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Remove Judge Gregory S. Ross from the bench

I've included James V. Young and Judge Donald A. Teeple for their culpability in this outrageous crime. Prosecutor James V. Young was the prosecutor on the original case and knew full well the docket that was being handed over to Judge Ross; Mr. Young also only asked for a charge of attempted rape, knowing the victim was pregnant due to being raped by Mirasolo. Judge Donald A. Teeple sentenced Mirasolo for this rape, but when Mirasolo was back in his court for a second rape of a 14 year old girl whom he threatened to kill and was armed with brass knuckles, instead of giving him the maximum sentence of 25 years, only sentenced him to 5, for which he only served 4.  Impeach Judge Gregory S. Ross and restore the rights to rape victims.  Christopher Mirasolo, 27, was convicted of raping a 12 year old girl and two other girls, 13 and 15 in 2008. Mirasolo was sentenced to one year in the county jail but only served six and a half months before early release to care for his sick mother. In March 2010 Mirasolo committed a sex assault on a victim between the ages of 13 and 15 years old. He served four years for this offense.  The 12 year old girl he raped in 2008 got pregnant due to being raped and Mirasolo is now seeking joint custody. THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE! The judge not only is granting custody, but he disclosed the victim's address and forced Mirasolo's name to be on the birth certificate of her now eight year old son WITHOUT HER CONSENT.  This judge needs to be removed from the bench and this victim needs to have herself and her young son protected from this monster. HE IS A PEDOPHILE and a CONVICTED RAPIST! This all began because the victim had applied for government assistance and the prosecutor forced a paternity test. Judge Ross did NOT have to compel custody without the rape victim's consent. Under the Child Custody Act, he could have compelled Mirasolo to pay support without giving custody. This young girl chose to protect the life of her unborn child and now Judge Ross, Judge Donald A. Teeple and prosecutor James V. Young are trying to destroy it.  No victim should have to suffer this atrocity. There should be federal laws in place to protect the rights of victims.   

Marilyn McDermott
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Demand that Saudi Arabia ends juvenile executions

Imagine being arrested at 16 and sentenced to die by beheading and crucifixion. Your crime: a peaceful protest asking for equal rights. This is the fate that awaits Ali Mohammad al-Nimr and three others after being arrested for protesting for democratic reforms in Saudi Arabia. All three were juveniles at the time of the arrest. Amnesty International, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and talk show host Bill Maher have all called for clemency for these innocent boys. So far, Saudi Arabia says it plans to go forward with the execution. Saudi Arabia has no reason to stop. Allies like the US continue to support its regime and sell it billions of dollars in weapons without holding them responsible for human rights. We are calling on the US to take a stand against barbaric acts like juvenile executions and demand that Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, Dawood Al Marhoon, and Abdullah Al Zaher, Mutjaba al Suweikat be pardoned and released. This could be accomplished by amending House Joint Resolution 90, a bipartisan effort to ban weapons sales to Saudi Arabia unless it can ensure it is taking all necessary precautions to protect civilians where the weapons are used. Tell Congress to add a measure demanding that Saudi Arabia ends juvenile executions and frees Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, Dawood Al Marhoon, Abdullah Al Zaher and Mujtaba Al-Suwaiket Human rights groups repeatedly document cases of brutality. Saudi Arabia has been cited by numerous human rights groups for its horrific punishments, especially towards minority communities and women. Ali’s only crime is that he believes in democracy and that everyone should have equal rights. The world should come to the rescue of a young man who demonstrated the courage to stand up for equal rights at just 16 years old.  Saudi Arabia does not announce when it will carry out an execution. Any day could be these boy’s last unless we take action. Please add your name to the petition, share with friends and family, and tell your member of Congress that there should be no more weapons until juvenile executions are stopped and Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, Dawood Al Marhoon, Abdullah Al Zaher and Mujtaba Al-Suwaiket are freed.

