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Stop allowing “gay panic” as an excuse for murder in Australia

I’m a Catholic Priest and 8 years ago a man called Wayne Ruks was bashed to death in my Maryborough churchyard (300kms north of Brisbane). Unbelievably, his killer's convictions were downgraded to manslaughter, and in the trial the circumstances surrounding the bashing referred to  issues that can be described as “gay panic.”  It’s disgusting - this law, under the common law interpretation of the partial defence of Provocation, is still valid in both QLD and South Australia. In these two Australian states, if someone who you think is gay makes a pass at you, the sheer panic you could feel is partial justification for murder. I’ve made it my mission to see this revolting law abolished - it belongs in the dark ages. I have no words to describe how offensive, harmful and dangerous it is that two of our governments uphold that a person can be panicked enough by gay people to justify murder. The common law can really be only over-ridden in this respect by explicit legal ammendments to the Code of Criminal law covering murder and the partial defence of Provocation. Gay panic will continue to be a part of the law of these states until expressly excluded.  I am also concerned that even when cases are not formally and specifically pleading the 'gay panic' defense, the mere bringing in of suggestions that the victim made a non-violent homosexual advance, (whether true or not), poisons the waters and taps into deep-seated homophobia and bigotry and ought not be brought up at all in any way in the hearing of a jury. The victim is not on trial here.    That’s why I am calling on the Queensland and South Australia to eliminate this "gay panic" law as a partial defence for murder. Please sign and share my petition.

Rev. Fr. Paul Kelly. Catholic Priest
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Australia has a diverse, multi-cultural population which includes people from countries where eating dog meat is seen as acceptable practice. Many immigrants strive to preserve their own culture and traditions on settling in a new country, why would the consumption of dog meat be any different? Well it isn't. It's already happening right here with a petition on  (Google " Exotic Meats") which has over 4,700 signatures (to date) and the catch cry...... “We will no longer accept this racist and bigoted view that eating animals like Dogs and Cats is wrong. This is NOT equality”. Below are details of the Australian Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole where  forgotten greyhounds can be recycled into “exotic meats”. It’s not widely known that the Greyhound Racing industry in Australia over breeds dogs, even providing incentives to breeders, breeding more than enough to sustain the amount of races held, in some insane desire to breed faster and faster dogs. Why? It makes good viewing for the punter watching Australian races televised live to international betting audiences. The public is led to believe, by fact of omission of information, that all these dogs, once no longer required, are adopted out to loving homes to live out their natural lives. The reality is that the Greyhound Racing industry, by its own admission, kills up to 17,000 young, healthy dogs nationally every year. Many of these dogs have never raced and so do not figure in any of the statistics relating to retired dogs which have been released to the public. As such, there is a troubling lack of information regarding the true number of greyhounds being killed, the method of killing and their ultimate disposal.  The thousands of forgotten, unnamed dogs are termed “wastage” by the industry. To all intents and purposes, these dogs NEVER EXISTED.  Because of this lack of accountability and control, there is no guarantee these dogs, the “wastage”, are not being acquired by dog meat traders. In fact, most trainers and owners would happily GIVE their dogs away than have to pay the vet fees to have them put down. Who knows what would happen if there were people willing to pay by the kilo for their dog / exotic meat. Human nature being what it is, the OPPORTUNITY is there, the  DEMAND is there and the SUPPLY is there. This petition aims to limit the OPPORTUNITY and potential supply, calling on the Premiers and governments of each Australian state where Greyhound Racing is permitted, to hold the Greyhound Racing industry responsible for “Whole of Life” tracking of any dog bred solely for racing. This will ensure every dog is accounted for and provide tangible evidence that they have not entered the food chain. Furthermore, this information MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC SCRUTINY. Self-regulation by the Greyhound Racing industry has proven to be a dismal failure in a number of areas. Federal Governments must take back control, levy the Greyhound Racing industry in each state to fund the infrastructure required and then police any failure to comply with these tracking requirements. It happened in Bali to unsuspecting consumers, TAKE ACTION NOW to stop it happening here. Irish, British and Australian greyhounds have been exported to China and when injured or finished racing, have been sold for their meat. Look again at the cover picture, sadly, these are greyhounds. People in the Australian Greyhound Racing industry treat these dogs as commodities and they will jump at any opportunity to make every last dollar they can from them.  Please vote to close the Australian Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole now so that the forgotten greyhounds are not recycled into “exotic meats” to be carved up and served on a plate.  Thank you for your support.  

