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Inquiry Gordon Brown & Jackie Smith MP Permitting Sexual Abuse

Cover-Up Began 11 years ago… Following the shocking revelations on BBC Radio 4 by former Chief Crown Prosecutor Mr Nazir Afzal, when he revealed a "Government Cover-Up” started 11 years ago in 2008 when the Labour Government under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, sent-out a circular to all the British police forces’; stating that “ far as these young girls who are being exploited in towns and cities, we believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behavior and therefore it is not for you police officers to get involved in.” – is the reason this a Public Inquiry is now being called for. The BBC Radio 4 interview was kept under wraps, and this is why at the time it never caused much of a public outcry, as it was simply ignored by the MSM.  And it was not until ex-police officer, Dionne Miller raised the matter of the circular allegedly sent by Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith - during a rally outside the Old Bailey in support of Tommy Robinson, who was found guilty of Contempt of Court on the 5th July 2019, - then this outrageous act would once again been brushed under the carpet and it would have been allowed to continue.   Gordon Brown & Jacqui Smith MP - 'Should be in jail...' The fact that the Labour Party sent out such an ominous circular to the British Police forces, they are without doubt responsible for their actions, for were the police forces hands not handcuffed behind their backs they would have probably started prosecutions years ago, and a lot of children lives could have been saved in that process. According to Miller, both Gordon Brown, and Jacqui Smith MP, should be in jail - and why a Public Inquiry is needed.  Both Brown, and Smith are directly responsible for this failure and not the British police, other than they are as guilty for permitting themselves to become "politicalised", and instead of protecting the lives of 'the people', they have preferred to protect politicians interests and reputations.   According to Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk; ‘…officers discriminated and refused to believe that race was an issue even though dozens of young white girls were being specifically targeted and groomed for sex by older Pakistani men.’ This is totally unacceptable at any level, and why the police forces in the UK have to start making MP's accountable for their actions that prevented the police from carrying out their duty.   11 Years Later! As you will see in a Daily Mail article updated in 2013, - that even though an "official report” states "Hundreds of young girls were allowed to fall into the hands of Asian grooming gangs..." - and that in the town of Rochdale alone, "...these young girls were let-down by all 17 agencies that were meant to protect them", - the newspaper bullet points the "abuse centred around just "nine Pakistani men" connected to taxis and takeaway outlets", - when in reality (as it's not just Rochdale Town that this type of 'sex grooming-gang' abuse has taken place) and that a lot more than just 'nine men' must of been involved (in which there were, as many others up and down the UK have already been convicted, whilst others are still roaming free) to have been able to have abused "hundreds" of girls in that period.    As this problem dates back to 2008, when the Labour Government first sent-out a circular to all the British police forces’ to ‘back-off’.  This scandal started 11 years ago and the grooming-gang criminal activity was allowed to continue and why “hundreds” of young girls were allowed to be abused, or in some cases murdered, - and that were action taken from 2008 on wards then it’s highly likely hundreds of young girls could have been saved. So even though this report has been released, and following the scathing speech made by Dionne Miller, and what the Chief Crown Prosecutor, Mr Afzal stated in the interview on BBC Radio 4, 'The Powers That Be' are still trying to play-it-down and not focus on "how many men” really were involved in this UK wide scandal. Full Public Inquiry This is why a full public inquiry needs to be held - and the questions answered as to why the Labour Party decided to send out such a clear message of "not to get involved" to the British police forces, and for them to simply ignore the horrifying acts these sex gang of groomers were regularly (still are) carrying-out against "working class" girls, as young as 11 and mainly all from care-homes, or they are vulnerable in general, and whom Gordon Brown and Jacqui Smith "believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behavior", and 'therefore deserve all they get', and for the sake of "racial harmony" a blind eye will be taken and no one will be prosecuted.  In fact in goes that one step further, as it sent out a wider message to the police forces to "let it continue, as we are not going to do anything to stop them". Sign the petition, share the hell out of it, and let's get these criminal MP's held to account for their deliberate obnoxious actions and for putting so many children’s lives /at stake.

