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Marriott International, Inc. is an American diversified hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities.

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Petitioning Marriott, Host Hotels and Resorts


We write as concerned citizens and LGBTQ allies to urge Marriott and Host Hotels and Resorts, the owner of the New York Marriott Marquis, to cancel the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 “Person of the Year” Gala Dinner honoring the notorious homophobe and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, scheduled to take place on May 14, 2019. President Bolsonaro has an extremely disturbing record of bigotry, misogyny, racism, and xenophobia. Among other things, he once said he “would be incapable of loving a homosexual son” and that he would rather his son die than be gay. In addition, President Bolsonaro once said a Brazilian Congresswoman was “not worth raping” because “she is very ugly.” Given President Bolsonaro’s sordid record of public comments, it is appalling that a business in New York City would host an event in support of him. We are deeply concerned about the message such an event would send to New Yorkers, particularly LGBTQ young people, many of whom are struggling with their identity and are watching his remarks against them be celebrated. By hosting this event, Marriott is giving President Bolsonaro a platform that rewards his outrageous behavior. We do not believe that Marriott and Host Hotels can claim to be “responsible corporate citizens” if they force Marriott Marquis employees to work for an event that honors a well-documented bigot. These corporations still have time to prove to the LGBTQ community and allied New Yorkers that hatred has no place in this city and state. We urge Marriott and Host Hotels to cancel the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 “Person of the Year” Gala at the Marriott Marquis immediately. We will be watching.

New York State Senator Brad Hoylman
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Petitioning Marriott, Westin Brand, Sean Hunt, Mark McGowan, Saracen Properties, Paul Papalia

Save Margaret River!

If you love Margaret River as you know it then please sign this petition! Hello, My name is Katie, I am an Aboriginal woman from the West Coast trying to preserve sacred land in the Margaret River Region, building on this land is highly inappropriate and destructive, cultural sensitivities have not once been considered in these construction decisions, can you please help us on this fight to save sacred land? Marriott International is planning to cut down our trees, remove native wildlife, and replace them with a 70-million-dollar resort, large residential buildings and even apartment blocks. This billion-dollar corporation has over 230 hotels across our country and globe, and they want to place another one of their large resorts in Margaret River the size of 3+ football fields, they have also recently made us aware that this hotel is just 1/5 of the destructive plans they have going, and they are planning on building upon 6.9 hectares (17 acres) of land in the up and coming years. It is all said to be a “strategic move” because of Margaret Rivers growing popularity, but, we just see it as a GREEDY move. The company filed a claim in 2004 but their claim was rejected due to public protest, but now with the help of our premier "Mark McGowan" it has been APPROVED and unless it is stopped the resort will be scheduled to be opened by 2023! Margaret River tourism may have taken a hit during COVID-19, but this is definitely NOT A VALID EXCUSE to destroy the land, remove wildlife and invite high levels of destruction this hotel will inevitably bring. The money could be used in areas directly impacting the local community, Margaret River DOES NOT NEED a resort to return to a steady pace, it needs its community, locals and small owned businesses supported. Continuing to build up Margaret River will take away its character and everything we ever knew it to be. Soon Margaret River will be just like every other busy, overpopulated, built-up town along our Australian coastline, it will no longer be special. This is a decision built on greed and destruction, but we need to protect what is left of Australia’s land, wildlife and say enough is ENOUGH. Let us keep Margaret River a community, more small businesses and less multibillion-dollar companies. If nothing is done and voices are not heard, then we can say goodbye to the pristine place we called Margaret River for good!!     Wanting to help further by donating? donations on this platform will only promote this petion, but this fight needs donations directly going towards the hard working group "Preserve Gharabup" this is a local community group who are determined to save Margaret River and stop Marriot, by donating to this group your money will have much more use to the local community, allowing the group to gather resources, continue running their volunteer service and connecting with others who can assist with the fight to preserve!  Your donation will directly help the community by using the details below, again: any donations on change. org will only promote the petition.  Cape to Cape Lawyers. ACN: 638864178 Pty LtdBSB: 633000Acc: 173231218

Katie Rowe
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Petitioning Pepsi Bottling, NFL, Anheueser-Busch , Barclaycard US, bose, Bridgestone, Campbell Soup Company, Castrol, Courtyard Marriott, Marriott, dairy management inc, Dannon, Extreme Networks, FedEx, Frito-...

