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Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

This is the year 2016. Isn’t it time women had equal rights in America? Will you join me by signing a petition compelling your lawmakers to vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment? “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” The Equal Rights Amendment, first introduced in 1923 by Alice Paul, is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that affirms that all citizens deserve equal rights under the law regardless of sex or gender. Seems self-evident, right? Do you think that women’s equal rights are guaranteed by our constitution? Sadly, they are not. The ERA never passed, leaving women’s rights up for interpretation. This imbalance has been demonstrated time and time again in the highest courts in the land, where women often lose even when clear bias is shown. Women’s rights are seemingly at the mercy of whoever is in office or on a judicial bench at any given time. Here is what one of our most influential Supreme Court justices said on the matter of sex discrimination: "Certainly the Constitution does not require discrimination on the basis of sex. The only issue is whether it prohibits it. It doesn't."
—Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia While we in America may think that women are doing fine, the rest of the world does not. The United Nations has deemed the United States to be a country that does not adequately protect women’s human rights. The Equal Rights Amendment may seem unnecessary to some, but the truth is American women do not have explicit rights under The Constitution. There are dozens of areas where a lack of equal rights negatively affects women and the families they support. Here are just a few: • America is the only nation in the world with a rising maternal mortality rate.
 • 10,000 abused women are turned away from shelters daily, a total of 3.65 million denied requests per year. When looking specifically at the gender pay gap: There is a direct correlation between underpaying mothers and child hunger. It is estimated that half of the 33 million women and children living in poverty in the United States would not be if women were paid their full dollar. Is it any wonder that 1 in 5 children in America go hungry? Seventy-five percent of all African American children are being raised by full time working single mothers who are paid .60 cents on the dollar. Latinas earn .55 cents on the dollar, and white women make .78 cents compared to their white male counterparts. Our transgender sisters are faring even worse. They are four times as likely to have a household income under $10,000 and twice as likely to be unemployed. Over the course of her working life, an American woman will lose between $400,000 and two million dollars due to wage discrimination. The Equal Rights Amendment would provide an express constitutional basis to challenge sex-based discrimination. It would also ensure that laws and government actions that treat women differently are reviewed by the courts with the strictest of standards. With the upcoming 2016 election we need to intensify the conversation around women's issues and compel our lawmakers to protect the basic civil and human rights of American women by passing the ERA. It is time that we finally make this happen for ourselves, our daughters, and for the future of our nation. If even Supreme Court justices don’t believe the Constitution protects women from discrimination, let’s pass an amendment that will. Please join me along with Kamala Lopez, the director of the upcoming documentary “Equal Means Equal,” the ERA Coalition, and Noreen Farrell of Equal Rights Advocates, to sign this petition for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment #EqualMeansEqual —Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette with Equal Rights Advocates
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Sign: Stop Plan to Gas Geese to Death for being "Nuisances"

The Wisconsin towns of Twin Lakes and Mondovi are about to begin brutally killing the Canada geese who live in their lakes -- including the newly hatched goslings. The cities plan to round up the geese and their babies and kill them with carbon dioxide in gas chambers. They claim this is a humane way to euthanize the animals, but in reality, the geese will face a painful and terrifying death. Why are these cities planning to cull the geese? Simply because residents claim that they’re too noisy, eat too much grass, and produce too much feces. These innocent animals have been handed a death sentence just for being "nuisances."   Wisconsin animal advocacy group Alliance for Animals offers suggestions for ways to remove the geese without harming them, including habitat modification -- which has proven to be the most effective way of controlling goose populations. They also suggest implementing a public ban on feeding geese, and scaring them off with mechanical devices that make noise. These humane ideas are far better long-term solutions; if the cities just kill the birds, more geese will move in to take their spots, and the problem will not be solved. Rounding up and gassing geese is a horribly cruel and ineffective way to deal with this issue. Sign the petition to tell Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to stop the plans to kill these innocent animals. 

