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Whatsapp For Free without Internet

WhatsApp was the most attractive app in the world to communicate but we have a problem you can't use it without Internet for this reason we to develop Whatsapp to use it without internet to increase the number of users and to use whatsapp more 

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Name the TRAPPIST-1 planets after the Kerbol system from KSP

Please share ! Let's be honest : Kerbal Space Program brought more to space exploration and public interest in space exploration than any piece of entertainment. It is time to honor indie game development studio Squad Games' achievement by naming the potentially livable planets from the star system TRAPPIST-1 after the Kerbol system from KSP.It is probable that other planets will be discovered, but coincidentally, there are currently 7 potentially habitable planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system, and 7 planets in the fictional Kerbol system (Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Dres, Jool and Eeloo). Let us write this historical discovery by naming these 7 planets with these names, from Moho (the closest to the star) to Eeloo (the farthest). It might be a lot to ask for all 7 planets to be renamed after KSP's planets, so just naming one of them as Kerbin (the main, Earth-like planet in the Kerbol system) would already be an honor beyond measure for that studio that in the span of a few years made space a passion and a dream for so many of us gamers.

David Resin
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Name a planet from TRAPPIST-1 planetary system - Moldova!

  We, the people of the Republic of Moldova, ask you to name a planet from the new discovered TRAPPIST-1 planetary system - Moldova, in the name of our country. We are a small country right in the center of Europe, however, we've been totally undiscovered by the rest of the world. Just the same as the planets from the TRAPPIST-1 system. For us this is a great opportunity to tell the world that we do exist, that we live as beautiful and hospitable people, that we have a huge sun in our hearts and entire oceans of wine of the best quality. We're expecting all the explorers from all over the world to discover us and to visit us! We aren't light years away, our capital Chisinau is only a few hours flight away from almost any point on the globe.  We're inviting all the world to visit us and to support us in this petition! We're asking you in the name of all of our people to name one of the planets from the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system - Moldova, in the name of our country. Thank you!  People of Republic of Moldova.

People of Moldova
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Petition to call one of the planets on the TRAPPIST-1 solar system as "Draenor"

This petition is for NASA to name one of the newly discovered planets in TRAPPIST-1 as "Draenor" For years, world of warcraft players have dreamed for this moment. a planet to be called as one of their favorite in game planets "Draenor". now that NASA has discovered a whole new solar system by the name of TRAPPIST-1., why not make the dream come true. LOK'TAR OGAR! FOR THE HORDE!!  

Ahmed A.B
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Formally Acknowledge That Extraterrestrial Intelligences Are Engaging the Human Race

