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Mayor Libby Schaaf

  • Mayor of Oakland, California

Former member of the Oakland City Council, Libby Schaaf has served as Oakland's Mayor since 2015.

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Urge congress to return ICE deported oncology nurse Maria Mendoza Sanchez to U.S. (S.1763)

Maria Mendoza Sanchez started as a nursing home housekeeper and became a respected oncology nurse serving underprivileged patients at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA.  She and her husband have lived in the U.S. over 20 years, raised their 4 children here, bought a house and had been good members of the community with no criminal records.  After 15 years of attempting to achieve permanent resident status, on August 17, 2017, ICE  deported Maria to Mexico with her husband, Eusebio, a truck driver.   Maria was forced to break up her family, leaving her 16-year-old daughter in the U.S. to finish high school in the care of her 23-year-old daughter.  Too young to not be in the care of his parents, her 12-year-old son, who is a U.S. citizen and has only ever known California as his home, had to move to Mexico with Maria.  12/21/17 UPDATE:  Maria’s 12-year-old son returned to Oakland, CA as he was unable to adjust to life in rural Mexico. He has returned to his family home and the care of his sisters. Heartbreaking.  This is a travesty of justice and should never happen in the United States of America. What happened to only deporting criminals? Dianne Feinstein has introduced a Senate Bill, S.1763 and Barbara Lee has introduced a House Bill, H.R.3818, to grant Maria, her husband and oldest daughter permanent residency.  Signing this petition shows your support for these bills Maria’s family is very proud and reluctant to ask for help, but these heartless immigration policies have broken up their family and decimated their ability to support this once thriving family of 6. If you can help with a donation to their GoFundMe account, it is desperately needed. Thank you.  Facebook page (please like):  

Nancy MacKinnon
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Petitioning Mayor Libby Schaaf, Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland, California

Tell Friendship City, Pyeongtaek, Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture/Eating of Dogs.

