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General Election Fraud 2017

It has come to my attention that apart from the normal abuse of our postal voting system, during the General Election 2017 large numbers of students voted twice - once in their university constituency and once in their home constituency. This is indeed allowed at local election level but is subject to a fine of 5000 GBP at general election level. The UK led the world with its democracy, we were a shining beacon for others to follow. Let's not make British Democracy a laughing stock for the world. We the undersigned demand a full investigation be carried out and if electoral fraud on a large scale is found we demand swift action be taken.        

rhys james
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Sack The Sun journalist Dan Wooton For Online Bullying

Dan Wootton has been giving out FAKE news articles for years. He has publicly outted someone, shamed people for hiv and recently his  professionalism has been at an all time low, after tweeting demeaning tweets to Lauren jauregui. He has forced people to answer questions that were blacklisted and then went on twitter to call them shady and start drama between a member and current the one of the biggest girl groups in the world, Fifth Harmony. We want him FIRED for  unprofessionalism and we want him fired NOW. Also buy Fifth Harmony's self titled album August 25th on iTunes, pre-ordering is available now.

Pamela Williams
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Same sex partner on the birth certificate

Change the law to allow both female partners in a lesbian relationship have their name on a child's birth certificate if they are not married So a lot of society still seam to think that the world has changed so much and the LGBT community have so many equal rights now, but the truth is we are still fighting for equality and that's what I'm doing here today by starting this petition. So me and my beautiful life partner have been together for 5 years now and 3 years ago we decided to take our relationship to the next level and start to plan for our own little family.Now for a gay couple this is not easy it takes a lot of planning and costs a lot of money, so we looked in to IVF and soon realised that we could not afford the cost privately and that the NHS would not help us because of our sexuality however hope was not lost as we did find some web sites that help couples who are in same sex relationships, single women and heterosexual couples conceive by offering free sperm donations. How this worked is that men from all over the world would offer their sperm to couples like me and my partner to help us start our dream of having a family.So after months and months of speaking to these amazing men who are so selfless in what they do for others we finally found the person who would change our lives forever. He donated sperm to us only once and we then went through the artificial insemination process in the comfort of our own home, 2 weeks later we done a pregnancy test and we could not believe our eyes ours dream had come true my amazing partner was finally pregnant with our first baby. Once I found out I was soon going to be a mummy I made some phone calls to family law solicitors to see if I could be put on the birth certificate when the baby was born and to my disappointment and shock this would not be and here is the reason. I could not be on the birth certificate of my beautiful baby girl because my partner and I were not married before conception, yet if we had gone through a registered clinic I would of been. Also and this is the really upsetting part, a woman can take any man to the registry office and put his name on a child's birth certificate yet ME a woman who has helped create this life just as much as my partner, Me a woman who has been there from pregnancy to birth, who has worked and provided for this child day in day out, who loves her daughter unconditionally, ME her mother I cannot be on my own daughters birth certificate because I am not married to my partner! How is that equality? Why does marriage make us stronger, it does not! I have committed the rest of my life to my partner so why would marriage change that. We are now pregnant with our second baby due in just only 2 weeks time (same sperm donor) and again I face the same discrimination because of my sex and sexuality. For my children to be legally mine and for me to have parental rights I must now adopt and I cannot do this until the new child has lived with me for 6 months, it's discussing how the LGBT community, gay couples and family's are still treated so unfairly. Please help me change this law so I can finally be what I so rightfully deserve and that's a mother to my children legally on their birth certificates. Thank you

Natalie Thomas
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Change in the laws of the reporting of sensitive topics by newspapers

We want the laws surrounding sensitive stories being used in newspaper articles changed. There needs to be laws to protect families and loved ones from having information shared so publicly. Media sources should not be able to access the private details of stories. Recently there has been a reoccurring problem with newspapers and media outlets publishing indepth details of people's deaths. Details that sometimes loved ones still did not know. This causes extra distress to an already impossible situation for so many. Often this is done without any consent from the relatives. We have decided to pursue this change as recently we all experienced indescribable pain when we read the personal details of our friends suicide. These were published without permission from any relatives or even the courtesy of letting them know it was going to be public. Many parts of these articles were untrue and twisted. Other parts were as detailed as the method, assumed reasons and her final words. All of which were not public, even to many of her close friends. There was no purpose to having these parts in the article other than to make it more of an interesting read. It goes without saying that this was extremely distressing to all those close to her that had to read it. Sadly this is not an isolated case. We have had many others contact us who have had to go through the same ordeal. This needs to change. The families and friends need to be given consideration. Enough heart ache is experienced after a loss, it should not be  exacerbated and prolonged. #notanewsstory