Lady Freethinker
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Make “upskirting” a punishable crime

This year, in my beloved state of Wisconsin, a man was arrested for secretly recording up the skirts of more than 300 unsuspecting women. This act of photographing women’s body parts without their consent is actually common enough that it has a name: “upskirting”. Despite the silly word, it’s no laughing matter. Victims of this act experience similar effects as those of other sexual assaults, namely fear, guilt, and shame. Wisconsin doesn’t have any laws on the books to punish upskirting. Perpetrators have been given the very petty charges of disorderly conduct, invasion of privacy, and sometimes nothing at all -- if the victim is wearing the “right” kind of undergarment when the photo is taken, the photo is considered perfectly legal under current state statutes. This is obviously absurd and must be changed. A bipartisan bill to address this issue recently passed the Wisconsin State Assembly,  but it has stalled in the Senate. The bill would create a new charge and punishment for upskirting, one that fits the crime. Please join me in calling on Wisconsin state senators to schedule and pass AB8-SB4. Upskirting goes far beyond invading privacy, and should be treated with the gravity of other sexual assaults. It is non-consensual, unwanted sexual misconduct, and should be punished as such by law enforcement and prosecutors. It’s a matter of technology moving faster than legislation -- before cell phones, upskirting was not a widespread phenomenon, and the laws currently on the books reflect that fact. Let’s catch up, join the 21st century, and protect women’s right to safety and privacy in public places. I’m ashamed that this is happening in my state, but we can act immediately to deter it by urging our state senators to schedule and pass AB8-SB4. Please, in the name of decency. Thank you.

Miranda Beyer
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MPS has started their school year over 2 weeks early. The change was made due to low test scores, and the new start date was set to allow students more classroom time to increase these scores. If we care about test scores (not to mention good health!), school lunches should provide healthy fuel for our children's minds and bodies, and  help them learn healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. The average MPS Middle School/High School Lunch for one day ranges anywhere between 30-50 grams of carbs. According to the average child should comsume between 22 to 31 grams of carbs in one day. MPS is drowning our kids in DOUBLE the amount recommended!  MPS school district is providing unsatisfactory school meals which include fast food style menus with processed foods that contain artificial additives and preservatives. Our kids are paying for this with their health. Lifestyle and diet related health problems are on the rise in children. At least 30 percent of children in the US are overweight, childhood obesity has more than doubled, and it is predicted that one in three will develop diabetes before adulthood. For many of our students, school lunch is their only complete meal of the day. We need to make sure it is a healthy and nourishing meal. We need a change in philosophy not a change in costs. The USDAs Farm to School Program currently has 277 school districts in the State of Wisconsin participating in their program that issues up to $100,00 in grant money to schools to particpate in growing gardens, buying locally, creating new menu items and offering fresh fruits and vegetables to our kids. MPS has not participated in this program since the 2013-2014 school year. That year there were over 236 schools with gardens being grown in Wisconsin. How many MPS schools were participating and growing gardens that year? THREE!!!!!!! They tell us as parents we should be grateful that lunch is free.  Almost 9 million lunches were served to MPS kids during the 2014 school year. 9 millions times MPS had our children ingest food that is sometimes cold, sometimes not even fully cooked and ALWAYS with very little nutritonal value. Wauwatosa School District, who uses a different food provider, has reduced lunches for only 40 cents a day if you qualify. And offers healhty Ala Carte Items daily, all under $2.55 a piece. This year they even offer their kids something new to keep them busy AND eating smarter: NEW -- Smoothie Bike coming to the District!  A bike with a blender that will make smoothies while you pedal.  Keep an eye out for this fun way to incorporate exercise and make a nutritious treat on the Sodexo. (This is from Wauwatosa School District Website). One of the single most impactful and sustainable ways to make immediate changes to school lunches is to implement healthy salad bars with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins.  Fresh fruits and vegetables at a salad bar can replace the typical school lunch vegetable - "baked" fries or tater tots. Two schools have won grants from Whole Foods for Salad Bar hardware, but these are not being fully utilized. Full salad bars and nourishing, tasty soups should be made available to all schools in the district. If highly processed food, chocolate milk, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and canned fruit are not your idea of a healthy lunch, get involved and help make school lunches healthier. Let's give our kids the right food to fuel their academic performance and teach them how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our kids should NOT have to be going home hungry or feeling like they cannot eat healthy just because of the zip code they are from or because of the school district their parents reside in. Show your support for better meals service by our school district by signing below. We'll be in touch soon with more ways to help.    

Rebecca Adamietz
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We Urge Governor Walker to Reconsider His Position and Approve the Menominee's Proposed Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Kenosha.

When Governor Walker announced his decision on Jan. 23 to reject the Menominee's proposed casino in Kenosha, he acted without considering the big picture -- 10,600 jobs, $810 million private investment in Wisconsin, new revenue-sharing payments totaling $1 Billion, a $250 million bond that protects Wisconsin taxpayers, and an opportunity to help the Menominee, Wisconsin's original residents, pull themselves out of poverty. Good governance and effective leadership demands that public officials consider the common good, and not bow to threats, intimidation & bullying.

