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Stop allowing “gay panic” as an excuse for murder in Australia

I’m a Catholic Priest and 8 years ago a man called Wayne Ruks was bashed to death in my Maryborough churchyard (300kms north of Brisbane). Unbelievably, his killer's convictions were downgraded to manslaughter, and in the trial the circumstances surrounding the bashing referred to  issues that can be described as “gay panic.”  It’s disgusting - this law, under the common law interpretation of the partial defence of Provocation, is still valid in both QLD and South Australia. In these two Australian states, if someone who you think is gay makes a pass at you, the sheer panic you could feel is partial justification for murder. I’ve made it my mission to see this revolting law abolished - it belongs in the dark ages. I have no words to describe how offensive, harmful and dangerous it is that two of our governments uphold that a person can be panicked enough by gay people to justify murder. The common law can really be only over-ridden in this respect by explicit legal ammendments to the Code of Criminal law covering murder and the partial defence of Provocation. Gay panic will continue to be a part of the law of these states until expressly excluded.  I am also concerned that even when cases are not formally and specifically pleading the 'gay panic' defense, the mere bringing in of suggestions that the victim made a non-violent homosexual advance, (whether true or not), poisons the waters and taps into deep-seated homophobia and bigotry and ought not be brought up at all in any way in the hearing of a jury. The victim is not on trial here.    That’s why I am calling on the Queensland and South Australia to eliminate this "gay panic" law as a partial defence for murder. Please sign and share my petition.

Rev. Fr. Paul Kelly. Catholic Priest
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Petitioning Annastacia Palaszczuk, Michael Gunner, Peter Gutwein, Michael Barr, Daniel Andrews, Scott Morrison, Steven Marshall MP, Gladys Berejiklian, Professor Brendan Murphy

COVID-19: Give homeless rough sleepers safe shelter during the coronavirus outbreak now

People who end up homeless do so for lots of different reasons, domestic violence, financial instability, mental health issues and many more reasons. Everyone needs a safe place to stay, regardless if they are escaping domestic violence or already living on the street. We demand that the Federal, State and territories and local councils immediately  use emergency powers to provide shelter from the emerging outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 for those who are experiencing homelessness and are rough sleepers.Rough sleepers often have health issues which generally places an increased demand on hospital resources.As rough sleepers are exposed to the elements and community more than others who have a home they are at a higher risk of contracting the virus.Furthermore rough sleepers often transit to services for meals and amenities which can lead to an increased risk of spreading the virus through public transport etc.We demand that everyone who is a rough sleeper be given the option for a place to stay for at least the duration of the epidemic. It's essential that people remain close to where they usually stay as people can still be able to access their support services. Elderly and disabled rough sleepers can be given a hotel with room service and people who are able can be placed in a self managed dwelling.Motels, hotels and other dwellings can be utilised though emergency powers. The coronavirus is said to be more infectious in colder temperatures and as the weather starts heading to winter, we need to ensure people have a safe place to stay to minimise risks to health and keep the health system functional. It should also be noted that not all homeless people receive a welfare payment and those who do are often faced with a choice between overpriced accommodation or being able to purchase food and other essential items.As such we believe the government has the power to provide tax breaks and saving on costs through bulk purchasing and can provide accommodation for free or heavily subsidised rates so those who do get payments can continue to stimulate the retail economy with the little money they have. Visible homeless in the city areas is only a small fraction of the overall homeless population, people live in parks in urban and rural areas, there are people living in cars, the response must not be about moving people out of the city so it's someone else's problem, everyone everywhere needs to be considered as part of our community response to this medical crisis. Please act on this petition before the system becomes overwhelmed.

Ground Force
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Petitioning Gladys Berejiklian, Steven Marshall MP, Daniel Andrews, Mark mcgowan, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Will Hodgman

Allow pet owners to travel with their pets on public transport

Many dog owners would like to catch public transport with their pets. However, in almost all cities and regional areas within Australia, they are unable to do so. Changing laws to allow dog owners to travel with their pets would be of benefit to all dog owners, but of particular assistance to those who cannot drive, for example, people with disabilities and the elderly. Pooches are allowed on public transport in cities across the world, including Paris, Washington and New York. A "certification program" would allow dogs to travel on public transport provided they are given a "good boy" tick of approval for behaviour and socialisation standards. I am calling on all governments in Australia to change their laws so that dog owners can travel on public transport with their dogs. The "face" of this campaign is "Peter", a well-behaved, beautiful border-collie who would love to travel on trains and buses with his owner Patricia, the founder of this campaign. Some references:

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Petitioning Scott Morrison

Set up a Royal Commission into the Building Industry - our homes our lives our money!

