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Stop hit and run drivers who kill Innocent people from receiving bond in North Carolina.

My daughter was involved in an hit and run accident On February 17, 2020 that caused her to lose her life at the scene. A witness was able to identify the suspects and they were arrested several hours later. Mr. Himes and Ms. Kerr were able to post bond 10 hours later and given no conditions on their bond. As of February 18, 2020, the suspects have been out on bond with only a 30 day suspension on Mr. Himes drivers license. Man charged with involuntary manslaughter, DWI after teen killed in northwest Charlotte crash Accident report shows that Mr. Himes was traveling approximately 76 mph in a 35 mph zone while Ms. Wilson was traveling approximately 16 mph making a left hand turn. Mr. Himes and Ms. Kerr were indicted on charges of manslaughter several days later after posting bail of just 10,000 dollars. Currently, they are free in the community to cause harm to more individuals with their reckless behavior. The mother of Maniche Wilson, the 17 year old that was killed in the accident is devoted to change the law in North Carolina concerning drunk drivers who cause fatalities and to deny bond in front of a magistrate judge to keep the offenders in jail. 

LaChelle Walker
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NBC: Cancel The Apprentice, Miss USA and Miss Universe

    Dear NBC, I grew up wondering if Rachel and Ross would stay together, my favorite psychiatrist would finally have a relationship, and trying to figure out if George was really the master of his own domain. I watched show after show in the good and the bad times. I still cannot see you eye to eye for taking my favorite cannibal away, but hey, at least you brought back Duchovny!   Which is why I am wondering as to why the Latinos are being treated as second class citizens. Food Network cancelled Paula Dean's shows for insulting the African-American community, Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was suspended for his anti-gay remarks, and so on and so forth. Yet, as one of the most watched TV networks in the country and owner of Telemundo, the second most largest Hispanic TV network, you side for business and not for ethics, principles and values. A few days ago, one of your TV reality show stars by the name of Donald Trump, decided to announce his candidacy for the largest public position in the United States, the presidency. He called Latinos, not only Mexicans, rapists, drug users and criminals. Racists in this country do not differentiate between Central and South Americans or Mexicans, they just use the word "Mexican." Not only do Mexicans cross the border, but so do Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Dominicans, etc. The word Mexican is also used to describe anybody that looks Latino or has a Latino name, Yes, even those born in this country. Univision decided to see principles as a priority instead of business and cut ties with Trump and Miss USA. Your answer, "we do not agree with his positions on a number of issues including his recent comments on immigration." You did not cancel Miss USA, The Apprentice or even made reference to his hateful and divisive remarks. Not only that, but the only reason why you would not have him as head of The Apprentice would be because of his political aspirations, not because of his incendiary remarks in a country where violence against minorities and racism are still around daily. I, like many others, am an immigrant and had immigrant ancestors that gave their heart and soul for this country. I have two Bachelor degrees and one Masters. There are also millions and millions of us that are reporters, police, entertainers, entrepreneurs, etc. Some even defend this country as part of the military! I am working for the community everyday as well as being an outstanding citizen. I am not a rapist, I have never taken drugs, and the worst thing I have ever done is going fast on the freeway from time to time. I am not worth $4.1 billion, but my people spend way more than that on your advertisers. We have a voice and we decide the future of this country.  Please cancel Miss USA, Miss Universe and the Apprentice. You are supporting a hateful and narcissistic individual without any kind of values, both personal and business wise. Not only that, but you are supporting a growing trend of bigotry and division in this country. Mr. Trump does not need to apologize anymore, which he will not according to his remarks after being dumped by Univision. He needs to be shown that his behavior belongs in the past before the civil rights movement. It is time for him and people like him, to join this century and work for this country, not against it. A large part of your audience is Hispanic and we watch NBC, NBC News, and Telemundo. How about looking out for us? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of original petition.

Guillermo A Castañeda, Jr.
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Tell Gray Television to grant a co-copyright to help me fight YouTube and Facebook.

My beautiful daughter Alison, a journalist for WDBJ7 in Roanoke, VA was murdered on live television in 2015.  For years now, I have been fighting Google to remove the video of her murder from YouTube.  Google, along with Facebook and Instagram are protected from any liability thanks to a law called Section 230 for which the only exception is for copyright violation.  I appeared on 60 Minutes on January 3rd and described how my life has been affected by Google's ongoing injurious practice.  As I said in my interview, Google's original motto was "Don't be evil".  Now, they are the personification of just that. Equally as immoral is Gray Television, a media conglomerate with major network affiliates across the country.  In late 2015 Gray purchased WDBJ and now owns the copyright to that infamous video.  My legal team at Georgetown University Law has asked Gray repeatedly for co-copyright use that would enable us to sue Google for damages.  A co-copyright agreement would in no way subject Gray to any legal liability.  We cannot legally compelled them, only ask that they do the right thing.  Until 230 is repealed, it's our only recourse to hold Google accountable.   Sadly, Gray repeatedly either refuses or ignores our pleas to grant this request, cynically offering only a worthless usage license--useful only if we wanted to re-broadcast Alison's murder.  As pernicious as Google and Facebook are, Gray is worse.  I seek your help and ask that you beseech Gray to do the decent thing and provide me the means to bring a modicum of justice to these sociopaths who endanger lives and democracy while monetizing murder videos.   Thanks for your help!   Andy Parker

