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43,000 NY kids will be sexually abused every year. Protect them. Sign this petition.

I'm Ana Wagner. This video is my story. I Help me protect my kids. Help me protect yours. This will be the twelfth year advocates like me try to convince our elected leaders to protect children, not sexual predators. But there is powerful, well-funded opposition to this bill, and it faces some fierce, powerful opponents in the Senate. We can't win if we don't bypass them. Now is the time to urge Governor Cuomo to bypass the committee processes and get this bill passed by April 1. New York's children deserve to be Governor Cuomo's priority, not left to the whims of a Senate that has been influenced by big money.  Please sign the petition. Please share it. Please donate to our fundraiser for social media advertising.  Click this link for a sample script:

Stop Abuse Campaign
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                         LIFE CAN CHANGE IN AN INSTANT. On Friday December 5, 2014, my husband kissed me goodbye at 6:00AM before he left for work.  We had plans to attend a holiday party that evening and we were looking forward to it. These plans never came to fruition.  Sherman was killed in a horrific hit and run crash thirty minutes after leaving home.   A man who was drunk and high and speeding 80 miles per hour from the left lane to the right lane crashed into my husband’s car forcing him off the road into a tree and left him to die alone. Had the driver stayed and called for help, perhaps my husband of more than twenty years might have lived.  Instead the driver fled and later conspired to destroy evidence by setting the car he was driving on fire.  The suspect never took responsibility for his actions. It took law enforcement more than nine months of persistent and diligent detective work to find the perpetrator and bring him to justice. To this day there is not an ounce of remorse. My life and our familie's life has changed forever because of this heinous act.   See link to media story here: A HIT AND RUN CAN HAPPEN TO ANY ONE OF US. Please help us seek increased penalties for drivers who flee the scene of a crash without reporting, leaving helpless pedestrians and motorists severely injured or dead on our streets and roadways. HOW CAN YOU HELP There are thousands of cases just like Sherman’s, where lives have been shattered or families torn apart due to serious injuries and fatalities caused by hit and run drivers. Help be a voice for those who suffer in silence.  You can be an important part of changing legislation by signing and sharing this petition to help raise awareness of this serious crime. Your signature will show support for passage of tougher hit-and-run legislation by the New York State Assembly, and ultimately by Governor Andrew Cuomo. As the law stands now, the penalties for a driver leaving the scene of an incident he/she has caused are too lenient. It is to the driver’s benefit to leave to cover up reckless driving or DWI.  Some who leave are never caught, leaving a family with no justice and no closure, and if they are caught they are likely to face lower charges and minimal jail time. The current law encourages people to leave. There are more than ten legislative bills pending in the Assembly Committee on Transportation in Albany that will meet this objective. Below is a link to one of several bills pending Leg# A3230 which is supported by more than twenty assembly members across the state of N.Y.  So why is it stalled?  Passage of this legislation is the only way for the law to stop giving drivers who leave the scene of a crash a benefit for leaving.   If our politicians continue to turn their back on this issue, reckless drivers will continue to evade the law and not face the consequences of their actions.  This is a serious crime and can happen to any one of us, our family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors as we travel through our streets and roadways in the State of New York.  The end of the assembly session is quickly approaching June 21, 2017.  If no bills are passed we will have to start again next year.  In the mean while innocent pedestrians and motorists will be seriously injured or killed. Help bring awareness and show New York State politicians we want action now by signing the petition and sharing it with everyone you know.  By doing so you are using your power to support the passage of heightened penalties.   If you would like to share thoughts or personal stories, please write us at HELP KEEP NEW YORKERS SAFE ON OUR STREETS AND ROADWAYS. Thank you for your support    

Project Sherman
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Naturopaths are not doctors: stop legitimizing pseudoscience

