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Have the national suicide lifeline pre-programmed on all cellphones; just like 911.

Suicide rates have been on the increase since 1999.  Suicide rates have increase in every state and as a result almost 45,000 people died by suicide in 2016 according to the CDC.  What we will not know is if those people had the opportunity to speak to someone immediately.  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has a number where anyone can call when one is in distress but, what if you don’t know the 800 number? What if your situation will prevent you from searching the number? I am proposing that a three digit number like 911 be created and become a default number on all cellphones. Perhaps, a number that is easy to remember and everyone get to know it. Hopefully in that manner, instead for searching or trying to remember the number, one picks up a phone, dials for help and the only difference is that when the number is dialed, a person is immediately connected to someone that is prepared to listen not someone asking “what is your emergency”.  

Consuelo Rivera
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Petitioning Freedom to Pray, T-Mobile, T-Mobile Media Relations

#KeepPrayerFree & stop T-Mobile from charging callers for prayer on free conference lines

Prayer should never come with a cost. The right to pray for free is under attack by T-Mobile. Despite its aggressive advertising campaign – including Super Bowl spots – positioning the company as the #Uncarrier for offering the “first unlimited subscription” void of surcharges, bogus fees and assorted taxes, the mobile conglomerate is waging a war on prayer. T-Mobile is blatantly, but surreptitiously charging an additional $0.01 per minute to customers who call prayer lines using free conference call services. One such service that has been affected is, of which tens of thousands of prayer line callers have been affected by these charges and have taken to social media to voice their opinions about T-Mobile. Many T-Mobile customers call into prayer lines multiple times a week to pray with others for long periods of time, resulting in hundreds of dollars a year added to their service plan costs. By forcing them to pay additional fees for these calls, T-Mobile is effectively cutting off a spiritual lifeline for its loyal customers who cannot afford these charges. We are asking for your help to take action to prevent T-Mobile and any other greedy cellphone carriers who follow suit from gouging and targeting prayer customers with unnecessary and unfair costs. We strongly urge everyone interested in maintaining religious liberty to support the right of all people to pray together, free of costs and other barriers. Please call upon T-Mobile and any other corporations considering similar action to stop charging customers unfair, punitive and discriminatory fees that were designed to prevent faithful people of all religions from praying for free. Help the millions of individuals who utilize these services for prayer by signing this petition. 

Freedom to Pray
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Petitioning Bandera County Convention and Visitors Bureau, T-Mobile, Branch Communications, Federal Communciations Commission, US Senator John Cornyn, US Senator Ted Cruz, US Representative Lamar Smith, Govern...

Urge T-Mobile to Protect the Environmentally Sensitive Lost Maples Region of Texas

T-Mobile is proposing to build a 26 story tall cell tower in the Lost Maples Region ecosystem in Vanderpool, TX.   T-Mobile and its tower construction company, Branch Towers,  is proposing to build a tower on a site in the Sabinal River Watershed and just a few hundred feet from the river itself.  The site poses inherent dangers to endangered wildlife in the area, including the Golden Cheeked Warbler and the Black Capped Vireo.  A huge tower like this one will disrupt nesting areas, migration patterns and result in bird strikes.   Blinking lights and noisy industrial equipment with have a disruptive effect on wildlife and the people who love the area for stargazing.   This tower would also pose a serious risk to underground springs that feed the river and provide water for area landowners, and for those visitors who enjoy recreational activities in the area.   These companies have been secretive and are hiding behind FCC regulations that do not even require notice to adjoining landowners or those who want to protect the environment.     They have not done the due diligence necessary to evaluate all of the dangers of this proposed tower site.    Ask T-Mobile, Branch Towers and our elected officials to require the company to consider all of the risks and work with landowners to secure an alternate site that will have less impact on the area.   Landowners just recently learned of the project and need your help in asking these companies to do the right thing.     If you love nature, have visited Lost Maples State Natural Area, or have stargazed in Texas Hill Country skies join us in this effort.   Please sign the petition and call these companies and elected officials to demand they take action to address this in a responsible manner.   Help spread the word, and we appreciate your support.  

Vanderpool Coalition
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Petitioning AT&T

Please make calls to Nepal free for the next few days!

Any help counts!  Nepal is going through a rough time after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and numerous aftershocks.  Please make calls to Nepal free from US numbers so that we can be in constant touch with our loved ones.

Nepali Nagrik
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Petitioning Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

Cell/data reception back to rural areas.

