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My mom has terminal cancer, don't turn your back on her

My name is John. My mom, Karen Oberg, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer about 9 months ago. While this has been a really hard time for us, I've been fortunate to be able to take leave from my job and spend these last months with her. Things were going well until recently when scans revealed the cancer was still very prevalent. From what doctors told us, she may only have one or two months to live. I need your help because our insurance company is bullying us around right in the middle of my mom's second-line chemotherapy. Her insurance company, Total Health Care, is not living up to its promise -- or name. Out of the blue, Total Health Care decided they would no longer allow my mom to continue going to the University of Michigan to receive treatment. The insurance company has been covering us for the University of Michigan for seven months now, so why are they all of a sudden refusing to continue her coverage when she only has months to live? On Monday, January 20, no more than 12 hours before she was scheduled to receive chemotherapy treatment, we got a call from U of M notifying us that Total Health Care refused to continue covering my mom's treatment there. We were heartbroken upon hearing this, and we were confused about why Total Health Care didn't have the heart to call us directly. After hours upon hours of pleading with Total Health Care over the phone, they wouldn't budge. This is especially frustrating because we're waiting to hear about the status of an operation which can help alleviate some of my mom's pain. The care and compassion we felt from U of M means nothing to them, and my mom is being looked at as nothing more than a dollar sign and a statistic to this insurance company. After a poor experience with a misdiagnosis from my mom's previous hospital and after establishing incredible relationships with doctors at U of M, we have built a true bridge of trust. It's the only place my mom feels comfortable, and as she recently told me, "Hearing bad news at U of M is easier than taking good news from the other hospitals we've been to." Even with a three hour round trip, we know the University of Michigan has so much care and compassion, which we feel from all of the U of M staff and doctors, particularly her oncologist. Their warmth is unmatched throughout the health care system. I ask and thank you for supporting us in our effort to convince Total Health Care to allow us to continue receiving treatment at University of Michigan. After being through so much together, my mom and I want these last few months together to be as joyful as possible. Quality health care from doctors we know and trust is all we ask for. She is currently not receiving chemotherapy because of her discontinued service. Continuing treatment at University at Michigan is how that can happen and we are so thankful for you support on my petition!

John Oberg
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Petitioning Total Health Care

Queens hospital maternity unit! IMPROVE YOUR SERVICE FOR BABIES&MUMS

Our Lilly was born at Queens hospital at Romford!! On 29 February!!! Our Lilly is no longer Here due to this hospital failed todo their jobs!! I had a cough thru out my pregnancy and no one done anything about it now they was aware of this!! They never checked to see if my daughter had it!! My daughter was born Here so it was their jobs to help her n check her!, She was only 5pound and my daughter temperature was low!! From their they should of got a doctor in to check Our daughter and they would of found she was very ill!!! We was discharged from this hospital! And the day I got my daughter registered I had to take her to kings George hospital because she was coughing so the best thing me n my partner could do was take her hospital the midwifes that came and see Lilly at home said as long as she's feeding then its ok! So stupid me listened because they get paid to make sure babies are ok!  Then the next thing I know my lil girl was being admitted in king George hospital!!! She had caught it my sickness wen I was carrying her! And my poor baby was being pocked about! Then they gave Lilly a scan on her chest! Then they found she had pneumoniaon on the right side of her chest! They gave her all antibiotics to try fight this infection she had! But Lilly was to ill! Then the next day the doctors agreed it was best if Lilly had a breathing tube down her to help her breath because her oxygen Levels was going Down!They done that,my poor little angel was so brave!! Then cats team came to get her to be transferred to great Ormond Street hospital! On the 11 February! But Lilly got really sick she started to get high blood pressure! Her sugar Levels had drop!! And on all these machines to keep her alive and on top off this my baby girl had whooping cough as well,Then they done a blood transfusion to help her it worked we got so happy but wen we had a phone call to say our baby girl is dying it broke us! So that morning on 12 march! My Lilly passed away 9.43 am!! Died in my arms! If queens hospital just checked my little girl then maybe she be here today!! They never had no sort of doctors came round only a midwife to check her weight and they was worried about that! Cos she was so small!! And her temperature was so low she was freezing!! It don't take long to check someone over! Now me&my family are broken because queens hospital took our little princess away!! My 2 year son has lost his lil sister!! And queens hospital need to make their services better so this don't happen again and take people on that know what they are doing!! From the triage from the delivery rooms!! If you ain't got a nuff beds then yous should not take people in your care youse should worry about the lil babies you got in your care!! And make sure they are healthy a nuff to go home. JUSTICE FOR LILLY.  

alice defreitas
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Petitioning asbestos, Government of Manitoba, Total Health Care, health and safety, Brian Bowman, Manitobains , UNIFOR

Let's get the asbestos off and out of the Air Handlers in the University of Manitoba.

As the wife of an employee of the University of Manitoba (16 plus yrs), who has access to the very heart and lungs of our buildings on campus, I witness things that just need to be changed. No one sees the large machines handling the breathing air on campus and the fact that they are covered with asbestos insulation. Some of which is 50 plus years old and is in bad repair.   My petition is to have all asbestos containing materials taken out of the Air Handler rooms.  To ensure safe air for all Students, Workers or members of the public. 

Carol Shaw
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The largest MDL lawsuit ever is filed for mesh and the damages done.

I have cost the taxpayers thousands and thousands because doctors don't know that implanting mesh can cause pain, erosion, actually, in my case I have it in four places; have had extreme pain for five years but, mesh isn't publicized; doctors don't know how to look for it and now, an active, happy, healthy, wife of retired General Officer who served alongside him, is dependent on him because the fDA, Greed, doctors not willing to take me on.  Why is the larger MDL ever being filed in the courts?  MESH!  Thank god for those who went before me; did the research so that I have avenues to go but, getting there is a nightmare - I've given up a life and my grandchildren want me back!

Sandra Aadland
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Dear Mr. Oberg: We would first like to share that our thoughts and prayers are with your mother and her family during this difficult time. The unfortunate circumstances under which you were informed that services were denied are unclear, as they did not originate from Total Health Care. As stated in recent discussions with you, we want to emphasize that Total Health Care has NOT DENIED OR DELAYED TREATMENT for your mother. Because this is a public venue, we are not able to discuss specifics regarding your mother’s care, as this would violate her privacy rights. We have spoken with providers involved in her care who confirm that they have no record of denied or delayed care for your mother by Total Health Care. Our process for issuing denials is to send written notification to the member and provider involved, along with a reason for the denial and their appeal rights. This notice was not sent because care was not denied. We want to assure you that the care of our members is our top priority. To that end, we would like to offer a nurse care navigator to assist you with coordinating care for your mother. At Total Health Care, we make every effort to coordinate and facilitate the best care available with our talented network of providers. We have been a long-standing Managed Care Organization in the community, one of the oldest in metro-Detroit. Our goal is to continue to deliver on our promise of being “Totally There” for our members. All the best, Total Health Care

3 years ago