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Tyson Foods, Inc., founded in 1935 with headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, is one of the world's largest processors and marketers of chicken, beef and pork, as well as prepared foods.

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Tyson Foods
For three weeks I lived a lie to expose the truth while working undercover at a Tyson hog factory farm in Oklahoma. What I saw was a living nightmare. Thousands of pregnant pigs spent nearly their entire lives crammed into cages so small they could barely move. They couldn’t turn around, walk or even lie down comfortably. I saw pigs with open wounds and bloody pressure sores from rubbing against the bars of their metal cages or lying on hard concrete. Pigs would constantly ram their heads against their tiny stalls or spend hour after hour, day after day, biting the bars of their cages out of frustration. These intelligent and social animals were literally driven mad in these hellish conditions. I also saw workers violently slamming piglets headfirst into the concrete and leaving them to suffer and slowly die. Some of the piglets were spiked against the ground like footballs. I found one piglet still conscious and breathing in a pile of dead piglets. Nobody bothered to make sure she was dead before just throwing her away. Piglets had their tails cut off and their testicles ripped out of their bodies without any painkillers. Sick and injured pigs with severe, bleeding wounds or infections were left to languish without veterinary care. I saw workers gouge the eyes of pigs, violently hit them with wooden boards, and in one case, even throw a heavy bowling ball at a pig’s head. Such sadistic cruelty was widespread at this Tyson factory farm. While this brutality and neglect is shocking, I think the worst abuse these animals endure is being immobilized in tiny, maggot-infested gestation crates. Animal welfare experts around the world agree that these crates are inherently cruel and should be phased out. In fact, gestation crates are so cruel they have been banned in nine U.S. states, as well as in the entire European Union. Responding to consumer concerns, nearly every major food provider in the country, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Chipotle, Safeway, Kroger, Kmart and Costco, have demanded their suppliers do away with these cruel crates. Major pork producers, such as Smithfield and Hormel, have committed to phasing out gestation crates, and Cargill is already 50 percent crate-free. But not Tyson. Tyson continues to torture pigs by cramming them in cages barely larger than their own bodies for nearly their entire lives. Please, help me put a stop to this. Take a moment to sign my petition urging Tyson to end one of the cruelest factory farming practices by committing to phasing out gestation crates. Thank you. "Pete" Undercover InvestigatorRead more

Mercy For AnimalsWest Hollywood, CA, United States
Noel White, Tyson Foods, Clint J. Rivers, Stewart F. Glendinning, Dean Banks, Chad Martin, Steve Stouffer, John R. Tyson, John McAndrew, Noelle O'Mara, Sally Sears, Donnie King
The COVID-19 crisis is exposing how vulnerable our food system is. Tyson Foods, the country’s largest poultry producer, has been in the spotlight for refusing to take meaningful actions to protect its workers and public health at large, all while millions of animals suffer in its unsanitary factory farms. Please sign this petition to demand Tyson stop neglecting public health and finally do right by workers and animals alike.  Across the nation, workers from at least 31 Tyson plants have tested positive for coronavirus, and tragically over 25 have died. Workers say they have been pressured to work even when sick and never received protective gear even as their coworkers were falling ill. Workers are being forced to choose between their health and a paycheck they need to survive.   Tyson’s chairman, John H. Tyson, placed full-page ads in the New York Times and Washington Post in a desperate attempt to get sympathy from the American public and redirect consumers' attention away from the thousands of sick workers. He argued that meat was as essential as health care, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Workers’ lives should not be traded in for Tyson’s profits.  When Tyson puts workers at risk, it also jeopardizes the health and safety of the entire surrounding community. The same goes for the chickens Tyson raises on factory farms—unsanitary, disease-ridden places where there’s no such thing as social distancing. John Tyson warned in his ad that ‘depopulation’ efforts may occur—meaning killing and discarding millions of animals—which was another stark reminder of how careless Tyson will be to protect its bottom line and public image.  For decades, Tyson has been called on to improve the treatment of animals in its supply chain. Chickens are bred to grow so large so fast they can hardly walk; as a result, they have weak immune systems and struggle to fight off disease, especially in this environment. Scientists have warned that factory farms are ideal breeding grounds for the emergence and spread of highly infectious zoonotic diseases as well as antibiotic resistant pathogens. Despite these warnings, Tyson continues to expand and prioritize the worst factory farming methods.  At Tyson’s slaughterhouses, conditions are dangerous and abusive for workers and animals and regularly raise concerns around public health. Animals are hung upside down by their fragile legs and moved through the slaughter line at an unimaginable speed, which results in frequent worker injuries. This fast pace makes detection of feces and other contaminants on chickens’ bodies nearly impossible, which is why roughly 48 percent of grocery store chicken contains fecal bacteria, a common source of foodborne illness.  Tyson’s normal business practices are in desperate need of repair. Tyson must provide safer working conditions, mandate social distancing, provide testing and transparent reports, and provide paid-sick leave. Tyson needs to slow production line speeds, transition out dangerous live-shackling slaughter practices, and adopt animal welfare reforms like the Better Chicken Commitment. Most importantly, to protect both humans and animals, these companies must move away from factory farming and prioritize its plant-based product lines. If we don’t speak up, Tyson will continue to prioritize profits over human rights, animal wellbeing, and public health. Read more

