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NRMA Insurance: a drunk driver left me without an arm and brain injury - please end the 4 year delay on my claim

I’ve just got news that I’ve won my petition and my case is settled. But here’s another petition on to NRMA Insurance in case you want to support them – I feel that everyone’s support for my petition saved me years of delays and pain:  ---------- I was hit by a drunk driver while getting something out of the boot of a work car. My left arm was crushed and amputated, and I was left with a mild brain injury – yet NRMA Insurance have delayed my claim for the last 4 years. The accident has devastated my life, and changed forever my family in every way. I live in pain that can be totally debilitating. The drunk driver went to jail, and her insurer NRMA Insurance accepted "full liability"at the time. But for the last 4 years both the NRMA and their lawyers have been fighting paying a "reasonable" amount for the claim. Their people are now trying to say I should take cheaper prosthetic arms that don't work as well. I wish more than anything that the accident didn't happen and I still had my arm and the life I once had with my family. I've lost my independence, even relying on my wife to tie up my shoelaces. Now I have countless doctors appointments, who say I'll most probably live with chronic pain my entire life. It's a terribly daunting thought. Every day that NRMA delay, more legal fees stack up. We've been forced into so much debt to our lawyers that it makes me feel sick even thinking about it. It feels like they're just trying to delay so long that we break and give up. All I want is for this to be over so that I can try to be the best husband and father that I can possibly be. Please, NRMA – settle my claim, allow me decent prosthetics and allow me to have some closure on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please send this petition to as many people as possible or let them know about it. Every person that signs it will help me and my family move towards settling my claim and putting the legal part of the accident behind us.  

Brendan R
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Petitioning Scott Morrison, Gladys Berejiklian, NRMA Insurance, AAMI Insurance

Dash cam education and installation on car manufacturing

This is a call for the education around dash cams and dash cams to be installed as part of the car manufacturing process. Not only does this provide a "protection" element to those driving but in the event something was captured it would provide valuable answers and evidence to those that could possibly be waiting for long court processes.  It could provide a deterrence for others demonstrating bad behaviour on the road and furthermore hold those accountable for their actions with undeniable evidence of what actually took place.  This in turn could also benefit insurance company claims.  The reason I am asking for this to take off is #justiceforElle .. my four year old daughter Elle Underhill died in a mva when the car she was travelling in was torn in half.. my other daughter elaina, also on life support and injured significantly...the driver found guilty of momentary inattention. I feel if there had been dash cam evidence the court process would have been shorter, as horrendous as it would've been there would have been evidence of what went wrong and answers may have been gained.  I do not want a family in our situation Elle's story has touched far more than she may have in life.  Something Has to many more lives have to end prematurely before we take a stand and get some useful preventative in place...perhaps the government could make a rebate available... with all the technology available to us now.. how hard can this notion be???

Michelle Underhill
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Petitioning John Earls, NRMA Insurance, Craig Anderson, Robert J. Gell

Save the ONLY fast electric vehicle charging station in Sydney.

The only fast electric vehicles (EV) charging station in Sydney is being decommissioned. This will negatively affect the use and uptake of electric cars in Sydney and damage the reputation of the transportation network. This station in North Strathfield was installed by NRMA and Canada Bay City Council in 2012. The charger is located at 32 George St., North Strathfield, New South Wales 2137. The details can be viewed here:  It has been broken for the past few months and many EV owners have raised concerns and disappointment about this (you can see the full comments history by following the link above).  Before it was broken, it was regularly and efficiently used by many drivers. NRMA is now planning to decommission the charger instead of repairing it. Canada Bay Council has shown no interest in taking over and maintaining the charger although the council represented by Angelo Tsirekas (mayor of City of Canada Bay at the time) was publicly involved in the installation and opening. If removed, this would be a big step back for the transportation infrastructure and make Sydney the only major city in Australia without a single rapid charger of this type.  We appeal to the Council on behalf of electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts of Sydney to keep, repair and maintain the charger. I am a member of Australian Electric Vehicle Association, an owner of 3 electric cars and a director of Eveeh, a company that is dedicated to increasing the adoption of sustainable electric transportation in Australia. I believe we should work together with the government to create a better infrastructure to increase the uptake of electric cars.

