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Nerf the Oppressor bike in Grand Theft Auto online

As the title says, the oppressor needs to be "nerfed"! The Oppressor is a flying missile wielding motorcycle with a jet engine and wings, it's fast, agile and small and can dodge missiles easily, it's the griefers dream... I've played GTA online with my friends since it's release on PS3 and continued on PS4 and PC, many of us have played GTA Online for 1000+ hours and we're still enjoying it! With all those hours ingame we know how to fight and defend ourselves, in a normal PvP fight! We have no problem fighting enemy players with or without vehicles(cars, tanks jets etc.) even if we're on foot, it just takes some teamwork and tactics if we're fighting an enemy tank, on foot. But fighting an Oppressor is a whole other story, since it's fast, agile and small it's a pain in the a**! Because the Oppressor is small fast and agile, it's hard to hit with missiles or guns! We can use tanks, helicopters, jets or other armed vehicles, but we still have a hard time hitting it. The worst thing about the Oppressor is, that it counts as a motorcycle, so if you're in a biker club you can insta-spawn it with no cool down! If the Oppressor gets destroyed you can just call for a new one if you're in a biker club and it'll spawn right next to you. It does not take any skill to fly an Oppressor and lock-on to other players and kill them, you just need to research the missiles and then you're good to go!   What should be done to the Oppressor mkI and mkII? *It should not be possible for a MC member to spawn the Oppressor in the quick menu. *When the Oppressor runs out of "boost", the distance you have  to recharge, should be increased. *You should not get "bad Sport" for destroying the Oppressor. The Oppressors Missiles should not be homing The Oppressors missiles should be limited to 4          (*=High Priority) If you agree, please sign this petition, and let us show Rockstar Games that we stand together and we want the Oppressor nerfed!!!    

ShortBeard The Twitch streamer
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