Taylor WarrenWashington, DC, United States
Tyson Foods, Carl George, Charles George, Todd Simmons, Ozark Mountain Poultry, Noel White
Every day, poultry workers are working in some of the most dangerous and stressful conditions in this country. During this time of crisis, the dangers of working in this industry are only heightened. It is time for workers to receive the protections they deserve.  In Arkansas alone, where Tyson is headquartered, over 30,000 workers are producing the chicken that ends up on plates all across the country. While workers in other “essential” industries are offered paid sick leave and other protections, poultry workers have received little if anything.  Poultry workers do not have access to paid leave benefits, so workers are forced to continue working to avoid loss of income, their jobs, or out of fear of being penalized.  As COVID-19 spreads, the situation is more dangerous and direr for workers. Poultry workers should be considered a high-risk group due to the high amounts of chemicals they are exposed to everyday. These chemicals have resulted in permanent respiratory issues in workers. Working while sick has consequences for workers and consumers because workers’ illnesses are prolonged, then other workers get infected, and eventually consumers are presented with the risk of food-borne illness.   We demand Tyson Foods, George’s Co, Simmons Foods, Ozark Mountain Poultry, and Cargill to pay leave benefits for workers. It is not enough to only allow workers to go home if they feel sick while they're not being paid for those absences, poultry companies have the duty to protect their workers fairly from any harm caused by COVID-19. Poultry workers must also be compensated for being quarantined to prevent further spread of the virus that can potentially harm more workers in addition to receiving hazard pay for risking their lives as COVID-19 rapidly spreads in our communities. We demand that Tyson Foods and other poultry companies take the right steps to protect workers’ health and income to survive this crisis. **Venceremos is a worker-based organization in Arkansas whose mission is to ensure human rights for poultry workers. **Read more

Magaly LicolliFayetteville, AR, United States
Tyson Foods
Do you believe you should have the right to decide what's best for you and your family? The employees of Tyson Foods no longer have that right. Tyson is mandating that all employees AND contract workers ("anyone that steps into one of their facilities") provide proof of being fully vaccinated by their given date, October 1 (for salaried employees) and November 1 (for hourly employees). This means that as of today employees have only a few weeks to decide if they will keep their job by being vaccinated OR face termination. If an employer terminates you for violating company policy then you are NOT eligible for unemployment OR severance pay. Tyson cannot clearly speak to the extent of the mandate but stated they will follow CDC guidelines. How far will it go? (boosters, herd immunity, masks, antibodies, etc.) Think about it - "Team members" who have dedicated themselves to their corporation, some for decades, and worked diligently through a pandemic, no longer have a decision, free of coercions and ultimatums, regarding the future of their career.  In the early 2000's Tyson's slogan was "It's what your family deserves." YOU and your family deserve the right to decide.Read more