For more actions you can take please visit: Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland, California: Tell Friendship City, Pyeongtaek, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats. Oakland has become Friendship City with Pyeongtaek, South Korea.  This relationship was no doubt formed in the spirit of friendship and for your mutual benefit, for business links and trade etc.  And, while Oakland would have expected to learn about the differences in cultural practices of the Pyeongtaek citizens, we feel certain that your city would have hesitated to form such a Friendship City relationship had your city known about the aberrant and cruel practices routinely carried out in the dog and cat meat trades in Pyeongtaek and all over South Korea.  Lucrative, but illegal trades which carry on unchallenged: with no enforcement of the laws and no punishment for those violating them. South Korea is the home to global companies, such as Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, LG, Daewoo, SK and POSCO, which is why it is so shocking that an estimated 2.5 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year within South Korea, because of the greed of dog eaters and the dog meat industry; while the majority of those Koreans, who don’t actually participate in this offensive trade, show a profound indifference by doing nothing at all to stop it. We know how loyal and faithful our dogs across the world are; and we all ask a lot of them - they serve us in innumerable ways: farm work, war work, police and guard duties, search and rescue, help for the disabled, guiding and guardianship, and, of course, as our loving and trusting companions. Dogs were first domesticated many thousands of years ago, and so much do they want to be part of our ‘human’ family that they have learned to understand our gestures and our language - the language of another species, which shows remarkable willingness and intelligence. In Pyeongtaek there are countless dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants where the dogs, who are tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging or beating; and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this takes place in public and in broad daylight. In addition, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry, and are subjected to the same cruelty. Please watch this undercover video by animal rights activists in South Korea: There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for human consumption yet these laws are routinely and blatantly ignored. We believe that there must surely be some social responsibility for the representatives of one city to take a stand against any wrongdoing being sanctioned or ignored by their Friendship City.  As such, we ask you to please urge Pyeongtaek Mayor Jung Jang Sun to take action, and to state that Oakland and its citizens demand that Pyeongtaek issue an official document mandating that the following existing Korean laws be enforced by its government officials, police and judges: Unauthorized processing of food waste fed to dogs in the meat trade is a violation of Wastes Control Act, Article 15-2, Article 25, Section 3.  Suppliers of food waste and transporters of food waste to dog meat farms are violating this regulation. Food waste fed to dogs in the dog meat trade is a violation of Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act, Article 14, Section 1 & 2.  Unauthorized collection of food waste and the act of feeding it to dogs in the meat trade is in violation of this regulation. Excrement and resulting environmental damage produced as a by-product of the illegal dog meat farm is a violation of Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta Article 11.  The excrement produced at dog meat farms causes environmental damage to the immediate and surrounding area. The act of slaughtering of dogs for human consumption is a violation of Animal Protection Act Article 8, Section 1, Clause 4. The act of slaughtering of a dog, without a justifiable ground – such as out of necessity for veterinary treatment, or in circumstances of immediate threat, harm or damage to human life or property, is a violation. The slaughter of dogs by electrocution is a violation of Animal Protection Act, Article 8, Section 1, Clause 1.  Inflicting injury or death to any animal by the following means: battery by tools, exposure to drugs, exposure to extreme heat or fire, electrocution and drowning is subject to legal punishment. Therefore, the routine slaughter of dogs by butchers and farmers by these methods is in violation of the Act. Further, electrocution as a method of slaughter is internationally recognized as an inherently cruel method of slaughter and banned globally. Slaughter of dogs from unauthorized slaughterhouse is a violation of Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, Article 7 Section 1.  The Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, states that dogs are officially recognized and classified as “animals” that are “prohibited from being slaughtered and distributed as food for human consumption”. Therefore, those vendors operating dog slaughterhouses are operating outside of the parameters of the law and in violation of the law. Slaughter of dogs for his/her own consumption is a violation of Animal Protection Act, Article 10.  The intent of the Act is to ensure that no animal is slaughtered in a cruel or revolting manner, and shall be free from unnecessary pain, fear, or stress during the process of slaughter. Therefore, only humane way of slaughtering dogs would be by euthanasia (lethal injection). All currently practiced methods of slaughter by butchers, farmers and traders excludes euthanasia as a method of slaughter, therefore they are all in breach of this Act.  This is also a violation of Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act Article 7 Section 1 Clause 2.  According to the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act, slaughter of animals for his/her own consumption is allowed only for the livestock animals that are publically announced as classification of livestock in the Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act and dogs are not classified here. Display and sale of dog carcass in traditional outdoor markets is a violation of Food Sanitation Act, Article 4, 5.  Violation of laws banning sale of harmful food due to the contamination from unsanitary and illegal slaughter of the animal and display of the dog carcass. For example, dog carcass are routinely contaminated by microorganisms that cause human diseases and food poisoning which can lead to serious and life threatening health complications.  There are also strict laws which ban the sale of meat from sick animals, due to the fact that there is no quality control or formal monitoring of slaughter practices in the dog meat trade it is very likely that violation of these laws is happening routinely. Dog meat restaurants’ sale of dog meat soup made with dog carcass from an unknown source is a violation of Food Sanitation Act Article 44 Section 1 Clause 1. Uninspected livestock products must not be transported, stored, displayed, sold or used for manufacturing or processing of food for human consumption. Please refer to the legal information regarding the dog meat consumption in South Korea published by KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates): We believe these demands are in line with the spirit and goals of Friendship cities to establish friendly communications in the areas of tourism, commerce, cultural exchange and public health. Your action is important; it can and will help save the lives and reduce the suffering of animals tragically caught up in the South Korean dog and cat meat trades.  Many Mayors from around the world have supported our campaigns by reaching out to their various counterparts within South Korea.  Take Bucheon, for example, such action really made a difference: they are now working hard towards becoming the first ‘dog meat free’ city in South Korea, by closing down illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses, and mandating that restaurants stop selling dog meat dishes!  Inspiring news, resulting from direct action by inspiring people, like yourselves. International coverage of the brutal dog and cat meat trade in South Korea has stained Pyeongtaek, South Korea’s image.  Don’t let it also tarnish your City’s Friendship city relationship. The time to end this tragedy is now.  The favor of your reply is requested. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photos: The Korea Observer’s documentary “The Dog Meat Professional: South Korea”

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Petitioning Ken Schwarz, Mayor Libby Schaaf, Dan Kalb, Abel Guillen, Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Noel Gallo, Desley Brooks, Larry Reid, Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland Fire Department

