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Royal Mail Group plc delivers a six-days-a-week, one-price-goes-anywhere postal service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK.

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We have seen the petition relating to Royal Mail. The petition seems to imply that our postmen and postwomen are working without PPE. This is absolutely not the case. The safety of our colleagues is our number one priority at Royal Mail. We have recently committed more than £25 million towards PPE. We have good supplies of all relevant materials eg disposable gloves and hand sanitiser. We were the first delivery company in the UK to adopt contact-free delivery methods. Others then followed.. We also implemented a range of social distancing measures eg one person per delivery van. We think it is important that everyone knows the facts. The safety of our colleagues is our numbers on priority. We are providing PPE.Read more

3 years ago
Now we have consulted with his family, we are delighted to confirm our intention to feature Sir Nicholas on a stamp as part of a commemorative set, subject to the appropriate approvals, in 2016. The details will be confirmed in due course. One of the purposes of Royal Mail stamps is to honour those who have made important contributions to the UK, and every year we consider hundreds of subjects for inclusion. It is clear that Sir Nicholas Winton is a worthy candidate. Read more

8 years ago
Royal Mail is exploring the option of relocating the Carnoustie Delivery Office to its Dundee East Delivery Office in Spring 2016. This is part of Royal Mail’s ongoing transformation of its business and its work to increase the efficiency of its operations. Before any decision is taken to relocate a delivery office, we talk to our union and our staff to seek their feedback, which we have begun to do this week. If the move does go ahead, detailed planning will take place to ensure a smooth transition for our operations, our people and the service we provide to our customers. One of the things we look at is how far customers would have to travel to collect any undelivered mail and if we can find a local solution. Whenever a delivery office move goes ahead, we would always offer our customers alternative means of receiving undelivered items of mail, including delivery to neighbour, re-delivery to the addressee or to another local address specified by the customer. We will communicate any decision about the relocation of this office to our customers as soon as it has been made, and we have discussed it with our union and our staff. Read more

8 years ago
It is great to see so many people taking an interest in our Special Stamp programme. One of the purposes of Royal Mail stamps is to honour those who have made important contributions to the UK, and every year we consider hundreds of subjects for inclusion. It is clear that Sir Nicholas Winton is a worthy candidate. Much of our stamp programme is agreed more than two years in advance and there is a fairly lengthy process for approving who (or what) we celebrate. Royal Mail collates all the subjects and then carries out careful and extensive research to arrive at the final list of stamp subjects. The proposals have to pass through several committees before we arrive at the final list. And finally, all stamps must be approved by Her Majesty the Queen. It is clear that there is a strong desire to see Sir Nicholas Winton honoured on a stamp. Given the time frames we work to, it is unlikely he would feature on a stamp in 2016, but do be assured that his name will be put forward for consideration in a stamp issue beyond then.Read more

8 years ago
Royal Mail
Sir Nicholas Winton was a true British hero. The man dubbed Britain’s Oskar Schindler passed away this month at the age of 106. He organised eight trains to take 669 unaccompanied children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to safety in London. He also helped to find foster families for the youngsters once they arrived in England but, in a mark of his incredible humility, did not speak about his astonishing bravery for half a century. He was rightly honoured in his lifetime including with a knighthood from the Queen and a statue in his home town. But his name and the lesson that one person can make a difference even in the face of overwhelming evil, must live on. The rare honour of a Royal Mail stamp would help to achieve that while at the same time being a fitting tribute to Sir Nicholas. Without Sir Nicholas, hundreds would not have lived and thousands more would not have been born. As Alf Dubs, one of those saved, wrote in the Guardian: "Nicky Winton was truly a special human being. A lesser person might have said: "It’s too difficult, not my problem." He could easily have walked away but didn't. I shall miss him dreadfully, as will the hundreds whose lives he saved as well as their children and grandchildren." David Cameron described Sir Nicholas as "a great man" whose humanity must never be forgotten while broadcaster Esther Rantzen said: “Not only did he save a generation of Czech Jewish children from the Holocaust, but he was a visionary who inspired thousands of today’s young people to believe that one person can really make a difference. He was far too modest himself to recognise that he was a tremendous force for good.” “Sir Nicholas Winton was an incredible man whose selfless and courageous actions saved 669 children from the Holocaust. Anyone who has heard of him has learnt something about standing up against injustice. He was rightly recognised for his actions during his lifetime and this is a fitting tribute to ensure that his legacy will continue - we are delighted to be working with the Jewish News on this initiative.” - Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust We can think of few others so deserving of a Royal Mail stamp. Please join the Jewish News in calling for this British hero to be recognised with a special stamp from the Royal Mail. The more support this campaign attracts the better chance we have of succeeding. Sir Nicholas may have shied away from the 'hero' tag. For us he was the very definition of the word.Read more