The purpose of this petition is to voice opposition to legitimizing naturopathy through state licensure and mandated insurance reimbursement. Naturopaths are attempting to become legally recognized as "primary care physicians" in all U.S. 50 states and become Medicare providers. This is a dangerous future. UPDATE: This petition has expanded to include Canada, where naturopaths are also aggressively lobbying for licensure in all provinces and inclusion in healthcare programs. In Canada and the U.S., naturopathic education is shared across the border via a common accrediting agency, the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (see below). Thus, a naturopath who graduated from Bastyr in Washington state can then become licensed in Ontario. It is only natural that opposition to NDs should be applied to all of North America. Naturopaths are not trained similar to physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants. Naturopaths are trained in a hodgepodge of antiquated methods, mystical theories, and bare-bone fundamentals of medicine. Naturopathic students are required to master homeopathy, energy modalities, herbalism, chiropractic-like manipulations, and therapies involving heat and water. There is a strong emphasis on anti-vaccine promotion and alternative cancer treatments. This petition concerns naturopaths who graduated from programs approved by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education. These programs are attempting to circumvent comprehensive medical training by misrepresenting their academic rigor to lawmakers and the public. This is our chance to make a stand against pseudoscience masquerading as legitimate medicine. Please sign this petition to show your support for blocking naturopathic licensure, scope of practice expansion, and inclusion in federal and state health care programs. Naturopaths are not doctors, and they should not be treated as such. Below is a list of references with data and expert opinion on naturopathic education and practice: Atwood, Kimball C., IV (2003). "Naturopathy: A critical appraisal". Medscape General Medicine 5 (4): 39. Atwood IV, Kimball. C. (2004). "Naturopathy, pseudoscience, and medicine: Myths and fallacies vs truth". Medscape General Medicine 6 (1): 33. Barrett, Stephen (2013). "A close look at naturopathy". QuackWatch. Wilson, K. (2005). "Characteristics of Pediatric and Adolescent Patients Attending a Naturopathic College Clinic in Canada". Pediatrics 115 (3): e338–e343. Busse, Jason W.; Wilson, Kumanan; Campbell, James B. (2008). "Attitudes towards vaccination among chiropractic and naturopathic students". Vaccine 26 (49): 6237–6243. Wilson, Kumanan; Mills, Ed; Boon, Heather; Tomlinson, George; Ritvo, Paul (2004). "A survey of attitudes towards pediatric vaccinations amongst Canadian naturopathic students". Vaccine 22 (3-4): 329–334. Mielczarek, Eugenie V.; Engler, Brian D. (2014). "Selling Pseudoscience: A Rent in the Fabric of American Medicine". Skeptical Inquirer 38.3. Boon, Heather S.; Cherkin, Daniel C.; Erro, Janet; Sherman, Karen J.; et al. (2004). "Practice patterns of naturopathic physicians: Results from a random survey of licensed practitioners in two U.S. States". BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine 20 (4): 14. "Testimony in Opposition to H. 1992 and S. 1205, An Act to Create a Board of Registration in Naturopathy". Massachusetts Medical Society. Massachusetts Medical Society. Downey L, et al. (2010). "Pediatric vaccination and vaccine-preventable disease acquisition: associations with care by complementary and alternative medicine providers.". Matern Child Health J. 14 (6): 922–30. Lipson, Peter. (2016). Naturopaths: Fake Doctors in White Coats? Forbes. Caulfeild, Timothy. (2013). Don't legitimize the witch doctors. National Post. Palmer, Brian. (2014). Quacking All the Way to the Bank: Naturopaths are winning insurance coverage for medical nonsense. Slate. Various authors. Naturopathy vs Science. Bellamy, Jann. (2015). 2014: Chiropractors, naturopaths and acupuncturists lose in state legislatures. Hermes, Britt. (2015). ND Confession, Part 1: Clinical training inside and out. Hermes, Britt (2015). ND Confession, Part II: The Accreditation of Naturopathic “Medical” Education. Hermes, Britt. Naturopathic Diaries.      

Britt Marie Hermes
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Make Air Travel Safer For People With Autism And Service Animals

Airlines are not required to honor special seating requests for autistic passengers. I think this is wrong. Many autistic passengers require special seating while flying that should be respected. Currently, airlines are “encouraged” to make the accommodations, but not required. Join me and tell the Department of Transportation that autistic people should be given special seating accommodations just like other disabled passengers. Tell them to amend the ACAA to require specific accommodations for autistic spectrum passengers. My name is Beth Joy. I have an autistic daughter. Last April, we took a trip from New York to Hawaii. Flying, for someone with sensory and auditory processing disorders, can be quite difficult. Her neurologist recommended she sit in the bulkhead and by the window. The seat placement would help ease her symptoms and allow for easier care during the flight. We got a doctor’s note requesting the appropriate seating arrangements and called 6 months ahead of time to make sure she would have the accommodations she needed to have a stress free flight. The airline honored our request on the way to Hawaii, but denied us on the way home. The problem is the Air Carrier Access Act, the law that requires air carriers to accommodate the needs of passengers with disabilities, doesn’t specifically require airlines to provide special accommodations for people with autism. While others with disabilities are guaranteed certain seating accommodations, airlines can use discretion when providing seating for the autistic passengers. This needs to be fixed. The ACAA needs to be amended to specifically require airlines to provide those with autism the same seating privileges as others with disabilities. The CDC found that one in 68 children lie somewhere within the autism spectrum. It is important to ensure that their flying experience provides for their medical needs. The Department of Transportation can ensure this by amending the ACAA to require airlines to afford autistic passengers special seating if requested.   Join me and ask the DOT to do the right thing and help make air travel as comfortable as possible for those on the autism spectrum. Tell them to amend the ACAA. AMEND THE ACAA FOR AUTISM: AIR TRAVEL FOR ALL EQUALLY We ask that you amend the Air Carrier Access Act to accommodate the developmentally disabled of whom have doctor prescribed seats. It must be a federal mandate just as you have for the physically disabled. We as parents are asking for not only the safety and well-being of our children but for the comfort of other passengers flying as we know our children's sensory issues best. It takes a simple presidential signature for all airlines to conform to the modernized policy. We are different, not less. We ask for equal treatment to fly like everyone else around the country. No more discrimination. Mahalo, Vivie, Vivie's Mommy & the entire spectrum community #1in68 Our full story: UPDATE APRIL 2015:  Scroll down to number 84, that is our proposal: Here is the DOT link to the proposed rule change. Ours is the last line in the paragraph. Again, please tell everyone to email their disability discrimination stories whether they be physical or developmental to them. Or just why you believe it is important. No more injustice. ‪#‎ausomerainbow‬  

