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Release Iceland’s banned Christmas advert on TV #NoPalmOilChristmas

Iceland released a Christmas advert today highlighting the devastation caused by palm oil products. It was a beautiful and important message. But the tv regulators have banned the advert, for being too political! Palm oil is a product that can be found in everything from shampoos and detergents to sandwiches and biscuits.. It’s one of the most environmentally-damaging industries, and each day 25 orangutans are killed. It’s production wipes out rainforests and wildlife, driving animals like the orangutan into extinction. As a father of three who thinks this ad would help educate people about how their products are killing orangutans and their homes, I feel banning this advert is an injustice. The body that stopped the advert being broadcasted, Clearcast, say that the ad breaches it’s political rules. The ad holds an important message - one that is emotional, touching and helps to spread a message about saving the environment and so must be broadcasted. If you haven’t watched it, you can find it here. It’s so powerful. Please sign this petition if you too believe the ban should be overturned so that this ad can be on TV screens at Christmas. #NoPalmOilChristmas#SaveTheOrangutans  Thank you for supporting the campaign! Mark @_mark_topps   Campaign Features: The Independent: The Guardian:   The Mirror: This Insider: CNN: Manchester Evening News:  The Metro: Sky News:  The Daily Mail: LBC: Good Housekeeping: OK Magazine: The Sun: Express: The Times:  And so so so many more!

Mark Topps
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Petitioning Ofcom

Ofcom: Take a stand to support diversity and combat racism in UK Media!

My name is Tasnim Nazeer and I am a journalist and freelance TV reporter based in Glasgow. I did my first TV report for STV News this year and felt that I had finally broken through a glass ceiling that I had been under for so long. Since the report I was deemed to be the first hijab-wearing TV reporter in Scottish TV history, but I want to see all types of people reflected on our screens. It wasn’t easy getting to this point. STV News has been a role model organisation in purely taking me on to tell the story and for my ability to do the job. Other outlets haven’t always been like that. I’ve been told by those I networked with in the media that I had potential and the skills but didn't have the right look wearing my hijab.  And the sad thing is that I am not the only one. Ex-journalists across the country are starting to speak out about leaving the industry because of the terrible discrimination and racism they faced. They felt driven out.  That’s why I am calling on OFCOM (the UK's broadcast regulator) to set up an independent complaints and support body that people who have faced issues of discrimination or racism within the media could turn to for help. Because EVERYONE deserve to feel safe at work and have the opportunity to succeed. Mainstream media has a diversity problem. And this problem impacts everyone. It’s so crucial that media organisations in the UK have representation on screen that reflects the national portrait of the society we live in and that also extends to other creative sectors.  I believe the first step to improving that representation, is making people of colour within the sector feel safe, and make  sure those that discriminate within the industry are held to account.  Please join me in calling on Ofcom to make sure UK media organisations are held to account for racism and discrimination by signing my petition. Thank you.

Tasnim Nazeer
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Petitioning ClearCast , Ofcom

Zeigt die verbotene Weihnachts-Werbung im britischen Fernsehen #NoPalmOilChristmas

EN / DE Die britische Supermarktkette Iceland Foods hat einen Werbespot für Weihnachten veröffentlicht, der die Umweltzerstörung durch Palmöl-Produkte aufzeigt. Dies war eine wunderschöne und wichtige Nachricht - aber die TV-Regulationsbehörde in Großbritannien hat den Spot verboten, weil er zu politisch sei!   Palmöl ist ein Produkt, das überall drinsteckt, von Shampoos und Waschmittel bis zu Sandwiches und Keksen. Die Palmöl-Industrie ist eine der umweltschädlichsten - und jeden Tag werden 25 Orang Utans getötet. Die Produktion vernichtet Regenwälder und Wildtiere, die wie die Orang Utans zum Aussterben gebracht werden. Als Vater dreier Kinder und in dem Glauben, dass ein solcher Werbespot die Menschen darüber aufklärt, wie ihre Produkte Orang Utans und ihr Zuhause zerstören, sehe ich das Verbot der Werbung als ungerecht an. Die Einrichtung, die die Übertragung des Werbespots verboten hat, Clearcast, behauptet dieser breche deren politische Regeln. Die Werbung übermittelt eine wichtige Nachricht - eine emotionale Nachricht, die berührt und hilft, die Umwelt zu schützen. Deshalb muss der Werbespot übertragen werden. Falls Sie den Spot noch nicht gesehen haben, finden Sie ihn hier (auf Englisch). Er ist wirklich stark. Bitte unterschreiben Sie diese Petition, wenn Sie auch daran glauben, dass das Verbot aufgehoben werden muss, so dass der Werbespot an Weihnachten in Großbritannien gezeigt werden darf. #NoPalmOilChristmas#SaveTheOrangutans Vielen Dank, dass Sie diese Kampagne unterstützen! Mark@_mark_topps 

