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Help America’s Dairy Farmers bring milk prices to the 21st Century

America's farmers are the life line for all of us. Without farmers raising their crops and livestock, we wouldn't have food on the table or in our bellies. What's more disturbing is the lack of funding to help the farmers be able to make a living wage without going into debt and losing their farms to bigger conglomerate farms. You know something is seriously wrong with the farming industry when your creameries are sending out letters with suicide prevention resources with the farmer's milk checks. Milk prices today are at the same price they were back in 1978 and this hasn't given farmers a fighting chance. Three years ago my parents at ages 61 and 57 had to make a decision that would change their lives forever. They chose to grow the family farm into 120 cows from 70 cows because they couldn't afford to retire and they were still financially supporting my dad's parents who are 92 and 86 years old and still live on the family farm. Building a new barn was the best thing in the world because it meant the herd they had in the old barn doubled their milk production just by moving them into a modern barn that promoted cow health. At the time of them considering & going through the building process the price of milk was at $22 per hundred weight. Since building 3 years ago there has been a steady drop in the price of milk. As of their last milk check posted this week the price is $14.20 per hundred weight, well below affordable price to make ends meet. As of 3 weeks ago my parents were denied funding to purchase seed corn or other supplies for this growing season which is setting them up to be foreclosed upon as early as this fall. Everyone says they can't thank the farmer enough but when we see the price of $14.20 per hundred weight how can we feel thanked by Americans when the farmer cannot even afford to put 'food on the table' for our precious cows who give us the milk we sell. Milk processing plants have even gone as far as sending letters out in the milk check trying to help farmers deal with depression and anxiety because they know the farmer can't afford to pay their bills on the milk check they are receiving. Over the course of the last 10 years you, as 'The Government', have bailed out  the banking industry due to failing housing market prices and predatory lending, the auto market due to failing prices in the automobile market, and several other markets. If the government and people of the United States of America say they 'cannot do it without the farmer' then why is the price of a gallon of milk higher than ever in the store but yet 'in the gutter'  for the farmer? Why is the housing, banking, auto, and other industries doing very well and the economy appears to be very strong but yet the farmer that creates your meals not able to put food on their own table due to low milk prices? What we are asking of you is this. What can the government do to augment the price of milk in the very near future (i.e. in the next 30 days as emergency relief) to help our dairy farmers  of our great nation make it this growing season? We are looking to achieve $20 per hundred weight and create legislation to keep it no less than $20 so all farmers can continue doing what they love, farming!  Please take this into serious consideration. The next 60 days with the price of milk will determine whether my parents will be able to keep the 120 year old family farm and share it with their grandchildren or will they be required to liquidate the farm and be left with nothing for not only their future, but Dad's parents’ future. Please consider this an EMERGENCY and look to create an emergency fund to help 'bail dairy farmers out' of this horrible situation.

Jason Fouks
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Stand with Undocumented Students: Allow In-State Tuition for Dreamers in Wisconsin

My name is Selina Armenta and I am a fall class of 2017 UW-Madison graduate. At UW-Madison I majored in Legal Studies and minored in both Criminal Justice and Chican@ Latin@ Studies. I have been passionate about the law and helping my community for a long time and that is why I aspire to eventually go to law school and become an attorney. I immigrated to the United States from Mexico at the age three. Since then, I have been raised in Madison, Wisconsin, so naturally, attending UW-Madison was always a dream of mine. I was fortunate enough to receive a full-tuition scholarship to UW-Madison and it is for that reason that I was able to obtain a college education at one of the top public universities in the world.   You see, I am undocumented and come from a low income background. Without that full-tuition scholarship, a four year university like UW-Madison was not an option. Wisconsin is what some call a “locked out state.” This means that in Wisconsin, undocumented students are forced to pay out-of-state tuition at public colleges and universities, despite the fact that many of us have been Wisconsin residents for most of our lives. From 2009 to 2011, under Governor Doyle, qualified undocumented students were eligible for in-state tuition, Governor Walker revoked that eligibility in 2011. Since then, multiple bills have been introduced by Wisconsin legislature, that would extend in-state tuition to qualifying undocumented students, but have failed to pass. Due to the high cost of out-of-state tuition and the current anti-immigrant climate, my goal of attending law school has been put on hold. Thousands of undocumented students are losing hope of being able to obtain a college education. Like myself, these students only want the opportunity to obtain a college degree in order to give back to this state that we know as home. Currently, there are 7,600 undocumented young people registered under DACA who are denied in-state tuition in Wisconsin. 18 other states already allow undocumented students the chance at an affordable college education and it’s time Wisconsin joins them. Add your name to call on Wisconsin legislators to pass tuition equity legislation introduced by Representative JoCasta Zamarripa, in support of young undocumented Wisconsinites who want the opportunity to pursue a college degree.

