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Tyson Foods, Inc., founded in 1935 with headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, is one of the world's largest processors and marketers of chicken, beef and pork, as well as prepared foods.

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Petitioning Tyson Foods

Tell Tyson to Stop Torturing Pigs

For three weeks I lived a lie to expose the truth while working undercover at a Tyson hog factory farm in Oklahoma. What I saw was a living nightmare. Thousands of pregnant pigs spent nearly their entire lives crammed into cages so small they could barely move. They couldn’t turn around, walk or even lie down comfortably. I saw pigs with open wounds and bloody pressure sores from rubbing against the bars of their metal cages or lying on hard concrete. Pigs would constantly ram their heads against their tiny stalls or spend hour after hour, day after day, biting the bars of their cages out of frustration. These intelligent and social animals were literally driven mad in these hellish conditions. I also saw workers violently slamming piglets headfirst into the concrete and leaving them to suffer and slowly die. Some of the piglets were spiked against the ground like footballs. I found one piglet still conscious and breathing in a pile of dead piglets. Nobody bothered to make sure she was dead before just throwing her away. Piglets had their tails cut off and their testicles ripped out of their bodies without any painkillers. Sick and injured pigs with severe, bleeding wounds or infections were left to languish without veterinary care. I saw workers gouge the eyes of pigs, violently hit them with wooden boards, and in one case, even throw a heavy bowling ball at a pig’s head. Such sadistic cruelty was widespread at this Tyson factory farm. While this brutality and neglect is shocking, I think the worst abuse these animals endure is being immobilized in tiny, maggot-infested gestation crates. Animal welfare experts around the world agree that these crates are inherently cruel and should be phased out. In fact, gestation crates are so cruel they have been banned in nine U.S. states, as well as in the entire European Union. Responding to consumer concerns, nearly every major food provider in the country, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, Safeway, Kroger, Kmart and Costco, have demanded their suppliers do away with these cruel crates. Major pork producers, such as Smithfield and Hormel, have committed to phasing out gestation crates, and Cargill is already 50 percent crate-free. But not Tyson. Tyson continues to torture pigs by cramming them in cages barely larger than their own bodies for nearly their entire lives. Please, help me put a stop to this. Take a moment to sign my petition urging Tyson to end one of the cruelest factory farming practices by committing to phasing out gestation crates. Thank you. "Pete" Undercover Investigator

Mercy For Animals
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Petitioning Tyson Foods, Noel White, Justin Whitmore, Doug Ramsey, Scott Rouse, Gary Mickelson, Noelle O'Mara, John R. Tyson

Tyson Foods: Stop Crippling Birds with Rapid Growth!