Eric Olson
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Justice For Destiney, Put a STOP to Child Molestation

When someone does something wrong, you expect people to be held accountable for their actions. In this case, her seventeen year old half brother wasn't. When someone does something inappropriate to you they always tell you, especially as a younger child, to tell someone so they can be punished for their actions. Unfortunately, Destiney this nine year old girl, as frightened as can be did exactly that and still didn't receive the justice she deserved. He, who's name cannot be mentioned, helped destroy and damage her thought of mind and her train of emotions. Yet, as soon as she finally let it out, she knew something had to be done. She's spent months going through court cases, hearings, meetings, and still she did not receive justice. This poor nine year old girl was turned down by the Milwaukee Wisconsin District Attorney and her case was let go. It wasn't fair because this was suppose to be her own blood brother and he molested her, more than once and still was given "the right" to walk around without a care in the world...  All he got was a night in jail and the unfair right to live as freely as can be. He knew what he had done and knew it was wrong but claimed all times were just an "accident". Destiney and all her stories she had told the police remained exactly the same. She started falling behind in school and even missed school to attend more hearings and even therapy. In which she found out that she lives and suffers from PTSD, but what was the point of telling anyone when nothing was done. Yet, till this very day she lives in fear that something like this will happen to her and that he will come back to harm her for telling someone and it's all because of him. So all that we ask is to please help Destiney and I her mother, get the justice she deserves so my daughter doesn't have to live in fear. We need her case to be reopened and for him to be punished for what he had done to her, so please take the time out your day to sign our petition. It's very appreciated she deserves to live at peace and we thank you so very much in advance. 

Donna Behringer
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Tell blue states to form an interstate single-payer healthcare system for their residents

We call on Governors Jerry Brown of California, Andrew Cuomo of New York, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, and governors of other Democratic states to explore the possibility of forming an interstate, single-payer healthcare system for their residents.  Ideally, this system would provide ALL residents of these states equal, quality health coverage which would be accepted in any of these states. It would be funded by the collective healthcare budgets of these states, as well as reallocated federal funding for programs such as Medicaid.  According to a Gallup poll published on May 16, 2016, 58% of Americans say that they would prefer to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a federally funded healthcare system that provides insurance for all Americans. However, Congress has been in a deadlock on this issue for decades. Switching from the current system -- a hodgepodge of employer-based and subsidized care for the most needy -- to single-payer has for many seemed too drastic a change for Congress to successfully implement nationally. A few states, including CA, MA, VT, and CO have discussed or tried to establish single-payer systems confined to their own states. But such systems have been bombarded with budget concerns and do not create a clear path to single-payer on the national level.  In light of this, we propose that by first forming an interstate single-payer system among a few powerful blue states, the country can gradually and steadily replace the current system with an efficient, potentially national, single-payer system as more and more states, including red states, will want to join in years to come if they see it is working well.  Call it AmeriCare?  Furthermore, we believe it would be in the interest of our states to be part of initiating this project. If acted upon, it would uniquely provide all the benefits of single-payer to residents and businesses, and show that our states are leading the way in reform on this important issue.  FAQ: Why CA, NY, MA, and CT? I want my state in too.  The author of this petition has lived in the four states mentioned, hence why they were selected, but governors of other states are on this petition's list of recipients. And residents of all states are welcome to sign and encourage their states to join too!  Is this constitutional? It appears so. This would likely be an interstate compact, which Congress has the power to allow. See:

C.V. LaPointe
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Bridging The Gap: Building a highway bridge across the Mississippi River at Cassville, WI

