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Demand that Saudi Arabia ends juvenile executions

Imagine being arrested at 16 and sentenced to die by beheading and crucifixion. Your crime: a peaceful protest asking for equal rights. This is the fate that awaits Ali Mohammad al-Nimr and three others after being arrested for protesting for democratic reforms in Saudi Arabia. All three were juveniles at the time of the arrest. Amnesty International, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and talk show host Bill Maher have all called for clemency for these innocent boys. So far, Saudi Arabia says it plans to go forward with the execution. Saudi Arabia has no reason to stop. Allies like the US continue to support its regime and sell it billions of dollars in weapons without holding them responsible for human rights. We are calling on the US to take a stand against barbaric acts like juvenile executions and demand that Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, Dawood Al Marhoon, and Abdullah Al Zaher, Mutjaba al Suweikat be pardoned and released. This could be accomplished by amending House Joint Resolution 90, a bipartisan effort to ban weapons sales to Saudi Arabia unless it can ensure it is taking all necessary precautions to protect civilians where the weapons are used. Tell Congress to add a measure demanding that Saudi Arabia ends juvenile executions and frees Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, Dawood Al Marhoon, Abdullah Al Zaher and Mujtaba Al-Suwaiket Human rights groups repeatedly document cases of brutality. Saudi Arabia has been cited by numerous human rights groups for its horrific punishments, especially towards minority communities and women. Ali’s only crime is that he believes in democracy and that everyone should have equal rights. The world should come to the rescue of a young man who demonstrated the courage to stand up for equal rights at just 16 years old.  Saudi Arabia does not announce when it will carry out an execution. Any day could be these boy’s last unless we take action. Please add your name to the petition, share with friends and family, and tell your member of Congress that there should be no more weapons until juvenile executions are stopped and Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, Dawood Al Marhoon, Abdullah Al Zaher and Mujtaba Al-Suwaiket are freed.

Esha Krishnaswamy
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Petitioning Rick Snyder

Free Rafael DeJesus - 60 - 100 yrs for 1st nonviolent drug offense

In 1985, my brother Rafael DeJesus was 15 years old when he arrived to the USA from the Dominican Republic. He attended high school and college with the dream of becoming a professional baseball player. After an injury that ended his baseball career, Rafael was devastated. As a new father with a child to support, he began working various odd jobs. He became more frustrated as he had trouble making enough money to support his family. So he moved to Michigan where he thought he would find more opportunity. Yet once he arrived he still struggled to make ends meet, even as a bar manager and unfortunately made the fateful choice to try and make a quick buck by getting involved into the drug trade. After eight  months living in Michigan, Rafael was arrested and sentenced to a minimum of 60 to 100 years in prison as a first time non-violent drug offense for possession and intent to deliver a total of 12 ounces of cocaine. At 23 years old, Rafael was basically sentenced to die in prison. Now At 46, Rafael has already spent half of his life behind bars. I think he has more than paid his debt to society. We are asking Gov. Rick Snyder to commute Rafael’s sentence and allow him to redeem himself on the outside. No one should be forever defined by one bad choice made in life. Rafael is the epitome of the failure of the War on Drugs. Four times he has asked for a chance to have his sentence commuted. Despite his efforts to show that he is a model prisoner with excellent behavior and educational accomplishments and not a menace to society, he still remains in prison and is expected to serve at least 38 more years in prison. If Rafael was sentenced for the same crime today, he would have not received such of harsh and inhumane sentence. I think we can all agree that Rafael’s punishment does not fit the crime. All my brother can hope for is that the facts of his case and the injustice against him speak for themselves. I hope they speak to you too.  I ask that you please sign and share our petition to urge Gov. Rick Snyder to grant my brother a commutation. #FreeRafaelDeJesus PLEASE SIGN & SHARE this PETITION For more information, go to:  

Berenice Albright
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Petitioning Rick Snyder