Slava Kozlovskii
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Petitioning NSW Police, NRMA Insurance, RACV, Melinda Pavey, Roads minister, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

Scrap driving 40km / hr past stationary emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

What is this about ? Taking effect on the 1st of September 2018, for a full 12 months, a new law was introduced under trial. All NSW drivers will be forced to slow down to 40km / hr passing emergency vehicles with flashing emergency lights, under this new proposed law. Similar laws are also in place in South Australia and Victoria with South Australians forced to slow down to an even slower speed of 25 km / hr. The police are enforcing this law under the operation “Go Slow”.   Who does this affect and what is the problem ? Under this trial drivers caught not following this road rule will get hit with a $448 fine and three demerit points, along with a maximum court penalty of $2200. The law does not only effect the side of the road you are driving on but also the traffic flowing the in opposite direction, unless there is a physical barrier in place. This law in itself is a fault, cars from far, around a corner, over a crest, around a bend, behind a truck will not be able to see flashing lights add the speed at which the car in front will jolt on the brakes to avoid a fine. Speculation was already in the making before the law came into existence, suggesting the outcome of this law,  theorising drivers will dangerously come to a reduced speed causing accidents or close calls. As said, such things have already taken place. On January the 5th an accident had taken place involving the car in front slowing down the car behind avoiding the car in front and instead swerving and colliding with the police motorcycle and car stopped on the shoulder. Ironically the law that is on trial to protect emergency workers just landed an officer in hospital. On March the 12th a separate incident police have witnessed a fully loaded semi come to a screeching halt narrowly avoiding cars slowing down and on the side of the road. A few of many examples as you would imagine. This not only impacts drivers but bystanders emergency crew passengers and anyone or anything in the way of a car or rig / semi trailer will end up as possible victims.   What is the solution ? It is simple to bring an end to this law, after all it is on trial to see the feedback and results. The people who can make the change is by getting people to sign and share to bring the attention of the NSW Police Force and hopefully the Roads Minister. This affects everyone in NSW.   Why do i care ? As I’m sure everyone should care for the safety of not just your selves but of others. As much as you I don’t want to be another statistic. Action will take place once someone has died from the result of this law still existing. Already an officer has been injured and landed in hospital with a broken leg. Not only the general public are against this rule but the NRMA and Police union were in full support of the law are now calling for it to be removed. Possibilities are limitless. The result of not having that one extra person sign can be the difference between this law being scrapped or worse off still in play just waiting for a injury or death from the result of this law still existing. This law was designed with the sole purpose of generating another form or raising revenue as it aids, serves and protects no one even the emergency staff that it was designed to protect is at major risk. Thank you for having the time and patience to read through what I have written. I have done this for the sole purpose of getting the attention of someone that can aid in removing this flawed law and making a difference, While also staying safe.    Related Links Car crash video on the Pacific Highway caused by new road rule A police officer was nearly hit by a truck driver attempting to comply with the new NSW road rule that forces drivers to slow down to 40km/h around emergency vehicles. Cop injured under emergency speed rule NRMA and police union call for controversial road rule to be scrapped over fears it could increase accidents Rear-end collision one day after new 40km/h speed rule introduced  

Saeed Harmouche
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Petitioning Mutual of Omaha Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, American Family Insurance Group, State Farm Insurance Cos., Sentry Insurance Group, NRMA Insurance, American International Group - AIG, Pr...

Make the Fossil Fuel industry pay for the insurance risk they create

An Open Letter to Insurance Companies We the undersigned understand that the insurance business model is based on assessing risk and setting rates to best offset the cost incurred by those risks. We understand that by now, insurers must have looked at the potential cost to their companies brought about by climate change. Certainly the travel, transportation, construction and agricultural industries stand to suffer greatly from climate change, and they buy insurance against their risks. This is also true of millions of individual property owners. It is also true that climate change has created a great risk to the health of individuals. We understand that this leads to higher costs for medicine and treatments. It is also true that if someone poses a risk to the larger population through their own actions, they pay more for insurance to defray the costs of the damage they are likely to cause. This is why young drivers and people with citations for reckless driving and DUI convictions pay more for their auto insurance. By now, insurers must have assessed the possibility that climate change is being spurred by the actions of the fossil fuel industry. It is reasonable that insurers, as an industry, make the fossil fuel industry pay higher costs to offset the potential damage they will bring about. Insurers will need to pay out on the claims that result from the damage of fossil fuels; insurers should be charging them according to the risk they are asking insurers to take on. We the undersigned are currently paying higher insurance rates brought on by the risks caused by the fossil fuel industry. We demand that these cost be shifted back to the industry itself. Insurers must make the fossil fuel industry pay higher rates to cover the burden they have placed on all of us.

David Pelovitz
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Pay Layton's CTP greenslip claim.

Layton’s Support Program We have been listening closely and share your concern for Layton Smith’s future. This is why we have been working with Layton’s family to contribute to the closure of the gap that has left them with uncertainty, and have established a support program for Layton and his family. Being able to have a direct and meaningful conversation about Layton’s exact needs and his parent’s specific concerns has made this possible. By putting together the package in the way we have been able to, what Layton needs from the NDIS is not jeopardised, and the support we are able to give goes to Layton and his family and taxation and legal fees are minimised. Layton's support program works in conjunction with NDIS to ensure lifetime treatment, care and certainty and includes the following: - A home for Layton - A car for Layton’s carers to ensure he can easily get to medical and other appointments - A trust fund built on sustainable and long term wealth creation
 - Lifetime health insurance
 - Lifetime income protection for Layton’s parents - Lifetime life insurance for Layton’s parents

5 years ago