Poultry industry titan Tyson Foods has long touted its “Commitment to Animal Well-Being” and claims to “understand the importance of the internationally-recognized Five Freedoms” for chickens. Yet from the moment I first set foot inside Atlantic Farm, a Tyson Foods contract facility in Temperanceville, Virginia, as an undercover investigator for Compassion Over Killing (COK), I witnessed a very different reality: Behind the closed doors of this factory farm’s filthy warehouses, packed with more than 225,000 chickens, I documented violent animal abuse as well as horrific suffering caused by Tyson’s genetic manipulation of birds for unnaturally fast growth. At just days old, fragile baby birds are dumped into these sheds, where they live out their short lives—never to peck outside in the dirt or feel the sun’s warmth—before being shipped out to slaughter at just 6 weeks old. The hidden horrors I witnessed inside this massive Tyson factory farm still haunt me: birds run over and crushed to death by forklifts; live birds violently kicked, slammed, and thrown; and baby chicks impaled with a metal nail on the end of a pipe. Unwanted, sick, or injured birds were also piled on top of one another in buckets with the dead, left to languish and die. But the suffering ran even deeper than this sickening abuse. Birds languished from a variety of illnesses and deformities, and many couldn’t walk because of debilitating leg injuries. At under two months old, these baby birds were already crippled—and trapped inside their own morbidly obese bodies—because Tyson genetically manipulates them to grow so unnaturally large, extremely quickly. If you or I grew at the rate of a factory farmed chicken, we’d weigh 660 pounds by the time we reached two months of age!This is the second time in a year and a half that COK has exposed Tyson’s torture. In 2016, a COK investigation inside multiple Tyson Foods breeder farms in Virginia revealed similar violence: workers punching, kicking, and throwing live birds; birds crushed by forklifts; and more. The footage prompted the first-ever court trials for cruelty to chickens raised for meat, resulting in convictions on 24 counts of animal cruelty. And Tyson immediately ended the barbaric practice of stabbing a plastic nose “bone” through the nostrils of rapidly growing male breeder birds to restrict their feed intake. Yet while Tyson pats itself on the back for its “commitment to serve as stewards of the animals,” this poultry giant has not addressed a major source of this immense suffering: the crippling fast-paced growth of birds. Tyson publicly strives to “shape the future of food”—but it remains firmly entrenched in this tradition of torture to churn out cheap, cruelly produced meat. Meanwhile, millions of consumers are waking up to the suffering and flocking to plant-based dining. Even Tyson CEO Tom Hayes has acknowledged that consumer demand for plant proteins is outpacing that of meat, and the company has purchased a 5 percent stake in vegan company Beyond Meat. But that first step isn’t enough. It’s way past time for Tyson to distance itself from these preventable atrocities once and for all.Join me in urging Tyson to put an end to the genetic manipulation of birds for fast growth and to truly become a food industry leader by moving toward the real future of food: plant-based protein! In solidarity, “Alex” (Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator) December 2017 UPDATE: Just a day after my investigation was publicly released and we asked you to urge Tyson to invest more in plant-based meat, the company announced that it's doing just that: The poultry giant is increasing its existing 5-percent stake in plant protein maker Beyond Meat. This is a promising step forward, but we still need your support to ensure the company keeps moving in this direction—and finally addresses the horrific suffering resulting from its genetic manipulation of birds for rapid growth.

Compassion Over Killing
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Petitioning Tyson Foods

Tyson: Stop Starving Birds

Tyson Foods keeps its breeder birds perpetually starving and desperate for food. When I started my investigation, I was prepared to see animals forced to live in miserable conditions, but I wasn’t prepared for just how extreme that misery actually is. This is the first time anyone has worked undercover inside a “broiler” chicken breeding factory farm.The egregious abuses were the most horrifying to witness: Tyson employees kicked, swung, and threw live birds by their wings, violently shoved them into cages, inhumanely and improperly killed them, and even punched or suffocated some animals to death. Workers also ran over birds with forklifts, crushed them with transport cages, and left them to slowly die.I was also shocked to discover a cruel and painful practice that few people even know about — it’s  never before been documented on hidden camera: workers grabbed young male breeder birds by their heads and stabbed dull plastic rods or “bones” through their sensitive nostrils, commonly referred to as “boning.” The wide plastic rods block the birds from fitting their heads inside certain food containers in order to limit what and how much they eat.The good news is that after watching our investigative footage, Tyson announced that it’s immediately ending this cruel and barbaric practice.  But there’s still a crucial underlying issue that Tyson needs to address about this practice: why was it being done in the first place?Tyson’s chickens have been genetically manipulated to grow so unnaturally obese so quickly that they often collapse under their own weight and some suffer from heart attacks. With such extreme growth, these birds have developed extreme appetites. However, unlike an average “meat” chicken, who will be slaughtered at less than two months old—before these ailments fully manifest—breeder birds must survive much longer.  Thus, to prevent these breeder birds from growing too big, too quickly, Tyson deliberately starves them -- leaving the birds in a constant state of hunger.So while Tyson is taking a step in the right direction by ending the cruel practice of “boning,” these birds will continue to starve and suffer until the company stops breeding and raising birds who have been genetically manipulated for fast growth.The best way we can help birds is to leave them off our plates, but we can also take a stand against cruelty by telling Tyson to stop starving birds!  - Rusty, a Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator

Compassion Over Killing
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Petitioning Tyson Foods