Extraterrestrial Intelligences Engaging the Human Race - Disclosure Petition to the United Nations, World Governments, and the International Media and PressTwo decades after the end of the Cold War it is no longer acceptable for any nation, organization, or media/press outlet to withhold from our world's citizens the truths confirming that we are not alone in the universe. Indeed we are being visited by extraterrestrial lifeforms and have been for decades, as evidenced by unexplained phenomena world-wide. Until this "truth embargo" is ended, governments, organizations and world citizens will not engage, the universities will not teach, the media will not properly cover, and granting institutions will not fund the myriad of profound issues relating to extraterrestrial phenomena and their impact on humanity. Building upon previous Disclosure efforts by Paradigm Research Group and The Disclosure Lobby, we are petitioning for the following: "We, the undersigned, strongly urge the United Nations, World Governments, and the international media to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and encourage the immediate release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon. We also petition the United Nations and United States Government to investigate and hold public hearings on these matters and for the international media and press to cover these stories without bias." Evidence of an Extraterrestrial PresenceHundreds of military and government agency witnesses from around the world  have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence. There have been, to date, thousands of eyewitness sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP).  The last significant effort to document these phenomena in the US ended in 1969, with Project Bluebook.  More recent efforts, like MUFON, have been citizen led, and have documented thousands of UAP sightings, crop and earth circles, and experiencer accounts.  >See Evidence Why Disclosure is the Key Issue of Our TimeThere are several reasons why disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence is so important at this time and, in fact, critical to our nation’s security.  Citizens of the U.S.and the world need to be briefed on these matters as it is highly possible other foreign governments will disclose. It is widely known that there is a significant phenomenon at work across the globe.  World cItizens must be informed of our governments' knowledge and accumulated evidence. Common Knowledge of Our Extraterrestrial Visitors and Their IntentionsAs noted above, most citizens are aware of the UAP phenomenon, and the majority know that our governments are not telling us the truth.  What is not widely understood is who these neighbors are, and what their intentions are, positive or negative.  Releasing historical documents and current research and engagement with extraterrestrial life is necessary at this time. Governmental TransparencyWe need an end to the truth embargo and we need our governments to reveal the full history of extraterrestrial engagement with our citizenry, both positive and negative.  We need full knowledge of secret space programs and other military activities in this arena. Suppressed Technologies That Can Aid HumanityWe are aware that there are a number of suppressed technologies, including free energy, that have been withheld from our citizenry. We know that extraterrestrial craft have been reverse-engineered and that our military and space programs have craft of their own.  These craft, we acknowledge, are part of the unexplained aerial phenomena our citizens have observed.  However, we know that they are not all man-made.The truth embargo is blocking the availability of extraterrestrial derived technologies to address the growing challenges facing the human race.  Whatever has been learned from the study of retrieved extraterrestrial craft - particularly the propulsion and energy systems - is held hostage within deep black projects. The Truth Embargo Must EndThis is not the first time that we, the citizens of the world, have called for this disclosure.  We have been told repeatedly that our governments have little knowledge of the extraterrestrial phenomenon, but we know this is not true, as the truth has been leaking out for some time now  Despite extensive media coverage of these emerging testimonies in the United States, the Obama administration made no comment whatsoever regarding this evidence and the national security implications.  We expect the United Nations and the United States to take this Disclosure matter seriously and engage with its citizens transparently.  This is the most important issue of our time and we deserve to know the truth.  References The Disclosure Activists:  Nuke tampering media coverage: Rockefeller Initiative: Documents:  / More quotes: Presidents and UFOs: Previous Petition to White House:  

The Disclosure Activists
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Send Professor Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah to the planet Mars

We heard about your Mars exploration Programme and figured you need volunteers. This man will be a perfect candidate as to simulate human society on Mars you will need people who regularly make mind numbing statement that make all right thinking members of society want to blow their own brains out. We have many suitable candidates in Malaysia but we feel this guy comes out tops and we of course want the best for the Programme.

Daniel Abishegam
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Stop Chemtrails Above SoCal Orange County

Chemical trails have taken over SoCal Orange County's skies. We no longer see clear blue skies or real clouds... When you look up you can see a haze of smog and other pollutants. This needs to stop! Heavy metal ingestion and aerosol pollution has been linked to Alzheimer's, cancer, respiratory problems, adrenal disorders, fetal deformities in pregnant women, allergies and many more illnesses and diseases. This HAS GOT TO STOP!!!! As law abiding tax paying citizens and as humans, it is our natural born right to have access to clean air and water. This is not only polluting our air but it's heavily contaminating our waterways! Please sign this petition to stop the daily poisoning of men, women, and children of Orange County!

Darya Einollahi
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Fund us to start a space agency

We want funding so we can become an international symbol of space exploration and understanding of our universe. We are quite young so we will have the ideas for many years to come, and the only way to expand the human race is to understand galaxies, planets and stars further than our own. We are all very passionate about understanding our universe, or universes and want to do something that will impact the human race for many years to come.

Adunc Adunc
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Stop Denying Climate Change

Climate change is a real threat that, at this current pace, will be acknowledged by Donald Trump only after it is too late.  It is not a hoax, and although it may be inconvenient to take steps in the right direction, it is necessary.  To the future President Trump, the evidence is overwhelming, either provide your own evidence, or admit you were wrong and provide a plan for all of our future. Please share this on social media to get the word out there, and to Trump!  Thank you guys! Last but not least:

Colin Carpenter
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Petition to change homo sapiens to hetero sapiens

Homo is gay, hetero is straight.

Non Gay
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