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Marise Payne, act now to ​#BringJamesRicketsonHome​ or my innocent father will die in jail

VICTORY! James Ricketson is now free, thanks in no small part to everyone who signed this petition. Dad wants to thank you all for your ongoing support, we couldn't have done it without you. Now, we hope that we can channel that incredible energy: we want to get impoverished Cambodian families out of the rubbish dumps they live in, and into homes. Visit Family by Family to learn how you can help.  My Australian adopted dad, James Ricketson has the kindest heart - yet he’s holed up in a Cambodian prison without even having committed a crime. Unless the Australian government responds quickly, my innocent dad could die in jail. I’m petrified - every day matters now as he gets sicker. I’m so worried for dad’s rapidly deteriorating health - He is almost 70  frail and squashed in a tiny cell with 140 others. It’s so cramped, they have to take it in turns to lie down. Body lice are eating him alive. Dad is an Australian documentary maker/journalist. His only crime is kindness and using his award winning documentaries to portray the truth. The Cambodian government is holding him indefinitely without charge for the ridiculous and untrue accusation of espionage / spying as an Australian citizen - which carries 15 years. All he did was fly a drone over an opposition party rally, which isn’t even illegal. There is a new Foreign Minister – Marise Payne – who hasn’t made up her mind on James’ case yet. Dad was making a documentary about Australia’s abused street kids when he adopted me and loved me as his own daughter. He saved my life. He was one of the first men in my life to show me kindness but now the Australian government has turned their back on him. 

Roxanne Holmes
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Stop the banks from profiting from your loved one's death

Did you know that when your husband/wife/partner dies, banks will continue to charge interest on their credit cards, loans or other accounts, even after you have advised the bank of their date of death? They will also charge your deceased partner late payment fees.  Furthermore, after you obtain Probate to handle your partner's estate, did you know the bank will NOT return those accrued interest / charges to you, even after you have paid off any outstanding credit card or loan amounts? On average it takes 10 weeks to obtain probate in NSW, so that's minimum 10 weeks of interest accruing if you are organised enough to have a lawyer apply for probate immedately after a death, which, let's face it, no one is thinking about for a at least a month when you lose your life partner. (In Australia today the average time after death by which people obtain Probate is actually 6 to 9 months.) You have to ASK the bank for that money back. And they are not obliged to do so. When I asked for loan amounts to be corrected to the date of his death, they just said "no". After my husband died last year, a bank refused to repay fees and interest that they had added to my husband's loans. I had probate and was executing his estate appropriately and with the assistance of my lawyer. They even refused to speak to my lawyer, only me, after I lodged a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman, hence causing me months of further distress. They did NOTHING until I went public with my plight on social media last year. Finally in order to settle our affairs, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement that I would never disclose the bank's name. It was a nightmare and noone should have to endure this on top of the trauma of a significant loss. This is WRONG! Grieving families have enough to deal with without greedy banks exploiting them when they are at their most vulnerable. Please sign this petition to ask the Australian government to help us lobby for change to this unfair and greedy practice by financial institutions. This is in memory of darling late husband, Michael Vaughan.

Kate Vaughan
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Muzzle the Australian Government

"We the People" of Australia, as the Principle Creditors of Australia �� demand that, The Governments of Australia and All of its members, State and Federal, cease All "New Business" matters and only play a maintenance role in their positions, making No decisions based on their opinion, until such time as the alleged Section 44, dual citizenship breach of the Constitution is resolved, including the unlawful swearing in of Ministers on the Qur'an !!! Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200.00

Brett Paine
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Call RSPCA and ALL local councils to account and require complete and total transparency.