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Demand a public apology from the sun newspaper

A good man who makes great cosmetic products has been harassed by the sun newspaper. Nathan Lippitt from lippitts cosmetics has been making his lipstick shades and asking his customers for ideas to name each shade. This is a lovely gesture which enables Nathan's customers and fans to feel involved in his cosmetics journey. The latest shade has been named lizzy after the young girl who sadly died in a car crash. Nathan had permission from Lizzies mother to do this in memory of her daughter. This would have been a lovely memorial until The reporter from the sun turned up at Nathan's parents house to harass him. Claiming that Nathan never had permission, took his photo and then went on to portray him as a monster in the article calling him heartless. Nathan is a loving, caring man and would never intentionally upset anyone. I think the sun newspaper should make a public apology to Nathan. This article could affect his business and has upset Nathan and all his customers. 

Debbie Steele
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Petitioning Snapchat, The Sun, Daily Mail, Rupert Murdoch, Paul Dacre, Gary Lineker

Removal of "The Sun" and "Daily Mail" from Snapchat

Currently the popular social media platform "Snapchat" has a mixture of online platforms, TV channels and more traditional print media outlets which are integrated into every users account to allow daily stories and highlights. Some examples of these are The Economist, Buzzfeed, Vice, Food Network, Sky Sports as well as others. Generally these will provide short news stories or videos from their parent sites for Snapchat users to view daily.  However, amongst these are the British tabloid newspapers The Sun and The Daily Mail, known for spreading hateful messages - often in regards to world news, refugees, asylum seekers and politics - and promoting the shaming of females and celebrities in all aspects of life.  While people can choose to avoid these newspapers in print, which has been shown in a recent decline in readership, promotion on a platform such as Snapchat which has a huge usage by young people creates the idea that these stories are ok. At the time of writing this Daily Mail's top promoted story is Kendall Jenner with a blemish on her face being circled in red talking about her acne problems! Universal access on a platform such as Snapchat means that these stories are in your face without 'permission' or from personally searching them out.  On top of this the promotion of these also leads to Snapchat seemingly promoting the very hateful messages these publications have been known to hold. Successful efforts have been made to stop advertisers such as Lego from advertising in The Sun and a similar approach is suggested here. A boycott of the stories by Snapchat users and a push for the removal of the publishers from the platform is wanted and needed.                 

Siobhan Parish
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Jack Cross
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Please Save Our Doctors Surgery From Closing Down, Save GreenBrook Practice.

I'm a 36 year old women, that has attended my doctors ever since they started there little practice many years ago. I'm a mother 2 sons. Ben 13 and Zak 4. I have had the love and support of my doctors that supported me through both my pregnancies, my Father's ongoing surgeries to make us to what we are today. I've grown a good friendship and professional relationship with all the staff at Greenbrook Manor Practice in Brentford Health Centre...Dr Julia Chamber-Watson is an amazing Doctor and will pull out all the stops for you to get the right medical service she obviously feels you deserve. Greenbrook all work together as a team, they know their patients. Edith Harvey is one lady that knows her job and knows how to do this well. This has been taken from the heart...please don't shut our surgery down. So many lives will be affected. As a small surgery it works well, we don't need to wait weeks for appointments, maybe the inspiration of Greenbrook will open the eyes to #NHS and not do this, all you will cause is misery and upset.  Please Sign My Petition And Save Our Surgery. Thank you.    

Kelly Ward
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Implement a media blackout on Nigel Farage in the UK

On 9th November 2016, Nigel Farage went on air and joked about the possibility of Donald Trump sexually assaulting Theresa May when they eventually meet. Not only that, he went on to describe President Barack Obama as a ‘loathsome creature’. This is a man who disrespects women and dehumanises people of other races, who sang Hitler Youth songs while at school. He is someone who incites hatred and division, yet receives a huge amount of coverage and airtime from the UK media. This is where we as a nation need to stand up and ask our media to stop and take responsibility. Stop giving this hate-filled man who crows about the division of our country any airtime and coverage. The UK is proud of its protection of the right to freedom of speech, but this sort of discourse needs to stop. It is being normalised in the most dangerous way possible. Please sign this petition.

Laura Foster
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