We are owners of a unit in the strata apartment Mascot Towers, Sydney which we mortgaged in 2009. After hearing previously on the news about Opal Towers we thought it would not happen to us, yet here we are! Believe me the building industry problems coming to the surface are just the tip of the iceberg as evident in news of the apartments in Zetland, Erskineville, Alexandria and so on. Confidence needs to be restored in the home building industry so that all can have long-term security and benefits.  Therefore, it has become clear that State and Federal governments need  to drastically review and overhaul the way buildings we call our homes are designed, approved, built, certified for occupation, insured, financed, and managed in Australia. It is criminal that Corporations Law allows limited liability companies to be used by unscrupulous players at all levels of the building industry to profit from the misfortune of others, that is the home owner. Conflicts of interest are rife in the industry at all levels including the support structures that are supposed to help the end user, us the home buyer and owner. It affects everyday Australians whether you are an individual home owner that has had a house built off-the-plan or a strata unit owner who either bought off-the-plan or bought into an existing strata building. Pouring your life savings into your home is considered a fulfilment of the 'Australian Dream' and yet the business structures and processes around one of our single most expensive purchases and assets is riddled with a cancer that needs to be excised sooner rather than later. Please sign the petition and distribute it widely so that we can pressure our Governments to take action and save the future for our children and not just for those greedy banks, developers, builders, sub-contractors, insurance companies, and strata and building management companies where self-interest permeates at every level.  

Andrew Burrell
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Will hodgman, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Gladys Berejiklian, Steven Marshall MP


Australia has a diverse, multi-cultural population which includes people from countries where eating dog meat is seen as acceptable practice. Many immigrants strive to preserve their own culture and traditions on settling in a new country, why would the consumption of dog meat be any different? Well it isn't. It's already happening right here with a petition on  (Google " Exotic Meats") which has over 4,700 signatures (to date) and the catch cry...... “We will no longer accept this racist and bigoted view that eating animals like Dogs and Cats is wrong. This is NOT equality”. Below are details of the Australian Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole where  forgotten greyhounds can be recycled into “exotic meats”. It’s not widely known that the Greyhound Racing industry in Australia over breeds dogs, even providing incentives to breeders, breeding more than enough to sustain the amount of races held, in some insane desire to breed faster and faster dogs. Why? It makes good viewing for the punter watching Australian races televised live to international betting audiences. The public is led to believe, by fact of omission of information, that all these dogs, once no longer required, are adopted out to loving homes to live out their natural lives. The reality is that the Greyhound Racing industry, by its own admission, kills up to 17,000 young, healthy dogs nationally every year. Many of these dogs have never raced and so do not figure in any of the statistics relating to retired dogs which have been released to the public. As such, there is a troubling lack of information regarding the true number of greyhounds being killed, the method of killing and their ultimate disposal.  The thousands of forgotten, unnamed dogs are termed “wastage” by the industry. To all intents and purposes, these dogs NEVER EXISTED.  Because of this lack of accountability and control, there is no guarantee these dogs, the “wastage”, are not being acquired by dog meat traders. In fact, most trainers and owners would happily GIVE their dogs away than have to pay the vet fees to have them put down. Who knows what would happen if there were people willing to pay by the kilo for their dog / exotic meat. Human nature being what it is, the OPPORTUNITY is there, the  DEMAND is there and the SUPPLY is there. This petition aims to limit the OPPORTUNITY and potential supply, calling on the Premiers and governments of each Australian state where Greyhound Racing is permitted, to hold the Greyhound Racing industry responsible for “Whole of Life” tracking of any dog bred solely for racing. This will ensure every dog is accounted for and provide tangible evidence that they have not entered the food chain. Furthermore, this information MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC SCRUTINY. Self-regulation by the Greyhound Racing industry has proven to be a dismal failure in a number of areas. Federal Governments must take back control, levy the Greyhound Racing industry in each state to fund the infrastructure required and then police any failure to comply with these tracking requirements. It happened in Bali to unsuspecting consumers, TAKE ACTION NOW to stop it happening here. Irish, British and Australian greyhounds have been exported to China and when injured or finished racing, have been sold for their meat. Look again at the cover picture, sadly, these are greyhounds. People in the Australian Greyhound Racing industry treat these dogs as commodities and they will jump at any opportunity to make every last dollar they can from them.  Please vote to close the Australian Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole now so that the forgotten greyhounds are not recycled into “exotic meats” to be carved up and served on a plate.  Thank you for your support.  