Petitioning Verizon Wireless or any other mobile service provider for greater coverage in the North Louisiana region, specifically for rural communities.  Currently, since the recent "Unlimited" plan became available once more,  many customers from rural communities have seen a dramatic decrease of their phone and mobile data signal strength.  In many cases it has disappeared completely... Unfortunately at this time no other company offers service in these areas either,  so there's no incentive for Verizon to correct the issue,  since there's no competition.  This should provide competitive companies a fertile opportunity to take over those customers, simply by providing service.  It has been a common theme in these communities of late,  we are sick of Verizon's clear and present neglect. The modern economy demands access to internet,  it's nearly impossible to function or do business with any other company with out it. Depriving these rural communities access is a detriment to not only their economy, but to economy as a whole. Help us send a message to these providers that we are here TOO, and our money is the same color green as those in major metropolitan areas. 

Sarah Hicks
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Petitioning T-Mobile, T-Mobile Media Relations

Petition for T-Mobile to bring back an LTE capable Sidekick

This petition is for T-mobile to bring back the classic and quite honestly timeless phone that we all knew and loves throughout our adolescence. The T-Mobile Sidekick was a capable and unforgettable phone that society cannot do without.  The sidekick revolution began with a large kick. It look the cellphone from mainly the corporate market to the hands of teens and A-list celebrities everywhere. The sidekick was born out of the brains of two former Apple employees who aimed to make an affordable and user friendly internet experience that was originally born as the "Hiptop." The sidekick soon became the cellphone experience of choice that swept the nation in 2002. My first sidekick experience came in the 6th grade, I walked to school every day and my parents decided to gift my brothers and I with Sidekicks to give us way to communicate with them while we were away. It quickly became my "sidekick," and I began checking my Myspace, texting my friends, and and adding and removing people from my "Fav Five." The sidekick gifted me the ultimate control of my life and of my technology. It was a revolutionary phone and internet experience and I think I can speak for all of us when I say, we need the Sidekick back in our lives. In a world where iPhone's run the city, don't we deserve a new hero? So I challenge you, T-Mobile, to let go of your fears that Apple iPhone brings and become the true un-carrier of the cell phone market. Show us that you won't stop breaking the rules of wireless and bring the Sidekick back. It's the hero that the world deserves but (may or may not) need.

Sarah Musselman
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Petitioning T-mobile Executive Response

Tell T-mobile and FCC: No Radiation for Parkside School!

T-mobile will construct a RF radiation-emitting wireless communications facility within a residential zoning district 200 feet from Parkside Intermediate School unless we stop them. According to the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates these facilities, "A number of reports have appeared in the scientific literature describing the observation of a range of biological effects resulting from exposure to low-levels of RF energy. Some studies have also examined the possibility of a link between RF exposure and cancer."  According to one such study, it was shown that subjects living near a cell tower experienced increases in headache, memory loss, dizziness, tremors, depressive symptoms, and sleep disturbances (Abdel-Rassoul G et al. 2007).By declining to enter into a lease agreement with T-mobile for a transmitter on or near the school, Parkside Intermediate School has made it unmistakably clear that Parkside does not want the facility endangering its students.  By declining such a contract, the school rightfully chose the safety and well-being of its students over much-needed revenue.  T-mobile undermined the intentions of the school district by offering the lucrative contract to a private individual located less than 200 feet from the school property and likely positioned the transmitter in closer proximity to the classrooms than it would have been positioned if the school had accepted the contract.The San Bruno Planning Commission opposes T-mobile's choice of location for this facility.  Perry Peterson, Vice-Chair of the San Bruno Planning Commission, stated, "While my personal sentiment is that devices like this are better located in commercial districts or on commercial buildings or on public buildings, but, as far as that goes, if the law permits them in a residential zone, then I think you've done a pretty good job."  The Telecommunications Act of 1996 forbids city government to oppose these communications facilities based on health concerns.T-mobile is misusing The Telecommunications Act of 1996 to override the will of local government and place these facilities within residential neighborhoods against the will of the people.  We are forwarding a copy of this petition to the Federal Communications Commission to voice our outrage over the injustice made possible by these federal regulations.T-mobile could construct this RF radiation-emitting facility at any time and will likely begin construction the 1st week of may.  Tell T-mobile and the Federal Communications Commission:  we will not put our children at risk! Source: Abdel-Rassoul G, El-Fateh OA, Salem MA, Michael A, Farahat F, El-Batanouny M, Salem E.  2007.  Neurobehavioral effects among inhabitants around mobile phone base stations. Neurotoxicology. 2007 Mar;28(2):434-40. Epub 2006 Aug 1.