SCRAP CRAPS - AKA RSPCA The ducks in this photo were confined to this 2mx2m cage with a concrete floor covered by a single cotton sheet... 15 ducks = 5 ducks x 3 cages. How long do you consider is a reasonable period to confine them to such a tiny cage 24/7 without EVER allowing them out? If you think 7+ months is perfectly fine, this may not be the petition for you. If it makes you gasp or shake your head in disbelief, please keep reading. How do I know how long they were there? THEY WERE MY BEAUTIFUL DUCKS!! NB. All thanks for my life-altering and ongoing heartache and anguish go directly to RSPCA and Scenic Rim Regional Council.  RSPCA in collusion with local councils have been stitching up and illegally prosecuting responsible and decent pet owners, carers, no kill shelters, rescues, breeders and trainers for FAR too long, while deliberately and blatantly ignoring REAL suffering of animals in REAL need. They act only if there is money in it to be made by them. They lie, manipulate, cover up, harass, bully (apparently that's a crime - as long as you're not RSPCA or a local council) and intimidate in order to serve their own contrived agendas. There is overwhelming exponential and irrefutable evidence in existence that blind Freddy can see what is really going on and how prevalent and all-pervading it truly is... and it happens with the full, unquestioning support and backing of the federal, state and local governments. Its disgusting and abhorrent. There are countless stories that want and need to be told about the depth and degree of atrocities inflicted by these government backed and funded agencies. There is no higher authority or governing body to hold RSPCA to account which is why and how they are able to continue colluding in order to wreak havoc and cause insurmountable pain, damage and financial expense at will on average Joe Citizen. The conditions with which they keep OUR animals in is NOTHING short of appalling and in the majority of cases, far worse conditions than the very groups and individuals they prosecute for 'neglect'. How is this not hypocrisy of the highest order? Make no mistake, it IS hypocrisy of the highest order and they continue on, operating with an arrogant believe that they're invincible and untouchable. So are they untouchable? Only if nobody stands up to the big bullies. This crucial issue is in such dire need of a David vs Goliath moment, nothing will change without it - in fact to the contrary, it will continue in becoming exponentially worse... then there'll be NO going back. Ask yourself the glaringly FUNDAMENTAL question... how have they been able to get away with it year after year after year? How else?! By being in bed with and scratching the backs of the right people...  10 000 signatures are needed to take this further. Come on Aussies, we might be laid back, but if ever there's a time to lace our boots, stand up against these mongrel mobs and defend our homes, families, pets and all that is sacred to us, this HAS to be it! If you have a pet or know someone who's been wronged by these gutless wonders, I implore you to take 10 seconds out of your day to add your support. You might think it's somebody else's issue, but if only you could know how perilously and frighteningly close you are to this abhorrence so easily becoming your own gut wrenching experience and reality... and without warning. If you knew a shark was lurking in the water next to you, would you just ignore it? Of course not - you'd take WHATEVER IMMEDIATE AND NECESSARY ACTION required to prevent injury to you and your loved ones!! RSPCA/Council are that shark masquerading right alongside you... LAWS HAVE TO CHANGE and THIS LEVEL of disgraceful, shameful and pathetic CORRUPTION HAS TO END. Why should ANY person have an issue or take umbrage with a call for transparency if they have nothing to hide? IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, YOU HIDE NOTHING.   The ONLY thing they are competent OR successful in is playing the Game Of Lives Destroyed By Illegal Politics. I am beyond shattered. PS. If you're interested, the duckies' names are/were: Mr Ducky,  Mrs Ducky,  Mellow,  Arthur,  Martha,  Fred,  Bitza,  Philly,  Skip/Spike,  Sukoshi,  Namu,  Fluffy,  Speshy,  Gumboot,  Chai....  I will NEVER forget you or what they did to you.

Rachel Staines
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The hiring of specialist trained Gender Surgeons in each Australian State and Territory

To the honourable members of the Australian Parliament,  I, Elizabeth Kazon, an Intersex Transgender Female, and my fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals, allies and supporters, call upon you to without delay hire surgeons within the Medicare public health system to perform sex reassignment surgeries, thus making these certified Life Saving Surgeries, affordable for all Transgender and Intersex Australians. Within Australia, Medicare pays a rebate for some Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgeries and some Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgeries, however as there isn’t the possibility to have these surgeries performed in the public health system, private surgeons have a virtual monopoly, making these necessary surgeries unaffordable for a majority of Transgender and Intersex individuals. Furthermore, advancements are being made in these surgeries, however there is no opportunity for the private surgeons to learn and use these new techniques as they are constantly backlogged with patients who have no alternatives. The approximate cost in Australia to have a Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty is $18’000 excluding aftercare, fights and accommodation. A new surgery, the Peritoneum Pull-Through Vaginoplasty has been pioneered and is being performed oversees for approximately $20’000-$40’000 USD. This cost is relatively affordable when compared to the $100’000+ payable to have Phalloplasty performed in Australia. These prices are unaffordable, and it should be offered within the public system. In addition, it is with great conviction that we also believe that breast enhancement, breast reduction, Buttocks enhancement and buttocks reduction should also be performed for those holding a valid Intersex or Transgender Diagnosis as such procedures have been proven to greatly improve Transgender and Intersex individuals’ mental health.  We the undersigned call upon you, the Australian Parliament, to without delay, put pressure on the individual states and territories to hire and train 1 specialist surgeon per capital city in Australia plus at least 4 specialist nurses to assist them. These surgeons collectively should be proficient in the following new and older techniques to meet the needs of the Transgender and Intersex Individuals of Australia: ·         Peritoneum Pull-Through Vaginoplasty, ·         Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty, ·         Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty, ·         Facial Feminization Surgery, ·         Voice Feminization Surgery, ·         Tracheal Shave, ·         Breast and Buttock Augmentation, ·         Mastectomy, ·         Hysterectomy, ·         Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy, ·         Metoidplasty, ·         Phalloplasty. Yours with hope, 