Justin Cohen & Richard FerrerUnited Kingdom
Royal Mail
Last Friday athlete Lizzy Yarnold did our nation proud when she won Great Britain's first gold medal in the women's skeleton at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Excited and proud of their daughter, Judith and Clive Yarnold, Lizzy’s parents, couldn’t wait to see the symbolic golden postbox in their hometown. Post boxes were painted gold in the hometowns of every gold medallist at the London 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Royal Mail have refused. Lizzy will not receive the same honour as her fellow Team GB gold medalists from the Summer Olympics. The reason? Because the 2012 games were a unique event to commemorate extraordinary achievements during the legacy games.  Lizzy’s mum says: “I was really disappointed when I heard West Kingsdown would not be getting a golden postbox. It was a lovely gesture from Royal Mail to paint the postboxes in the hometowns of the London 2012 winners gold. We would absolutely love it if the gesture was extended to Lizzy. “It’s much more than just celebrating Lizzy’s remarkable achievement – it’s about inspiring the next generation to take up a sport and dedicate themselves to it.” We, as the proud friends and family of Lizzy Yarnold say that this tradition should continue. The Winter Olympics should be celebrated just as the Summer Olympics were. It isn't right that the Royal Mail refuses to take such a small action which would have a huge impact. We should continue to inspire the next generation of gold medalists and send a message to aspiring young athletes that they can achieve great things too - and that when they do, they will be celebrated for it.  Please sign this petition to join us at The Sevenoaks Chronicle, Lizzy’s local paper, in sending a strong message to the Royal Mail, that they should take the step to honour Lizzy’s great achievement for our nation and #PaintItGoldForLizzy. Read more

Sean Paul DoranLondon, United Kingdom
Royal Mail
This is how Royal mail is risking public safety and health of their customers and employees during the coronavirus. Royal Mail claims to be an 'essential service' although all they are doing is delivering members of the public letters which are not essential and potentially could carry this virus from interaction from infected people. This is endangering the workers and the public. All it takes is one infected member of staff to touch a handful of letters for it to only spread to every other letter then onto every household that handles that letter.  This is due to the lack of PPE issued to members of staff during this time and also ignoring any advice from the government with regards to social distancing. Whilst other companies have issued sanitiser, rubber gloves and other items to assist their staff in being safe during their work, Royal Mail has done nothing putting members of the public at high risk, especially those who are vulnerable at this time.  Whilst mail is sorted in the morning, staff have been interacting both face to face and also with the letters that they hand from person to person. This can also mean someone in London in a mail centre sorting the letter who could have the virus is then sending the letter which is travelling to a small village could potentially infect the whole village due to one letter touching every other letter during the morning. Especially 1st Class letters which are sent and delivered within 24 hours.  The latest figures for how long it takes the virus to stay on any surface can be anything between several hours to several days which puts everyone at risk. Mail can be sent from the sender and be delivered in 24 hours by Royal Mail whilst travelling through the network and being touched by several people and also touching other parcels which have been touched by others, therefore increasing the risk of infection as none of these members of staff have any PPE. Royal Mail have failed to safeguard staff and members of the public due to not issuing or doing the following: - Hand sanitiser - NONE - Social distancing at delivery offices during sorting - NOPE - Face masks - NONE - Gloves - NONE - Cleaning of vans after each driver - NO - Morning meetings to update us - NO - No cleaning of all equipment - NO - Cleaning of PDAs after every day - NO - Cleaning of vans after every day - NO - Stop delivering all unnecessary mail, cruise brochures, clothing catalogue - NO - No locations to wash your hands even without hand sanitiser - NO - Telling customers or staff if someone who they work closely with has gone off with coronavirus - NO - Telling staff who show symptoms of coronavirus that their pay will be stopped if they go off sick - YES - Forcing staff to stay at work whilst clearly showing possible symptoms - YES - Forcing staff to stay at work after them telling they have shown symptoms - YES   Royal Mail is not protecting both its staff and every single member of the public in the United Kingdom by not providing such basic protection or procedures to reduce the risk of infection. This petition is here to show Royal Mail that their staff and members of the public are concerned that they are doing nothing to help. The solution is simple. Issue all your staff with the necessary measures to prevent further infection by doing the following - Issue all staff hand sanitiser - Issue all staff gloves - Ensure letters are handled in an environment that reduces possible contamination - Enforce social distancing in all offices - Deliver only key items to customers such as medication and letters which are needed, not leaflets for pizza, brochures for cruises or junk mail.   If Royal Mail really cared about its customers or staff during this time, they would put all the above plus more into action, but currently, it just seems they just want to make money as a private company and putting both the workers of Royal Mail and the communities they serve at risk. Please sign this petition not only to support your postman/postwoman but also to protect their families and yours from the risk of infection from this virus due to the naive attitude of Royal Mail Management.Read more