Andy Parker
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Raising Awareness & Ending Hate Crimes Towards the Asian Community

Raising Awareness & Ending Hate Crimes Towards the Asian Community On February 4, 2021, a 61-year-old Filipino man named Noel Quintana was a victim of a Hate Crime. Quintana was on the Manhattan subway when he was slashed across the face from cheek to cheek. Quintana received countless stitches and was unable to talk for a while. The perpetrator is still at large. Little information has yet to be released.  On January 28, 2021, an 84-year-old Thai man named Vicha Ratanapakdee was a victim of a Hate Crime. Ratanapakdee was on his morning walk in Anza Vista (San Francisco) Thursday morning when he was brutally attacked by Antoine Watson. In the video, Watson can be seen racing across the street to intentionally and violently shove Ratanapakdee to the ground; his head slammed into the hard pavement. "Ratanapakdee was taken to the hospital for life-threatening injuries and passed away Saturday." Watson is currently pleading not guilty to murder and elder abuse. An innocent man's life was taken away yet Watson still believes he is innocent. On the evening of July 14, 2020, an 89-year-old woman in Brooklyn was taking a walk when 2 suspects (both later identified as 13-year-olds) approached her. Without saying a word to the victim, one of the teens struck her in the face while the other set her on fire. They were later found and only charged with third-degree assault. On August 4, 2020, NYPD refused to deem this as a hate crime. On February 26, 2020, an elderly Asian man was seen collecting recyclables in Bayview district (San Francisco) when bullies approached him and started using racial slurs. Then they started to humiliate, assault, and rob him. The elderly Asian man was seen crying throughout the video. The perpetrator was charged with robbery, elder abuse, a probation violation (prior robbery), and a hate crime enhancement.  This petition is aimed towards bringing awareness and ending the violent and racial attacks towards the Asian community -- especially the vulnerable and elderly members.  How to take action TODAY: Pressure mainstream media to cover these stories Hold the court system accountable for prosecuting and sentencing the offenders to the appropriate crime(s) Have police departments across the nation recognize and acknowledge Hate Crimes against Asians Encourage victims of hate and racial offenses to report the crime to authorities Attend educational seminars about the Asian community to grasp a better understanding of the issue Recognize the increase in xenophobia Urge witnesses to speak up during and after the incident  Use your platform to share the names of victims  Use your platform to get your friends and family involved    

Emily Lee
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#JusticeForMassaiCole (Hate Crime Enhancement)

This petition is for 18 year old Massai Cole, killed 18 days before his 19th Birthday in Moreno Valley, CA by 2 white supremacy first cousins at one of his best friend’s party. While staying in Moreno Valley with his uncle.  Massai was a loving human being who could light up the world with his charm, wit and smile. He forgave easily, he LOVED hard and he would go above and beyond for his family and friends. He was simply a PROTECTOR. When the Zesk cousins murdered Massai, they didn’t just stop his life, they murdered the souls of an entire family and community AND WE WANT JUSTICE. So many people are devastated behind Massai’s untimely forced death. Massai was raised in Ventura,CA he is known to the Ventura community as (The Ventura Legend) Riverside County is identifying him as an Inglewood, CA man but he is not. Meanwhile the killers are being identified as “Youthful Offenders” even though Massai is younger than the shooter. Massai’s death was a hate crime but the law and courts are not treating it as such! There was no media coverage on Massai Cole’s death, he was shot 8 times in his upper torso, by bullets “not meant for him” that they were randomly shooting into a crowd! (so they say!) but no one else was hit but Massai. One of the only black males at the party. The two cousins that murdered him have known ties to white supremacy, we’re being told that they can’t get the hate crime, and we’re hearing of deals being mentioned. The only deal we want is LIFE without the possibility of parole. We were told that one of the killers is sincere and was on his way to the Marines (too bad we’ll never know where Massai was headed) He should still be here!   Massai’s killers graciously wave the Make America Great Again Flag and the Confederate Flag on their social media pages! They also boast in their music videos on YouTube chanting “White Power, F*** N****rs Kill Them All”. The family believes and knows that Massai was targeted because of the color of his skin. So does Massai’s Caucasian friends who were also present at the party. Riverside County will not add the Hate Crime Enhancement this will ensure that the killers never see the light of DAY, how could they when Massai’s light has been stolen from him by HATE. We are asking for Darren & Jared Zesk (first cousins) to be charged with a Hate Crime Enhancement in the murder of Massai Jevon Cole 02/19/01 - 02/01/20. Massai is missed deeply and there are a lot of people suffering mental depression behind his death. Please help us get #JusticeForMassaiCole #LLSAIJ

Qui Anderson
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