Esha Krishnaswamy
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Petitioning Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

Limit Nestle’s Michigan Water Withdrawals

Our names are Yousef Emara and Nathan Koh. We are eighth graders in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Our class completes a Sustainability Action Project (SAP) by choosing a cause in which we can make a positive impact.  We have chosen to raise awareness of Nestle’s water pumping practices in Michigan and petition the state legislature and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to reject an increase in Nestle’s pumping rates in White Pine Springs, Osceola County, Michigan. Why This Issue Matters  In many countries, including the United States, there is little limitation on the rate at which water can be pumped out of aquifers (underground water reserves).  Water bottling companies have been pumping billions of gallons of water out of aquifers and impacting the watershed and surrounding environment and selling water bottles for 3000 to 5000 times more than they pay for it.  One such pumping site is Nestle’s well field in White Pine Springs, Osceola County, Michigan, which is part of the Muskegon River watershed.   What This Means for Michigan  Nestle runs a plant for its two water bottle brands, Ice Mountain and Pure Life, in Stanwood, Michigan.  The company operates three well fields with a total of seven wells, all within the Muskegon River watershed.  According to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Nestle pumped more than 3.4 billion gallons of water from its three Michigan well fields between 2005 and 2015.  In 2015, Nestle was given approval by the MDEQ to pump 250 gallons per minute at White Pine Springs Well in Osceola County.  The company now wants to increase the amount of water it pumps from this well to 400 gallons per minute. Nestle would pay the state of Michigan $200 per year for this increase. According to a test conducted in August 2000 by Malcolm Pirnie Inc., Nestle’s White Pine Springs Well pumps water from an underground aquifer that is connected to the aboveground water system through a permeable layer of Earth, called a leaky aquitard.  Pumping water from the aquifer can drain significant amounts of water from above. This indicates that the wetlands and wildlife above the ground are at high risk of being harmed by Nestle’s pumping.  Residents, like Rhonda Huff, as reported by the MLive newspaper on April 9, 2017, noticed that water levels in Osceola County’s Chippewa Creek, which flows into the Muskegon River watershed, have significantly dropped in recent years, affecting trout populations.   Nestle needs a permit from the MDEQ in order to increase the rate at which it pumps water.  The MDEQ requires the use of a Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool to determine the impact of proposed water withdrawals on fish and wildlife in the area.  Nestle’s proposed water withdrawal increase to 400 gallons per minute failed to pass MDEQ’s Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool. However, the MDEQ can and did overrule the failing grade determined by the Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool. Nestle’s plan to increase the amount of water withdrawn to 400 gallons per minute would undo an agreement with environmentalists reached more than seven years ago for a well field in Sanctuary Springs, which is also part of the Muskegon River watershed.  In 2001, Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation sued Nestle over potential damage to the system of lakes, rivers, and streams that its water withdrawal would cause.  An agreement was reached in 2009, limiting the amount of water the company could pump. What You Can Do To Help Please sign our petition!  Help us in reaching our goal of 10,000 signatures to present to the state legislature and the MDEQ. Thank you for taking the time to protect our most precious resource – water.  

Yousef Emara
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Petitioning Donald Trump, Michigan State Senate, Rick Snyder

End Dog Breed Discrimination Nation Wide.

Pit-Bulls, and other "aggressive breeds", are constantly being marked as aggressive dogs and an unacceptable breed to have in rental or lease homes, making it very difficult for owners to find a place to live. They are also being banned from places, and towns are forcing owners to put down their loved animals as a result. These dogs have done nothing wrong and are blamed for the actions of people who wanted to make money off of dogs killing each other. I want to change this knowing that recent studies show that even the kindest of dogs such as Labrador retrievers have a slightly higher aggression rate. The racism against dog breeds is no different than judging people for their race or their sexuality, because, those dogs are actually raised to be aggressive by their owners. Yes, some dogs have appeared to just turn on their owners and cause harm, however, it is not just these "aggressive" breeds.   Pit-Bulls especially made great fight dogs because they do what they are told to do by their owners and family with great enthusiasm. If raised right and handed over to the right people, pit-bulls are the sweetest dogs you have ever seen. They can love with that same enthusiasm, and be loved back equally. Lets work together to give them a better chance at life and end the discrimination.  Thank you for signing and please share! (some of you may not wish to touch this because I have aimed for Donald Trump, I urge you to sign this! He is the best bet if we want a nationwide change because only he can make an executive order that can help thousands! I ask you to ignore the politics and help save those precious pups) 