Dion Martinus
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Save Flinders Maternity! - Keep Flinders Private Hospital Obstetrics and Maternity Service

Save Flinders Maternity! Keep Flinders Private Hospital Obstetrics and Maternity Services open Earlier this month Flinders Private Hospital released a statement that it regrettably was planning on ceasing its Obstetrics and Maternity Services later this year after July 31st 2019. It stated that its partner hospital Ashford Hospital which is also in the ACHA group would be able to accommodate new patients as well as those parents already booked to deliver at Flinders Private Hospital after July 31st 2019 (Now extended to September 16th). This was a decision that they made without any consultation with the current obstetricians working there or the team of Obstetricians that were planning on starting there in April this year. Without consultation with all those it would affect, the Obstetricians, midwives, Paediatricians, support staff or the community!  The doctors, the midwives and staff who have worked there for decades were not informed about this decision until the announcement! Flinders Private Hospital stated that it had made this decision due to a reduction in the number of deliveries at the hospital and that they were no longer able to reach an outcome that ensured the ongoing viability “despite all efforts”. They have not however stated that they had increasing numbers being booked this year due to their current obstetricians being booked up, the addition of Dr Linda McKendrick to the Flinders team, who was also significantly booked and at least four more Obstetricians starting there in the next couple of months, some of whom will still be practicing there but unable to deliver at Flinders Private itself. The numbers of deliveries at Flinders Private was set to significantly increase over the next year and yet they decided that it would take too long.  We would like them to give this opportunity time to revitalise Flinders Private Hospital prior to deciding to remove these vital services. The Flinders Private Hospital Maternity unit is a fantastic place to deliver a baby; I’ve had two fantastic boys delivered at Flinders, naturally and fully supported with Dr.Elinor Atkinson, the midwife team and the supportive staff there. The care throughout my pregnancy, during a few scares we had, in labour and afterwards, was holistic and absolutely exemplary. Their team provide excellent care and have done for decades, with great outcomes for mothers, babies and families in their care.   Flinders Private Hospital is the only private hospital available and easily accessible to women in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, and when a woman is in labour distance to care is of great importance. As a woman who labours very quickly, Ashford Hospital would not be an option for me and my family, and many of the families I have spoken to have similar concerns. For women who live further south it would mean more than an hour driving during labour, which is not acceptable for most women.  There are situations when a woman might have previously been able to be assessed and allowed to go home to family, but if the distance is too great, this may mean the woman is kept in hospital longer than would otherwise be necessary.  If they are sent home in early labour or in other situations, their round trip is more excessive and is at increased cost to the woman  and their family.  This increased distance is also felt by the family under normal circumstances and in the early period after giving birth.  Distance is important when considering the ability for families to visit easily, and for new mothers having access to their loved ones for support and to cherish this time is vital.  This is particularly important when  you have only a small amount of support, such as in small families,  you need the support you have to be close. Additionally Flinders Private Hospital is the only private obstetric hospital in South Australia co-located with a tertiary public hospital, Flinders Medical Centre. This gives the women delivered here access to high level ICU facilities for mother and baby at the same facility, as well as exceptional Paediatricians working in both locations, should the unlikely need for these services ever be necessary; and the peace of mind that comes with this arrangement.   I would certainly prefer this to retrieval to a separate hospital and possible separation from my newborn and family.  I know this was one of the reasons that I chose Flinders Private Hospital as the place to deliver my babies.   The loss of the Flinders Private Hospital Maternity unit will push women birthing there to other hospitals, many of whom will probably birth in Flinders Medical Centre rather than further north.  This has the potential to place significantly pressure on already stressed public hospital beds and may negatively impact all women with obstetric and gynecological problems in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.  Additionally this could cause large financial cost increases to the SA health network.   Choice is important, particularly at such a precious and delicate time for a woman and for a family! In maternity care lack of choice and control around care can contribute to poorer outcomes for Mum, baby, the family and the community as a whole. Women in the south of Adelaide should not be denied the choice to deliver at the Flinders Private Hospital, especially when the reasons for closing and options for keeping the service open clearly have not been fully explored. As a GP in the southern suburbs and as a Mum and a woman I believe that it is of vital importance that we fight to keep this valuable service open for the women and families of the south! I believe the ACHA group and Flinders Private Hospital should meet with the Obstetricians, Midwives, Paediatricians, GPs and community to discuss how we can move forward to ensure the ongoing exemplary care of pregnant women wanting to birth at Flinders Private Hospital. I believe that with the new obstetricians joining the Flinders team the births at Flinders would increase substantially and women in the south could continue to benefit from the fantastic obstetric care available and the benefits of being given the choice in how and where they want that care.   We the undersigned hereby would like to show our support and that we are against the closure of the Flinders Private Hospital Obstetric and Maternity Unit, particularly without the consultation of the current and starting obstetrician teams, paediatric teams, the referring doctors and the community. We believe that it is a necessary, valuable and worthy asset to our community and therefore should be fought for.  We ask the Board and administrators of Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Incorporated (ACHA) and Flinders Private Hospital to reconsider their proposed closure of the Obstetric and Maternity unit.  We ask them to meet with the invested parties, the Obstetricians, the Midwives, the Paediatricians, the community GPs and community members to discuss what can be done to save the maternity unit and to show that they are willing to commit to and invest in women’s health in their hospital.  We also ask our elected members to help to advocate for the women in their electorates who need access to this valuable service and all the benefits that it provides.

