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NASA, an acronym for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is an independent agency under the United States federal government responsible for overseeing the nation's civilian space program and conducting research related to aeronautics. Established on July 29, 1958, in response to the Soviet Union's successful launch of the first artificial satellite, NASA took an active role in space exploration, launching numerous space missions, unmanned probes and landing astronauts on the moon during the Apollo missions. NASA also manages the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope amongst many other astronomical observatories, and collaborates with international partners to advance the understanding of the universe, earth sciences, and aerospace technology.

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We are all tired of hearing about what outrageous thing that Donald Trump has said, done, wants to do, believes, etc. My solution to this is to send him into space and leave him there. If this petition gets enough signatures I will attach a link to where you can donate to make this happen. It wont be cheap, but it will be worth while.Read more

Autumn BoehleDetroit, MI, United States
NASA, International Astronomical Union
Sophie Xeon, known mononymously as SOPHIE, was a highly influential singer, songwriter, and producer who was a great inspiration to the LGBTQIA+ community. Her messages, actions, and music left an insurmountable impression on many LGBTQIA+ individuals. She always pushed a message of individuality and expressing your true self which resonated throughout everything she did.  SOPHIE tragically passed away Saturday, January 30th, 2021 around 4:00 AM EET, in Athens, Greece after an accident while attempting to see the full moon. This event has devastated her fanbase, which had looked up to her for inspiration. A fanbase that took her messages and ran with them, further spreading her influence.  When artist renditions of TOI 1338 b (a circumbinary exoplanet discovered by Wolf Cukier and fellow scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center) were featured in the press following the 235th American Astronomical Society meeting in Honolulu, many fans noticed the similarities between the interpretations and the aesthetic sense of SOPHIE’s visual work, specifically the cover for her 2018 album Oil of Every Pearl’s UnInsides. I am requesting, at the discretion of the incredible scientists who discovered the planet, that TOI 1338 b be named in honor of the great LGBT+ influence, SOPHIE. Her fans would love to pay homage by having her name be remembered in this way and for her influence to continue to flourish for years to come.Read more

Christian ArroyoLubbock, TX, United States
National Science Foundation, Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, NASA
Thanks to the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, we have been able to see the first ever image of a black hole at the center of a galaxy known as M87. Almost two years ago, we lost Chris Cornell. He was the lead singer for Soundgarden and Audioslave, and above all, the voice of an entire generation. He was one of the most beloved figures not just in rock, but all of music, by people from all over the world. His music, his voice and his personality inspired, influenced, changed and even saved the lives of thousands of people. Chris left a heavy legacy for a new generation of musicians who follow in his footsteps. His memory will remain forever alive in the hearts of all his family, friends, fans and all the people who love him, and his music will do the same in each record, song or video we play. "Black Hole Sun", written by Chris Cornell is without a doubt Soundgarden's most recognizable and most popular song, and one of the biggest anthems of the 90's. For this reason, and the impact Chris Cornell had in the lives of so many and music itself, I ask NASA, the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration and all the astronomers and scientists involved in this discovery, to name this black hole after Chris Cornell. This would be a "surreal" and amazing way to honor his life and his contribution to music.  I hope this petition is taken into consideration and with the respect with which it was created to honor a man loved by many. Thanks to all who sign, I hope we can achieve it! Giuliana Jarrin@rocknrollpadawan#RockNRollRevolution Quito, Ecuador.Read more

Giuliana JarrinQuito, Ecuador
For spring break, instead of the beach or the water park, my 5-year-old Daniel wanted to go see his heroes at the Kennedy Space Center. Daniel fell in love with space reading Mae Among the Stars – the story of the first Black female astronaut to go to space. He couldn't wait to see Mae.  However, when we arrived and made our first stop at the Hall of Heroes (also known as the Hall of Fame), Mae Jemison's photo was nowhere to be found. My son looked up at my husband and I and said, “Well, maybe she isn’t real.” That moment began my simultaneous outrage and search for answers.  When we called and had a meeting set up, we were told that it was in fact true. Mae Jamison was not displayed because she had not yet been nominated or inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame even though she has met every. single. requirement. Not to mention making history as the first Black woman to go to space. It felt heartbreaking and disappointing to then have to explain to my son why this is a sad reality we often face as people of color. Kids like Daniel need to see their heroes be recognized. NASA and the Kennedy Space Center can right this wrong. Sign the petition and join our family in ensuring that Mae C. Jemison is nominated AND inducted into the astronaut Hall of Fame.Read more