Beth Joy
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Don't Remove Farmworkers from the NY State Minimum Wage!

Like all other workers, the hardworking farm laborers who pick our apples, milk our cows, and grow our vegetables deserve a fair wage for their work. They are the backbone of our agricultural economy and should be treated with dignity, respect, and equality under the law. Farmworkers in New York State are already excluded from basic labor protections like overtime pay, collective bargaining protections, and a day of rest. Now Governor Cuomo is is considering excluding them from the state minimum wage.   

Worker Justice Center of New York
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Vote Better NY

New York faces a voter participation crisis. Nearly 2 million voting age citizens in our state are not registered to vote and New York consistently falls to the bottom in voter turnout. In 2014, just 20 percent of voting age citizens voted -- good for 46th in the nation. It doesn't have to be this way. We live in a smartphone world, but our election laws are stuck in the past. We need fundamental change to make the way we vote reflect the way we live our lives today. To make sure voters can make their voices heard, we, the undersigned New Yorkers, call on Governor Cuomo and members of the New York state Senate and Assembly to support early voting, expanded voter registration and better ballot design.  We support passage of legislation, such as the following: Early voting (A8582A/S3813B). New Yorkers should have a two-week period including Saturdays and Sundays to ease long lines on Election Day and give voters flexibility as they juggle work and family obligations. Voter Empowerment Act (A5972/S2538A) to ensure every eligible citizen is registered to vote and make it easier to update their voting information.  Voter Friendly Ballot Act (A3389) to create a ballot that is easier to read and understand so that every voter can cast a ballot that counts. In the coming months the Vote Better NY effort will broaden to reach communities all across New York State. Sign up to join the movement, here. Track the team's progress by following us on Twitter and Facebook and add your voice to the movement using the #VoteBetterNY hashtag

Vote Better New York
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New York Bills A2699 & S5593 the "Second Chance Law": Sealing/Expunging Criminal Convictions/Record

Check the "info" section of our Facebook page here for more information and "Like" it:

John Franklin
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Jones Beach NY demand more park police & park ambulance