Cover-Ups Exposed
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Allow pet owners to say goodbye in the last moments

I had to have my beautiful dog of almost 13yrs put to sleep yesterday. Now for anyone, that would be traumatic enough. Now what if i said, i had to say my goodbyes, hand him over in the veterinary practice carpark and not allowed to be with him in those final moments and instead have to watch him being carried off, wide awake strapped to a stretcher, with him not knowing that THAT'S the very last time he saw me? You'd think I'd done something wrong or my dog had done something wrong for him to be destroyed wouldn't you? Nope, not at all! Bruno (a german shepherd) had been my baby for almost 13yrs. Apart from my kids, he was my everything. I suffer quite badly with anxiety and depression, so he was almost like my assistance dog in a way. When my anxiety would rise up, the first thing I'd do was grab the lead and off we'd go, on our wanders. We'd go everywhere together, everyone knew us and knew how much i loved him. A few months after i had him i caught for my son, so he went through my pregnancy with me, he'd put his head on my bump and get kicked then grunt but he secretly loved it. Then i had my son and he went into protective mode and they were as thick as thieves all their life. Where one was, there was the other and it stayed that way for years. All the while, he was with me through all my bad times too....broken relationships, miscarriages, my mam dying and being cut off from my dad by my sister �. He was also there for the good son learning to walk, ride his bike, walking to primary and junior school with us for the first and last time, all the kids at school knew him and would always give him a hug or pet him as they passed and everyone we passed would say what a gorgeous, good natured dog he was. He also went through the pregnancy and birth of my grandson ❤ he's been right by our side through everything. That same protectiveness also applied the other way, I was right by his side through everything with him....tumours, sickness and old age. Everything except death! On sunday morning, i woke to find my handsome baby had taken a turn for the worse overnight and his back end had completely collapsed. He'd wet himself, soiled himself and couldn't get up � I felt like my world had just fallen apart in that very moment. Because of his age and this being something that had been happening for a while, i knew what needed to be done. Now for anyone who thinks i made this decision lightly, let me assure you, this was not done at the click of my fingers. I was physically sick at what i was about to do to the only real best friend I had (I mean that as no offense to my friends at all, if they're my friends, they'll know what I mean). So i rang the vets and explained that financially (being a sunday) i couldn't afford the fees (it was over £500 on the sunday and £300 the next day. I'm not working and already had to borrow the £300 from a good friend of mine) so would make him as comfortable as i possibly could, then bring him in the next day for him to cross the rainbow bridge. And that's where it went very wrong..... I made the appointment and I assumed that, due to the nature of the visit (COVID19 aware) i would be allowed to be with my baby in his final moments. How wrong was I! No, i had to say my final goodbyes in the practice carpark, with people arriving and leaving with their pets, while I'm sobbing on the grass, saying my goodbyes to my dog! Bare in mind, my dog was lame too, so its not as if he could do much either bless him. Then when I'd said my final goodbyes, i couldn't even carry him inside myself (i had a covid mask and was even willing to scrub up and wear scrubs if i had to). I had to watch my baby getting put on a stretcher and carried inside for the last time, knowing that he didn't know it would the last time he ever saw me. He was probably terrified. I was given the option of paying an extra £60 so they could sedate him so he wasn't aware that he was being carried away from me to his death, an option that was financially out of my reach. To me that felt like emotional £60 so he doesn't know what you're about to do to him when we take him away or he'll be awake. I absolutely broke my heart! I will never get that image out of my head...EVER!! OK, so here's what I'm hoping to achieve. I want all pet owners to be allowed to be with their pets, or for some provision to be put in place so that when a pet has to be put to sleep, the owner can be with them in their final moment. I never want what happened to me to happen to someone else. I know some practices allow for long line leads so the injection can be given at an acceptable social distance. However this is still only SOME practices, that's not enough, it should be all practices when it comes to final goodbyes. So i want a provision in place, that during this time where we have to social distance because of COVID19, owners should be allowed with their pets during those final moments when they're crossing the rainbow bridge. These animals may be just an income to a vet, but to us their family. So please, sign and share this as far as you can so nobody has to go through what i did when i said my final goodbyes. RIP Bruno, you'll never be forgotten ❤❤   

Natalie Jones
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STOP the Torture in Turkey!