Rise Up UW-Madison
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PREVENT DOMESTIC HOMICIDE: Create law that removes bond option for felony DV/SA charges

On January 9th 2018, in Appleton, Wisconsin, Sarah Schmidt, a mother of 3, was murdered by her husband following her filing for divorce. During an assault on New Years eve, he“held the gun to her head, tied her up with a cord and duct tape (to which he admits to not leaving here there for "more than a couple of hours"), cut off her clothes" and assaulted her. According to his own testimony he recently purchased the firearm on December, 31st, and put a tracking device on her car. He further explains in his testimony, that "he snapped" and the use of the gun was, "spur of the moment." He admitted to his crimes and yet he was released back into the community. 5 days after being released on a $10,000 bond he murdered his wife and killed himself, leaving their 3 kids without either parent.  She was brave enough to come forward and report her abuse and then file for divorce. She was brave enough to stand up for herself and do what she felt was best for her children, yet our judicial system let her down. She did what we "expect" domestic abuse victims to do, and yet she was murdered because our systems did not protect her. They let a man charged with 2 violent felonies back out into her community, into her neighborhood and it resulted in her murder.  We cannot stand by and let such lax laws exist any further. Approximately 75% of women who are killed by their batterers are murdered when they attempt to leave or after they have left an abusive relationship. Bond should not be an option when charged with 2 violent crimes, and in this case, one including a deadly weapon. We must do better for victims/survivors. We demand change of the laws to keep abusers with charges of a violent nature behind bars until they have their day in court. Not only does the protect the community, it more importantly protects the brave survivors who come forward to report their abuse. Enough is enough, let's demand a change. This petition will be sent to Wisconsin's Attorney General, Brad Schimel and several WI representatives, demanding that bond options are removed for felony domestic violence and sexual assault cases. 

Katie Huskey
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Petitioning Wisconsin State Senate

Make “upskirting” a punishable crime

This year, in my beloved state of Wisconsin, a man was arrested for secretly recording up the skirts of more than 300 unsuspecting women. This act of photographing women’s body parts without their consent is actually common enough that it has a name: “upskirting”. Despite the silly word, it’s no laughing matter. Victims of this act experience similar effects as those of other sexual assaults, namely fear, guilt, and shame. Wisconsin doesn’t have any laws on the books to punish upskirting. Perpetrators have been given the very petty charges of disorderly conduct, invasion of privacy, and sometimes nothing at all -- if the victim is wearing the “right” kind of undergarment when the photo is taken, the photo is considered perfectly legal under current state statutes. This is obviously absurd and must be changed. A bipartisan bill to address this issue recently passed the Wisconsin State Assembly,  but it has stalled in the Senate. The bill would create a new charge and punishment for upskirting, one that fits the crime. Please join me in calling on Wisconsin state senators to schedule and pass AB8-SB4. Upskirting goes far beyond invading privacy, and should be treated with the gravity of other sexual assaults. It is non-consensual, unwanted sexual misconduct, and should be punished as such by law enforcement and prosecutors. It’s a matter of technology moving faster than legislation -- before cell phones, upskirting was not a widespread phenomenon, and the laws currently on the books reflect that fact. Let’s catch up, join the 21st century, and protect women’s right to safety and privacy in public places. I’m ashamed that this is happening in my state, but we can act immediately to deter it by urging our state senators to schedule and pass AB8-SB4. Please, in the name of decency. Thank you.