Taylor ChapmanUnited States
Tyson Foods
Tyson is feeding its pigs a drug that is illegal in the European Union, China, Russia, and many other countries. There just isn’t enough evidence proving that pork fed with the drug, ractopamine, is safe to eat. On top of this, there have been many reports of pigs suffering when they get too much of the drug. Ractopamine is a drug that is used to add muscle weight to animals in the weeks before slaughter. Animals gain weight while eating less, saving the farmer money. But animal welfare and human health and safety are more important than saving a buck. While Tyson raises meat without using the drug for other countries, here at home in the U.S. they are still using it. According to an FDA report, it has resulted in more sickened and dead pigs than any other livestock drug. The drug mimics stress in pigs, and makes the heart beat faster. It essentially acts like adrenaline. Can you imagine constantly living with an intense dose of adrenaline? Many pigs also became “downer pigs” - meaning they were no longer able to walk - after taking this drug. This isn’t right. Demand Tyson stop using ractopamine - a dangerous drug to both pigs and humans alike.Read more

Summer GarciaPhoenix, AZ, United States
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Greetings to everyone. I go by the title and name of Decadentdayne I thrive on bringing laughter and joy to people whom need it the most. I am a strong believer on its not what you say but how you say something. I believe that my soothing, calming, and inviting voice has a way of healing a beings mind, body, and spirit. I have placed a unique tone on narration with a modern day twist. More than enough people have had their share and time of conversing with generations about intriguing, places, things, and events. I feel as with time we are constantly changing and evolving. I am this generations narrator, and not only does it need to be seen, but heard. The voice of the people, and the people have spoken. It is only rightful to pass the torch to someone who will ensure that the flame remains ablaze and burns brighter than before. Sound connects us. Traveling through the the debts of time and space. I also believe that my voice exudes serenity, calmness, comfort, joy, hope, love, honesty, and happiness, which is everything that a lot of people need right now. You know a lion by and when you hear it roar. I am DECADENT DAYNE HEAR ME ROAR. Read more

Decadent DayneMississippi, United States
Food and Drug Administration, McDonald's, Wendy's, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Tyson Foods
Every day, 9 billion chickens are slaughtered for their meat, just after spending their short 35-day lives in total confinement. By eating Mcdonalds, Wendys, and Tyson foods products, you are supporting the abuse of millions of chickens. These chickens live in large sheds with poor ventilation, no space, and are bred to grow unnaturally fast, which causes heart stress and lungs that can't keep up with the chicken's air supply. These chickens have weak legs from too much weight, causing many to suffer from lameness. We have to let these corporations know that what they are doing is wrong by signing this petition and showing that what they are doing isn't going to go unseen. Read more