On 15 July 2016, a faction within Turkey’s military attempted to overthrow the government. The coup failed and in the following days, weeks and months the Turkish government embarked on a crackdown of exceptional proportions, targeting people it accuses of being linked to Fethullah Gülen – a Turkish cleric in exile in the US, who the government accuse of masterminding the coup. The Turkish president declared a three-month state of emergency and suspension of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) for the duration – allowing him to bypass parliament when creating new laws or restricting freedoms and rights. President Erdoğan refused to rule out the use of the death penalty. Tortured, raped and starvedMore than 510,000 ( According to S.Soylu Minister of the Interior Affairs) people have been detained since the attempted coup. We have evidence that many of those people are being subjected to torture, beatings, rape and sexual abuse. We spoke to lawyers, doctors and detention facility staff who said some detainees were being held in unofficial locations such as sports centres and even a stable. Some detainees, including at least three judges, were held in the corridors of courthouses. Police have been holding detainees in stress positions, denying them food, water and medical treatment, verbally abusing them and subjecting them to beatings and torture, including rape and sexual assault. Two lawyers in Ankara told us that detainees said they witnessed senior military officers in detention being raped with a truncheon or finger by police officers. What we’re calling forDespite chilling images and videos of torture that have been widely broadcast across the country, the government has so far remained silent on the abuse. Human rights abuses during the coup attempt must be investigated and their perpetrators brought to justice. But the investigation cannot be used as an excuse to crackdown on human rights.  We’re urging the president and Turkish authorities to condemn torture and allow independent human rights monitors access to detention facilities. All detainees must have regular access to lawyers and family members. Citations:

Muhammet Ali Kucuker
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Don’t Close Your Eyes To The Blind & Others, Who Are “Extremely Vulnerable” Too!

Dear the British Government & The Supermarkets (particularly Sainsbury's), We wish to thank you for recognising that there are some individuals who are "extremely vulnerable" during the covid-19 crises. However, the list of those individuals is currently limited to a very small group of seriously ill people. We understand that the covid-19 situation is evolving by the hour. However, we the undersigned would ask that you please now recognise that there are other individuals who have become "extremely vulnerable", because of this terrible crisis. Blind people cannot drive! Therefore, some cannot get to the big supermarkets on their own. Blind people cannot walk around a supermarket on their own and get the items they need! Yet they cannot get supermarket slots as they either don’t exist or are reserved for the “extremely vulnerable.” The blind and lots of other groups of people have relied on online grocery shopping to survive! Now however, there are NO HOME DELIVERY SLOTS AT ANY SUPERMARKET! If you go on at midnight every night for the next made available date, the slots are all gone, even the flexi-slots! You are then directed to "click-and-collect" and it isn't even at your nearest store, so driving a car is your only way to pick it up. Waitrose announced last week that they were taking no more home delivery bookings, so where are all their slots going? Then there is Sainsbury's, who are turning disabled people away, as they have reserved their slots solely for the “extremely vulnerable.” This isn't just about the blind though. There are others who cannot get to a supermarket or shop for themselves because: • They live alone or have no one able enough to ask.• They are disabled or ill.• They are over 70 and have a higher chance of dying from covid-19, • They are under 70 with underlying health conditions.• They are single parents in rural areas with no transport.• Then there are People with mental illnesses. There are an emerging number of people that are being forgotten. By the time covid-19 is done, there will be many deaths, not just from the awful disease itself, but also from those who have starved to death, killed themselves or died from other health conditions! We realise not everyone can be classed as “extremely vulnerable”. All we ask is that some people are looked at again and maybe local GP’s can issue “extremely vulnerable” certificates to those they know most need to be recognised. Kind Regards! Glen & Rowan Graham

