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Bring all Marvel Netflix shows to Disney's Streaming

This petition may not change anything, but it should still show that there is an interest in these shows. In recent months, we have had Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil all cancelled on Netflix. No doubt, Punisher & Jessica Jones will be next after their new seasons come out.  I understand that us, the fans may not know every single detail going on behind the scenes. I understand that there have been statements made of these characters continuing on, in other Marvel things. However, I feel that after a third show cancellation - Marvel needs to announce something more. Plenty of fans have invested their time and money into these shows. Many of us truly see how much each of the cast members care about the shows. It would only be right, if the fans and those that invested so much time into these shows - get an answer on their true fates. I understand the streaming service may be geared towards PG-13 audiences, but keep in mind, Disney has way more properties than children's films coming. It is only fair with the addition of these properties that you acknowledge those beyond your general age range. Put in some parental controls, so those of us that are older, can enjoy the effort and time that the casts of each show put in. We don't want a reboot, we simply desire news of these shows' true fates and for you to continue, telling their stories. If we, the fans, can prove our support of the casts and these shows - perhaps we will get some answers than one simple sentence. Perhaps, we can prove this with a collection of our signatures.Thank you.

Shelby Levesque
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Petitioning Marvel, Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company

Actor Rajat Tokas For Wolverine

Respected sir, Good day to you! We, the fans of Mr Rajat Tokas humbly request you to consider him for the audition of Wolverine, a younger and newer version. Rajat Tokas is a talented 27 year old, young actor belonging to the Indian Television Industry. His body of work predominantly comprises of a plethora of genres, best known for internationally acclaimed, legendary portrayals of historical and fantasy characters. His undying passion, driven by his thirst to excel in every role that he portrays, is the real reason behind his willingness to experiment in roles different from routine ones. The genuineness and authenticity he brings to each character makes him look effortless on screen. Backed with 20 whole dedicated years to the field of acting, his name today is synonymous with dedication, hard work, sincerity, with a spirit to learn and imbibe. Starting as a child prodigy, this avid comic geek, remained inspired and driven throughout his life. Like every MCU superhero he continues to push himself to set new milestones come what may, year after year. We have appreciated Rajat Tokas's work over the years for his top notch real performances via the portrayal of legendary historical characters for reigning Indian channels such as Star Network, Zee network and Colors tv. He currently continues to entertain and reach his fans through his streak of hit shows, having essayed the leading actor in Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Dharam Veer, Jodha Akbar(Based on The Mughal Empror Akbar), Nagin Season 1(Super Natural Fantasy Series), Chandranandini (Based on The Great King Chandragupta Maurya) and Nagin Season 3 that have not only garnered record breaking TV ratings in India but also been appreciated by all his fans across the globe, like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, UAE, South Africa, Egypt, African countries, Russia and South East Asia to name a few. Keeping this in mind, he works doubly hard to retain his top legacy of work with his sheer dedication, focused and disciplined schedules with a willingness to live and die for his work. Winning over many a dozen awards and accolades for his par excellence work in the field of acting and still striving to do better is the reason we continue to love and admire him. We know, the Wolverine is of Canadian origin and Mr. Hugh Jackman is loved for his portrayal throughout the world. We also know, that our Rajat Tokas is not a reigning superstar of Hollywood Cinema yet, we still aspire for an audition for WOLVERINE as we are convinced that he would make himself worthy of your decision by giving his sweat and blood like he does each time. Once again we request you, Sir, to consider Rajat Tokas for a well deserved audition, so as for you to see him bring this legendary Marvel Character to life. Rest is in the hands of your esteemed self, destiny and benevolent almighty. Thanking you for your time

Rajat Tokas Fandom
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