Miranda Beyer
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MPS has started their school year over 2 weeks early. The change was made due to low test scores, and the new start date was set to allow students more classroom time to increase these scores. If we care about test scores (not to mention good health!), school lunches should provide healthy fuel for our children's minds and bodies, and  help them learn healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. The average MPS Middle School/High School Lunch for one day ranges anywhere between 30-50 grams of carbs. According to the average child should comsume between 22 to 31 grams of carbs in one day. MPS is drowning our kids in DOUBLE the amount recommended!  MPS school district is providing unsatisfactory school meals which include fast food style menus with processed foods that contain artificial additives and preservatives. Our kids are paying for this with their health. Lifestyle and diet related health problems are on the rise in children. At least 30 percent of children in the US are overweight, childhood obesity has more than doubled, and it is predicted that one in three will develop diabetes before adulthood. For many of our students, school lunch is their only complete meal of the day. We need to make sure it is a healthy and nourishing meal. We need a change in philosophy not a change in costs. The USDAs Farm to School Program currently has 277 school districts in the State of Wisconsin participating in their program that issues up to $100,00 in grant money to schools to particpate in growing gardens, buying locally, creating new menu items and offering fresh fruits and vegetables to our kids. MPS has not participated in this program since the 2013-2014 school year. That year there were over 236 schools with gardens being grown in Wisconsin. How many MPS schools were participating and growing gardens that year? THREE!!!!!!! They tell us as parents we should be grateful that lunch is free.  Almost 9 million lunches were served to MPS kids during the 2014 school year. 9 millions times MPS had our children ingest food that is sometimes cold, sometimes not even fully cooked and ALWAYS with very little nutritonal value. Wauwatosa School District, who uses a different food provider, has reduced lunches for only 40 cents a day if you qualify. And offers healhty Ala Carte Items daily, all under $2.55 a piece. This year they even offer their kids something new to keep them busy AND eating smarter: NEW -- Smoothie Bike coming to the District!  A bike with a blender that will make smoothies while you pedal.  Keep an eye out for this fun way to incorporate exercise and make a nutritious treat on the Sodexo. (This is from Wauwatosa School District Website). One of the single most impactful and sustainable ways to make immediate changes to school lunches is to implement healthy salad bars with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins.  Fresh fruits and vegetables at a salad bar can replace the typical school lunch vegetable - "baked" fries or tater tots. Two schools have won grants from Whole Foods for Salad Bar hardware, but these are not being fully utilized. Full salad bars and nourishing, tasty soups should be made available to all schools in the district. If highly processed food, chocolate milk, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and canned fruit are not your idea of a healthy lunch, get involved and help make school lunches healthier. Let's give our kids the right food to fuel their academic performance and teach them how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our kids should NOT have to be going home hungry or feeling like they cannot eat healthy just because of the zip code they are from or because of the school district their parents reside in. Show your support for better meals service by our school district by signing below. We'll be in touch soon with more ways to help.    

Rebecca Adamietz
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Justice For Destiney, Put a STOP to Child Molestation

When someone does something wrong, you expect people to be held accountable for their actions. In this case, her seventeen year old half brother wasn't. When someone does something inappropriate to you they always tell you, especially as a younger child, to tell someone so they can be punished for their actions. Unfortunately, Destiney this nine year old girl, as frightened as can be did exactly that and still didn't receive the justice she deserved. He, who's name cannot be mentioned, helped destroy and damage her thought of mind and her train of emotions. Yet, as soon as she finally let it out, she knew something had to be done. She's spent months going through court cases, hearings, meetings, and still she did not receive justice. This poor nine year old girl was turned down by the Milwaukee Wisconsin District Attorney and her case was let go. It wasn't fair because this was suppose to be her own blood brother and he molested her, more than once and still was given "the right" to walk around without a care in the world...  All he got was a night in jail and the unfair right to live as freely as can be. He knew what he had done and knew it was wrong but claimed all times were just an "accident". Destiney and all her stories she had told the police remained exactly the same. She started falling behind in school and even missed school to attend more hearings and even therapy. In which she found out that she lives and suffers from PTSD, but what was the point of telling anyone when nothing was done. Yet, till this very day she lives in fear that something like this will happen to her and that he will come back to harm her for telling someone and it's all because of him. So all that we ask is to please help Destiney and I her mother, get the justice she deserves so my daughter doesn't have to live in fear. We need her case to be reopened and for him to be punished for what he had done to her, so please take the time out your day to sign our petition. It's very appreciated she deserves to live at peace and we thank you so very much in advance. 

