the current tension (so bad it is linked to all-out war) between Britain's closest ally, the USA, and Iran, that ex-Iranian militia leaders currently resident in Britain are not given funding for preparing to support Iran from inside Britain in the event of future conflict.  Why was this huge amount of cash allowed access into Britain and how did Mr al-Sistani and his family resident in Britain: 1. Account for it in his possession? 2. Explain why it was not moved by legitimate bank transfer?3. What are the funds to be used for?4. What steps are the British security services actively taking to stop this amount being used to fund militia groups in London, either directly or through businesses and in support of Hezbollah and Hamas?5. If it is to be put into tax free charitable organisations such as the Al-Khoei Foundation London (Chevening Rd, Queens Park, London NW6 6TN) founded in 1989 by means of using Freedom of Religion as the reasoning. Abdul-Majid-al-Khoei (a British citizen and friend of past PM of Britain, Tony Blair) managed the money entering into this foundation, this man has now since been killed since hereturned to Iraq after the invasion by Muqtada-al-Sadr, the head of the Al-Mehidi army. Many members of the Al-Mehidi army hold British passports or are granted residency here, these people are notorious money launders and operating illegal big money businesses here and abroad (Germany and Scandinavian countries mainly), because of their British status they have been allowed to continue these offences. They operate under the false pretence of “fighting ISIS”, which is not the case. An organisation or person who willingly murder their own people will not be loyal to any other country and their people, unless they are beneficial to their cause.What are these organisations that will become the richest in Britain? A second British/Iraqi dual national currently resident in Britain is the ex-Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi who fled to Britain following his 2018 election defeat. Prior to the 2003 invasion, al-Abadi was washing cars, fixing and maintaining escalators, and living on benefits in London before he was groomed by the British Security Services for political power. Now he is back in London with financial assets far in excess of his official Iraqi PM salary.  Questions that need to be answered regarding Mr al-Abadi: 1. Why did Prime Minister Theresa May, on behalf of the British government, fly to Iraq inNovember 2017 to fund and support its political campaign? It is universally known this government is corrupt and responsible for the murder of colossal amounts of innocent people and the creation of an enormous number of refugees? Whilst the media reports money has been pledged for stabilisation efforts and Human Rights, none of this money has been used for the benefit of the Iraqi people but has been corruptly dispersed amongst the Shia Militias elite in thename of fighting “ISIS”.2. As there was little or no political campaigning prior to the election as the internet was cut off, what was the British donation spent on and where are the receipts? 3. If the millions not spent on al-Abadi's election campaign, why has it not been returned to the British taxpayer? 4. Why did Theresa May donate such a large sum specifically to influence a foreign election without transparent Parliamentary approval in direct contradiction to HM Government's policy that no foreign country should meddle in any other country's election campaign? 5. Why are the British Security Services escorting al-Abadi on his jaunts around London and Why is the British taxpayer paying for his protection?       Similar curious circumstances relate to the former Prime Minister of Iraq (again holding a British Passport, Ibrahim-al-Jaarfari. Prime Minister of Iraq from 2005 to 2006. Due to the growing religious sectarianism in Iraq he started the civil war between Sunni and Shia Muslims by means of supporting the Al-Mehidi army. In this civil war, tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims were killed or arrested and put in secret prisons in Iraq. Many Iranians were employed by al-Jaarfari for torturing and interrogating Sunni Muslims and for employment in the Ministry of Interior because of their Shia religion and al-Jaarfari’s preference for Iranians. Similar to al-abadi, al-jaarfari was living on benefits in London claiming disability due to being psychology damaged. Why was there no investigation into his rise to a Prime Minister and further, his excessive income after he left office to become foreign minister of Iraq from 2014-2018? He now lives in Britain with a large income disguised as a retirement fund.These are just three of many Iraqis (a full list can be provided), that have relocated to Britain with mind- blowing amounts of money that require a full explanation to both the British public and the Iraqi population. These questions are:1. Why have British passports been issued to many of these people without going through the official, lengthy application procedures other applicants have to undergo?2. How much money did they bring into the country? How was it acquired? How has it been invested since their arrival? How much tax has been paid on it - both in Iraq and in Britain. 3. Why are these people treated completely differently to British citizens who cannot bring a few thousand in currency into or out of Britain without having to thoroughly explain how the money was acquired and what it is intended for?4. Unexplained Wealth Orders were designed specifically for these types of cases and such Orders should be immediately served on these three individuals and many hundreds of others.    PLEASE NOTE: Many British servicemen's lives were sacrificed in an illegal invasion in 2003 for the principles of bringing Iraqis freedom from a corrupt dictatorship (fuelled by propaganda) and to restore justice. Britain must now live up to these noble ideals and provide a detailed explanation and clarification on how these fleeing millionaires are allowed to reside in Britain without following the official procedures other citizens are obliged to adhere to. Additionally, there has been no recognition or contempt for the Shia Militias killing and destroying cities within Iraq from the British government nor its opposition. It is because it is in Britain’s best interest to choose money, petrol and business over fighting for Human Rights even though they know these militiashave committed far greater war crimes than any previous rulers of Iraq. Over 60 Iraqi Shia Militias are supported and funded by Iran. Britain is aware of such funding, and if the government is not aware this shows a severe lack of competency or shows their willingness to turn a blind eye to large amounts ofmoney. Some of these Militias are resident here and are operating business using stolen and illegally attained money from Iraq. From private banks in Iraq owned by the Shia militias and their supporters, they transfer money to UAE and Lebanon, this money is then transferred to Britain and the rest of the world to legitimise the funding (example by selling buildings or land using fake documentation, as they run the government any documentation can be deemed legal in order to support the money transfers out of Iraq).Alternatively, the money is transferred by illegal transfers to hide the illegality of such funds.This petition is unfortunately necessary, so this issue is in the public domain rather than to give the story to the mainstream press because of the deeply disturbing number of Section D notices issued in recent times. Relevant UK Legislation Terrorism Act 2000  Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019 Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011 Criminal Finances Act 201 Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Serious Crime Act 2007

