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Julie Bishop, act now to ​#BringJamesRicketsonHome​ or my innocent father will die in jail

My Australian adopted dad, James Ricketson has the kindest heart - yet he’s holed up in a Cambodian prison without even having committed a crime. Unless the Australian government responds quickly, my innocent dad could die in jail. I’m petrified - every day matters now as he gets sicker. I’m so worried for dad’s rapidly deteriorating health - He is almost 70  frail and squashed in a tiny cell with 140 others. It’s so cramped, they have to take it in turns to lie down. Body lice are eating him alive. Dad is an Australian documentary maker/journalist. His only crime is kindness and using his award winning documentaries to portray the truth. The Cambodian government is holding him indefinitely without charge for the ridiculous and untrue accusation of espionage / spying as an Australian citizen - which carries 15 years. All he did was fly a drone over an opposition party rally, which isn’t even illegal. Julie Bishop has the ability to use diplomatic persuasion to achieve the Dad’s release - yet she’s refusing to intervene. Dad was making a documentary about Australia’s abused street kids when he adopted me and loved me as his own daughter. He saved my life. He was one of the first men in my life to show me kindness but now the Australian government has turned their back on him. 

Roxanne Holmes
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Stop the banks from profiting from your loved one's death

Did you know that when your husband/wife/partner dies, banks will continue to charge interest on their credit cards, loans or other accounts, even after you have advised the bank of their date of death? They will also charge your deceased partner late payment fees.  Furthermore, after you obtain Probate to handle your partner's estate, did you know the bank will NOT return those accrued interest / charges to you, even after you have paid off any outstanding credit card or loan amounts? On average it takes 10 weeks to obtain probate in NSW, so that's minimum 10 weeks of interest accruing if you are organised enough to have a lawyer apply for probate immedately after a death, which, let's face it, no one is thinking about for a at least a month when you lose your life partner. (In Australia today the average time after death by which people obtain Probate is actually 6 to 9 months.) You have to ASK the bank for that money back. And they are not obliged to do so. When I asked for loan amounts to be corrected to the date of his death, they just said "no". After my husband died last year, a bank refused to repay fees and interest that they had added to my husband's loans. I had probate and was executing his estate appropriately and with the assistance of my lawyer. They even refused to speak to my lawyer, only me, after I lodged a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman, hence causing me months of further distress. They did NOTHING until I went public with my plight on social media last year. Finally in order to settle our affairs, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement that I would never disclose the bank's name. It was a nightmare and noone should have to endure this on top of the trauma of a significant loss. This is WRONG! Grieving families have enough to deal with without greedy banks exploiting them when they are at their most vulnerable. Please sign this petition to ask the Australian government to help us lobby for change to this unfair and greedy practice by financial institutions. This is in memory of darling late husband, Michael Vaughan.

Kate Vaughan
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Muzzle the Australian Government

"We the People" of Australia, as the Principle Creditors of Australia �� demand that, The Governments of Australia and All of its members, State and Federal, cease All "New Business" matters and only play a maintenance role in their positions, making No decisions based on their opinion, until such time as the alleged Section 44, dual citizenship breach of the Constitution is resolved, including the unlawful swearing in of Ministers on the Qur'an !!! Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200.00

Brett Paine
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Ban Illegal Wood Imports Australia

Australia imports illegal timber that is directly linked to biodiversity loss, human rights abuses and climate change. Illegal logging is also pushing critically endangered wildlife species close to extinction. This is unacceptable. Please take the urgently needed action to stop it.

andrew gunn
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I need to name my cat Lord Farquaad.

I need 1000 signatures, in order to name my cat Lord Farquaad. My friends mother has requested 1000 signatures in order for him to name his new cat Lord Farquaad, as in the Shrek character. Another friend has said that if the post gets 5000 upvotes on the reddit post related to this noble cause, he will print off this page; an proceed to consume it with his mouth. ( literally eating his words ) please help a budding cat owner out!

Adam Reynolds
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