Margaret McShane
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'Virtual Fences' in the UK to Lessen Roadkill and Road Traffic Accidents

ProblemIn 2016-2017 it was reported that more than 3900 animals were killed on the roads in the United Kingdom (, 2018). This is 3900 too many. Even more so when you take into account that this only the animals which are reported as roadkill. Have you ever reported roadkill which you've seen? No. Therefore, this number is likely to be much, much larger. Road signs such as, "Animals Crossing" are not effective- drivers simply ignore them. Speed bumps don't work either as they disrupt traffic and result in NIMBYist feelings. However, there is a solution, and it comes from Tasmania...SolutionIn Tasmania, on one stretch of road, there are 'virtual fences', which detect car movement, and animal movement, and when they correspond to one-another, lets out a high frequency sound and flashing lights- which is completely inaudible, and invisible to the driver. This results in the animal being "spooked", and not crossing the road, or it does cross, just when it is safe to do so.Too many people have crashed, or died, in their cars by trying to avoiding wildlife. This simple tool will help to reduce this. In Tasmania this device reduced roadkill by 50%- so fewer animals died, fewer cars were crashed, and fewer people died- a mutually beneficial device to prevent unnecessary deaths.#DontBeOnTheFence Please Share this petition in whatever way you can: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, word of mouth, so that one day this will become commonplace in the UK. If you want to learn more about the 'virtual fences' information can be found at:   or... Fox, et al., (2018), Roadkill mitigation: trialing virtual fence devices on the west coast of Tasmania, Australian Mammalogy, Personal storyMy name is Sam, I am 20 years old, and am currently studying Geography at university. I wanted to set up this petition because when I saw this idea I thought that it should be utilised everywhere- not just hidden away in Tasmania. If it can reduce road traffic accidents, or roadkill even slightly then surely it would be a success?

Sam Street
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Save Safe Schools

"The Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) was a national network of organisations working with school communities to create safer and more inclusive environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families." In 2016 the Liberal National Party - led by conservatives within the party - dismantled the Safe Schools program by refusing to renew its funding. South Australia then withdrew from the national network and the South Australian government created its own program with a similar intention. This program has continued to up until now. This program supports training to over 2500 teachers educators, and have supported 100 schools with supporting gender diverse students, and currently have 69 member schools.  The South Australian Liberal Party and Conservative Party have vowed to scrap the program, a threat which has now become a reality due to the 2018 state election. The Safe Schools program has promoted a safer school environment for all, and many students say that the support they received due to the program was crucial to their academic success as well as mental health. Steven Marshall's decision to scrap this vital program will only cause harm to vulnerable young people and take away a support service that LGBTI young people rely on. To support young LGBTI people, we need to send a strong message! Sign this petition, write to your local, state and federal members and let's tell the government that we all value this community of young people and that we stand together with them. Let's demand funding and save Safe Schools!