Stephanie AndersonUnited States
Google, Inc, Apple, Microsoft, NASA
FRENCH (English below) Nous voulons que Google/Microsoft et Apple adoptent la position américaine qui reconnait la souveraineté du Maroc sur son « Sahara Occidental ». Google, Microsoft et Apple doivent effacer la frontière artificielle qui sépare le Maroc de son Sahara sur toutes leurs cartes géographiques à l’international. Il ya déjà eu une pétition dans les années 2010 qui a amené Google à ajuster ses cartes en fonction de la zone géographique. Ainsi, des adresses IPs situés au Maroc peuvent désormais voir le Maroc historique avec son Sahara. Cependant, des adresses IPs localisées à l’extérieur du pays verront le Maroc amputé de son Sahara. Nous voulons que cela cesse. La diaspora Marocaine à l’étranger représente une bonne quinzaine de millions d’âmes et nous ne pouvons pas accepter de voir notre pays couper en deux à chaque fois que l’on consulte une carte sur Google Map, Bing ou encore Apple. De plus, ces « fausses » cartes sont utilisées par de nombreux journalistes et internautes, ce qui contribue à véhiculer la fausse idée qu’il ya un pays distinct du Maroc avec ses propres frontières dans cette région. Nous appelons toutes les plateformes américaines à s’aligner sur la politique des USA et à adopter la carte officielle du Maroc incluant son Sahara. ENGLISH We demand that Google / Microsoft and Apple adopt the American position, which recognizes Moroccan’s sovereignty over its “Western Sahara”. Google, Microsoft and Apple must erase the artificial border that separates Morocco from its Sahara on all their international maps. There was already a petition back in 2013, which pushed Google to adjust its maps based upon the geographical area. Thus, IP addresses located in Morocco can see the historic Morocco including its Sahara. However, IP addresses located outside of the country will see Morocco cut off from its Sahara. We want this to stop. The Moroccan diaspora abroad represents a good fifteen million souls and we cannot accept to see our country cut in half every time we consult a map on Google Map, Bing or even Apple. In addition to that, these "fake" maps are used by many journalists and Internet users, which amplifies the misconception that there is a country there distinct from Morocco with its own borders. This is wrong. We call upon the US internet companies to align with US foreign policy and adopt the official map of Morocco including its Sahara on all their platoforms.Read more

Bou NifBounif-City, Morocco
The Lunar Gateway will be a space station in orbit around the Moon that will provide staging for all future lunar astronauts in the Artemis Program. Before they descend to the surface of the Moon, they will all pass through the Gateway. I make this petition to rename the Lunar Gateway to the Collins Lunar Gateway. Michael Collins was one of the three astronauts aboard Apollo 11, the mission that landed the first men on the Moon. However, Michael Collins did not descend to the surface. He remained alone in orbit for the entirety of his fellow astronauts' trip to the surface. He orbited the Moon for nearly 21 and a half hours by himself. It is, for this reason, why I believe the Lunar Gateway should be renamed after him. He watched as his fellow astronauts descended onto the surface, just as many astronauts will do from the Gateway in the future.  Michael Collins passed away the morning that I am creating this petition, and I believe that his legacy should be honored by NASA and the space community in this way. He was an explorer, trailblazer, and an inspiration to many, including myself. Those who seek to follow his path will be able to honor the legacy he left by living and passing through the Collins Lunar Gateway on the way to blaze their own trails and carry the fire. Read more

Collins SimpsonUnited States
Donald Trump recently made a presidential campaign video politicizing the accomplishments earned through many years of hard work by the NASA and SpaceX teams. This campaign video, created on June 3rd, implies that the return of crewed launch on U.S. soil is solely to the credit of his Administration. This implication is untrue; the NASA Commercial Crew Program has been around since the Obama Administration (started in 2011) in its current form, and its roots go back to the Bush Administration. Further, NASA and the space industry as a whole have long tried to stay out of politics, and, until this Administration, that goal was at least partially attained. The implication that any one person was responsible for the SpaceX-NASA Crew Demo-2 launch is an insult to the work of the teams that meaningfully contributed to its success. I will not link the video here, but it even involves a variation his campaign’s well-known slogan: Make Space Great Again. This group of signatories stands for the position that it is wrong for this scientific achievement, as well as NASA and SpaceX video footage, to be used for political showmanship.   Read more

Andrew HarnerHermosa Beach, CA, United States
Colegio mosaico, NASA
Só queremos as Tia Cleide no medio dnvRead more

Gustah 007Rio das Ostras, Brasil
Donald J. Trump
WhatsApp was the most attractive app in the world to communicate but we have a problem you can't use it without Internet for this reason we to develop Whatsapp to use it without internet to increase the number of users and to use whatsapp more Read more

Youssef EL KHOURYLiban
we need to make the halo theme in the mars national anthem because it sounds greatRead more

donald patrickSan Diego, México