Elizabeth Kazon
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recolectar la suma de 10.000 dolares para iniciar el primer centro de diabetes en la costa

Desde hace 2 años en la ciudad de Barranquilla/Colombia iniciamos con un sueño llamado huellas de azúcar, es una entidad privada sin animo de lucro que ayuda a personas con diabetes en su proceso metabólico de la enfermedad.  Actualmente en Barranquilla no contamos con un centro especializado para el seguimiento y tratamiento de las personas con esta condición de vida, ya que los pacientes que se encuentran lejos de las ciudades principales tiene que desplazarse a la ciudades principales para buscar una consulta con algún especialista en esta rama. ya que muchas entidades no contratan a estos especialistas médicos por los costos que estos representan la finalidad de esta petición es poder recolectar 10.000 dolares para el inicio de un centro medico encargado solamente para personas con diabetes especialmente para nuestros niños que cada día son los mas afectados. 

Fundacion huellas de azucar cuidamos
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Petitioning Tony Abbott MP

Ban Illegal Wood Imports Australia

Australia imports illegal timber that is directly linked to biodiversity loss, human rights abuses and climate change. Illegal logging is also pushing critically endangered wildlife species close to extinction. This is unacceptable. Please take the urgently needed action to stop it.

andrew gunn
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Petitioning Human Rights Campaign, Peter Dutton, NSW Police, Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, Jacqui Lambie, Tony Abbott MP, The Department for Health and Social Care

Justice for families!

For everyone who have watched my live feed or who have been following the posts of the inhuman treatment of FREE MEN & WOMAN in immigration detention centers around Australia! A lot of you have asked or wondering how you can help. All you simply have to do is share these posts. If you feel compelled to do more, as I am limited by my physical environment. Write, Fax, Email, utilize your current network. Contact lawyers, Human Rights Commission, Commonwealth Ombudsmen, your local Parliamentary member, radio, TV, anyone and everyone who can lend a hand to help. What this government is doing is wrong and you can do something to help. The more people on the outside asks questions, The FREE MEN & WOMAN detained here have a voice. These FREE MEN or WOMAN have families, wives and children just like you. They are father's, mother's, grandfather's and grandmother's. Most of us have been here in this country longer than the foreign decision called delegates of the minister. Who hardly speak or understand English yet have the authority to cancel visas. There are skilled people in here that have positively had an impact or contributed to the Australian community. These people at some point contributed to building the infrastructure of local Australian communities. These people have contributed to building the Australian economy. Business men who employ Australian workers which in turn allow you to enjoy the Australian way of life. I have even personally met kiwi war veterans who fought for this country and it's way of life. A big slap in the face of our Aussie Diggers. So much for the ANZAC and The fuzzy wussy Angeles on the kokoda trail at front of a Japanese invasion of Australia. This man..This one man Peter Dutton is single handedly dismantling what these men fought and died for. Your freedom! Your rights! The Australian way of life. By using 'NAZI' 'Gestapo' secret police tactics from Hitler's Germany. He now wants to invade your privacy by accessing your Facebook. Stand up Australia! Remind Peter Dutton he is NOT above the Law.

Chantel dow
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This organisation seems to be still practicing the Stolen generation laws when it comes to Australian families, taking newborns from mothers in hospitals and breaking families apart, and in many cases making the other parent pay for their partners actions/ violence toward them all. We need the legislation changed before we break more childrens and mothers hearts. 

Geoffrey Browne
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Domestic violence needs to be stopped and the death penalty should be brought back

Too many women are being victims of domestic violence and nothing is being done about it. The police don't do anything, the courts don't do anything. Also the death penalty should be brought back into play for this sort of thing. Abusers think they can get away with it and that is why they re-offend. It is also not fair on families and children who have to witness this as well . This is about protecting people and their rights and their children. People should not be beaten to silence and fear the justice system because they won't do anything about it. The courts need to start protecting who they say they are there to protect. It should be a law that domestic violence is not tolerated at all and should be punished for their crimes. That is why the death penalty should be brought back!!!!!!!!!!!

nikola smyth
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