Mark Topps
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Demand Ofcom drop the racist complaint against Diversity

On the ITV show Britain's Got Talent in September 2020, the dance troupe Diversity did an outstanding performance that sought to raise awareness of a very important issue that has been affecting the lives of Black people for centuries all over the world. In the past few month’s racism has become more widespread in all aspects of life, and following the murder of George Floyd, we have seen an unprecedented increase in racist incidents and racist rhetoric all over the world. What Diversity did was bring this issue even more into the forefront by encouraging people to reflect on their values, to show a need to unite, and put an end to this disease called racism. The 15,000 complaints about their performance is further evidence that racism is even more of a pandemic and needs to be eradicated. I am calling upon like-minded, intelligent, and decent human beings to demand that Ofcom drop the complaint on the grounds that the complaint is racist, and inflammatory. In responding to the complaint, it is pandering to the ignorant racists who have made this complaint. We have already seen some bigoted and hateful comments all over the media in response to the performance. My concern is that if Ofcom uphold this racist complaint, it is giving racists the green light to continue their hate filed campaign against Black people and show that racism is acceptable. Diversity told the truth in their performance, and we need to get more talking about and taking action against racism. Racism has no place in multi-cultural Britain. A country that has been built by people from all races.

Medway African and Caribbean association
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Petitioning Ofcom, ITV, Robin Elias

Hold ITV News to account for discrimination against Christians

ProblemHold ITV to account for a biased and discriminating on the basis of religion, documentary that attacked churches and Bible believing Christians for their biblical views on the subject of homosexuality. ITV News sent an undercover reporter into a London church pretending to seek counsel from a pastor about being gay. The pastor responded with the bible’s view without condemnation saying “do not feel ashamed for what you have said” and offered prayers for the person “that God should guide them” not knowing they were being filmed. The language used by ITV was false and misleading (“exposes”) and was a public attack on every Christian who holds to biblical perspective. The pastor did nothing wrong but share his convictions based on the bible when asked in his own space. He cannot affirm a way of life that is contrary to what the bible clearly and repeatedly says and therefore cannot be accused of wrongdoing on national TV. The reporting was biased, with the aim to send a message that Christians are wrong to hold such views and that those views should be banned even in the confines of our churches. This was a news report which should have a fair, unbiased and neutral stance. However the reporting was held by Paul Brand, a news reporter who is gay and was angry that the church should be allowed to call his lifestyle a sin. He gloated that the a ban on gay conversion therapy was being passed that would include churches from sharing biblical perspective on homosexuality within the church and when asked. ITV reported this story using their platform to dicriminate against the church (bible believing Christians) on mainstream media for having a biblical view in a place of worship. So now there is no tolerance for Christians in a country where there is freedom of religion by those asking for tolerance. Tolerance cannot be sought for one while being intolerant of another. The man came into the church seeking help from a church with biblical views. The church did not go looking for the man and force their views on him. This public bullying of the church is an effort to aggressively oppress a group of people in the free world. They only aired views that supported the message they wanted to send and sent it out as news. They have made thousands of Christians feel frightened to share their faith and become the subject of scrutiny in their places of work and communities. ITV News responded that they have received positive feedback from the LGBT community for this reporting and made no comment on the hurt caused to the Christian community, though this has been brought to their attention, sending a message that the feelings of one group in society is more important that the human rights of others. SolutionITV news must give a public apology on ITV news, for the misleading, biased and offensive reporting, sharing biblical perspective and offering prayer has nothing to do with gay conversion therapy and should never have been included. The story must be pulled down from all their websites and social media including that of Paul Brand the leading news reporter. They must be held accountable for the hurt and distress caused to all concerned

Mimi Ajala
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Petitioning Channel 5, , Ofcom

CHANNEL 5, Cancel Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly! It uses Unscientific & Unethical Methods