Dion Martinus
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Greg Hunt, Scott Morrison, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Gladys Berejiklian, Mark McGowan, Steven Marshall MP, Peter gutwein, Dr Brendan Murphy

Flatten the Curve: Accelerate Now - Targeted Action / Peak Action for Covid-19 Containment

Dear Decision-Makers and Leaders of Australia, I am personally writing this from the perspective of a concerned Citizen, Medical Practitioner, Pharmacist, small business owner and Father of three young children, including one who is school aged. As a topic of widespread interest, from discussions and information with my fellow medical and pharmacy colleagues, the impact of Covid-19 is accelerating at an exponential pace. The news of our hard-hit colleagues in Italy and Europe has given us a chance to act immediately on the very precious extra time that we have to prevent following a similar trend and to learn from their experience. This will allow our health systems to better cope with the expected rise in cases, and save many lives in the process. We would urge an acceleration immediately to Stage 2 and 3 of your relative Pandemic plans, for example - Targeted and Peak Action to contain the spread. There will be significant economic implications and we do recognise the difficulty of balancing the timing of such a decision. The problem now is that we are very quickly running out of time. To save lives we strongly recommend the following actions immediately to Flatten the Curve: 1. Highlight and Strongly Encourage Social Distancing 2. Accelerate to Phase 2/3 of Plans 3. Close and/or minimise Attendance at Public Gathering Places - i.e. Schools and Universities, Workplaces

Dr Jomini Cheong
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Petitioning Australian federal government, Scott Morrison, Daniel Andrews, Gladys Berejiklian, Steven Marshall MP, Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, Hon. Mark McGowan MLA, Will Hodgman MP, ALL Departments responsible ...

BUSHFIRES: Immediate suspension of wildlife CULLS & GVT killing HEALTHY animals

AUSTRALIA IS BURNING! Government wants to KILL MORE!We are approaching 2 BILLION animals that have been killed in a short time this fire season. The fire season is not over.The federal and state governments are continuing with culling and instructing that HEALTHY YOUNG ANIMALS are KILLED IN THE FIELD, because they MIGHT need extra care. The issues:- Laws and licenses remain in place that allow people to cull and/or harvest kangaroos, wombats, and native birds on and around their private properties, as well - commercial licenses remain in place to "harvest" kangaroos; * Please see updates for a breakdown of some states recently claiming to have halted culling (05 Feb Now back to culling)**UPDATE: As well, since this petition was first published, everyone has become aware of the brutal deaths of too many Koalas thanks to private land holders.  Tree removal CAN be done with care and consideration. Past and current numbers: In Victoria alone, licenses were issued in 2018 to kill up to 170,000 kangaroos AND wallabies (no data available for 2019): Kill numbers VIC, NSW Kangaroo Culling, Native Game birds, Victorian Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan 2019.  In QLD the harvesting of up to 20% of a population is deemed appropriate QLD harvesting ** UPDATE: On Feb 6 Andy Meddick MP announced a fantastic win for wombats.  Victoria has agreed to protect them in the 193 parishes that allowed them to be killed.  Well done Mr. Meddick! This petition is calling for NATIONAL changes. - The governments are attempting to demand the death of young animals, as they claim that those animals might not be able to be released, or might "require extended periods in captivity to be rehabilitated"; and  "In the wild, reluctance to move away, able to be approached within 50m (their flight distance)." This is an indicator to euthanise. 50m! See here for more: DELWP  Euthanising decision & Wildlife Vic Vet guidelines ** * See Feb 5 update on DELWP conflict of interest The likes of these bushfires across the country have never been seen.  They are fire storms. We MUST take a moment to breathe!  We must NOT make life and death decisions until an overall picture can be seen.Carers are WILLING to put everything into the care of any creature that survives, or MIGHT survive.It is those carers who must be given the opportunity to do their jobs, and make those decisions.** More and more people are learning how to care for Australian wildlife, and are highly likely to register themselves as foster carers due to these horrific events. "Across Australia many wildlife carers are successfully raising orphaned koalas and kangaroos, and are furious government staff and contractors entering fire-ravaged bushland are being told to shoot rather than rescue many joeys."  "Contrary to established practice, the plan urges against handing the animals to wildlife volunteers, stating “these animals require significant long term care and cannot be successfully returned to the wild.” The government plan goes on to describe methods of euthanasia which include lethal injection, blunt forced trauma and shooting." Source: Article: 7 Jan 2020 There are MANY animals that might be released, and yes it might take time, and yes those animals may have to be released into a new space; but isn't it worth trying?  Carers are willing!  Donations are FLOODING in to support to those carers, and more will come in.Those signing this petition are asking, nee demanding, that: Until the true impacts on wildlife and habitat are known- STATE & FEDERAL Governments must order an IMMEDIATE HALT to ALL private culling/pest reduction permits and commercial harvesting programs; along with - (with the exception of an animal so clearly suffering) an acknowledgment that euthanising decisions MUST be on a case by case basis by experienced carers or vets, with EVERY animal given every possible chance at life.  Young and healthy animals have that right.In order to do so carers and vets, they MUST be allowed SWIFT access to the burned areas. *images sourced online: Port Macquarie Koala hospital and media agencies

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