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  • Minister for Employment and Minister for Small and Family Business

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COVID-19. More effective Sole Trader financial support (in Australia).

Dear Mr Morrison, I think you forgot something in your recent stimulus package. My question - is there a way for the Govt. to help Sole Trader businesses survive a quarantine period? Sole Traders make up well over one million of the total number of business owners in Australia. *ABS most recent stats 2015 *97.4% of all business in Australia are small businesses. *Very small businesses are much more likely to cease trading over time than larger firms. Only 55.9% of non-employing businesses and 68.0% of micro-businesses operating in June 2010 were still operating four years later in June 2014. This compares with a survival rate of 76.9% for small businesses employing between 5 and 19 employees, 81.4% for medium sized firms and 83.7% for large firms. *There were 1.3 million sole trader, non employing businesses in Australia. *Non-employing businesses accounted for 62.3% of all small businesses, micro-businesses employing accounted for 27.9% and businesses with 5 to 19 employees accounted for 9.8% So running a sole trader business that has longevity is a huge challenge PRE coronavirus. My business has already lost $1,000's of its most profitable income through cancellation of weekend events from the fires/floods and this is set to rise to $10-15k for the year as more events are being cancelled because of Coronavirus. Just had three full big weekends of work cancelled end of March and April and May. This weekend work is on top of a 12 hour day, Mon-Fri week. Keep in mind for these types of extremely small businesses there can be little or no provision for: - sick or carers leave, no holiday pay or super- zero income for two weeks Loans/mortgages/rent will still need to be paid Insurances and fees still need to be paid Utility costs still need to be paid Business vehicle running costs Dead (stock already purchased not being sold) or lost stock as a result of spoilage or just no sales If I had to self isolate or be forced to isolate for 14 days (as they are in Italy) I'd go out of business. We run week to week on cash flow. If we don't hit our daily target we go backwards, with no real chance of catching up. Except by way of events at weekends, which are now all but cancelled. Mr Morrison, I am just one sole trader (ST) from 1.3 million+ non employment sole traders in Australia, but this is my reality. Concerned? We all should be. Australia and this example is a micro image of the 1st World right now.

Jim Catt
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Stop Domino's Pizza Paying Below the "Minimum Wage"

Demand Wage Justice for Domino's Delivery Drivers. Please let Domino's know what you think about them paying below the minimum wage right here on their Facebook. Delivery Drivers for Domino's are paid below the award rate of pay and the "Minimum Wage". My 19 year old son was paid $14.51 per hour for 2 hours per day, plus $2.27 per delivery. He had to pay the cost of running his vehicle out of this $2.27. So per shift, he was paid after expenses about $30. Also a uniform fee was deducted from his pay and a car insurance fee was deducted from his pay totaling $14.46 per week! If he was paid the award wage he would work 3 hours at a payrate of $18.98 plus 41 cents per km for vehicle use. So he would earn after car running costs about $60. Domino's pay is about half of the award rate! Recently Domino's announced a 57% increase in profit, profit driven by this pathetic unfair pay rate! It's not like Domino's can't afford to pay more. This ability to underpay workers gives a commercial advantage to greedy and unscrupulous employers and penalises those employers who are paying the correct award rate. This practice has been going on for many years, in fact the drivers work under a workplace agreement from 2005, yes that's right, it is 12 years out of date!  It is degrading for young people to have to work for substandard pay. This is unacceptable in Australia. Demand that Domino's fixes this wage injustice now!        

Keith Wade
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More Aussie Music

Please sign this petition to support Australian music. Currently, commercial radio and television stations in Australia play an average of less than 10% Australian music, while the internet is completely unregulated. More Australian music in the Australian media is vital to "developing and reflecting a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity", as outlined in the Federal Broadcasting Act. The FTA (Australia US Free Trade Agreement) prevents the Australian government from setting the local quota higher than 25%, however, the FTA does not prevent the Australian Government from setting a minimum quota of 25% Australian compositions, singers, musicians, producers, studios, labels, publishers and distributors. More Australian music in the Australian media will: • revive the local recording industry • revive the live music industry • create stable employment for tens of thousands of musicians • create a booming music export market worth billions of dollars each year • keep music royalties in Australia worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year • increase inbound music tourism worth billions more The Australian Government will reinvigorate the Australian music industry by providing incentives for media to play a minimum 25% Australian music content, calculated hourly, that is composed, performed and produced by Australians in Australia with Australian labels, publishers and distributors, in all genres, in all media, including but not limited to radio, television, movies, theatre, orchestras, internet and live performances. If you feel strongly about Australian music, now is the time to stand up and do something!

