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Protect Immigrant Physicians From Executive Order, Protect Patients From Losing Doctors

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, On January 27th 2017, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) which implemented a 90-day suspension of visas and other immigration benefits to all nationals of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. Legal experts believe this suspension may be extended indefinitely. We have learned that there is a tremendous amount of confusion regarding the implementation of this order. The latest information we have obtained reveals that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has put a hold on all visa extensions and immigration benefits (including adjustment of status and employment authorization) for citizens from the above-mentioned countries who are inside the United States. We have been notified about cases involving physicians and their families who left the United States for a short vacation or a humanitarian mission and were not allowed back into the United States. The unrealistic conditions required in the EO for discontinuing the suspension make it very likely that this EO will turn into a permanent ban. We, physicians and healthcare providers of various nationalities practicing medicine in the United States in a variety of different fields, are directly impacted by these decisions and we would like to voice our deepest concerns and strongest opposition to this measure, as it directly affects patient care as much as it affects us. This EO will result in a lot of hard-working, compassionate physicians who go above and beyond in patient care not being able to have their legal status extended, not being able to continue practicing medicine, not being able to serve their patients and communities because their work authorizations will not be renewed, and not being able to see their families abroad for years. As it is, many physicians have not seen their families in several years due to the unfortunate and tumultuous events in their home countries. Many International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are in search for residency training positions will also be blocked from matching to a residency spot, and many medical researchers will not be able to continue contributing to science and development. These bans have highly negative consequences. The unethical and discriminatory treatment of law-abiding, hard-working, and well-integrated immigrant physicians fundamentally contravenes the founding principles of the United States. The long term effect of this EO will result in a decline in the number of practicing healthcare providers in USA causing abrupt cessation of patient care, which will affect patient safety and work flow in vast institution throughout the country. We appreciate all the supporting statements issued by multiple medical organizations including the statement by the American College of Physicians on Jan 31st, 2017. We find it a source of relief knowing that our medical society realizes how important immigrant physicians are to the American communities. However, we would like to respectfully ask for more. We would like for all possible legal action to be taken to make sure that physicians will not be forced out of the country and out of practice. We also need a strong push towards allowing physicians from the above-mentioned countries to enter the United States. We strongly urge the use of all possible legal power to have this Executive Order rescinded due to its tremendously negative impact on physicians, their families, and on patient care.

Omar Alsamman
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Stop Calling Immigrant Prisons "Detention Centers"

My name is Sylvester Owino, and I was in “immigrant detention” for 9 years. My name is Carlos Hidalgo, and for a year and half I was incarcerated in “immigrant detention centers.” That is what the media, government, and for-profit prison companies who run these facilities call them, but in reality, these are immigrant prisons. People in immigrant prisons are not serving a sentence, but simply awaiting the outcome of our request to stay in the US. Those of us who have lived behind the locked gates and barbed wire know that the term “detention center” does not accurately describe the conditions and truth of what happens on the inside. We, who have survived these brutal places, are requesting that media organizations - The Associated Press, The New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post, and other influential media outlets, call these facilities what they are: immigrant prisons. Until we are honest about the fact that these are prisons, the inhumane conditions inside will continue to be covered up by the term “detention center,” and the corporations running the facilities will continue to make millions off of the suffering of the people inside.  If these are harmless “detention centers” … Why do they look like prisons, why are they run like prisons, and why are they owned by prison companies? We were incarcerated in facilities run by the two largest for-profit prison companies in the country. Carlos was in GEO Group’s Adelanto immigrant prison, and Sylvester in CCA’s Otay immigrant prison in San Diego, among other facilities. We both experienced countless human rights abuses. We worked for the for-profit prisons for $1 a day, cleaning and cooking. Carlos was put in solitary confinement for 6 days for organizing a hunger strike to protest inhumane treatment. Sylvester filed complaints on behalf of friends who were beaten by guards.   In Adelanto immigrant prison, 3 people have died in the last 7 months, and 6 people have attempted suicide since December 2016.  Dozens of us have gone on hunger strikes to try and change things. In order to end the abuse, we must first call them prisons and then close them. Starting with Adelanto. Sylvester & Carlos Supported by: o Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective, IEIYC o Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, ICIJ o Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement, CIVIC

Sylvester Owino, Carlos Hidalgo, and #SchoolsNotPrisons
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MSNBC Please Renew the Lawrence O'Donnell Show. He has Many Devoted Viewers.

MSNBC Please Renew the Lawrence O'Donnell Show. He has Many Devoted Viewers. We Appreciate his Dedication to Bring us the Truth with Style and Intelligence. We learn something every day from Lawrence.

Michele McManus
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Fire Greta Van Susteren Replace with Joy-Ann Reid

Greta Van Susteren shows every day on her show she is a partisan for Republicans and Trump. She claims she is playing the Devil's Advocate by introducing lies into her show. Joy-Ann Reid is partisan but she deals in facts. She is smart and every day she exhibits her love for America and it's values.