Save our forests

Our forests are in danger. The City of Oakland has released the draft of an environmentally catastrophic plan to chop down hundreds of thousands of healthy trees across 1,925 acres of public lands and 308 miles of roadway and to give city officials the unlimited discretion to clear cut any trees or forests they choose without public approval. It is a costly, destructive, and radical public land transformation that is predicated on the extensive use of herbicides and which will increase both the risk and severity of fire, imperiling public health and safety. And it will result in a whole host of additional and unavoidable harms including exacerbating climate change, destroying animal habitat, negatively impacting local businesses and property values, eroding community character, increasing the threat of landslides, and ruining the quiet enjoyment of people’s properties. Eventually, as a result of the impact of climate change and Sudden Oak Death Syndrome to which all oak trees are predicted to succumb, it will result in public lands that are barren and treeless.  Moreover, the Draft Vegetation Management Plan (DVMP) ignores the results of the city’s own survey which revealed that the public was against the use of herbicides and the destruction of healthy trees. In fact, Horizon, the consulting company which created the plan, refused to meet with citizens who opposed broadscale tree removal and pesticide use beyond cursory public meetings, while providing private access to those who supported them. As such, it is undemocratic and was designed to achieve a predetermined conclusion unrelated to its stated goals or the will of Oakland citizens. In that regard, it is also unlawful. To save our beautiful forests and the iconic local character, stunning vistas, shady hiking trails, and animal habitat they create, tell Mayor Libby Schaaf, the City Council, the Oakland Fire Department, and other city officials to reject the DVMP. Read our opposition by clicking here. Sign the petition. NOTE: After you sign this petition, will ask you for a donation. This money does NOT go to us. If you would like to donate to our efforts, you can do so instead at in the Take Action page.

Save the East Bay Hills
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Petitioning Dan Kalb, Abel Guillen, Desley Brooks, Larry Reid, Rebecca Kaplan, Noel Gallo, Annie Campbell-Washington, Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Mayor Libby Schaaf

Support A New Facility for Aspire ERES Academy in Oakland

Aspire ERES TK-8 Academy, a public charter school serving 220 students in the Fruitvale neighborhood, has been located in a constrained and cramped facility with extensive maintenance issues for the past nine years. Our students have very limited play space and endure maintenance issues on a regular basis. Aspire has received a $30M grant from the state of CA to build a new facility, which is just 1.1 miles away.  Our new facility will include science labs, art studios, indoor/outdoor play areas, a middle school rooftop lounge and spacious classrooms for our students to learn and thrive!  Support this project and give a traditionally under-served community the world-class education facility they deserve!  Support this project and enable Aspire ERES to enrich the surrounding area through our continued commitment to work collaboratively with OUSD, the surrounding neighborhood schools, community organizations and businesses. Charter schools are public schools!  We are proud to serve 95% students who qualify for free/reduced lunch, 13% of students who receive Special Education services and 100% on a road to College for Certain.  ERES is proud to serve a racially diverse community that closely reflects the demographics of the neighborhood.  Support our amazing Aspire students, educators and families!

Aspire ERES TK-8 Academy
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Petitioning City of Oakland, Mayor Libby Schaaf

Sue to keep the Raiders brand in Oakland.

Mark Davis along with the NFL have lied about the viability of a new stadium in Oakland and haven't made every effort to keep the team in Oakland.  Rather than acknowledging that Oakland has come up with viable proposals for a new stadium and moving forward with those options, Mark Davis, along with the NFL, decided they would relocate the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas so that they may fleece the state of Nevada for over $750 million.  As there are viable and ready stadium options in Oakland, the city of Oakland should file suit to keep the Raiders brand, logo, name, colors, etc. in Oakland as Cleveland did with the Browns in BEDER et al. v. CLEVELAND BROWNS, INC.

Frederick Naujoks
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Petitioning Libby Schaaf, Sabrina Landreth, Darin Ranelletti, Claudia Cappio, Dan Kalb, Abel Guillén, Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Annie Campbell-Washington, Noel Gallo, Desley Brooks, Larry Reid, Rebecca Kaplan,...

