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Pokemon Go, Intel Processor

Pokemon Go compatible with Intel processors!!!We are asking to developers of the game, a version of the game compatible with smartphones that use Intel processors ( Asus Zenfone 2, Galaxy tab etc)

Fabio La Ciura
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Petitioning Niantic

Extend the raid hours in Pokemon Go

The raids in Pokemon Go stop at 7pm. This prevents those of us with families and day jobs from participating in these events. This petition is to have the raids extended until at least 10 pm so that we have a chance in raiding as well. 

Ernest Bonino
23,248 supporters
Petitioning Niantic

Make level 1 thru 3 raids free in POGO

The recent addition of raids into Pokemon Go has stimulated player interest to participate more in the mobile game. However, since trainers only receive one free raid pass per day, trainers are very selective on which raids they will buy premium passes for. There are several factors of the raid function this petition will address  1. Make level 1 through 3 raids free. Trainers simply don't want to burn their one free pass on low tier raids, let alone purchase a premium pass for them. Making them free would increase trainer interest in participating in these raids. 2. Allow more free passes or allow premium passes to have more than one use. At $1 per premium pass, a trainer could easily find themselves spending $20+ weekly on raid passes. A lot of trainers simply don't raid because of the hefty price tag. The solution for this would be to allow more free passes to be given out on a daily basis and let them accumulate in a trainer's item bag. Or allow premium passes to have more than one use, similar to how egg incubators work. Allow trainers to collect 100 pokecoins per day from defending gyms to be able to reasonably afford more passes.

Michael Criss
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Petitioning Niantic

Niantic To Abolish Ex-Raid System

The Ex-Raid system has gone along for far too long. I understand Niantic intends to drive footfall for Sponsored Gyms/Pokestops, but not at the expense of players. The Ex-Raid system has until today failed to be an inclusive part of the Pokemon Go game mechanic. So many deserving players have been left out of receiving an exclusive pass for Mewtwo, when time after time again, multi-accounters and spoofers have received them. No fair and just system reward cheaters and leave legitimate players out.  While niantic has published a post regarding ex-raids, they have FAILED to explain how the final selection process is being done. This has left players continually grinding parks and sponsored gyms, without having a clear and transparent idea how they can qualify for an ex-raid pass.  I ask you, fellow Pokemon Go player to support this cause to abolish the ex-raid system and demand accessible and transparent access to Mewtwo and future in-game content. 

Randy Khoo
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Petitioning Niantic

Niantic should provide an option to use 8-bit Pokémon sprites in Pokémon GO

On March 31 2018, as a part of their April Fools joke, Niantic Labs has released a set of 8-bit Pokémon sprites for Pokémon GO. These sprites are very reminiscent of old handheld games and provoke a strong notion of nostalgia for many Pokémon GO players. We hereby petition Niantic to create an in-game switch that allows players to choose which sprite set to use: normal or 8-bit sprite sheet. Given that the art assets for an 8-bit sprite sheet already exist, this petition should be a minimum burden on Niantic's development process and future releases. Related reading: Official Niantic post Preview of the 8-bit sprites on Pokémon GO Hub

Pokémon GO Hub
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Petitioning Niantic

Remove speed limit ban on Pokestops in Pokemon Go!

To whom it may concern: I am an avid player of Pokemon Go and have been since its release.  I've invested a lot of time and money into a game that I thoroughly enjoy and play daily.  Along the way there have been several updates and while most have been good, some have been been not so great.  In fact, some have downright awful.  I've gotten over my frustration in most cases, but this latest one is by far the most infuriating. The speed limit caps on Pokestops is completely absurd.  While I understand your idea for driver safety, what about others who are passengers?  Or others that unable to get out walk to the Pokestops in their area?  Is this a money grab for people to buy more balls?  Does your data show an abnormally high accident rate while players are playing Pokemon Go?  It was enough you took away the ability to catch while going over 25mph, but now this?  It is completely inane. From reddit boards to Facebook, this is the one that is hitting home.  Please do not ruin a game that millions love to play.  As I said earlier, I've spent a lot of time and money in this game and I know for a fact that I am not the only one.  This is not the product we all invested in.  Please correct this and do not punish all players because of a select few.  You did an excellent job bringing people back with the Halloween event, only to kill it off with this? Take this opportunity to listen to the loyal players.  We want to play.  We want to spend money.  We want to catch them all.  Please don't make it any harder than it already is.  Please don't ruin our game.  