Save Safe Schools
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Support A New Home for Basketball in SA

Dear Premier Marshall, The Basketball Community of South Australia, Basketball SA (BSA) and South Adelaide Basketball Club (SABC) need your support for a much needed new indoor stadium for the community.  Basketball is a high participation sport - more than 45,000 people play weekly, summer and winter. Basketball is growing - Basketball SA forecasts participation to double over the next 40 years. Basketball is diverse - ranking fourth amongst Boys and fifth amongst Girls for organised sport participation (ABS) (AFL ranks sixth overall, nationally). Basketball facilities are not catering for existing participation. An independent review of basketball facilities by the Office of Recreation and Sport (ORS) and BSA identified a 60 court shortage. Marion Stadium was identified in this report as the most in need of replacement, being the oldest (53 years) and smallest (2 courts with only one regulation size). BSA and SABC have been working closely with ORS on developing the designs and Business Case for a new 7 court indoor Stadium at the former Manuele Engineering Site (240 Morphett Road). A seven court stadium will be the largest indoor stadium development in the State, enabling new intra and interstate carnival opportunities.  The location is in proximity and therefore leverages Adelaide Shores recreational and accommodation infrastructure.  The KPMG Business Case, funded by ORS, shows that, with a capital investment of $10.3M, the project is outstanding value for money and exceeds all of ORS’s cost/benefit KPIs. An alternative proposal at Mitchell Park was delivering 4 courts for a more than $20M capital investment. The Business Case and Feasibility study calculated the Community benefit at $14.5M. The Manuele Engineering Site is owned by the City of West Torrens, who are very supportive of the proposal, but need certainty that it will proceed. If we don't act now the Site will be leased and the opportunity gone. Dear Mr Marshall, we need your support to make this once in a generation opportunity happen. Many Thanks The Basketball Community of South Australia

Rod Kiddy President South Adelaide Basketball Club
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Abolish the No Pet Policy in Strata Buildings

Abolishing the No Pet Policy in Strata Buildings will create a change that will enable home owners to have their pet family members live in their Strata home without having to obtain Nieghbours approval to do so. This is because I have had this issue and it caused such heartache and pain over my pets being evicted and I would like to create this change now. This will free the control neighbours have had in Strata Body Corporate owners who have not played fair, played games and tried bullying me to sell using my pets as weapons against me and this was wrong. They had pets yet did not allow me to have the same rights because of jealousy and hate and that type of behaviour is not tolerated in today's world. This will make a big difference within the community as pets are a major source of loyal companionship and help human beings live a better quality of life and contribute to improving their health and state of wellbeing,  particularly singles and seniors who have no one to keep them company and pets are that. Pets are important members of the family and nasty neighbours should not be allowed to stop owners having their pet loved ones live with them either. Pets particularly dogs act as a form of added security for families and homes protecting them from bad neighbours and thieves in these troubled times where crime is at its highest around the State and Country. Join Maverick & I on this journey for change! And help us on this mission around the World to "Abolish the No Pet Policy in Strata Buildings" that is since long outdated in Australia once and for all! Sign this petition now!! To stop cruelty on all levels because neighbours did not grant owners permission. And as a result countless of pets have been abandoned and lives lost because pet owners had to seize their own pets at animal shelters. Then the animals needlessly were put down as it's difficult for them to find new homes. This caused such trauma and heartace from this very inhumane sad process no pet or family should ever have to experience because of this outdated policy and nasty neighbours being unfair and  bullies.  So now it is time for change and soon enough it will be abolished with all your support everyone so sign this petition now! Maverick and I are very grateful for all your valued support so far indeed everyone! So spread the word and get all your family and friends on board. Act now and sign this petition to get this important change and together collectively we will do it! And especially in helping my cherished boy dog Maverick Makris return back to his happy place home with me by the beach where he belongs and loves to play. It definitely means the world to us both and all the families with pets across the Nation! ACT NOW! SIGN THIS PETITION! MAKE THE CHANGE NOW!! ABOLISH THE NO PET POLICY IN STRATA BUILDINGS!! Thank you. Bless you all... Peace

Jennifer Makris
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