Tell Tyson Foods to Stop Torturing Animals

We can all agree that torturing animals to death is wrong. But if you eat chicken from Tyson Foods, torture is exactly what you are paying for. A new Mercy For Animals investigation has uncovered shocking animal abuse at a contract farm for Tyson Foods—the largest meat producer in the world—including: Workers violently clubbing animals to death, breaking their necks, and leaving severely sick and injured animals to die without food or water Baby birds carelessly thrown to the ground from transport crates suffering broken bones and other severe injuries Chickens bred to grow so fast they became crippled under their own weight and frequently died from heart attacks and organ failure Hundreds of thousands of birds crammed into filthy, windowless sheds forced to live for weeks in their own waste and toxic ammonia fumes At this Tyson chicken factory farm, over a thousand birds died every day from the diseased and unsanitary conditions. In total, over the course of only 42 days, more than 52,000 birds died at this one farm from sickness or injuries. Those who survived were carelessly grabbed by their legs, wings, and necks and violently slammed into transport crates before being trucked to slaughter. As shocking as it is, this type of cruelty and neglect is common in the poultry industry. There are no federal laws to protect chickens during their lives on factory farms, and most states specifically exclude chickens from anti-cruelty laws. All of this means that Tyson Foods and other poultry producers are able to routinely get away with torturing chickens in ways that would be illegal if cows or pigs were the victims instead. But we can stop this needless cruelty. Please, take a moment to sign this petition calling on Tyson Foods to stop torturing chickens.    Thank you.

Mercy For Animals
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Petitioning Tennessee State House, Pat Marsh, Tennessee State Senate, Bill Lee, Scott DesJarlais, Marsha Blackburn, Lamar Alexander, Tyson Foods, Dave Ross, Jennifer McClain, Gary Mickelson

Protect Our Water From Tyson Factory Farm

Located in Lincoln County, Tennessee, Taft is an agrarian community home to small business owners, multi-generational farmers, new farmers, horseman, cattleman, artists, families, churches, and one K-8 school. The people of Taft learned of plans to construct Tyson Foods Chicken Houses .75 miles south of the main town crossroads and 1.25 mi. from a new K-8 School building (set to break ground Summer 2019). They immediately organized themselves into a grassroots group called No Tyson In Taft. Of most critical concern to the group is the parcel of land where the chicken house operation will be located. It is within less than 1/4 mile of natural water resources of the Tennessee River Watershed and Lincoln County Water Wells. The wells deliver water from two carbonate aquifers to over 15,000 residents of Lincoln County. Additionally, there are USFWS Wetlands throughout the community that are in the direct path of the Monarch Butterfly Migration and home to hundreds of migrant bird species, like the Great Blue Heron and the elusive Chuck Will's Widow. All of these habitats are at risk for contamination. The operation of these chicken houses will likely cause irreparable damage to our water resources, our fish and wildlife, our air quality, the value of farm property for future generations, and our long-term health. It is not worth the risk. Will you help us protect our community? This petition will send the message to Tyson Foods that the community of Taft, TN and its support network oppose the construction of this operation. We implore Tyson Foods to halt construction.

Loree Beth Sowards
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Petitioning Virginia delegate D.Bulova, Virginia delegate J.Campbell, Virginia delegate B.Carr, Virginia State Senate, Virginia delegate M. Levine, Virginia delegate M.James, Virginia delegate T.Kilgore , Tyso...

Ban factory farming in Virginia!

Factory farming is a practice that might be profitable in the short term, but in the long term, it's really bad for the animals and for the environment. First off, the animals can barely even move because of the fact that they are put in extremely tiny spaces (that's what happens for pigs) or because of the just as bad notion that some animals can't move because there are thousands of their kind all in a barn that would only be able to comfortably fit about 20 animals at a time (chickens,Sheep and turkey). Also the impact to the environment is that the meat industries are making more runoff pollution than even oil companies do, which is causing lots of "dead zones" to form all over the Atlantic coast as fertilizer and animal waste gets strewn into rivers and gets into the ocean. A good solution to prevent all of this from happening is for virginia to transition from normal meat to lab grown meat, which is meat made without using animals (as the name implies). But the only way to guide this transition would be for the virginia government to invest in lab grown meat, and for the virginia government to slowly bring in laws to phase out factory farming and probably even the farming of animals in general. So that these animals wouldn't have to be culled, a 250 acre sanctuary would be built for these animals in a location somewhere in either Loudon or Fauquier County (would be made for turkeys,sheep,pigs,cows and chickens). To operate this sort of sanctuary, it would be given to a nonprofit organization and it would be open to the public, meaning that there would be trails in this park that would be the only designated places for people, as the animals would be able to roam as they please (to gain money to operate it)  (also, no trees besides ones in the way of the separations between animals would be cut down, so that these animals could hide and adapt to their environments). For more information on this plan to get rid of factory farming, here is a google document detailing my full and complete plan for this petition: A link showing what I mean by "synthetic meat": Please join us in showing empathy and compassion for the animals in factory farms, something that they haven't received for a very long time and something that they will never get if this proposal fails.

