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#KeepPrayerFree & stop T-Mobile from charging callers for prayer on free conference lines

Prayer should never come with a cost. The right to pray for free is under attack by T-Mobile. Despite its aggressive advertising campaign – including Super Bowl spots – positioning the company as the #Uncarrier for offering the “first unlimited subscription” void of surcharges, bogus fees and assorted taxes, the mobile conglomerate is waging a war on prayer. T-Mobile is blatantly, but surreptitiously charging an additional $0.01 per minute to customers who call prayer lines using free conference call services. One such service that has been affected is, of which tens of thousands of prayer line callers have been affected by these charges and have taken to social media to voice their opinions about T-Mobile. Many T-Mobile customers call into prayer lines multiple times a week to pray with others for long periods of time, resulting in hundreds of dollars a year added to their service plan costs. By forcing them to pay additional fees for these calls, T-Mobile is effectively cutting off a spiritual lifeline for its loyal customers who cannot afford these charges. We are asking for your help to take action to prevent T-Mobile and any other greedy cellphone carriers who follow suit from gouging and targeting prayer customers with unnecessary and unfair costs. We strongly urge everyone interested in maintaining religious liberty to support the right of all people to pray together, free of costs and other barriers. Please call upon T-Mobile and any other corporations considering similar action to stop charging customers unfair, punitive and discriminatory fees that were designed to prevent faithful people of all religions from praying for free. Help the millions of individuals who utilize these services for prayer by signing this petition. 

Freedom to Pray
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Stop 5G in our neighborhoods!

”Small Cell" 5G antennas are being installed on Light poles in our neighborhood. We DO NOT WANT this 5G technology outside our home.  I write today to share that the choices you make about the environment we call home are far reaching, and that our precious homes must be protected. There’s not a lot of time, so we have to act quickly! Here are the points of concerns:  These small cells will be emitting microwave and millimeter waves radiation of ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity (30GHz - 300 GHz).  These 4G and 5G so-called small cells (each with up to a 28 cubic feet of ancillary equipment) will be emitting RF-EMR exposures 24/7 in frequencies ranging from 600 MHz to 90,000 MHz. There are estimates that they will be installed every 2 -10 houses by 2020. We need to restrict these extreme density 4G and 5G small cells to only commercial and industrial areas. The waves penetrate 1 to millimeters of human skin tissue and are also absorbed by the surface layers of the eye's cornea. Over exposure can cause serious harm:  infertility, childhood leukemia, arrhythmias, insomnia, cancer, DNA damage, memory/behavior problems, and more.  We haven’t gotten a straight answer from our elected officials who allowed the FCC to include language in the 1996 Telecommunications Report that cities could not use environmental effects as reasons to to deny placement of cell towers. In September, 2018, the FCC created the “Accelerating Wireline Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment Declaratory Ruling and Third Report and Order” which streamlined rules which benefit industry while removing local control. The Order is a blatant effort by the FCC to strengthen the hand of carriers in negotiations with local governments over small cell deployment and to limit the ability of local governments to negotiate in the public interest around small cells. There is no scientific evidence to support any claim of 5G safety. You are able to see the studies here: Doctors and Scientist warn of potential serious health effects of 5G : (Hundreds of scientists and public health experts from around the world are demanding a moratorium on the deployment of 5G) There are parks and schools within a radius of the small cell that poses a major health risk to children because they are most vulnerable. Radiation exposure from small cell impacts environmental and wildlife. It will harm birds, bees, trees and nature. Trees will be needed to cut down. Fire Hazards. Fire concerns since trees and homes are in close proximity. We already have adequate cell reception and another antenna is not needed. Installing small cell towers will take away the homeowners right to choose how much microwave radiation exposure they want to risk. Better delivery systems are fiber optics and cable. They are faster, reliable and safe. And it gives us homeowners the ability to choose the level of exposure. Decreased property values. Studies who property values drop up to 20% on homes near cell towers. (ref: We are being taxed  $3,500 - $5000 for each Small cell in our city per year! Lawsuits should arise if telecommunication companies (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) and the city council does not warn their consumers and constituents of the health and privacy risks.  They should also face legal action if they attempt to disguise 5G cell towers.  Im reaching out to you because I am a son, brother, uncle, future father, and a healthy human being.  My family and I work hard to stay healthy. I care about the well being and safety of my neighbors and their children, as well as future generations. Lets STOP this from being installed in our neighborhood! We do not consent to 5G and being exposed to electromagnetic wireless microwave radiation. Videos for your reference:              