John Prior
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Save the Australian Hospitality Industry by signing #SaveHospo

We all know it’s of paramount importance for the Australian public to self-isolate so we can flatten the curve and avoid an exponential growth in Covid-19 cases. But with Australians staying home in self-isolation, restaurants have seen a sharp decline in dine-in customers, forcing them to shutdown because there is no money coming in to pay wages & rent.  With the threat of the pandemic growing everyday restaurants are facing an existential threat. Restaurant owners, who have poured their life savings, blood, sweat and tears into their businesses, are now at the brink of collapse. The hospitality and tourism sectors are together worth over $100 billion dollars, and their demise would be catastrophic for the country. But at this time of crisis, they are struggling like never before. As you know, the hospitality industry can’t work from home or in isolation. It largely consists of casual and part-time employees, the majority of whom are now being plunged into poverty since they can no longer go in to work or employers can no longer afford to pay their salaries, due to their restaurants no longer being operational.  The hospitality industry would like to respectfully urge the Australian Federal and State level governments to look into this matter urgently. We are staring down the barrel at what will be the end of the hospitality industry in Australia as we know it, unless the government steps up and provides the industry with a stimulus package, which will help us pay staff wages and rent until the Covid-19 pandemic has run its course. Please sign the petition and spread the word so we don’t lose Australia’s famous restaurant culture, which is very much a part of the fabric of this great nation. #SaveHospo #SupportSmallBusinesses   

Ganeev Bains
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Petitioning Michaelia Cash, Scott Morrison, Mathias Cormann

Help the Australian wedding industry survive these tough times

On March 30, 2020, the Federal Government announced a $130 billion JobKeeper payment stimulus to help keep Australians in jobs. This payment is also available to self-employed individuals and will go a long way to help many businesses within the wedding industry. We appreciate the government listening to the needs of many businesses, including the 2,500+ signatures we received on this petition to support our industry.  Wedding businesses (and others) can find more information about JobKeeper here: ============================== Easy Weddings works closely with over 5000 small businesses within the wedding industry and they along with the rest of the industry are in dire straights due to the restrictions placed on weddings. Our industry is in real trouble and this is why we ask that you to help support our wedding industry by signing the petition below and for the government to step in and come to the table.    ============================== The wedding industry needs your help, and we need it immediately. A wedding isn’t merely a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of friends and family; it’s an event that provides income to many.  There are over 150,000 people that work in the wedding industry who work tirelessly to create unforgettable weddings day in and day out... All of their jobs are currently at stake and each and every one of them is a vital part of the Australian economy.  Australia’s wedding industry is worth more than $4 billion to the economy every year. There are more than 56,000 businesses in the industry covering a myriad of different services and products; venues, photographers, celebrants, dress designers, entertainers and musicians, caterers, transport services, florists, cake makers, stylists, planners, makeup artists, jewellers and so many more. Each and every person working in these industries is currently at serious risk of losing their livelihood, and are wondering whether they will be able to pay their mortgage, will be forced to lay off their staff, or close their businesses down. COVID-19 has hit the world by surprise and in order to stay safe and flatten the curve, the restrictions around social gatherings are absolutely necessary. We fully support these vital health measures and beg that everybody adhere to them. However, these same restrictions also mean that the wedding industry is grinding to a halt. Couples are postponing and cancelling weddings, venues are shutting, suppliers are being left with questions of when this will end and overall, confusion, uncertainty and panic is gripping the whole of the hospitality and service industry. March and April are two of the biggest months for the wedding industry before winter naturally slows weddings down to a trickle. Businesses usually use these months to get through the quiet times.  For many suppliers, living job to job is the norm. Despite being one of the most important days of most couples' lives, the entire industry is highly competitive and has a low barrier to entry. This means that margins are low and the vast majority of wedding businesses earn less than $100,000 per year. This is before costs, staffing and other overheads are taken into account. Put simply, the wedding industry as a whole cannot survive an extended period without work. The Federal Government has already announced bailouts, deferred payments and various other sorts of help for numerous industries such as the airline industry and other key parts of the economy. There have also been stimulus packages announced for various small businesses, however, this will not cover many of the sole traders and businesses holding Australia’s wedding industry afloat. We believe those in the wedding industry should have their voices heard just as loudly and we will fight for the rights and livelihoods of each and every person working within the industry. We are asking that the federal and state governments:  Engage the industry directly to discuss measures to ensure there is a viable wedding industry into 2020 and beyond Look at a direct stimulus to the 56,000 businesses in the industry through either a cash injection or direct support Look at providing relief for government payments and registration fees required by those in the industry (such as the registration fee for celebrants or vehicle registration and overheads for transport suppliers)  Let's do a better job of supporting these professionals that put their heart and soul into creating a day that couples and guests will cherish for a lifetime. Let’s ensure that a situation that is out of everyone's control does not ruin an entire industry and the lives of people that depend on it for their living. We all need a little something to look forward to in this time of uncertainty. Weddings are a celebration of love conquering all, despite the hardships. Let’s make sure that we have a strong, healthy and robust industry ready to help couples all over Australia celebrate their weddings when this crisis is over. To Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash and Prime Minister Scott Morrison: please hear our pleas and engage with the industry to help save these vital small businesses and the 120,000 weddings that couples look forward to in Australia each and every year. Help us help the economy by supporting those who contribute to it every day. 