Vlad K
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PLEASE help stop the brutal murdering and imprisonment of animals on farming mills.

PLEASE SHARE and take a few minutes to see how innocent animals and their babies are being treated in facilities/mills, then just PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE PLEASE! (it is all free unless you want to donate to help promote). We fight for dogs and cats not to be treated this way, why not other animals too? Cows are kept in cages with no room to move, artificially impregnated over and over, while the moms have to watch their own babies being dragged away from their moms after birth to be killed, so consumers can have their milk instead of her baby. Pigs and chickens are kept in cages only big enough for them to barely stand. They are treated beyond inhumane. We would be sent to prison if we did this to a dog, cat, etc. What is the difference?? “If slaughter houses had glass walls, most of is would be vegan.” This is just a PG rated and VERY short description of what is truly going on. There are many videos and documentaries on YouTube like Earthling (PLEASE try to watch it. I tried, but couldn’t) or Earthling Ed that exposes the truth. Please watch what really goes on! Only 3% of farm animals are not raised in these mills. Take the time to educate yourself and our youth to be KIND to EVERY single’ll go a long way. Help teach them kindness and to help ALL walks of, disabled, elderly, adults, EVERY single human-being, animals, our Earth, etc. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It is my first time doing this and am not too good with writing, but please share it. I’m just trying to be a voice for the voiceless.  Lauren 

Lauren Ammons
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Petitioning Sedgwick County Commissioners, Tyson Foods

NO Tyson Sedgwick County

This petition is intended to reject the offer made by all five Sedgwick County Commisioners to invite Tyson to our county and city.  Concerns regarding this plant to be built in our area include but are not limited to:  Odor in a very windy area.  Pollution to air land and waterways.  Increased water consumption for use at the plant that could strain our system, drain our lakes and pollute our easily penetrated water table. The same water table many county residents use via personal wells to water gardens, lawns, and fill their pools.  Traffic issues to and from facilities.  Low wage low skill jobs keeping thousands of families in poverty.  Teribble safety and quality of work ratings found at other facilities owned/operated by Tyson.  Increased local financial burden on county and city services such as community health clinics, school lunches, rent assistance, women’s health clinics, daycare assistance programs, English as second language programs, as well as many other programs.  Incentive programs to Tyson that do not provide a return to the county and city equal to or greater than the tax cuts offered  Animal rights concerns.  Damage to local reputation and continued workforce quality decline leading to other industries and companies NOT even considering our county for future projects.  This is a brief and very basic list of concerns that come with Tyson plants.  The voters of Sedgwick County call on our commissioners to rescind the invitation put forward. We ask they not even consider this project for our area. Instead they should focus on joining with other national employers and industries to provide education, training and partnerships to county residents to encourage skilled manufacturing, technology jobs, and those with good community impacts to move to our area.  I reached out to Mayor Longwell and while the decision is out of his hands his response was -  “I don’t have enough information yet to know if the incentives are too much. Typically when Wichita offers anything we require a 1.3 to 1 return on our investment. I don’t believe the County has that same policy?  I am not opposed to the lower paying jobs because we have a very diverse population that requires a variety of skill levels and positions for people to find productive work. I wouldn’t encourage much incentives for them but we still have unemployed that would fit this job classification. I appreciate your willingness to fight for our community.”  Other communties have rejected Tyson and we can too.  Join Facebook group No Tyson in Sedgwick County for continued updates and events.  Please share!       

Nicholas Weathers
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