With the closure of both electrical power plants in Cassville, Wisconsin in 2015, it is imperative to find a way to repair the damage done to this once vibrant community. Fact of the matter is the number and quality of those power plant jobs are not coming back. Middle-income families have no reason to move to the Cassville area if there are no jobs. Without jobs, this village in the far southwestern corner of Wisconsin will continue to wither over time. Tourism alone is not going to save it. So what can be done? Finishing the dream of a man by the name of R.J. "Penny" Eckstein of building a bridge across the Mississippi River from Cassville to Clayton County, Iowa is a great start at providing a solution to the problem.  Mr. Eckstein was a long-time village president of Cassville, and a true visionary for the community.  His tenure on the village board spanned six decades, commencing in the 1920s and ending in the 1970s.  He was the reason Cassville became home to two power plants to begin with.  Eckstein made a concerted attempt in the 1960s to get a bridge built which follows an earlier attempt that actually dates back to 1935.  Eckstein noted during a community-wide meeting held at Cassville High School on August 4, 1966, that the 1935 bridge attempt had passed through the Wisconsin state legislature but failed to receive approval from the governor due to the lack of a tax-free bond at the time. Here we are, over 80 years later, and still no bridge. Why is it imperative that Cassville be granted a bridge?  For starters, there is a highway bridge span located approximately every 30 miles on the upper portion of the Mississippi River between the Twin Cities of Minnesota and the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois…except at Cassville.  There is a 60-mile gap between the bridges that currently exist at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin and Dubuque, Iowa.  As you can see on the attached map, Cassville is located halfway between Prairie du Chien and Dubuque, so a bridge at Cassville will ease the traffic loads on the existing bridges at those locations.  Plus, the Mississippi River's width at Cassville is quite narrow compared to other stretches of the river.  The narrow river width at Cassville would reduce construction and maintenance costs in this situation.  In addition, there is existing road infrastructure on both the Iowa and Wisconsin sides of the Mississippi River at Cassville which would reduce environmental impact from the construction of a bridge.  A bridge would put Cassville closer to the Dubuque metropolitan area and its economic vitality. A bridge puts Cassville closer to Guttenberg and access to basic services such as quality healthcare which includes a hospital, several clinics and a pharmacy.  Other services such as an auto dealership, a dollar store and a hardware store are located at Guttenberg, all within a quick 10-minute drive of downtown Cassville. Currently, it takes a Cassville resident between 20-30 minutes at minimum to obtain access to those services elsewhere in Wisconsin.  A bridge at Cassville would open the door for local residents to find jobs in Dubuque, Delaware and Clayton counties in Iowa that would have commute times of 45 minutes or less. Right now, without a bridge, it takes a Cassville resident nearly one hour to commute to a workplace located at Dubuque’s west end. A 20-minute reduction in commute time would be extraordinary.  A bridge makes Cassville and adjacent areas of Grant County in Wisconsin, and Clayton and northern Dubuque counties in Iowa more attractive to employers because a skilled workforce can be drawn from four directions on *both* sides of the river.  There will be huge advantages to both Wisconsin and Iowa businesses and employers since a bridge will open up economic opportunities across state lines, especially with agribusiness, that are currently difficult to achieve due to the sheer highway distance between both areas. Needless to say, having a bridge would allow tourism to skyrocket in this region, leading to more restaurants, shops, hotels and motels.  A bridge gives people a reason to drive through Cassville and patronize its businesses, not bypass it because the village happens to be located in a corner of the state with no major highways running through it.  A bridge will allow this beautiful area and our Iowa neighbors' real estate on the other side of the river to develop and become home to countless others, increasing the tax base for Grant County, Wisconsin and Clayton County, Iowa. You may remember that Alliant Energy wanted to expand the Nelson Dewey Generating Station at Cassville in 2008, but that attempt was thwarted by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission during Governor Jim Doyle's tenure.  This expansion and upgrade to Nelson Dewey would have *added* jobs to the Cassville economy.  Instead, no jobs were created and, in fact, jobs were going to be lost once Alliant Energy announced in 2012 that the Nelson Dewey plant would be closed at the end of 2015 since the plant was too old and it would be too expensive to install the necessary controls to meet Environmental Protection Agency pollution guidelines.  In regard to the DTE Stoneman Station plant, the conversion to biomass fuel to meet clean-air requirements was doomed from the start, but it gave the village high hopes for the future.  Those hopes were shattered once the plant proved not to be cost-effective in the long run and was abruptly closed in 2015.  There should have been an incentive provided by our state and federal governments years ago to convert the plant from coal to natural gas.  Natural gas conversion at DTE would have likely meant the plant would still be operating today.  Essentially, politics killed Cassville's economy with the closure of both power plants, and with approximately 100 jobs lost (10% of Cassville's population) Cassville will be unable to weather this storm without government assistance. So far, government officials have generally turned a blind eye to providing a *permanent* and *adequate* solution to the economic problems Cassville and the region face as a result. Think about this, 10% of this community's population lost their job. 10% is the equivalent of the city of Madison losing 24,000 jobs. If Madison lost 24,000 jobs in the same calendar year, this would be a news-worthy headline. That is why we need YOUR help to SIGN and SHARE this petition with friends, family and anyone else who wants to see the state of Wisconsin do something positive for its rural residents. Rural communities need adequate infrastructure to survive and compete with their urban friends and neighbors.  Through this petition, hopefully Cassville's representatives on the state and national stages will better understand the region's dire need for a highway bridge to a successful future, and elect to work with the state of Iowa and the federal government to make this long-sought vision a reality.  As the federal government rolls out a national infrastructure plan in the near future, a bridge spanning the Mississippi River at Cassville will be a great shovel-ready project to have sitting on the docket.  After 82 years of waiting, it is time for a change, and southwestern Wisconsin most certainly deserves it!