Unfortunately most of us believe what we see on TV, so when Channel 5 put out a show that uses Unscientific, Unethical and Outdated Training Methods the dog owning public unfortunately may see this as the correct route to a well behaved dog and may imitate the methods. UNSCIENTIFIC : In reality research shows punitive positive punishment as used in the show can escalate the dogs aggression. "Such punitive techniques actually increase the risk of aggression in dogs. They are associated with a 2.9 times increased risk of aggression to family members, and a 2.2 times increased risk of aggression to unfamiliar people outside of the household." Stanley Coren, PhD., DSc., FRSC. UNSCIENTIFIC : Also Cohen's research shows aggressive responses from dogs increase when using such punitive methods, 43 percent of the dogs increased their aggression in response to being hit or kicked for example, shouting "No" increased the dogs aggressive response by 15 percent. UNSCIENTIFIC : As far as we can tell the host has NEVER received any formal education as a dog trainer or behaviourist and does not belong to any of the UK's accredited organisations. If you wish to find a force free trainer who has studied how dogs learn and how to study behaviour please use IMDT, APDT, ABTC, ABPC to name just 4 of the reputable organisations in the UK. If you'd like to understand the adverse effects of punishing animals OUTDATED : 'Pack Theory' and 'Dominance Models' have been disproven over and over again, yet 'untrained trainers' still use them. These models use force and punishment with fear and intimidation to 'control dogs' and ‘Shut down dogs’ do not modify behaviour.  These methods use the terms 'Alpha' an 'Hierarchy' and although social hierarchy does exist in wolves they do not use aggression to form it neither does the leader use aggression to lead. So why would we?      UNETHICAL : Place yourself in your dogs shoes, would you liked to be shouted at, intimidated, forced into situations that you can't escape from or don't want to be in.  The majority of Dog Trainers & Behaviourists understand how dogs learn and communicate and that to change behaviour ALL GOOD TRAINERS use force free positive reinforcement, it's kind and respectful to the animal, it may not be a quick fix, it may take hard work but it will last for the dogs lifetime and your dog will love you for it.  If you would like to know more about ethical dog training guidelines you can view them here Please ALSO email, phone and write to Ofcom and Channel 5 with your complaints  Ofcom Channel 5, Telephone on: 020 3580 3600 or 03457 05 05 05. E-mail using the following address:   Write to us at the following postal address: Viewer Enquiries, Channel 5, 17 – 29 Hawley Crescent, London, NW1 8TT THANK YOU for signing this petition and sending your complaints to Ofcom and Channel.   

K Murphy
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Petitioning Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, EHRC , equality and human rights commision, ITV PLC, Caroline lucas, ofcom ( The Office of Communications)

ITV adhere to Equality act by ending its harassment of veganism

ITV has allowed it's staff and content to discriminate, unfairly mock and incite hatred towards veganism. Through national broadcasts, online articles and it's staff's influential social media accounts.The failure to provide fair, equal and diversely aware content is fueling the creation of a degrading, humiliating and offensive environment during and outside of broadcast.By signing this petition you are asking that ITV not only acknowledge as a public provider of content the MORAL and ETHICAL consequences of it's content but to consider the Equality act, EU law and ask them to regulate their content so that it does not discriminate against (potentially) subsequently protected beliefs when creating content to be consumed by individuals. This kind of public mockery quickly spills over to many parts of public life and has serious consequences to peoples mental and physical well being. For instance Piers Morgan, one of the presenters on "Good Morning Britain" has been using his Twitter account and show to methodically and unacceptably insult and harass vegans such as referring to them as  " PC-crazed, gender-fluid obsessed, radical vegan/feminist snowflakes slowly wrecking the Planet ". Not only are these  completely unacceptable comments about gender and feminism this is only a small example from an extensive library of offensive and unfair discriminatory comments ITV's employee has made. No broadcasting station should deem it acceptable to allow staff and shows to operate with such imprudent intolerance. Holding vegan beliefs should not subject you to an increased amount of slurs, discrimination or threats due to the actions of any staff or media associated with a broadcasting network that holds such an accessible and public influence. There is in my eyes and the eyes of those who sign a moral and ethical duty for this type of content to be regulated regardless even if it is a protected belief. ITVs mission statement on ‘inclusivity programming’ claims to “accurately portray the diversity of modern society by the people on screen and the editorial content”. However the content ITV has been producing shows the polar opposite in regards to the beliefs held by vegans. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have given assurance that Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects veganism It is also unlawful to discriminate against vegans, as protected beliefs are relevant characteristics in terms of the EU Equality Framework Directive (2000), which was incorporated into the UK through the Equality Act 2010. ITV's own website highlighting Piers Morgan displaying raw meat to mock Vegans ITV's own news claiming 1 in 3 Britons eating no or reduced meat (a claim Piers has denied believing on Twitter)

Joe Faulkner
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