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Sean Scanlon

  • State Representative, Connecticut

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Cap Insulin Cost in CT

It's pretty simple: no one in Connecticut should ever have to worry about being able to afford the drugs they need to survive and that of course includes insulin. And yet, day after day I hear stories of people struggling to afford it or having to ration their insulin in order to buy groceries or pay their bills. We cannot accept this and it's time to put a stop to it. That is why this year I will be leading the charge as chairman of the Insurance and Real Estate committee to introduce legislation capping the cost of insulin at $50 which would be the lowest dollar amount in the nation. In addition, our legislation will also include a provision known as "Kevin's Law" which grants pharmacists the ability to provide emergency access to insulin. It will also create a pool of money so that uninsured and under-insured residents can access insulin when they need it. Taking on big pharma is never easy and to make this happen I need your help. Please contact your legislator and ask them to support our common sense bill this session. Together, we can end the insulin crisis and ensure that each and every Connecticut diabetic has the resources they need to survive.

2 months ago