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Nerf the Oppressor bike in Grand Theft Auto online

As the title says, the oppressor needs to be "nerfed"! The Oppressor is a flying missile wielding motorcycle with a jet engine and wings, it's fast, agile and small and can dodge missiles easily, it's the griefers dream... I've played GTA online with my friends since it's release on PS3 and continued on PS4 and PC, many of us have played GTA Online for 1000+ hours and we're still enjoying it! With all those hours ingame we know how to fight and defend ourselves, in a normal PvP fight! We have no problem fighting enemy players with or without vehicles(cars, tanks jets etc.) even if we're on foot, it just takes some teamwork and tactics if we're fighting an enemy tank, on foot. But fighting an Oppressor is a whole other story, since it's fast, agile and small it's a pain in the a**! Because the Oppressor is small fast and agile, it's hard to hit with missiles or guns! We can use tanks, helicopters, jets or other armed vehicles, but we still have a hard time hitting it. The worst thing about the Oppressor is, that it counts as a motorcycle, so if you're in a biker club you can insta-spawn it with no cool down! If the Oppressor gets destroyed you can just call for a new one if you're in a biker club and it'll spawn right next to you. It does not take any skill to fly an Oppressor and lock-on to other players and kill them, you just need to research the missiles and then you're good to go!   What should be done to the Oppressor mkI and mkII? *It should not be possible for a MC member to spawn the Oppressor in the quick menu. *When the Oppressor runs out of "boost", the distance you have  to recharge, should be increased. *You should not get "bad Sport" for destroying the Oppressor. The Oppressors Missiles should not be homing The Oppressors missiles should be limited to 4          (*=High Priority) If you agree, please sign this petition, and let us show Rockstar Games that we stand together and we want the Oppressor nerfed!!!    

ShortBeard The Twitch streamer
2,999 supporters
Petitioning Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online BIkers DLC Part 2

Bikers DLC Part 2: Note: "We would like to point out that this petition is not supported by the large popular clubs in the MC community. This petition is simply for the old clubs like ourselves who want to make the game more enjoyable. We are not looking for any fame or redemption. Just to give the community something it deserves!" - Sons of War MC (Est. September 27th, 2013) We took all the suggestions that were given to us by the community. This petition is for the casual MCs on GTA Online. We want to explore the bikers DLC further. Including some features that seem to have been left out. Emblem: The Crew Emblem on the back of the Biker Jackets and Cuts are too small and the cuts with large Emblems seem to be glitched out. We want this to be fixed. It would also be nice to include some extra patches on the jacket. Such as Side Patches, Officer Patches, Logos and Crew Tags. This could benefit more crews then just the Motorcycle Clubs. Outfit Customization: The Jackets that were given to us felt rushed and messy. There was not a lot of color variation and style with the Cuts and Jackets. We would also like to see some cool designs on the cuts and jackets, just like the normal Leather Jackets. People would also like to be able to wear the Bandanna or the Half-Mask by itself without having to wear a hat. Honestly, we need more gang related colors and clothing within the game. Crews want to feel unique. Facial hair and Hair also needs to be updated. We want bushy beards, crazy handlebars and better longer hair variations. Please include some more awesome facial hair. Turf-Wars: In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, we were able to receive a spray-can to mark turf. It would be cool to include a system where Crews would have to take over certain parts of the map and own them. Maybe just give them a certain plot of land to own. Also, speaking of Gang Wars, could you please remove Free-Aim Assisted? It was never on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so why is it on the Next Gen Consoles and PC? Please remove it! Interiors: Grand Theft Auto 4 was well known for its interiors. But all the Interiors in Grand Theft Auto 5 are closed off and are not allowed to be enter unless you activate a certain mission. There is so much potential with the interiors that you already have in GTA5. If possible, could you please open; "Tequi-La-La", "The O'neils House" and "The Lost MC Club House in Los Santos". Vehicles: The numerous bikes that were included in the last update was great. But something is missing. The Lost MC Slam Van should be purchasable and customization. This Van would be perfect for Motorcycle Club Crews on GTA Online. The SOVEREIGN should be customizable! We don't want the bike with the USA flag on it. Not all Bikers are from America. Also lastly, an idea for a new motorcycle. Could you make a motorcycle that has a side car on it. It would give the game a nice vintage feel too it.  Anyway, I hope you read this petition and help us grow our community. Thank You.

Sons of War MC
840 supporters