Michele McManus
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Give the US Virgin Islands equal media coverage during hurricanes as any state would have

On Sept 6, Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane headed towards the United States Virgin Islands as a direct hit and there was minimal media coverage. With winds upwards of 195mph, the small islands of St. Thomas, St. John & St. Croix were bracing themselves to what everyone knew was going to be a catastrophic event.  The major broadcasting stations, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC only spoke of the impact Hurricane Irma might have on “Florida”. Hurricane Irma was days away from impacting that state. Thankfully Residents of the USVI could rely on their own local radio station, WSTA 1340 and Governor Mapp’s press conferences which were immensely helpful to try to prepare themselves. Friends and family here in the states were left anxiously trying to scramble through the internet to get real time updates about the impending category 5 hurricane and the possible impacts it would have to their friends/family living/visiting on the islands. St. Thomas, St. John & St. Croix are territories of the United States however they are continuously left out of major media reporting when it matters the most. These 3 islands are usually lumped into the same sentence as their British Or Dutch neighboring islands. It seems like it has become a frequently forgotten fact that St. Thomas, St. John or St. Croix are territories of the United States. It is now Sept 19 and here we are again with a Hurricane, Maria, another category 5 hurricane about to further devastate our small islands, our "United States" Virgin Islands and the major broadcasting stations barely give mention to what is about to happen. The USVI should not be an afterthought, they deserve the same media exposure, attention, aid and assistance that any other state in the US would get in the coming and in the wake of an event this significant. The USVI residents are Americans as well. It’s about time, the media starts treating them as such. #VIStrong

Jeannine Francis-Brown
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Boycott the 2017 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Vanity Fair and The New Yorker magazine recently announced they were boycotting the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner. These outlets have decided to protest the Trump administration’s ongoing attack on truth and the freedom of the press. As President, Donald Trump has slandered unfavorable coverage of his policies and statements as “fake news” delivered by a “lying, dishonest press” -- a term disturbingly similar to the original German “Lügenpresse”, also used to discredit the press during a period of authoritarian rule in that country. Top White House strategist, Steve Bannon, declared the press to be “the opposition party” that should “shut its mouth”. And who can forget White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, who coined the infamous term “alternative facts” while pressing for networks to fire commentators who voice critical opinions of Trump. These antics are simply a continuation of the bullying and dangerous treatment Trump encouraged against members of the press at his political rallies -- placing our free press under threat. Every media outlet (and every citizen) should reject this un-American behavior by our government, on principle. Our media outlets should join Vanity Fair and the New Yorker by boycotting this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner. If you support and respect a free press and it’s role in safeguarding our democracy, please sign and share this petition today.

Enzo Loren
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This petition is a request to the above named media outlets to report the list of evidentiary facts listed below, which are corroborated by forensic reports and transcripts on Kai the Hitchhiker Legal Support Page on Facebook. Kai, otherwise known as Caleb McGillvary, is the subject of a heroic video with over 23 million views on Snapper Laughs. He has been held for almost 4 years without trial for allegedly killing the man who drugged and raped him. The list is as follows: 1.) The prosecutor broke the law (NJSA 45:9-18) and undermined the New Jersey Attorney General Standards for providing services to victims of sexual assault by pretending Robert Pandina was a medical doctor capable of examining a survivor of rape. This is evidenced by page 91-93 of the Grand Jury transcripts. (Link below) 2.) The prosecutor lied to the grand jury about a rape kit being done on Kai, and that no semen was found: even though the rapists' semen was found on the rapist and no rape kit was done on Kai. This is evidenced on page 9 of the grand jury transcripts, and in the forensic lab reports. (Link below) 3.) The prosecutor's office rinsed out all bottles and glasses from the house without testing for date rape drugs. This is evidenced by UCSO Detective Edward Suter's report. (Link below) The under signed requests that the above three points be reported on by the petitioned media outlets, to expose these evidentiary facts to the public. ​^ Legal Docs.)^ pg. 92 grand jury trans.)^ pg. 9 grand jury trans.)^ forensic lab report)​​​(^ forensic lab report)​​^ histopathology report)^ Suter's report) (JM) (JM) (RM)^^^ witness reports of Kai appearing drugged)

Nycole Marie
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Stop calling white supremacists "alt right". Call them what they are.

We are asking the mainstream media to dispense with politically correct language in reference to white nationalists. Change the term "alt right" to either "white supremacists", "white nationalists", "extremists", "Nazis", "Neo-Nazis", or "terrorists". We expect the media to lead the charge against the normalization of extremism by referring to these groups as hate groups. 

Berda Gilmore
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Petitioning Democratic National Committee, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, MSNBC, New York Times, Huffington Post, Jill Stein

Did you vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election? Let's do our own audit.

We know the Russians hacked.  We know the FBI was influence peddling in the election and under investigated  Russian influence with Trump and those associated with his campaign.  We know the media once again gave unfair coverage in the making of Trump.  We know Republican state governments  committed acts of voter fraud through gerrymandering, voter registration denial and early voting and absentee voting count descpicency.  We do NOT know to what extent this cheating was done and change the real outcome of the election.  FBI statements can no longer be considered creditable.  Who knows if a worm, viruses, Spyware, Trojan horse, bot,  or other code changes to our states elections systems happen that rigged the outcome . He is not my President is a valid statement.  All data up until the end of the 8th said so.  Until an outside US government or non US media entity confirm the integrity of our election we are conducting our own independent audit by asking every voter that voted for Hillary Clinton say so here.  The success of this adult depends entirely on you the voter sharing this with every Hillary Clinton voter and they doing the same until we have a completed count.

Roger Ryan
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Petitioning CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, CBS, NBC

Alec Baldwin, please take the place of Donald Trump at the Correspondents' Dinner

Donald Trump has announced that he will not be attending the White House correspondents' dinner.  As per Zach Braff's suggestion, this petition is to ask Alec Baldwin to go in character to the Correspondents' Dinner in place of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a snowflake. He cannot handle the Truth and facts. He continues to slander unfavorable coverage of his policies and statements as “fake news” delivered by a “lying, dishonest press." He has decided to withdraw from the White House Correspondents' Dinner because his delicate Conservative Cupcake feelings have been hurt.

Enzo Loren
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