Jawad MahmudNew York, NY, United States
Tyson Foods
The U.S. government had deemed Tyson Foods, including other food processors, as a critical infrastructure or "essential" business for feeding Americans in the Covid-19 pandemic. As a front line worker (including truckers, mechanic, janitor, etc..) coming to process chickens, I, including many colleagues, have to confront an unprecedented health threat to my well-being, family, and communities. All lives matter! There is a lack of protective equipment such as covering the face, safety glasses, hand sanitizer, masks, shields, and other necessities to protect us. Besides the constant splashes to our faces from dirty chickens' water that filled with bacteria, carpal tunnel problems, shoulder tears, and amputations, including death - Team members now show Covid-19 signs and symptoms such as coughing, fever, chills, etc. There have been many confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Tyson Foods and people are being sent home. Team members are DYING because of this Covid-19 virus. Furthermore, we are being crammed into tight spaces as we cut, trim, and process chickens (Porks, beefs, etc.) There are no social distancing as the virus threat every single one of us in the live-hang, evisceration, debone, and other departments. We are elbow-to-elbow sitting together in the cafeteria, changing work gowns, and others. The work environment is dirty and deep cleaning process is an utter joke - "We are sheep going to the slaughterhouse" at Tyson Foods. The current situation is dire. People are sick and afraid to report our conditions due to fear of losing paid, terminations, and missing works. We are ask to work around the clock due to staff shortages and call-offs during the Covid-19 pandemic while "essential" upper management personnel are in their comforts of virtual-remote works. Front line team members are giving our lives for $10-15 dollars per hour (excluding taxes / insurances) to feed America, stocking groceries' shelves, and pay the "big boys" salaries (Founder's chairman / Tyson's family members, CEO, CFO, HR, managers, supervisors, etc..) in Springdale, Arkansas and elsewhere. The July's $500 bonus showcases disrespects and no empathies among Tyson Foods' managements due to a requirement of not missing work in April, May, and June for one to receive it. Now, if one is still alive and not on a ventilator, of course! There are no premiums or hazard pay being added to the hourly wages for the dangerous works that we do. We are not asking for one but, we are demanding premium to our pay now. Please SIGN & SHARE this petition for our livelihood. El gobierno de los Estados Unidos consideró a Tyson Foods, incluidos otros procesadores de alimentos, como una infraestructura crítica o un negocio "esencial" para alimentar a los estadounidenses en la pandemia de Covid-19. Como trabajador de primera línea (incluidos camioneros, mecánicos, conserjes, etc.) que vienen a procesar pollos, yo, incluidos muchos colegas, tengo que enfrentar una amenaza de salud sin precedentes para mi bienestar, mi familia y las comunidades. ¡Todas las vidas importan! Hay falta de equipo de protección, como cubiertas faciales, gafas de seguridad, desinfectantes para manos, máscaras, escudos y otros elementos esenciales para protegernos. Además de las salpicaduras constantes en nuestras caras de agua sucia llena de bacterias, problemas del túnel carpiano, laceraciones, rasgaduras de hombros, amputaciones, incluida la muerte: los miembros del equipo ahora exhiben signos y síntomas de Covid-19, como tos, fiebre, escalofríos y otros. Se han confirmado múltiples casos de casos de Covid-19 en Tyson Foods y se están enviando personas a sus hogares. Los miembros del equipo están muriendo debido a este virus. Además, estamos abarrotados en espacios reducidos a medida que cortamos, recortamos y procesamos pollos (carne de cerdo, carne de res, etc.). No hay distanciamiento social, ya que el virus amenaza a cada uno de nosotros en el ahorcamiento, la evisceración, el deshuesado, y otros departamentos. Estamos codo a codo sentados juntos en la cafetería, cambiándonos de bata de trabajo y otros. El ambiente de trabajo es sucio y el proceso de limpieza profunda es una broma: "Somos ovejas yendo al matadero" en Tyson Foods. La situación actual es grave. Las personas están enfermas y tienen miedo de informar nuestras condiciones debido al miedo a perder los pagos, los despidos y los trabajos faltantes. Se nos pide que trabajemos las 24 horas debido a la escasez de personal y las cancelaciones durante la pandemia de Covid-19, mientras que el personal de administración superior "esencial" se siente cómodo con los trabajos remotos virtuales. Los miembros del equipo de primera línea están dando nuestras vidas por $ 10-15 dólares por hora (excluyendo impuestos / seguros) para alimentar a los Estados Unidos, abastecer los estantes de las tiendas de comestibles y pagar los salarios de los "chicos grandes" (presidente del Fundador, CEO, CFO, Recursos Humanos, gerentes, supervisores, etc.) en Springdale, Arkansas y otros lugares. El bono de $ 500 de julio muestra falta de respeto y sin empatía entre las administraciones de Tyson Foods debido a un requisito de no faltar al trabajo en abril, mayo y junio para que uno lo reciba. Ahora, si uno todavía está vivo y no con un