Karen Kantzler, nearing 70 yrs old is Decades Overdue for Release from Michigan Prison. Commute Karen: 69 yrs old; 29 yrs in prison; passed every test for parole eligibility with flying colors; & the 2 trial judges who sentenced her decades ago want her released. Now. In 1988, Karen was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death herself of her abusive husband in their home in 1987. After 3 decades behind bars, Karen is overdue for release. Here' why: Karen is a model prisoner. The Michigan Parole Board described Karen as a model inmate at her 2015 parole hearing.   Karen has not one mark on her record in 30 years of incarceration. This is unheard of in the MDOC.  Karen has participated in taken nearly every rehabilitation opportunity & practically all of MDOCs programs while in prison Karen has shown remorse for her crime and accepted complete responsibility for her criminal behavior; Karen has met every standard of excellence for a prisoner; Karen has passed every test for parole eligibility with flying colors; Karen scored a 17 on her Parole Guidelines Evaluation. Any score above a 3 is considered high eligible for parole;                                                                  Karen is 69 years old, blind in one eye and poses no threat to society                                                                Karen has a Michigan Parole Board Approved Home waiting for her upon her release. Carson City United Methodist Church supports Karen's release and is eager for her to join their congregation. Norman Lippitt, the very judge who tried Karen's case in 1988 has been advocating for her release for over 25 years. He even went to her last parole hearing - 29 years after he tried her case - pleading for her release. To no avail.  Judge Lippitt’s successor, Barry Howard, reversed Karen's conviction and sentence in 1993, stating that her marriage WAS her sentence; she is not a threat to society and the original sentence was far greater than Lippitt had intended. He continues to support her commutation, also advocating now for clemency. He also testified at her 2017 parole hearing stating she should be released.  Karen has over $30,000 in her prison savings account. Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility - where Karen is incarcerated - is reportedly 100 inmates over capacity and MDOC is looking for ways to make more room for the influx of new inmates. It costs taxpayers up to $70,000 a year to keep frail women like Karen in that prison.  Lets #ReinventMichigan. Lets use our money wisely - and not by keeping women who are harmless to society behind bars. Governor Snyder can commute Karen's sentence at any time. Literally.  Please sign for Karen's commutation and let him know you want him to take action now. AND Make the Difference and Donate:  

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Petitioning Rick Snyder, Blue Cross Blue Shield

State mandate for insurance coverage of metabolic formula in Michigan

There is currently no mandate for private insurance companies to cover metabolic formula in the state of Michigan. Metabolic formula for PKU and many other inborn errors if metabolism provides essential nutrients, calories, and specific amounts of individual amino acids or other nutrients that CANNOT be provided in foods alone. If these patients are unable to obtain their formula they can suffer debilitating side effects, become mentally disabled, or die. These disorders are diagnosed on newborn screening and are life long, but TREATABLE. If you have a child, they had a newborn screen at birth (unless you as a parent knowingly opted out). If diagnosed, treatment with metabolic formula typically begins during the first week of life and continues through adulthood. These patients are alive and thriving because of their formula. They are smart, funny, and caring children and adults. Funds that were previously available to cover metabolic formula in Michigan are dissolving. Formulas that were previously provided at wholesale pricing are now costing state programs HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars per year. These very rare conditions do not have a large voice. As a registered dietitian in this rare community, I have been advocating every day on behalf of my patients and going to extreme lengths to ensure patients do not go a day without formula. If I am feeling frustrated, I cannot even begin to fathom what this must feel like as a parent or patient.   A state mandate for metabolic formula coverage would reduce costs to state programs and prevent debilitating side effects and possible death for patients with rare inborn errors of metabolism.  Most importantly, it would ensure access to formula and remove this burden from patients and parents who are faced with a rare disorder. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue!

Aly M
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Petitioning Judge Lisa Gorcyca

Release the three Tsimhoni siblings from Children's Village juvenile detention center. #FreeTsimhoniKids

On June 24, 2015 Judge Lisa Gorcyca sentenced Liam, age 15, Rowie, age 10, and Natalie age 9 to juvenile detention until they turn 18 because the three siblings individually refused to spend time with their estranged father Omer Tsimhoni. Liam Tsimhoni apologized to Judge Gorcyca for violating her order but said in court that he couldn't be around his father because he saw his father hit his mother. (The father has not been charged with any abuse, and Liam Tsimhoni was not asked to offer any evidence to support his claim in the court proceeding of 6-24-15.) Even after Judge Gorcyca verbally berated, insulted, and threatened the children with a vile picture of what living in Children's Village would be like, both Rowie and Natalie Tsimhoni consciously and willfully told the court that they would rather go to juvenile detention than to lunch with their estranged father. The children have been incarcerated for 2 weeks now, barred from seeing their mother, anyone from her side of the family, and each other. Their father, the man whom they have expressed fear of in open court, is the only person outside of a therapist and their attorney's, who is allowed to see them and he left the country immediately following the proceedings. This gross injustice needs your attention and action. A court system that incarcerates children in an acrimonious divorce proceeding, but leaves the parents free, is broken at best and barbaric at worst. Above all else we have a duty, lawfully and morally, to protect the children in divorce cases, above all else. Their only real crime was being born to an imperfect marriage union. Locking them up for 3, 8 and 9 years respectively solves no matter, proves no point and heals no wound. Please release these victims and get them the proper therapeutic help that they need. Sincerely, "Miss Lori" Lori Kathryn Holton CEO of Miss Lori's CAMPUS, editor of MissLori.TV, Children's Television Host and Bureau Blogger. #MLTVkids   Update: The father, Omer Tsimhoni, had his PR team send me an email asking me to remove the picture I previously posted on this petition from the FB support page. I have complied with their order.