Glen Graham
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CHINA IS LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR COVID-19 DAMAGE AND CLAIMS COULD BE IN THE TRILLIONSJAMES KRASKAMARCH 23, 2020  Coronavirus, attento PCC che arrivano gli avvocati26/03/2020MASSIMO INTROVIGNEA+ | A-In base al diritto internazionale, la Cina e/o il Partito Comunista Cinese possono e debbono essere citati in giudizio per i danni enormi causati al mondo interodi Massimo Introvigne    Taormina denuncia Governo e Autorità sanitarie per cattiva gestione del coronavirus  EPIDEMIA – DENUNZIATI CONTE E SPERANZA Coronavirus, la denuncia dei medici torinesi: "Sulle mascherine prezzi aumentati fino a 100 volte"L'Ordine chiede l'intervento delle autorità competenti: "Troppe speculazioni" Coronavirus, la denuncia dei medici: «Ecco i 7 errori fatti in Lombardia»L’analisi della Federazione degli Ordini dei medici chirurghi e degli odontoiatri in una lettera inviata ai vertici della Regione: dall’incertezza nella chiusura di alcune zone, alla mancanza di mascherine e dispositivi di protezione ai pochi tamponi effettuati  Assistenza domiciliare inesistente. E il sospetto malato Covid arriva in ambulanza e torna a casa a piedi    

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Same sex partner on the birth certificate

Change the law to allow both female partners in a lesbian relationship have their name on a child's birth certificate if they are not married So a lot of society still seam to think that the world has changed so much and the LGBT community have so many equal rights now, but the truth is we are still fighting for equality and that's what I'm doing here today by starting this petition. So me and my beautiful life partner have been together for 5 years now and 3 years ago we decided to take our relationship to the next level and start to plan for our own little family.Now for a gay couple this is not easy it takes a lot of planning and costs a lot of money, so we looked in to IVF and soon realised that we could not afford the cost privately and that the NHS would not help us because of our sexuality however hope was not lost as we did find some web sites that help couples who are in same sex relationships, single women and heterosexual couples conceive by offering free sperm donations. How this worked is that men from all over the world would offer their sperm to couples like me and my partner to help us start our dream of having a family.So after months and months of speaking to these amazing men who are so selfless in what they do for others we finally found the person who would change our lives forever. He donated sperm to us only once and we then went through the artificial insemination process in the comfort of our own home, 2 weeks later we done a pregnancy test and we could not believe our eyes ours dream had come true my amazing partner was finally pregnant with our first baby. Once I found out I was soon going to be a mummy I made some phone calls to family law solicitors to see if I could be put on the birth certificate when the baby was born and to my disappointment and shock this would not be and here is the reason. I could not be on the birth certificate of my beautiful baby girl because my partner and I were not married before conception, yet if we had gone through a registered clinic I would of been. Also and this is the really upsetting part, a woman can take any man to the registry office and put his name on a child's birth certificate yet ME a woman who has helped create this life just as much as my partner, Me a woman who has been there from pregnancy to birth, who has worked and provided for this child day in day out, who loves her daughter unconditionally, ME her mother I cannot be on my own daughters birth certificate because I am not married to my partner! How is that equality? Why does marriage make us stronger, it does not! I have committed the rest of my life to my partner so why would marriage change that. We are now pregnant with our second baby due in just only 2 weeks time (same sperm donor) and again I face the same discrimination because of my sex and sexuality. For my children to be legally mine and for me to have parental rights I must now adopt and I cannot do this until the new child has lived with me for 6 months, it's discussing how the LGBT community, gay couples and family's are still treated so unfairly. Please help me change this law so I can finally be what I so rightfully deserve and that's a mother to my children legally on their birth certificates. Thank you

Natalie Thomas
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Stop printing private addresses in the press

Printing private addresses in the press has huge ramifications for individuals, their families and the children who live there. Depending on the circumstances they can be further targeted by the media, vigilantes or other individuals and groups that may seek to cause harm.  At Families Outside, the only national charity in Scotland to solely support families affected by imprisonment, we support thousands of families whose home addresses are very often printed in the media. However, by the time the story has been published the actual law breaker has already been found guilty and is now on his/her way to prison to serve their sentence. Meanwhile the children and families still living in the home address have to suffer hate mail, death threats, arson attempts, graffiti and numerous other anti-social acts aimed at the accused but felt directly by the innocent family. Families Outside wants to challenge this and to convince the Independent Press Standards Organisation that it is not necessary to publish anyone's private address. More importantly we want both Westminster and Scottish Government to change legislation so that we can protect vulnerable families and children from further victimisation and we need your support! Please sign our petition #NoAddressInThePress This petition has been created by Families Outside with support from The MyTime Project.

Families Outside
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