Krystal Thode
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Free Rafael DeJesus - 60 - 100 yrs for 1st nonviolent drug offense

In 1985, my brother Rafael DeJesus was 15 years old when he arrived to the USA from the Dominican Republic. He attended high school and college with the dream of becoming a professional baseball player. After an injury that ended his baseball career, Rafael was devastated. As a new father with a child to support, he began working various odd jobs. He became more frustrated as he had trouble making enough money to support his family. So he moved to Michigan where he thought he would find more opportunity. Yet once he arrived he still struggled to make ends meet, even as a bar manager and unfortunately made the fateful choice to try and make a quick buck by getting involved into the drug trade. After eight  months living in Michigan, Rafael was arrested and sentenced to a minimum of 60 to 100 years in prison as a first time non-violent drug offense for possession and intent to deliver a total of 12 ounces of cocaine. At 23 years old, Rafael was basically sentenced to die in prison. Now At 46, Rafael has already spent half of his life behind bars. I think he has more than paid his debt to society. We are asking Gov. Rick Snyder to commute Rafael’s sentence and allow him to redeem himself on the outside. No one should be forever defined by one bad choice made in life. Rafael is the epitome of the failure of the War on Drugs. Four times he has asked for a chance to have his sentence commuted. Despite his efforts to show that he is a model prisoner with excellent behavior and educational accomplishments and not a menace to society, he still remains in prison and is expected to serve at least 38 more years in prison. If Rafael was sentenced for the same crime today, he would have not received such of harsh and inhumane sentence. I think we can all agree that Rafael’s punishment does not fit the crime. All my brother can hope for is that the facts of his case and the injustice against him speak for themselves. I hope they speak to you too.  I ask that you please sign and share our petition to urge Gov. Rick Snyder to grant my brother a commutation. #FreeRafaelDeJesus PLEASE SIGN & SHARE this PETITION For more information, go to:  

Berenice Albright
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Petitioning Rick Snyder, Tom Wolf, Wisconsin Governor

We the voters demand vote recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump, New York has learned. The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.  

Glenn Strachan
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Petitioning Rick Snyder

Karen Kantzler, nearing 70 yrs old is Decades Overdue for Release from Michigan Prison. Commute Karen: 69 yrs old; 29 yrs in prison; passed every test for parole eligibility with flying colors; & the 2 trial judges who sentenced her decades ago want her released. Now. In 1988, Karen was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death herself of her abusive husband in their home in 1987. After 3 decades behind bars, Karen is overdue for release. Here' why: Karen is a model prisoner. The Michigan Parole Board described Karen as a model inmate at her 2015 parole hearing.   Karen has not one mark on her record in 30 years of incarceration. This is unheard of in the MDOC.  Karen has participated in taken nearly every rehabilitation opportunity & practically all of MDOCs programs while in prison Karen has shown remorse for her crime and accepted complete responsibility for her criminal behavior; Karen has met every standard of excellence for a prisoner; Karen has passed every test for parole eligibility with flying colors; Karen scored a 17 on her Parole Guidelines Evaluation. Any score above a 3 is considered high eligible for parole;                                                                  Karen is 69 years old, blind in one eye and poses no threat to society                                                                Karen has a Michigan Parole Board Approved Home waiting for her upon her release. Carson City United Methodist Church supports Karen's release and is eager for her to join their congregation. Norman Lippitt, the very judge who tried Karen's case in 1988 has been advocating for her release for over 25 years. He even went to her last parole hearing - 29 years after he tried her case - pleading for her release. To no avail.  Judge Lippitt’s successor, Barry Howard, reversed Karen's conviction and sentence in 1993, stating that her marriage WAS her sentence; she is not a threat to society and the original sentence was far greater than Lippitt had intended. He continues to support her commutation, also advocating now for clemency. He also testified at her 2017 parole hearing stating she should be released.  Karen has over $30,000 in her prison savings account. Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility - where Karen is incarcerated - is reportedly 100 inmates over capacity and MDOC is looking for ways to make more room for the influx of new inmates. It costs taxpayers up to $70,000 a year to keep frail women like Karen in that prison.  Lets #ReinventMichigan. Lets use our money wisely - and not by keeping women who are harmless to society behind bars. Governor Snyder can commute Karen's sentence at any time. Literally.  Please sign for Karen's commutation and let him know you want him to take action now. AND Make the Difference and Donate:  