Latif Yahia
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Fine/Reprimand BBC for Biased Broadcasting supporting Conservatives & Right Wing Ideals

The notoriously Conservative BBC (British Broadcasting Company) is guilty of consistently giving the conservative party enhanced airtime on all of their media platforms and only broadcasts negativity and fake news with regards to the opposition.Such coverage has real-world impacts. It encourages vast swathes of the UK electorate to vote against their own interests; and against the interests of their loved ones and communities. Skewed coverage distorts our view of ourselves, each other, and what’s possible for us as a country. And that’s why it’s time to turn it off. The only airtime the BBC awards to the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is Negative. The BBC has joined the wider media in amplifying the voice of anyone who claims to be a former Labour voter but refuses to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. This is despite Labour’s membership rising to its highest levels, adding up to more than the membership of the other Westminster parties combined. And despite Labour winning by-elections and mayoral contests since Corbyn’s election as leader. But that may come as a surprise to the majority of voters, dependent on the BBC and other powerful outlets for their view. Multiple studies have supported the assertion that this bias exists. A 2013 content analysis of the BBC by Cardiff University found that: The BBC consistently grants more airtime to the Conservatives, whichever party is in power. On BBC News at Six, business representatives outnumbered trade union spokespeople by more than 5:1 in 2007 and by 19:1 in 2012. BBC coverage of the 2008 financial crisis was dominated by stockbrokers, investment bankers, hedge fund managers and other City voices. Civil society voices or commentators critical of the finance sector were almost completely absent from coverage. Studies by the London School of Economics and the Media Reform Coalition have since found serious imbalance in reporting of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The problems with the BBC start at the top. The Director of News and Current Affairs at the BBC is James Harding, a former employee of the Murdoch press. He was also the editor of The Times newspaper.  

Pat Gleeson
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Publish the names and stop MPs under investigation for election fraud standing again

As a voter, I would not like to be represented by someone who is under investigation for fraud. Conservative MPs accused of breaking election spending rules at the last election face the possibility of being prosecuted by the Crown while they are in the middle of fighting their re-election campaigns at this year’s general election. We have a right to know who they are before #GE2017. 14 police forces have sent files to the Crown Prosecution Service relating to the Tory 2015 ‘battle bus’ scheme, which it has been alleged led to Tory candidates breaking strict spending limits on elections. The CPS is currently reviewing the evidence and considering whether to charge the MPs with breaking the election spending limits, which are put in place to prevent those with wealthy backers from gaining an unfair advantage during general elections. The CPS is investigating whether false spending returns were filed. Candidates and their agents, who are both responsible for jointly signing the declarations, could both be liable for a charge of fraud. Some Conservative party officials could also be liable, with the Commission having specifically referred the party’s former registered treasurer, Simon Day, to the Metropolitan police for further investigation, for “knowingly or recklessly making a false declaration” on invoices and receipts.

Magdalena Williams
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Complete boycott and shut down of Ryanair

On a Ryanair flight a passenger, launched a racist tirade on a 77 year old black woman, of the windrush generation, verbally and physically attacking her. There are videos of the incident all over social media, please take a look. It is truly disturbing. Passengers on the flight asked for the racist passenger to be removed.  Ryanair ignored passenger requests. Ryanair staff failed to reprimand the passenger or remove him from the plane. Ryanair did not act accordingly, and showed a blatant disregard for the elderly woman’s safety and well-being. Instead of removing the racist passenger they moved the victim and allowed the bigot to continue his flight. This is unacceptable and sickening. Ryanair should no longer be allowed to transport passengers, when they do so little to protect the safety of their passengers. Racism of any kind should not be tolerated or endorsed, Ryanair did nothing.  No passenger should be subjected to racist abuse, whilst on a flight, Ryanair clearly do not take their responsibility of passenger safety seriously and have shown that they endorse racism and bigotry. Ryanair have not issued an apology or a statement. Racism is only allowed to continue, because of situations like this.  Boycott Ryanair  Please sign this petition and remove Ryanair from service. They should not be allowed to operate as such an obviously racist airline.  #boycottryanair 

Cheryl Freeman
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