Lance Wamsley
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Petitioning Scott Walker, Brad Schimel

Governor Walker: Do NOT Deploy Wisconsin State Troopers to the Dakota Access Pipeline!

We, Wisconsin tax-payers, demand that all State law enforcement officers and equipment deployed to the situation in Morton County North Dakota concerning the protest around the Dakota Access Pipeline remain withdrawn.   Documentation shows that the Morton County Sheriffs Department is guilty of several human rights violations including use of excessive force against the water protectors, denying Indigenous People's right to pray, escalating tension through police militarization, unlawful arrests, unlawful practices of apprehension and many claims of police protecting corporate interests, as the pipeline is neither a state, or federal project.  It is clear, given the controversy surrounding this situation, that it is not in the best interests of Wisconsin or its citizens to have our law enforcement officers in North Dakota violating treaty agreements, protecting private interests and enabling a dangerous pipeline.  Look to Shelby County, AL as but one of many examples of the necessary threat this pipeline poses to all life nearby, down wind and down stream. Dakota Access is a private entity trespassing on sacred land that belongs to the Standing Rock Sioux by way of a federal agreement.  The only business Wisconsin should have with Dakota Access is eliminating the risk it poses to our waterways and standing up for the rights of Indigenous Peoples.  The pipeline construction has already desecrated sacred Standing Rock Sioux burial grounds and violated federal treaty agreements.  The DAPL is designed to transport up to 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day along this route and, as pipelines have done and will continue to do, the DAPL has already leaked and poses the great potential to leak more into the Missouri River and cause immeasurable harm to the communities of this nation whose water and livelihood depend on both the Missouri and the Mississippi.  You have used Wisconsin taxpayer resources to assault the sacred land of a nation that existed long before Wisconsin was a state, and to protect a private entity that poses a risk to our own irreplaceable sacred waters.    We demand that all states resources remain withdrawn. It is not worth putting our officers at risk for investigations of misconduct and it is not worth robbing our own citizens of the resources that have been sent, here at home.   

Amelia Royko Maurer
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Don't let Governor Walker silence the voices of Respiratory Therapists!