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Petitioning Rick Snyder

Require ISP's with state contracts to abide by net neutrality principles.

I'm calling on Governor Snyder to issue an executive order requiring internet service providers with state contracts to abide by net neutrality principles. This would mean that in order to receive a contract with the state of Michigan government, internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast must not block or throttle web content or create internet fast lanes. State governments can be some of the biggest consumers of internet services so this will send a strong message. Furthermore, this can be done. In January of 2018, Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D) signed an executive order to do just this, explaining “This is a simple step states can take to preserve and protect net neutrality. We can’t wait for folks in Washington DC to come to their senses and reinstate these rules. I am submitting this petition to you Governor Snyder to please require all internet service providers to abide by Net Neutrality rules.  It is not only a good program for the government but also for all the citizens of Michigan.

Jacqueline Redmond
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Petitioning Rick Snyder, Blue Cross Blue Shield

State mandate for insurance coverage of metabolic formula in Michigan

There is currently no mandate for private insurance companies to cover metabolic formula in the state of Michigan. Metabolic formula for PKU and many other inborn errors if metabolism provides essential nutrients, calories, and specific amounts of individual amino acids or other nutrients that CANNOT be provided in foods alone. If these patients are unable to obtain their formula they can suffer debilitating side effects, become mentally disabled, or die. These disorders are diagnosed on newborn screening and are life long, but TREATABLE. If you have a child, they had a newborn screen at birth (unless you as a parent knowingly opted out). If diagnosed, treatment with metabolic formula typically begins during the first week of life and continues through adulthood. These patients are alive and thriving because of their formula. They are smart, funny, and caring children and adults. Funds that were previously available to cover metabolic formula in Michigan are dissolving. Formulas that were previously provided at wholesale pricing are now costing state programs HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars per year. These very rare conditions do not have a large voice. As a registered dietitian in this rare community, I have been advocating every day on behalf of my patients and going to extreme lengths to ensure patients do not go a day without formula. If I am feeling frustrated, I cannot even begin to fathom what this must feel like as a parent or patient.   A state mandate for metabolic formula coverage would reduce costs to state programs and prevent debilitating side effects and possible death for patients with rare inborn errors of metabolism.  Most importantly, it would ensure access to formula and remove this burden from patients and parents who are faced with a rare disorder. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue!

Aly M
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End Dog Fighting & Abuse Worldwide

PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING .    Dogs, the beloved animals almost everyone has at home, are being used for bait, fighting, and are being BLOWN UP. Yes, BLOWN UP. Guess what? This is LEGAL in some places, yep, you read that right. There are several accounts on Instagram, (some examples) where people are holding trophies up with their bloodied-up dogs. And one instagram account had dogs hanging (by their JAWS) onto spring - poles (rope like conditioning contraptions) attached to cranes, and were being hung hundreds of feet into the air ; of course if these dogs had let go they would have fallen to their death. I'm not going to make this petition super-lengthy, and I am not going to give any more examples. Dog fighting & abuse is BRUTAL. I think this is pretty self explanatory, dogs do not deserve to be treated this wretched. If you're an animal lover or not, from the bottom of your heart I believe that you know this abusiveness is NOT okay. Please sign this petition to raise awareness, and hopefully end dog fighting and abuse WORLDWIDE! Dogs need to be treated the way they were meant to, and we need to take a stand to that.

Taylor M
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