Richard Ray
9,254 supporters
Petitioning Niantic

Igualdad en Pokémon Go!

Tanto los jugadores como los creadores de contenido de Pokémon Go! queremos pedir a la desarrolladora de esta App igualdad a la hora de poder disfrutar del juego. Existen zonas rurales, aisladas..donde hay jugadores de Pokémon Go! que no disponen de Gimnasios, Poképaradas, les resulta imposible hacer una Incursión, etc. Y no solo zonas alejadas de los núcleos, sino pueblos y ciudades que desde el principio del juego no han podido contar con estos elementos. La propia Niantic en varios comunicados ha asegurado estar trabajando en ellos y llevamos más de un año sin obtener resultados. Y sobretodo dirigido a Latinoamerica, donde no solo tienen desventaja con estos elementos en el juego sino que además no han tenido nunca ni un solo evento físico en relación al juego ni disponen de cadenas Sponsor que les brinden más facilidades a la hora de avanzar. Dado que es un juego social en que el que prima la interactividad con otras personas, con este gran problema es imposible disfrutar del juego. Y por último aunque menos importante, que por favor se premie a todo tipo de jugadores, en tema de pases Ex y similares. Rogamos a Niantic escuche las peticiones que sus jugadores hacen, jugadores que aún así se esfuerzan día a día en poder jugar.

Esther Torralba
8,759 supporters
Petitioning Nintendo, Niantic

Dedicare un Pokestop o una Palestra di Temù (BS) a Matteo

Wednesday November 1ˢͭ 2017 our really close friend, Matteo Silini, passed away due to a heart attack, he was only 20. Matteo was really into Pokemon Go as well as a player, he had almost completed the Pokedex with both the genders for every Pokémon, and if there was a raid between Temù and Ponte di Legno he would have been there for sure, ready to fight at every hour in the day and in the night. We spent all the summer around Poke stops and gyms with him trying to catch every Pokémon using every time a different lure module in the most different Poke stops, looking for that mystic golden Magikarp that our friend Matteo has never found even though more than 500 Magikarps captured, promising us that the day he will found that Pokémon he would offer us a big pizza. Because of this we were wondering if it’s possible to rename a Pokestop or a Pokegym nearby Temù(BS Italy) dedicating it to his memory, adding very simply his name or the word “TOP”, used frequently and in every background by our friend Matteo. We are sure that it will makes him really happy because of it was the game that makes him has fun the most Thanks for your attention Matteo’s aka TeoSilly97 friends       Nella giornata di mercoledì 1 novembre 2017 è venuto a mancare un nostro caro amico, Matteo Silini, a causa di un infarto.Matteo era un grande appassionato di Pokemon Go, aveva quasi completato il Pokedex con tutte le forme maschio/femmina, e se c'era un raid nella zona di Temu o Ponte di Legno lui era lì, pronto a combattere a qualsiasi ora.Abbiamo passato tutta l'estate in giro a catturare pokemon con lui, provando ogni giorno un'esca su un pokestop differente, per vedere se convenisse quello del Garní, o quello del cinema di Temu, alla caccia di quel Magikarp dorato che Matteo non è mai riuscito a trovare, nonostante i 500 e più magikarp catturati, promettendoci che ci avrebbe offerto una pizza il giorno che lo avrebbe catturato.Per questo abbiamo pensato di chiedervi se fosse possibile rinominare un Pokestop o una palestra di Temú (BS), dedicandolo alla sua memoria, aggiungendo anche semplicemente al nome di uno di questi la parola "TOP", sostantivo utilizzato molto spesso da Matteo anche nel parlare, e che lo rappresentava al meglio.Pensiamo sarebbe felice di sapere di “far parte" del gioco che tanto lo appassionava. Grazie della vostra attenzioneGli amici di Matteo aka TeoSilly97

Nicolò Rovaris
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