Eric Beeghly
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Petitioning Samsung, T-Mobile, MetroPCS

Unlock the bootloader on the J3 Prime

For many years we have had samsung devices in the united states that are not from at&t and verizon that have no locked bootloaders. But suddenly you samsung have randomly decided to betray android users/enthusiasts by locking the bootloader on most devices even on a budget device called the j3 prime. We ask samsung to release a system update allowing the bootloader to be unlocked without the need for any exploits. We have paid for our devices and we should be able to choose what we want to do with it whether it is to use it to improve our coding skills by using terminal emulator with root and busybox, or to simply remove apps that we cannot remove because it is installed in the system directory and tweak our device to improve performance and battery life. Even to install a custom recovery that actually works like a recovery and restores stuff you backup. Root access, custom roms, and custom recoveries are very important to a large community of people seeking to improve their device which is one thing that you fail to do samsung. You even discriminate against budget devices by releasing lots of updates to the flagships but budget devices are left with one update if there is ever one besides a simple security patch. We ask that you support budget devices the same way you support flagships. not everyone can afford a $700 phone.

Aaron Armstrong
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Petitioning T-Mobile US, Inc.

Keep monthly advantage discount plans

T-Mobile announced starting March 31st, 2014, they will no longer be offering monthly bill discounts to new customers. But wait, it gets worse. Starting April 25th, 2014, all customers, regardless of how long they've been with T-Mobile, will loose their monthly bill discounts. This means if you have a Corporate Discount Plan (T-Mobile Advantage plan), it will no longer be discounted. For myself, I will be loosing my 15% monthly discount which is a big deal. My $80 family plan will now be $100 (and that's just the base price!) T-Mobile has always been about being different and being cheaper than "the big guys." But this is uncalled for and unfair no matter how they try to spin it. This comes one week after T-Mobile started charging $10 more per month for their unlimited data plan. I will fight to keep my monthly discount, and you should too! Luckily, T-Mobile has ended all contracts so anyone who desires can switch over to another carrier without any fees! Read the full story here:

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Petitioning Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T

HELP! Include the Veteran's Crisis Line as a default emergency contact in cell phones.

Each day, about 22 veterans commit suicide. Yet, we allow our focus to drift to "causes" of little or no substantial value. By signing this petition, we are going to do what the VA has not been able to do - Put veterans in contact with resources the very moment they need them. The VA spends millions of dollars each year poorly marketing the Veterans Crisis Line and yet complains that it doesn't have enough money to put trained operators on the other end of that line. For this reason, the VA has let our men and women down by restricting access and, when a veteran does call the line, often they are put on hold or sent to voicemail!.... at a time of crisis! By adding the Veterans Crisis Line as an emergency default contact option in cell phones, mobile network operators such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Virgin Mobile USA can place help at the fingertips of nearly every veteran while reducing the money spent by the VA on marketing which may then be reallocated to hire more trained operators. Furthermore, by universalizing access, this method will flood the VA with veterans in need and, for the first time, actually force them to address systemic issues that have for too long plagued our vets. Thank you for your support!  

Boyd Stough
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Please make calls to Nepal free for the next few days!

Thank you for your concern. We understand T-Mobile customers are trying to stay in touch with their family and friends in Nepal. T-Mobile is making this easier by waiving and crediting fees for all calls and text messages to and from Nepal from Saturday, April 25 through Saturday, May 16. Calling and texting to and from Nepal without charges applies to all postpaid and prepaid customers of T-Mobile, MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile with international calling. Our sympathies go out to the families that have been impacted by this tragedy. We’re happy to help those in need. We’ve done something similar in response to other global disasters, such as the tsunami in Japan and the typhoon in the Philippines. You can find more information here: T-Mobile Media Relations

3 years ago
Please make calls to Nepal free for the next few days!

Thank you for your concern. We understand T-Mobile customers are trying to stay in touch with their family and friends in Nepal. T-Mobile is making this easier by waiving and crediting fees for all calls and text messages to and from Nepal from Saturday, April 25 through Saturday, May 16. Calling and texting to and from Nepal without charges applies to all postpaid and prepaid customers of T-Mobile, MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile with international calling. Our sympathies go out to the families that have been impacted by this tragedy. We’re happy to help those in need. We’ve done something similar in response to other global disasters, such as the tsunami in Japan and the typhoon in the Philippines. You can find more information here:

3 years ago