Miss Lori Holton
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Petitioning Michigan State House, Michigan State Senate, Rick Snyder, Debbie Stabenow, Gary Peters, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, United States Supreme Court,

Help Marine, Joey Nelson, receive a better sentencing.

A United States Marine was shot by an armed home invader and now faces felony charges and a life sentence after shooting back at the armed invader. Marine, Joey Nelson, was in his Detroit home with his Fiancé, father, 3-week old son, and a few friends. While they were together, a man began to bang on his front door, trying to forge his way into the home. Nelson then grabbed his gun and cracked the door open, looked, and yelled at the man to leave. The man-now identified as 39 year old Michael Wilson-to leave. "I don't know who he is, my son doesn't know who he is, the owner of the home doesn't know who he is" Joey's father, Steve Nelson, said. Joey Nelson opened up the door because Michael Wilson was now standing in the yard. Joey continued to tell Michael to leave his property. Then Michael pulled out a gun and began to fire at Joey and inside the house. According to the family, Joey was shot in the hip before he began to fire back. Michael ran away from the scene as police arrived. The investigators have said that this occurred because of a mutual female friend. Marine, Joey Nelson, has been charged with assault with intent to commit murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, assault with dangerous weapon, and felony firearm possession. Nelson now faces life in prison with a bond of $150,000. The invader, Michael Wilson, was charged with one count of carrying a concealed weapon and is being held on $5,000 bail. Michael Wilson fired multiple shots into the house with multiple people inside, and a baby. Nelson and is only being charged with concealing a weapon illegally? Help get Joey Nelson the help he deserves, he was protecting his family and did what was right. He does not deserve punishment, Michael Wilson was the instigator and obviously planned this attack. Help Joey, please.

Erwin Montes
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Petitioning Senator Kowall, Representative Klint Kesto, Senator Tory Rocca, Senator Marty Knollenberg, Congressman John Conyers, Representative Jeremy Moss, Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, President of the Unit...

Stop the Deportation of Iraqi Christians Now!

Honorable Michigan State Representatives and Senators: We are writing to ask you to STOP the deportation of  Iraqi Christians, specifically, Iraqi Chaldean Christian and US Army Veteran, Nahidh Shaou. We are his mother, sisters, family, friends and concerned citizens.   The state of Iraq is dire and rife with sectarianism and violence. ISIS specifically targets and murders Christians and seeks to eradicate all religious minorities from the country. If the US government deports Iraqi Christians back to Baghdad, directly into the hands of ISIS, it is committing an inhumane crime. President Trump declares he seeks to protect Christian minorities in the Middle East. The US government can first help Iraqi Christians by not deporting them into the lion's den of Baghdad. This is the story of  Nahidh Shaou. He immigrated to America at the tender age of  five years old and has lived in America ever since. Dedicated and patriotic to his new home, he voluntarily enlisted in the US Army as a teenager and was deployed to Korea.  His father died while he was overseas in Korea. When Nahidh returned to America for his father's funeral, he suffered from depression, guilt, anxiety and PTSD. He received an honorable discharge and returned back to Michigan to take care of his mother and siblings. His mother was then diagnosed with cancer in her early 40's and Nahidh stuggled to provide for the family. Unfortunately, under the weight of his circumstances and PTSD, he committed a serious crime and served 35 years in Michigan state prisons. Nahidh quickly reformed, was a model inmate, and even received a college degree and a Certificate of Welding while he was incarcerated. Nahidh's dream is to attain a PhD in welding. Unfortunately, Nahidh was not afforded American citizenship, therefore making him eligible for deportation.  Six months ago, he was finally released from prison but was  detained by  the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  and Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE).   On Monday morning, April 10th, 2017,  he was escorted to a holding location in preparation  to  be deported back to Iraq, a country that he does not  even remember. All of his family members are American Citizens living in America;he does not know a single Iraqi in Iraq. He only speaks English and will be unable to survive in the war zone of Iraq, especially as ISIS hunts for Christians in the country. If deported to Iraq, he will be deported to his death. Nahidh does not have an Iraqi Passport or any Iraqi identification documents.  The Iraqi Government has provided a  signed, sworn affidavit stating they cannot prove his  Iraqi nationality and do not want him to be deported back to Iraq. We plead on his behalf to STOP  the  deportation of US Army Veteran Nahidh Shaou to Baghdad. Please help protect Iraqi Christians and don't let Nahidh be deported into the hands of ISIS.   Sincerely, The Iraqi Christian Community and concerned citizens.        

Nadia Shaya
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