Demand Mayor Schaaf & City Council Choose Leaders for Equitable Development in Oakland

NO MORE DEVELOPERS & PROFITEERS on the OAKLAND PLANNING COMMISSION! Other community stakeholders deserve a voice, too! Residents of Oakland are fed up with seeing our loved ones pushed out of Oakland and facing homelessness due to rising rents. We demand progressive and visionary leadership now for the Planning Commission and the new Planning Director being hired soon! Mayor Schaaf is trying to push through yet another developer, Jonathan Fearn, onto the Planning Commission, with limited time for the public to vet, comment, learn about this candidate and have the Mayor consider other candidates, before City Council has to approve the Mayor's 2 nominations soon. We demand more time to review Fearn’s history and talk about the balance on the Planning Commission, which is already dominated by developers and people who financially benefit from development, with few voices for other residents of Oakland. We demand that Mayor Schaaf re-appoint Commissioner Jahmese Myres, who has shown exemplary leadership in making sure community is at the table in planning decisions. We demand that Mayor Schaaf also appoint the candidate put forth as a labor representative by building trade unions, Nischit Hegde,  since the workers who build new developments are not currently represented.   We ask that the Oakland City Council not allow more developers and those who profit from development to dominate the Planning Commission any longer.  We need balanced planning and leadership to stop the wave of displacement and gentrification pushing Oaklanders out of our hometown. We support diverse representation on the Planning Commission: Diversity of Industries, Experience & Geographic Representation on the Commission No more than 3 seats of people who profit from development 2 seats for community, 1 seat for labor, 1 seat for small/micro business owners Each commission seat to be filled by people who live or work directly in each of the 7 Council Districts We support progressive and diverse leadership for the Planning Department: We demand the City of Oakland formalize a process for community participation in the hiring of the city’s new Director of Planning & Building. Planning Department to commit to a process of equity in its hiring and retention practices and build a diverse leadership pipeline, as its staff is currently overwhelmingly majority white and not reflective of Oakland’s population. Background Information: The Planning Commission and Planning Department lead strategy for  development projects that shape our neighborhoods and access to affordable housing, good-paying jobs, public transportation, small business ownership, public open space, and the diversity of arts and culture that makes Oakland special. The Planning Commission has historically been weighted to prioritize developers, architects and others who have a financial interest in fast-tracking development, most of whom come from wealthier neighborhoods. These commissioners too often have to recuse themselves from votes because they are in close partnerships with the developers applying for projects, and financially benefit from the approval of developments. Already on the Oakland Planning Commission are 2 developers, 1 developer’s attorney, 1 real estate broker, 1 architect who works with developers, and the only seat for residents is up for re-appointment.  Having a biased Commission will only lead to more public fights and appeals over projects. More progressive planning commissions in other cities have designated seats for community representatives, and we believe that equal geographic representation is also critical. Commissioners who live in the Rockridge don’t necessarily understand community needs in Elmhurst or Havenscourt. In December, several community organizations sent letters to city leaders asking for community input in the hiring of the new Director of Planning & Building, and they still have not received a response.  We believe that a long history of disconnection between the Planning Department and Oakland residents requires community engagement in the process, and the hiring of a progressive leader who will innovate inclusive and equitable policies to build Oakland for all.    

Communities for Equitable Development in Oakland
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Petitioning Oakland Unified School District, Kyla Johnson-Trammell, Tara Gard, Gil Echeverria, Sondra Aguilera, Jody London, Aimee Eng, Jumoke Hinton-Hodge, Roseann Torres, Shanthi Gonzales, James Harris, Neen...

We Demand That OUSD Properly Fund Our Special Education Programs NOW!

