Decision Maker

Pat Jursik

  • Milwaukee County Supervisor (8th District)

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Keep Warnimont Park and Lake Michigan free from lead and other debris! Advise Milwaukee County Supervisor (8th District) Pat Jursik NOT to allow the Cudahy Gun Club to build a new site in Warnimont Park.

I took a beating on Talk Radio, totally mis-stating the facts and creating a gun rights issue when there is none. Jeff Wagner even went after me personally and questioned my motives: I had only one motive, represent the overwhelming response of my constituents. People, your elected officials attend meetings, receive briefings from Parks and our attorneys, listen to the public and get fully briefed. Meanwhile these hacks on talk radio for the benefit of the almighty advertising dollar demean your representative. Please turn off these shows. I do not understand how anyone finds this entertaining, but these shows do undermine your representative government and instead forward the interest of their sponsors, shilling for money.

4 years ago