Emma CorkEnfield, ENG, United Kingdom
Royal Mail
In September 2017, Royal Mail has added a captcha verification to its website making it impossible for its customers to track deliveries in 3rd party tracking apps. Royal Mail should not limit its tracking to only. Customers should be able to track their deliveries in any tracking app or website they like. As of today, Royal Mail is the only major postal operator in the world with this kind of restriction. It does not offer its own tracking app for mobile devices while not letting other apps to operate. We live in the era of mobile applications where consumers have a freedom of choice. Limiting customers to a website only in 2017 is just not acceptable.Read more

Keith CoatesUnited Kingdom
Royal Mail, Ofcom
The delivery of letters might not be important for you. But there are some people who are still relying on the good old letter. And the six days a week delivery of post is especially important for them during such difficult times like this year (2020) because of the pandemic. But it's not about only the letters; how about the newspapers and magazines delivered by post, how about the shopping catalogues, how about the bills, bank statements and other bank communications? What if your birthday was on Saturday or Sunday? When would you prefer to receive your Birthday Card? On Saturday or on Monday? In 2022, 24 December will be a Saturday... would you like to receive that Saturday your Christmas cards? If yes, please sign the petition. If you don't really care, please sign the petition for those to whom you would send Christmas cards. So they would receive your thoughts and best wishes on time. Royal Mail needs to keep the six day a week letter (and other post) delivery, because it is a critical public service keeping the UK connected. If Royal Mail stops the Saturday delivery of letters, there will be people who will feel lonelier, more isolated, abandoned. And we won't know about them. Who will fight for them? Thank youRead more

Sorin SzaboUnited Kingdom
Filipa Faria, Amazon, EBAY, Hermes, Royal Mail
Covid_19 alert While there are no 100 % certain how this coronavirus spreads. Germs can travel from person to person not just from direct contact but also by cross contamination I would like to remember that since this virus became a serious subject people start panic buying (whats also become an issue) that leads to the increase of online shopping. What bother me is that huge companies such as Amazon. Ebay. Etc dont provide any safety to the drivers.  Those drivers face over 100s people every single day. Sick or healthy and so on.  Lets think for a second now.  Imagine that that either the customer or the driver is contaminated and unluckily spread to the other without any visible sign. Whats gonna happen? Exactly. A non stop cross contamination. This drivers have no gloves no disposable suits or masks no acess to soap and water for hours. Nothing really to protect them and others. Its a double side problem. We are talking about multi milionaire companies that can easily provide whats necessary at the moment to help reduce risk Really hope this petition goes quickly enough before is too lateRead more

Olieslagers Matos FariaBournemouth, Reino Unido
Government, Royal Mail
Postal workers are putting their lives at risk working in the current Covid-19 situation. The delivery of Junk mail (door to doors) puts them at greater risk, delivering to properties with no other mail. This also increases the spread of the virus to the customers as Postie's have to touch, metal letterboxes, pillar boxes, lift buttons, handrails etc etc, where the virus lives for days. Reduce the contact, reduce the spread, save lives. Unfortunately Royal Mail executives feel that the job must be done and that PPE and social distancing are not important. Please help make them realise that lives matter more than profit.Read more

Roy AlmailUnited Kingdom
Royal Mail
Royal mail workers are considered a key worker and could soon also be helping deliver medicines etc. And we the people forced to stay at home and shop online need these postie's even more! Evidence proves the virus can live on paper and cardboard for a number of hours and metal even longer! yet the workers are not given any protection. The postie's are walking the streets all day with no hand washing facilities. Having lunch on their round in their van etc with no way to santize after delivering hundreds of letters and parcels. I am even more concerned about  this after reading a Spanish mailman age 50 has now died from this virus . I believe in the drastic times Royal mail should be providing their workers with the appropriate precautions such as gloves, masks or hand sanitizer and enforcing social distancing within the sorting offices. Please help keep our postie's safe and sign this petition. Read more

rebecca fennerGloucester, United Kingdom
Royal Mail
Royal Mail is considering plans to close the local sorting office in Hampton and relocate Hampton delivery operations over 4 miles away to Ashford. Poor transport links between Hampton and the site of the Ashford delivery office will make journeys for local residents difficult and time consuming, especially for elderly, disabled or people who work during the week. We call for Royal Mail to reconsider their plans on closing the local delivery office in Hampton, or make adequate arrangements with local Post Offices to allow residents to collect their mail from a more local, easier location.Read more

One HamptonUnited Kingdom
UNICEF, United Nations, Royal Mail, Theresa May MP, It gets better project, President of the United States
Bullying is a detrimental yet prevalent problem in society that has hit the schools.Students are our tomorrow and if we can’t stand up for them then there’s no tomorrow,this epidemic leads to suicide and that is a term we want to hear less of..In my school the Three Miles Secondary School located in South America,in Guyana,in Bartica the capital city of District #7,students face sexual harassment and bullyism and I think it’s time to STOP IT.. Another life shouldn’t be hurt due to this disastrous plague...Read more

O’shea MingoGuyana