ventilador, ¡por supuesto! No se agregan primas ni pagos de riesgo a los salarios por hora por los trabajos peligrosos que hacemos. No estamos pidiendo uno, pero estamos exigiendo una prima a nuestro pago ahora. FIRME Y COMPARTA esta petición para nuestro sustento. Le gouvernement américain avait considéré Tyson Foods, y compris d'autres transformateurs de produits alimentaires, comme une infrastructure critique ou une entreprise "essentielle" pour nourrir les Américains dans la pandémie de Covid-19. En tant que travailleur de première ligne venant traiter des poulets, je dois, y compris de nombreux collègues, faire face à une menace sanitaire sans précédent pour mon bien-être, ma famille et mes communautés. Toutes les vies comptent! Il y a un manque d'équipements de protection tels que des masques, des lunettes de sécurité, des désinfectants pour les mains, des masques, des boucliers et d'autres éléments essentiels pour nous protéger. Outre les éclaboussures constantes sur notre visage causées par de l'eau sale remplie de bactéries, des problèmes de tunnel carpien, des lacérations, des déchirures des épaules, des amputations, y compris la mort - les membres de l'équipe présentent maintenant des signes et des symptômes de Covid-19 tels que toux, fièvre, frissons et autres. Il y a eu plusieurs cas confirmés de cas de Covid-19 à Tyson Foods et les gens sont renvoyés chez eux. Les membres de l'équipe meurent à cause de ce virus. De plus, nous sommes entassés dans des espaces restreints lorsque nous coupons, découpons et transformons des poulets (porcs, bœufs, etc.) et d'autres départements. Nous sommes coude à coude assis ensemble dans la cafétéria, changeant de blouse de travail et autres. L'environnement de travail est sale et le processus de nettoyage en profondeur est une plaisanterie totale - "Nous sommes des moutons qui vont à l'abattoir" chez Tyson Foods. La situation actuelle est désastreuse. Les gens sont malades et ont peur de signaler nos conditions par crainte de perdre leur salaire, les licenciements et les travaux manquants. Nous sommes priés de travailler 24 heures sur 24 en raison de pénuries de personnel et d'appels pendant la pandémie de Covid-19 tandis que les cadres supérieurs «essentiels» sont dans leur confort de travaux virtuels à distance. Les membres de l'équipe de première ligne donnent nos vies pour 10 à 15 dollars de l'heure (hors taxes / assurances) pour nourrir l'Amérique, stocker les étagères des épiceries et payer les salaires des «grands garçons» (président fondateur, PDG, directeur financier, RH, gestionnaires, superviseurs, etc.) à Springdale, en Arkansas et ailleurs. Le bonus de 500 $ de juillet présente des manques de respect et aucune empathie parmi les directions de Tyson Foods en raison de l'obligation de ne pas manquer de travail en avril, mai et juin pour que quelqu'un le reçoive. Maintenant, si l'on est encore en vie et pas sous ventilateur, bien sûr! Aucune prime ni prime de risque n'est ajoutée au salaire horaire pour les travaux dangereux que nous effectuons. Nous n'en demandons pas un, mais nous demandons maintenant une prime à notre salaire. Veuillez SIGNER et PARTAGER cette pétition pour nos moyens de subsistance.  اعتبرت الحكومة الأمريكية تايسون فودز ، بما في ذلك معالجات الأغذية الأخرى ، بنية تحتية حرجة أو عمل "أساسي" لإطعام الأمريكيين في جائحة كوفيد 19. بصفتي عاملاً في الخطوط الأمامية قادمًا لتجهيز الدجاج ، يتعين علي ، بما في ذلك العديد من الزملاء ، أن أواجه تهديدًا صحيًا غير مسبوق لرفاهي وعائلتي والمجتمعات المحلية. جميع الأرواح مهمة! هناك نقص في معدات الحماية مثل تغطية الوجه ، ونظارات السلامة ، ومعقم اليدين ، والأقنعة ، والدروع ، وغيرها من الضروريات لحمايتنا. إلى جانب البقع المستمرة على وجوهنا من المياه المتسخة المليئة بالبكتيريا ، ومشاكل النفق الرسغي ، والتمزق ، ودموع الكتف ، وبتر الأطراف ، بما في ذلك الموت - يظهر أعضاء الفريق الآن علامات وأعراض Covid-19 مثل السعال والحمى والقشعريرة وغيرها. كان هناك العديد من الحالات المؤكدة لحالات Covid-19 في Tyson Foods ويتم إرسال الأشخاص إلى منازلهم. أعضاء الفريق يموتون بسبب هذا الفيروس. علاوة على ذلك ، نحن محاصرون في مساحات ضيقة بينما نقطع الدجاج ونقطعه ونعالجه (لحم الخنزير ، ولحم البقر ، وما إلى ذلك). والإدارات الأخرى. نحن نشكل من الكوع إلى الكوع معًا في الكافتيريا ، ونغير ثياب العمل ، وغيرها. بيئة العمل قذرة وعملية التنظيف العميق هي نكتة مطلقة - "نحن خروف نذهب إلى المسلخ" في تايسون فودز. الوضع الحالي رهيبة. الناس مريضون ويخافون من الإبلاغ عن أحوالنا بسبب الخوف من فقدان الأجر وإنهاء الخدمة وفقدان الأعمال. نحن نطلب العمل على مدار الساعة بسبب نقص الموظفين وإلغاء المكالمات أثناء جائحة Covid-19 بينما يكون أفراد "الإدارة العليا" "الأساسيون" في وسائل الراحة الخاصة بهم من الأعمال الافتراضية عن بعد. يمنح أعضاء فريق الخط الأمامي حياتنا مقابل 10-15 دولارًا في الساعة (باستثناء الضرائب / التأمينات) لإطعام أمريكا ، وتخزين رفوف البقالة ، ودفع رواتب "الكبار" (رئيس المؤسس ، الرئيس التنفيذي ، المدير المالي ، الموارد البشرية ، المدراء ، المشرفين ، الخ ..) في سبرينجديل وأركنساس وأماكن أخرى. تُظهر المكافأة التي تبلغ 500 دولار في يوليو عدم احترام وعدم وجود تعاطف بين إدارات تايسون فودز بسبب شرط عدم فقد العمل في أبريل ومايو ويونيو حتى يستلمه أحد. الآن ، إذا كان المرء لا يزال على قيد الحياة وليس على مروحة ، بالطبع! لا توجد أقساط أو بدل مخاطر يتم إضافته إلى أجر الساعة مقابل الأعمال الخطرة التي نقوم بها. نحن لا نطلب واحد ولكننا نطالب بعلاواتنا الآن. يرجى التوقيع ومشاركة هذا الالتماس لكسب عيشنا.  Read more