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Process of finding a Missing person

if we really want change we must also sign here On 11/8/2018  Ahyanna Baker-Griffin never came home .  The very next day was 11/9/2018 her son’s 1st birthday .  She was never the type to not come home or not check in on her son , so as family we knew something was wrong . Saturday a report was filed but we ,the family , were told they do not search for a missing person until 72 hours later because “they have the right to not come home “ . We expressed we knew she was in danger but procedure is procedure .  On 11/15/2018 we got the call that she was found shot dead and the father of her child had killed himself .    We could not track her location bc a subpoena had to be filed for T-Mobile . And that took way too much time .However the car they were in had a tracking device .  Most dealerships and SID/GPS companies only require a police report to send a signal .... She did not die the same day she went missing she was alive for a few days   she could’ve been saved had we just tracked her location       So today we ask , please sign this petition so when someone goes missing and the family is 100% sure this not normal behavior and they have children we do not wait 72 hours to look for them .  We are trying to get the time down to as small as 12-24 hours . It only takes 1 second to lose a life .....  please we may not bring Ahyanna back , but we can save someone ....    Please help us change the law and bring mothers like her home sooner ...  100,000 signatures needed within 30 days to reach the White House   Thank you 

Alanta Guiler
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Protect the Prepaid Industry- stop T-Mobile from making negative changes to Metro Dealers

T-Mobile is making major changes to their Metro by T-Mobile prepaid dealer program which is going to affect 8000+ stores and 20000+ employees. Dealers will face a negative impact to cash flow and revenue in month one. The changes listed below have one upside with many downsides to the dealers upfront income/cash flow.  Currently we get paid X amount for activating a customer a new line service, effective 10-1 that amount will be decreased and we can possibly earn more if the customer stays active for 6 months, YES, 6 whole months! Keep in mind this is a Prepaid customer.  Currently Dealers make a portion of the Payment fee on taking in-store cash payments. This helps off set bank deposit fees, credit card fees, employees time taking the payments. T-Mobile is Removing that Effective 10-1. Most carriers pay a monthly residual ex: Cricket Currently we may purchase and sell Cellphone accessories from any vendor to stay competitive with other outlets such as Boost Mobile, Cricket, Walmart, Target, Five Below, etc. effective 10-1 we must purchase from a single source vendor which is known for shortage of products and not proper product mix that our customers want. This is illegal as they are treating us as a franchise. Our cost will go up, which means our retail price will go up. This will make us less profitable and less competitive as we will have to sell at our old pricing.  Customers can currently receive discounted upgrade pricing every 90 days. Effective 10-1 this will change to every 180 days. This will make it tougher on dealers to retain a customer for 6 months in order to earn that full potential commission. It’s a double negative situation. It works against the dealers and employees This is what we are asking for in order to keep our business Viable, Profitable, Competitive and have enough income to pay our employees and offer raises Same amount in commission proposed spread over 3-4 months instead of 6 months Residuals on payment income with a minimum threshold (use 12 months of current fee come as a base starting point) Optional accessory vendors not limited to single source vendor Customer upgrade policy back to 90 days Stop T-Mobile from poaching Metro Customers Change dealer guidelines to work against stores from staying competitive in the prepaid space Stop T-Mobile reps from constantly harassing us to Slam customers with features and MRC  Compensate dealers that were forced to close their Doors via a mass Nationwide termination. Dealers were given no reason or explanation. This hurt many businesses, families and employees    The needs we have asked for above is vital to keeping our business a prepaid model and keeping dealers healthy financially. T-Mobile will negatively impact and hurt dealers long term with these changes. There is much more however we can only list so much here.  We are not a franchise, which they are treating us like one. That is illegal.  T-Mobile is also mass texting Metro customers to move them over to the T-Mobile side. Offering special financing and pricing. Conflict of interest, illegal! Please sign and help us continue to make Metro great again!