The special education programs; Inclusion, Resource & Special Day Class, in Oakland Unified School District are in deep trouble. Children are suffering and being left behind. While this is most tragic for special needs children, this situation is impacting every child in OUSD. Our special education programs are not being supported or staffed sufficiently by the district. This has resulted in system wide non-compliance with our special education students’ IEPs & 504s (contracts that detail the essential services that are to be provided to children who need extra support to be successful). The special education teams are doing the absolute best they can with the subpar resources they have been given, but this cannot continue. Not only is it a violation of federally mandated IDEA laws it is a violation of our core mission and values. Special education programs are an essential component to an education system. For instance, we believe that a properly supported inclusion program serves the whole community and makes education better. It improves the quality of education by bringing innovative and differentiated teaching strategies in to the classroom among many other benefits. It also allows our children real world opportunities to learn and practice empathy, inclusivity, and embracing differences. On the other hand an inclusion program that is not properly supported, which is the current state we are in, is an absolute drain on resources for everyone. Everyone, including non-special education students suffer. It is unfair and an outright injustice for all students and all educators alike. Many of our special education programs are out of compliance. Many general education classrooms lack adequate support staff to serve their special education inclusion students. These classroom teachers are expected to do the job 2-3 people with different specialties. This is not sustainable. Until now, the District has not addressed this situation. We must to continue to put pressure on them to do the right thing and fund special education across all of OUSD. Join the Joaquin Miller Elementary PTA Board, PTA, and community in demanding that this situation be addressed and rectified immediately!! Please share our petition with your community: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. #SupportOUSDSpecialEducation #SpecialEducation #InclusionSchools

Joaquin Miller PTA
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Petitioning Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb

Banning single-use Plastic Water Bottles in Oakland

Dear Mayor Schaaf and Councilmember Kalb,We ask that the City of Oakland ban the sale of plastic water bottles. For years now, the entire planet has been experiencing extremely fast climate change caused by human generated pollution. Much of this pollution is created by wastefulness and garbage that we don’t use or need. Every year, enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth four times. It takes between five hundred and one thousand years for plastic to decompose, so the lifespan of our plastic products are longer than our own. There are approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of the world’s oceans. Because plastic doesn’t biodegrade, many animals in the ocean end up ingesting it, making them very sick or sometimes killing them. Over 100,000 animals die every year because of plastic. But plastic doesn’t only bring harm to animals. 93% of Americans above the age of six test positive for BPA. BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical used to harden plastic. Although no evidence is final, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued some concern on how BPA can affect your brain, behavior, and hormone levels. A few animal studies have also shown that there may be a link between BPA and cancer. Plastic doesn’t only hurt animals and our health; it also harms our environment. Every year, according to the Environmental Working Group, the U.S. manufacturing process of plastic water bottles takes the same amount of oil to fuel one million cars. It takes a lot of oil to make plastic, raising the possibility of oil spills. As I mentioned before, plastic is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. 90% of the trash floating on the surface of the ocean is plastic. Ten metric tons of plastic fragments in just the Los Angeles area alone are carried into the Pacific every single day. Oakland is a huge city, consisting of about 400,000 people. Although plastic waste is caused by the entire planet, cutting down plastic use by one city is a great starting point. There are many alternatives to using plastic water bottles. Simply buying a reusable non-plastic water bottle or thermos is enough. This also saves you money because you won’t have to buy a new bottle every time you want water; you’ll only have to refill it. Another alternative is using boxed water. Instead of the container becoming landfill, it will be recyclable. We are all guilty of overusing plastic and taking it for granted; I have used countless plastic bottles, bags, and other items. By switching out one frequent item that we use with something that doesn’t produce as much waste, we are already helping the reduction of climate change. Americans alone throw away 35 million plastic bottles every year, and although that may seem like too many to eliminate, cutting out our contribution of unnecessary waste is still a step forward. The consumption of plastic affects every single person because although we have different beliefs and perspectives, we all live on the same planet and share equal responsibility to take care of it. In conclusion, plastic waste is a major problem that affects our health, environment, and harms animals, but by making one simple change like this, we are making the world a better place. Sincerely, Arianna Moussavi9th grade student at Oakland Technical High School  

Arianna Moussavi
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Petitioning Mayor Libby Schaaf

Demand City of Oakland uphold ADA Access Code Compliance -to take our sidewalks back!