CBS2 Jones Beach Carolyn Gusoff Video InterviewOn the evening of July 21, 2015 my husband John F Mullady age 68 had a heart attack while driving out from a concert at the Jones Beach Nikon Theater. We had just rounded the water tower heading west on Ocean Pkwy when he let go of the wheel. I was able to slow the car down and crash into the woods. I called 911 at 11:31 pm. I ran out into the street to try to flag down help as I wasn't strong enough to pull my husband out on my own and I couldn't reach the buckle to his seat belt. 6 minutes later a park police car drove up a distance behind. I ran over and begged him to please get my husband out of the driver's seat to do CPR as everyone knows, minutes even seconds matter.  He said "they are coming mam". "That night, I was the only officer on patrol for the park police" said Troy Caupain. Finally another officer arrived, pulled him out of the car and they began to to administer CPR.  EMT's who are stationed at the first aid office at the boardwalk arrived (took them 10 minutes to get over to us at 11:41) and applied AED's (defibrillator) shocked him 3X. It took the Wantagh Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance 18 minutes to arrive from the mainland. I was upset because we had seen police and an ambulance present in the Jones Beach Nikon Theater parking lot only a few minutes from where we were. I asked why that ambulance couldn't assist since it was nearby and I was told that the Nikon Theater run by Live Nation  privately hires that ambulance and it wasn't the type of ambulance needed to help with my husband's heart attack anyway. And it's manned by EMT's not paramedics. So apparently if you have a heart attack at the theater, which holds 15,000 seats, you'll still have to wait 18 minutes for the volunteer ambulance to arrive from Wantagh or Merrick. My husband died an hour later at the Nassau University Medical Center at 12:28 am. I would like to know what precinct the 911 dispatcher called and why it took so long for them to arrive. When I called the Nassau Police Legal Bureau they said they had no record of it. I would like to know what protocol should be followed when the first car arrives as a person is buckled and dying of a heart attack in his car. Park Police wouldn't answer this either, even though I filed a freedom of information request. I had read just one month prior to this incident about then PBA President Manny Vilar addressing recent problems regarding limited manning at the Jones Beach State Park and other Parks on Long Island. "The PBA warns only “35 State Park Police officers” will kick off the season patrolling all “26 Long Island parks” that draw 19 million summer visitors." That they were hiring young college students part time as rangers to fill in the gaps with no experience in policing. "Basically, college kids that come out for a summer job. It’s a part-time job. There is no police training,” said Troy Caupain, director of the New York State Park Police Officers’ Association.They had actually stated that someday, some poor guy is going to have a heart attack and not get help in time. One month later, this was my husband's fate. There was never anything reported about the accident in the news. My daughter couldn't locate the accident report for several weeks for the auto insurance since the police had filed it under the wrong name. Jones Beach Nikon Theater holds 15,000 seats. The Memorial Day Air Show draws 500,000 people and Fourth of July averages 100,000. The Park Police are in charge, yet have no permanent park ambulance that can assist with a heart attack victim. The night my husband died the park police had one lone officer patrolling 5 Nassau County Parks. You have to wait 18 minutes for the Wantagh or Merrick Volunteer Fire Dept. on the mainland. My husband and I bought passes every year and walked on the boardwalk as a routine, attended 3 or 4 concerts in the summer...never with a thought that we wouldn't be helped in a timely manner if need be. John F Mullady was a Combat Vietnam Veteran and a Purple Heart Recipient. His tank hit a mine and he was blown 100 feet in the air, landed on his head and got help. To have him die at Jones Beach this way is a disgrace. This year, instead of going to the air show on Memorial Weekend...I drove out to Calverton National Cemetery with my children to visit their Dad.Please email me with any questions:Mary Ann Mullady maryannmullady@gmail.comOther Related Articles:NYS Park Police Union: There May Not Be Enough Officers To Patrol The Beach This SummerNYS Calls on Cuomo To Reject Ill-Advised Security Plan For State Beaches and Parks

Mary Ann Mullady
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Marchman Act In New York State

The Marchman Act is a Petiton for an Involuntary Assessment when there is good reason to believe that the substance abuser is impaired, due to substance abuse and has lost all self-control and is endangering themselves or others. One of the biggest problems in preventing addicts to get treatment is denial. This Act allows families to save their loved one from themselves in the event that the substance abuser is putting themselves in harms way. Another common issue with drug abuse and addiction is very often there is an underlying mental health condition that goes unnoticed for years, allowing the addict to self-medicate to ease the feeling they have when they are sober. With the Marchman Act in place, it will allow addicts to receive help sooner and get treated and if need-be, medicated for the right mental health issues, as well as becoming educated on the 12 steps, meetings, and learning how to live without drugs. The Marchman Act will aid in the continuing Heroin epidemic in New York as well as  the rest of the country . New York lets join Florida in trying to get those who refuse to admit they have an addiction the help they so desperately need. Families are often left with tied hands while watching their loved ones slowly destroy their minds and bodies untie our hands. STOP THE SILENCE  

Tina Shearman
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New York State: Allow Vendors in State Campgrounds to Keep Their Businesses

Fish Creek Pond Campground, a state owned and Department of Environmental Conservation managed campground has been a summer oasis for New York families since 1920. An essential element to this waterfront oasis are the various vendors that pass through the campground on a daily basis.  Vendors sell coffee, cakes, ice, firewood, and other camping essentials. Recently, campers have learned that this practice will end at Fish Creek Pond.  Vendors, some who have been providing their services to Fish Creek and Rollins Pond for over thirty years will no longer be allowed to run their enterprises.  A canoe rental vendor in Rollins Pond, an adjacent campground, has been in business since the 1930's and now will be forced to shut down.  New York claims to be "Open for Business".  Let's prove that and allow these vendors to continue to serve campers in state campgrounds.

Shane Carman
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