Poultry WorkerOklahoma, United States
Tyson Foods
Every day, 200 million animals on land are killed; including fish, the number skyrockets to 3 billion.  These beings deserve to have advocacy.  The image of a family farm, supplying responsibly produced meats is a simple facade to push the issue of factory farms under the rug.  Terms like “free range”, “sustainably produced”, and “no antibiotics” mislead consumers into believing that the foods they are purchasing are ethical.   You have the power to change the industry.  Due to popular demand, Walmart now offers organic options.  Additionally, the CEO of Tyson Foods stated that the future of protein is plant protein.  This is an amazing triumph for the cause of animal advocacy.  Everyday people are making a difference, and you can as well.  Pledge to limit or abstain from meat and these companies will feel the pressure from consumers. This cause is very important to me.  I’ve been plant based for many years and vegan for four.  Throughout my efforts to advocate for those who can’t, I have met many amazing people and received a sense of purpose.  Going plant based really does make a difference, and you can be a monumental part of that if you pledge now.Read more

Nate CuccaroUnited States
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Please take a few minutes to see how innocent animals and their babies are being treated in facilities/mills. There are many videos and documentaries on YouTube like Earthlings or Earthing Ed that expose the facts. Please watch what really goes on in these mills. Take the time to educate yourself and our youth to be KIND to EVERY single kind. To help and respect ALL walks of, disabled, elderly..EVERY single human-being, animals, our Earth, etc. Only 3% of farm animals are not raised in these mills. We fight for dogs and cats not to be treated this way, why not other animals too? Cows are kept in cages with no room to move, artificially impregnated over and over and over, while they have to watch their own babies being dragged away after birth to be killed just so consumers can have their milk instead of their own babies. Their moms are left mourning for weeks, if not longer. Pigs (which are proven to be more intelligent than dogs) and chickens are kept in cages only big enough for them to barely stand. They are treated beyond inhumane. We would be sent to prison if we did this to a dog, cat, etc. What is the difference? This is a VERY short description of what truly goes on. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!  “If slaughter houses had glass walls, most of us would be vegan.”  Read more

Lauren AmmonsLake Wylie, SC, United States