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SAVE The Walking Dead: The Final Season!

IT IS SAVED! Skybound have said that they're planning on finishing the game, thank you for you support! I'm keeping this up incase anything happens that would make Skybound not be able to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Until then, celebrate because it looks like Clemenentine's story will come to an end!

Mina El-saddik
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Petitioning Sony

Release "The Interview" for video on demand.

To: Sony Entertainment. I am writing to you not only as a film-student, and as an avid filmgoer but also as an average American Citizen. I understand the fear and paranoia that has permeated your offices the past month, due to your recent cyber attacks by the group calling themselves “The Guardians of Peace” which of course may or may not have ties with the North Korean government. However I believe it is an act of cowardice to so easily given into the demands of such an anonymous group of individuals.  Not simply as a company, but as artists, as Americans. As such I implore you to proudly embrace one of our most valued and sacred freedoms of all, the right to free speech. Your recent film “The Interview” regardless if it is good or bad is a representation of that freedom, it is a social satire which at its core is supposed to spark humor and debate.  You cannot bow down to the demands of such an attack, though I do understand the fear of harming innocent lives that simply seek nothing more that an escape through cinema. So as such I ask you, before you destroy any copy of this film, to release it on Video On Demand, so as to give us the option as consumers, and as Americans to choose to watch it or not. Best Regards Aaron E.   Note to the reader: I would like to get this petition into the right hands over at Sony Entertainment. However I do not have direct means of contact other than thier company site, and given the current situation that is  an unreliable means of communication. So if anyone is affliated, or knows anyone that works at Sony Entertainment and may be able to get this into the right hands, please do contact me A-SAP. Thank you.

Aaron Escobar
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Petitioning Disney, Tetsuya Nomura, Yosuke Matsuda, SONY

European Dub (FR / DE / ES) for Kingdom Hearts III

#EUdubbingforKH3   DISCORD SERVER: OUR TWITTER ACCOUNT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE The two main games had dubs in multiple languages: English, French, German... These dubs truly contributed in the games' success in European countries. Final Fantasy XV was also dubbed in German and French. There's no reason Kingdom Hearts III couldn't be dubbed. JP: 2つのメインゲームは、英語、フランス語、ドイツ語の複数の言語でのダビングがありました。これらのダブは、ヨーロッパ各国でのゲームの成功に真に貢献しました。ファイナルファンタジーXVもドイツ語とフランス語で吹き替えられました。キングダムハーツIIIをダビングできない理由はありません。 FR: Les 2 opus principaux ont été doublés en français et cela a réellement joué un rôle dans son succès dans les pays européens (et notamment en France). Final Fantasy XV a été doublé en allemand et en français. Il n'y a pas de raisons que Kingdom Hearts III ne le soit pas. DE: Kingdom Hearts und Kingdom Hearts II wurden neben Japanisch und Englisch auch auf Deutsch, Französisch und Spanisch vertont. Die Sprachfassungen haben maßgeblich zum Erfolg der Spiele in ihren jeweiligen Ländern beigetragen. Final Fantasy XV erhielt ebenfalls eine deutsche und französische Sprachfassung. Es sollte also möglich sein, dasselbe für Kingdom Hearts III zutun. ES:  Kingdom Hearts I fue doblado en Francés y Alemán y el segundo capítulo en Francés, Alemán y Español y esto realmente ha contribuido a su exito en los paises europeos (y especialmente en Francia). Final Fantasy XV fue doblado en aleman y en frances. No hay ninguna razon para que Kingdom Hearts III no lo sea tambien.

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Petitioning SONY

Allow External Asset Mods on Fallout 4/Skyrim on the Playstation 4!

Dear Sony, As of 9/9/2016, you have blocked the use of external asset mods on the PlayStation 4. With this information in mind, those of us who have signed this petition wish for you to know that we feel betrayed. Your reasoning behind this, from our perspective, is quite flawed. Bethesda was more than willing to help with external mod assets on Skyrim Special Edition, as well as Fallout 4, but you decided not to allow it. Take a look at what occurred on the Xbox One after they agreed to allow external assets in their mods. The communities on forums and in-game modding have flourished. We ask that you only allow the external assets for SSE and Fallout 4 in order to elevate our experience on the PlayStation platform and perhaps restore our trust in you by the time the next PlayStation product is unveiled. Thank you, PS4 Gamers.

Tony Bui
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Petitioning Sony Playstation Czech

Petition for more czech localization in exclusive games for PS4 and czech menu for PS4

Tato petice si klade za cíl informovat české zastoupení Sony Playstation a londýnskou centrálu Sony Playstation pro střední a východní Evropu o neutuchajících hlasech českých a slovenských hráčů, kteří chtějí více lokalizovaných her, které jsou exkluzivními hrami pro konzoli Sony Playstation 4. Dále tato petice vyjadřuje svými hlasy touhu po lokalizaci menu konzole Sony Playstation 4 a Playstation Store, na kterém už více jak 10 let visí hláška: "Obchod PlayStation Store je pro registrované české uživatele momentálně dostupný pouze v anglickém jazyce." This petition aims to inform Sony Playstation Czech subsidiary branch and Sony Playstation headquarter for Central and Eastern Europe in London about unremitting Czech and Slovak voices, who want a more translated games that are exclusive for the Sony Playstation 4.Furthermore this petition expresses their desire to have Sony Playstation 4 console menu and Playstation Store translated in czech language also, where hangs message: "PlayStation Store is for registered czech users currently available only in english." for more than 10 years.

Václav Vymětalík
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Petitioning HBO, SONY


This is a viewer petition requesting HBO Network to allow a Season 3 for the phenomenal series, "UNDERGROUND." This series had  profound effect in the lives of many viewers, especially those who did not know or completely understand its historical significance in the changing landscape of American History. The storyline, cast, writers, producers, directors and creators did an outstanding job in bringing quality television to its viewership, many who typically do not watch much television. "UNDERGROUND" was inspirational and motivational in providing a glimpse of the possibilities when humanity unifies for a cause greater than ourselves.  These powerful performances have made our lives more grateful and proud. The strength and beauty outshines the harshness of certain portions of the storyline. We LIVE for Wednesdays in anticipation for what will happen in the next episode! HBO Network, do well by your loyal viewers and show us that your network cares about us and providing quality television programming. The world needs Season 3 of "UNDERGROUND"!  Sincerely, Phyllis Montana-Leblanc New Orleans, Louisiana

Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc
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Petitioning SONY

Minecraft PS4 Crossplay

During the announcement of Xbox E3 2017, it was announced that Minecraft is going to be crossplay between Xbox, Nintendo, PC, VR and many more. Meanwhile Sony/Playstation denied access for still unconfirmed reasons, with Minecraft selling Millions of units on Playstation platforms and the slogan is "for the players" I feel the players need some form of update as to why this has happened, what is going on and could we expect this in the future.

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