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Petitioning Anyone who wants their medical info/SS# not sent overseas where they aren't boundby HIPAA., Americans who wants their Medical records kept in the United States where HIPAA protects them., American ...

Stop David Torchiana CEO of PartnersHC from outsourcing US jobs & patient's private info.

David Torchiana the CEO of Partners Healthcare who ended last year with a huge profit (as well as a 1.4m - 1.9m raise for himself), have decided to lay off american workers from Mass General Hospital and outsource their jobs to India who are not bound by HIPAA, nor do they follow the same security measures we do in terms of securing patients private information.  These coders and other office employees work tirelessly doing medical coding, and billing.  They handle patients records and are bound by HIPAA laws, where there are consequences if any HIPAA law is broken. Mass General considers themselves a charity and accepts public donations.  Yet after a huge profit last year, the exec's seem to be wanting to line their pockets some more.  Ignoring the fact they are laying off hard working Americans and putting Private Patient information to a country overseas with no HIPAA laws and a history of data breaches.   There are so many instances where there were security breeches outsourcing to India, these include in 2009 patients private information including social security numbers. These are examples In 2009  The head of an Indian outsourcing company has been arrested for selling confidential medical records of patients treated at one of Britain's top private hospitals. Police arrested Vikas Dhairyashil Bansode on Tuesday after an undercover investigation revealed the records were being sold for as little as £4 each. last month in India 1.2 billion citizen national database was breached. So we are going to trust them with American's private health information? The website of Health Solutions, one of the largest diagnostic laboratories in India, was breached on Friday, with hackers accessing a database that included no less than 35,000 medical records, including HIV reports for registered patients. Info on how laissez faire India is regarding security and medical records Outsourcing accounts for 63% of data breaches.   These are just the tip of the iceberg.  Not only that but the fact that any affiliate of Partners does not need to disclose to their patients that their personal information is being sent overseas, unless of course the patient queries them.   This is going to cause a snowball effect, if we let this happen, then other hospitals will follow.  Thousands of jobs will be lost and you can expect Patient Health Records to be breached as well.    Please help.       

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