Michael Smith
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Keep Hawaii 5G FREE

Citizens of Hawai’i 5G antennas with the same capabilities of military grade weapons are being installed on playgrounds, schools, farms, in residential neighborhoods and public areas. The most susceptible to this harmful radiation are fetuses in utero and children. EMFs impact birds, bees, farm animals, wildlife and the environment. This is a serious issue that affects all life. 5G small cell towers are popping up everywhere without proper testing for safety by the telecommunication companies or any government agencies. More importantly, public consent was never considered before launching this experimental cellular science. Wireless radiation from older technology has already been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, miscarriages, birth defects and infertility. Due to their external anatomy, male testicles are especially susceptible to radiation, which lowers sperm count. Similarly, cellular radiation kills off irreplaceable eggs in females. To clearly understand what we’re dealing with, 3G and 4G wireless technologies use between a 1 to 4 gigahertz frequency. 5G uses between 24 to 90 gigahertz. This means up to 90 billion electromagnetic waves hit the cells of the human body per second. Once fully operational, 5G towers would unleash DNA-damaging levels of radiation on schools, parks, hospitals and residential areas. Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The collective minds of over 230 scientists from over 40 different countries have accumulated clinical evidence of the harmful exposure to EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) generated by electric and wireless devices before the additional 5G roll out. As local Hawai’i activists, we are extremely concerned with the full deployment of 5G wireless technology and its untold effects. 5G also serves as the foundation of the smart grid, the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a network that connects smart devices such as phones, home appliances and smart meters, baby monitors, cars and any other devices that can connect to the Internet via built-in sensors. This means that not only will we send our private data straight to the utility companies, but they can also send data and/or frequencies to our devices at any time. To do this, each tower shoots a short-wave high concentrated laser beam to every device. These new capabilities pave the way for higher levels of privacy invasion and consumer surveillance. Research also shows how the frequencies utilized in crowd control weapons by the Department of Defense, ones that physically impact our biology, are the same frequencies that form the basis of the new 5G network. This crowd control system is a directed energy weapon designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd dispersal/control. We should not have to ask for safety within our own environment. Organizations involved in the direct implementation of 5G such as Crown Castle, American Tower and the FCC are violating our basic human and fundamental rights. With your help, we can further our efforts to reach the public through grassroots movements, local legislation, online activism, independent media and our first-hand conducted experiments and reporting. For transparency and to inspire others to take action in their own communities, we will make our investigative findings available and accessible to the public. We need to connect with teachers, parents and families in order to protect children, animals and plant-life in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to educate the public and encourage our elected officials to take action. To stop the full deployment of 5G, we need your support! We are stronger together. It’s our responsibility to protect our families and the environment in which we live. Sign this petition and KEEP HAWAII 5G FREE!!!

Erica Webber
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Paid Sick Leave

I work for T-Mobile and currently have 80 hours of EARNED paid time off (PTO) I am also currently sick, and just like other times I’ve been sick I’ve toughed through it to still come to work with a smile on my face. But, I feel very strongly about something. That something is me being able to call in sick and (if I have time available) the company allowing me to pull the hours missed from my PTO so I won’t have to worry about my next check and why it’s short. This is for the young adults just trying to pay their bills, the single parents that sell all day and slave all night, the older employees that wake up with arthritis pain so unbearable they can’t get out of bed, the friend that decided to be a decent human being to help a friend or family member move and they hurt their back, the employees dealing with Major Depression and just don’t want to cause upset because you can’t shake your thoughts and need a day for mental health, the parents that were playing with their kids outside and maybe sprained an ankle, to everyone that just wants the comfort knowing that when something that is OUT OF YOUR CONTROL happens, your company cares enough to not only allow you to take a sick day, but also pay you for it so you don’t feel like you have to work harder just because you’re under the weather or go without because you caught the flu. We all work our butts off for this company! Stay hungry, love the hustle, right? 

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Please make calls to Nepal free for the next few days!

Thank you for your concern. We understand T-Mobile customers are trying to stay in touch with their family and friends in Nepal. T-Mobile is making this easier by waiving and crediting fees for all calls and text messages to and from Nepal from Saturday, April 25 through Saturday, May 16. Calling and texting to and from Nepal without charges applies to all postpaid and prepaid customers of T-Mobile, MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile with international calling. Our sympathies go out to the families that have been impacted by this tragedy. We’re happy to help those in need. We’ve done something similar in response to other global disasters, such as the tsunami in Japan and the typhoon in the Philippines. You can find more information here: T-Mobile Media Relations

6 years ago
Please make calls to Nepal free for the next few days!

Thank you for your concern. We understand T-Mobile customers are trying to stay in touch with their family and friends in Nepal. T-Mobile is making this easier by waiving and crediting fees for all calls and text messages to and from Nepal from Saturday, April 25 through Saturday, May 16. Calling and texting to and from Nepal without charges applies to all postpaid and prepaid customers of T-Mobile, MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile with international calling. Our sympathies go out to the families that have been impacted by this tragedy. We’re happy to help those in need. We’ve done something similar in response to other global disasters, such as the tsunami in Japan and the typhoon in the Philippines. You can find more information here:

6 years ago