Hello, We would like to pass along some very concerning information that the WSRC was recently notified of. There has been a proposal written by Governor Walker to repeal the RT licensing advisory council and with 3 other councils, then combine it into 1 new entity. Respiratory Care is listed under “Medical Assistance Council” along with Physician Assistants, Anesthesiology Assistants….etc. This move would essentially eliminate our “voice” by eliminating both RT seats at the end of their term and replacing those individuals with other professions. The RT terms expire 7/1/18 & 7/1/19. RTs in the state of WI would have no legislative appeal in place for future decisions made. An example could be the de-licensing of Respiratory Therapists in Wisconsin, which we know would jeopardize patient safety. Earlier this month, Iowa fought a bill that called for the de-licensure of a range of professionals…including respiratory therapists. The current budget proposal was shared with Cheryl West, Director of Government Affairs for the AARC. Cheryl’s comments are below:. “A point to raise is that creating a combined Med. Assistants Bd. will water down the RT presence as the other professions get their own seats. How would anything ever get done in terms of interpretation of the law or rules when the others on this new council would most likely be clueless about the specifics of other professions. Or worse still, some of the appointees could join an alliance to rule against another profession and in the RT instance you wouldn’t have enough votes to override some decision that was harmful to the RT profession”. Members of the WSRC Board of Directors are already reaching out to members of the Respiratory Care licensing board, AARC Governmental Leadership and affiliate states to determine the best course of action to take at this time. Please share this information with RTs, family and friends of RTs, and those who support the profession. There is strength in numbers! If you have any questions or would like to assist the board as we move forward, please contact any member of the WSRC We know that Respiratory Care Practitioners do more than "just give breathing treatments"!!! With rising pulmonary disease rates and the billions of dollars spent treating these diseases, it is going to take the continued work of specialized healthcare professionals, like Respiratory Therapists. This petition will be sent to Governor Walker, Sen. Tammy Baldwin,  Sen. Ron Johnson, and the members of the Joint Finance Committee. Below is the link to the proposal in its entirety, but here is the excerpt causing concern: Governor: Create an Occupational License Review Council in DSPS. Define "occupational license" as: (a) a license, permit, certification, registration, or other approval granted under DSPS statutes related to building safety, plumbing, fire protection, fireworks, and professional occupations, including the occupations regulated by the boards attached to DSPS; and (b) a license, permit, certification, registration, or other approval not included under (a) if granted to a person by the state in order that the person may engage in a profession, occupation, or trade in Wisconsin, or in order that the person may use one or more titles in association with his or her profession, occupation, or trade. Specify that the Council would consist of the following 13 members: (a) eight members appointed by the Governor, to serve at the pleasure of the Governor; (b) one majority party member and one minority party member from each house of the Legislature, appointed in the same manner as members of standing committees in the Legislature; and (c) the Secretary of DSPS, or his or her designee, to serve as chair of the Council. The DSPS Secretary or designee would serve as a nonvoting member, except that he or she could vote in the case of a tie. Require the Council to submit a report no later than December 31, 2018, to the Governor, Chief of the Legislative Reference Bureau, and the Chief Clerks of the Assembly and Senate for distribution to the Legislature. Require the Council, in preparing the report, to take into account the estimated impact of its recommendations on state revenues and expenditures. Require that the Council's report include recommendations for the elimination of occupational licenses based on all of the following: (a) an evaluation of whether the unregulated practice of the profession, occupation, or trade can clearly harm or endanger the health, safety, or welfare of the public, and whether the potential for the harm is recognizable and not remote or speculative; (b) an evaluation of whether the public reasonably benefits from the occupational license requirement; (c) an evaluation of whether the public can be effectively protected by any means other than requiring an occupational license; (d) an analysis of whether licensure requirements for the regulated profession, occupation, or trade exist in other states; (e) an estimate of the number of individuals or entities that are affected by the occupational license requirement; (f) an estimate of the total financial burden imposed on individuals or entities as a result of the occupational licensure requirement, including education or training costs, examination fees, private credential fees, occupational license fees imposed by the state, and other costs individuals or entities incur in order to obtain the required occupational license; and (g) any statement or analysis provided by the agency or board administering the occupational license. In addition, require that the report include the Council's recommendations for the reduction or elimination of continuing education requirements for occupational licenses not recommended for elimination. Medical Assistants Council. Eliminate the following statutory advisory councils: (a) the Perfusionists Examining Council, which advises MEB on the regulation of perfusionists (medical technicians who operate heart-lung machines that propel oxygenated blood to a patient's tissue while a surgeon operates on the patient's heart); (b) the Council on Physician Assistants, which advises MEB and the UW Board of Regents regarding licensing, practice standards, and education and training for physician assistants; (c) the Council on Anesthesiologist Assistants, which advises MEB regarding the practice of anesthesiologists assistants; and (d) the Respiratory Care Practitioners Examining Council, which advises MEB regarding the practice of respiratory care practitioners. Create the Medical Assistants Council (MAC) and transfer the functions and duties of these four Councils to MAC. Provide that Council membership would be staggered for three-year terms and composed of members from each of the professions regulated by the MEB, as shown below: Council Members Initial Term Expiration 2 Anesthesiologist Assistants July 1, 2018, and July 1, 2020 2 Respiratory Care Practitioners July 1, 2018, and July 1, 2019 2 Perfusionists July 1, 2019, and July 1, 2020 2 Physician Assistants July 1, 2019, and July 1, 2020 1 Member of the Public July 1, 2018 1 Physician* *Appointed by the Chair of the MEB; all other members are appointed by the MEB. SAFETY AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES -- REGULATION OF PROFESSIONS Page 401 Provide that the Governor may provisionally appoint new members of MAC, who would remain as members until withdrawn by the Governor or acted upon by the Senate. If confirmed by the Senate, each member would continue for the remainder of the unexpired term, until a successor is chosen and qualifies. Here is the link for the proposal:

Sarah Brundidge
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