Donna Behringer
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Petitioning Chris Christie

Minimum and mandatory sentences for animal cruelty

Decent and caring citizens of the United States (and beyond) are exponentially tired of seeing animals killed or abused,  and then the abuser receiving little to no jail time. Animal abusers are five times more likely to hurt humans, and they are being left in society to do more damage. Almost always you find them also abusing a child or some other innocent person. Keeping them off the streets should be a priority.  The sentences given to animal abusers are weak and ineffective as deterrents, and certainly not carrying out fair and proper justice. We demand mandatory jail and longer sentences.  When an animal crime is committed, the entire community, state, and nation is in uproar- then, later find the person served very little time. Police and courts can only punish to the fullest extent of the law if their are laws that back them and back citizen outrage. We are fully tired of this weak and repetitive process.  From dragging sharks behind a boat in Florida, leaving dogs outside to freeze in the cold etc. to each case state to state- we want action.  We also want proactive warnings given to all potential abusers. Let it be known that the United States does not tolerate animal abuse!  As an example, a person who drops a puppy off a building is NOT mentally stable and should not be allowed to roam free. Therefore, sentences should be 10 to 30 years mandarory in jail or mental facility for these crimes. No exceptions.   

Jennifer Lachmund Lachmund
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Common Sense Gun Laws (+Campaign Finance)

In America, each new generation born is often given a label that defines them. Baby Boomers--a post-wartime generation, Millennials--the generation of student loans and financial struggles. Our generation has involuntarily received the generation of mass shootings as our label. This is the legacy we will leave, all because those who raised us were privy to information, but still ignored the signs. The leaders of our country knew, when they resisted gun reform, that lives would be lost in order for hobbies to be maintained. They knew that an implementation of the Dickey amendment would lead to unanswered questions from victims families, as to how many had suffered this fate. They knew that without a ban on assault style weapons, they would end up in the hands of private citizens. Schools should be our safest institutions and it isn’t something that should need clarifying. The answer to this is not militarizing schools, neither is it forcing innocent children to confront the reality that they might be shot at school, a place of learning. The solution is universal background checks, waiting periods, a ban on bump stocks, and a raise on the minimum age to purchase a firearm. 97% of Americans support universal background checks; in Wisconsin that number is 85% according to a MArquette University Poll, well above the margin of error. We plan to lobby the state legislature to refer a question as a ballot measure and we need your support. Know that we represent a large portion of Wisconsin residents who support this issue and we plan to inform all 85% of Wisconsinites what their representatives voted on this issue. This is not a partisan issue and is clearly shown by the percentage in favor. Your support could one day save lives and realize that human lives are never a partisan issue. ---------------   The majority of Americans, both democrats and republicans have one huge commonality: an ignored voice in political reform. We, the residents of Wisconsin, believe that our electoral system is cemented in a perpetual loop of inaction. In 2010, the US Supreme Court ruled that the first amendment applied to corporations and average Americans alike. This opened the floodgates for 501(c)(4) organizations to pour millions of dollars into campaigns. But let’s call this what it really is, transforming US Democracy into an Oligarchy, making it acceptable for the majority of Americans to be ignored by their representative in favor of wealth. This isn’t protecting the rights of 501(c)(4) organizations to “express themselves [regarding] political candidates and issues” (Mitch McConnell). According to the Center for Responsive Politics, in 2016, the total dark money spent was $175 million. How can we expect our leaders to remain impartial when they receive such immense sums of money from undisclosed sources. As our elected representative, it is your responsibility to listen to our voice. We are disappointed that our electoral system considers corporations to be people under the law. We are disappointed that in the last decade, $921.96 million has been donated to campaigns by anonymous donors. We are disappointed that inaction has infiltrated all levels of government. But there is a solution. Change starts with action, and publicly stating support of campaign finance reform will spark the long-needed resolution to this decades-long dilemma. The majority of Americans support campaign finance reform, now is the time to act. We ask that you to publicly state your firm support for campaign finance reform and actively work to promote this issue in your respective governmental body. And when the time comes support our efforts to put gun control and campaign finance reform on the ballot as measures. When you take this step, remember that we stand with you.    

Meadow Szoke
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