Are you frustrated that you cannot walk on the sidewalks with your children or pushing you grand-mothers’ wheelchair and are now forced to go out onto the street because of loitering, litter, feces and tent cities? As a resident or business owner do these encampments add to your stress? Is it effecting your business clients stress or business traffic and income, and/or property value?  We need to let our District representative, the OPD and our mayor Libby Schaaf know. We are asking our Oakland Residents, Emeryville and San Francisco and all community members of surrounding areas facing this problem to sign a petition to oppose the proposed expansion of homeless encampments. The proposal we need to voice we are against bis to to take over Cal Trans properties underneath the I80/580 freeway. This proposal by City of Oakland will INCREASE the encampments that are currently occupying Watts Street at 35thStreet. The passing of this proposal will potentially move homeless from 26thstreets and other locations around the area to lots underneath the freeway all along 35thstreet. There have already been 3 (three)- not 1, not 2, BUT 3 FIRES! at the encampment at 35th and Watts Street underneath the freeway caused by the campers negligence, hoarding, and unsafe storage and use of Gasoline for heating(?) There are numerous accounts of daily drug and human trafficking witnessed, stolen bicycles are parked outside tents on sidewalk. Loitering, drug dealing, littering and larger still ADA Code Compliance is being violated. Our sidewalks cannot be used! Our Elderly residents and children cannot walk along sidewalks overrun by tents and are forced to walk into the street to go around to pass -into roadway traffic.We need to demand these laws be enforced by our city. We are in need of other options –not offer expansion. This option to take over the Cal Trans owned parking lots is not a good idea or a permanent solution. Free property to homeless enables them -does not teach sustainability or use the land to generate income for funding real solutions!REAL SOLUTIONS #1: LIBBY!! These lots under freeways could instead generate income and at the same time assist in solving traffic issues our area has. We would like to see these lots used for monitored and metered parking, and/or park and ride lots for commuters into SF. Metered and monthly permit parking with shuttles that could take people to Bart…where there is clearly not enough parking around then stations and is a deterrent for people to use this pubic transit. These ideas would build more revenue to use to help fund needed PERMANENT low income housing to be built elsewhere. Parking lots owned by Caltrans could be offered for use by our community and would would be safer for the surrounding homes and help surrounding business, instead of hurting their business. Let’s propose real solutions, and create opportunities for programs to contribute back to the community for the services they would like. We need income for building low income homes to get homeless off our sidewalks.We are suggesting work programs for credit for shelter and meals and to give back and clean up the city. We would love more ideas and suggestions to pass along in our meeting we hope to get with the mayor. This would be a better use of these empty lots -for generating needed income for a more permanent solution. This income would help the homeless get homes and not in parking lots, and not tents on the sidewalks.We appreciate taking the time to read and Thank you for signing this petition to state you are against the proposed expansion and relocation of homeless to allow them to overtake these lots underneath the freeways, and for the focus to be on the real problem that needs to be solved -sustainability by real solutions. We want Oakland to ENFORCE ADA Code Compliance -sidewalk accessibility laws. The City officials need to think LONG TERM -not keep putting a band aid on it and as a result it is harming the surrounding business; and residents. Please sign our petition to demand OPD to uphold the laws that are already established for the WHOLE community. We need our lawmakers to encourage not discourage our officers to enforce the laws and support all of its residents -including homeowners and business owners, elderly and the children we have a job to keep safe.

City of Paris Studios
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Petitioning Rob Bonta, Mayor Libby Schaaf

Strengthen California's background checks for buying guns

We, the residents of California, petition California to instate laws that make it necessary  for any purchase of a gun in California to use a Cyber Security program to check for violent threats and to transfer all state files relevant for a background check to federal files. We demand that; -All federal and state background checks performed for california residents for any purchase of any gun include a online digital footprint check to look for any intent to harm someone or a threat, by using the cyber security program at Bellevue University. -All state files relevant for a background check are transferred to federal files.

clementinte hecker
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Urge congress to return ICE deported oncology nurse Maria Mendoza Sanchez to U.S. (S.1763)

Maria represents the best of Oakland – a dedicated registered nurse at Highland Hospital who has cared for our residents in their most vulnerable moments, as well as a loving wife and mother of four children. She and Eusebio epitomize the Oakland spirit; they are devoted members of our community, proud parents of highly accomplished students, and we honor and support their family as they face this life changing moment. As mayor of Oakland, I believe in keeping families together. The Trump administration’s arbitrary and cruel enforcement of immigration policies tears families apart. Our community needs Maria and Eusebio Sanchez. We will do everything in our power to reunite Maria with her family, her patients, and our fellow Oaklanders. Sincerely, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

10 months ago