Elise James
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Petitioning Scott Morrison, Mathias Cormann, Michaelia Cash

Stop Bank Interest Charges On Hardship Applications Covid-19

Many people are losing their jobs and businesses have been forced to close due to the needed global pandemic policies designed to limit spread Covid-19. These closures and job losses are creating economic and financial hardship for many Australian citizens and businesses. It is unacceptable that whilst the banks will as part of hardship applications freeze repayments on business, home and personal loans do not do the same for the interest, which continues to accrue and be charged. It is time to change the rules for this unprecedented time of crisis and insist that the banks cease charging the interest on loans to support those who are being impacted to be able to meet their repayments , so that when the time comes they can quickly get back on their feet to continue their businesses, service their clients, support the economy and provide employment, put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. Freezing loans and deferring payments is absolutely what should be done during this time.  However, to keep the loans accruing interest, interest that people cannot offset or pay down because they have been forced to stop working is unacceptable.   People and businesses will be forced into bankruptcy not because they are bad at business or can't balance a profit and loss statement but because the government mandated that they 'hibernate' their business due to a global pandemic. Now these businesses and the people who work in them are being penalised by the banking system by additional interest or a forced extension of the loan period. Hence they are being charged for a situation that is not of their making. How can you justify that? Because those are the rules? Well in this situation the rules do not apply. The world is in crisis and we should not be forced out of business or our homes by a virus due to a banking system that pretends to care whilst always lining its own pockets and preying on its clients who are helpless to do otherwise. The banks want to give with one hand and take away with the other, that is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it. It is time to throw the rule book away and do what is in the best interest of your citizens, trades and professions, small businesses and the public they serve and the economy that they support. Freeze the loans and the interest that is accruing. Insist that banks do this for all customers in this situation and give businesses a fighting chance to get back on their feet, rebuild the economy, serve their customers and provide places of employment for all those affected by this global plague. We urge you to lead the way and make a stand for the businesses and and the people that you represent and set the bar for the banks to follow suit. I rally the Prime Minister and The Ministers of The Australian Government to enforce the banks and lending institutions to stop charging interest and fees on those applying for hardship assistance for business, home and personal loans while this pandemic effects the Australian economy and the people of Australia.  

Rachel Hall
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Allow nurses to use all their skills to save lives in all states and territories

Depending on which state or territory that the patient becomes ill in, leads to their nurse being able to give them different life saving interventions. For example,if you fall ill on the south side of the NSW/Qld border, an appropriately trained nurse may not be accredited to insert an advanced airway - the gold standard intervention. They may not allowed to use a manual defibrillator to treat your critical heart rhythm - so your treatment is delayed. Both of these examples increase the likelihood of your death. The same nurse, 1 km north in Queensland, with the same qualification can intervene, as long as you have fallen on the north side of the border.  A nurse can be fully trained and qualified in South Australia to use the National Immunisation Handbook, to identify the correct vaccination to give a person, then give it, without a doctor's order.  However, should the step across the border out of South Australia, they cannot access the same Australian Immunisation Handbook,  identify the correct vaccination to give the same child, and cannot give it.  Why, because  the South Australian training is not recognised outside of SA and the NT The training in Victoria is not accepted outside Victoria, and so on.  When a nurse changes state or territory, every qualification except their basic degree must either be repeated, at a cost to them, or different parts of their training is recognised in different states and territories.  The Advance Life Support Level 2 training is the same qualification undertaken by doctors and nurses.  They do the same study, the same exams and must meet the same standards.  However, the nurse can only use different parts of their training in different parts of Australia.  Same nurse, same patient, different location results in different care standards. Immunisation training is on a national handbook, but if you do not pay and train in state, you cannot protect a person from vaccine preventable illnesses.   Australia has a healthcare lottery, that results in the same nurse with the same giving different standards of care because our qualifications are not fully recognised nationally.  Make all qualifications undertaken by nurses nationally recognised, and allow them to use all their skills to improve the health outcomes of all patients, regardless of where they are. 

Rachelle Morris
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I am pleading the govt to include the temporary resident visa holder in Australia into job-keeper payments. They are the skilled force we all need and most importantly they are most vulnerable in today’s COVID crises with no help whatsoever and have families to feed and survive. Please do not differentiate between PR, citizens and temporary residents when it comes to basic necessities, especially now that survival is in question. Migrants have always been the backbone of Australian economy. There are more than 2.15 million temporary residents in Australia and mostly are skilled migrants and most eligible workforce. The two biggest issues they currently face are the non-availability of Centrelink support and Medicare. Of course, they knew this when they were getting their visa but they were more focused on the career opportunities Australia had to offer. Also, as they are skilled and had full working rights, survival under normal circumstances was possible. But now in the Covid-19 crisis, the lock-down and the closing of international borders they have no place to go. It’s a very suffocating and traumatic situation for temporary residents. Most temporary residents are skilled migrants who were sent invitations from respective states to come and work in their chose occupation, to the extent that they were prohibited from working or living in different states for up to three years. But now they are left in the lurch with no jobs, no social security and no Medicare support. To make things worse for them, the government announced the job seeker payments for companies to retain employees and sustain businesses. This also came with the biases of applicability for permanent residents and citizens forcing employers to choose only PR and citizens for calling back to work thereby abandoning the temporary residents. We cannot deny that temporary residents are extremely valuable to the Australian economy and way of life. They not only pay their tax and medical expenses but also work in numerous sectors where there is a shortage of employees.  

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