Force NFL Players to respect the practices of the country that provides their lifestyles

The people of the United States provide NFL Players exorbitant lifestyles to play a game for our entertainment and enjoyment. However, they have decided to use their workplace to wage protest against the very symbols and practices that are at the backbone of the system that allows them such excess simply to play a game. Ordinary citizens that did the same in their workplace would suffer disciplinary actions up to, and including, termination of their employment. These are the people that buy the tickets and merchandise that allow for NFL players to live lives of excess that make the lives of their supporters seem like those of mere peasants. We are calling for a boycott of all companies and their subsidiaries that support the NFL Players Association until the organization institutes and enforces policies to force players to stand for our national anthem and national observances as well as enact disciplinary actions that are strictly enforced for those that continue to violate the trust of the country that provides their lifestyle. The people of this effort recognize and respect the value of our rights to protest for the changes we seek in our world but also recognize that the players of the NFL are no different, or better, than the rest of the society they entertain by playing a game. We simply ask that they do it on their time. We seek an immediate and unrelenting boycott of the following companies that support the NFL Players Association with further action to follow if our demands are not met. The NFLPA sponsors are: Anheuser-Busch Barclaycard US Bose Bridgestone Campbell's Soup Company Castrol Courtyard Marriott Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60) Dannon Extreme Networks FedEx Frito-Lay Gatorade Hyundai Motor America Mars Snackfood Microsoft Nationwide News America Papa John's Pepsi Procter & Gamble Quaker Verizon Visa USAA Join us as we refuse to spend our hard earned money on the products and services brought to market by these companies and their vast network of subsidiaries.For more information on our cause or to obtain a complete listing of the network of companies and subsidiaries responsible for supporting the NFL Players Association please visit our Facebook page at The Edge Radio.

The Edge Radio
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Petitioning les responsables politiques, les entrepreneurs, Les salariés, LES INDÉPENDANTS, Les professions libérales, Les experts-comptables, Les commissaires aux comptes, LES AVOCATS, Les sociétés de conseil...


Il faut reprendre le travail, c'est vital ! Le pic épidémique est là. La vague de malades est là. En ce moment même. Le rôle des politiques aujourd’hui est de gérer cette crise sanitaire et humaine sans précédent. Le Président de la République a parlé de guerre. Peu importe que le terme soit juste ou non. Prenons-le tel qu’il a été prononcé. Dans une guerre, chacun à sa place doit jouer son rôle : défendre la Nation.  Les soignants sont en première ligne et leur courage nous oblige. Ils jouent leur rôle. Avec une abnégation et une dignité qu’il sera réellement bon de considérer une fois la crise passée avec des actes. Si nous ne faisons rien alors qu’ils se relaient jour et nuit pour sauver des vies et rendre à la Nation une population saine et soignée, que se passera-t-il une fois leur travail accompli ? Oserons-nous prendre le risque, en n’agissant pas, d’ajouter à la crise sanitaire, une crise sociale ? Certainement pas. Mais si les soignants doivent être soutenus, de notre coté, nous, entrepreneurs, devons fournir l’effort que le pays attend de nous: garantir à nos salariés leur emploi, assurer la pérennité de nos entreprises, maintenir l’activité de notre pays et créer des richesses pour relancer la machine économique. Pour cela, il faut faire preuve de courage et dire la vérité. Lorsque l’activité ralentit à ce point, de nombreuses études évoquent un séisme jamais vu depuis 1929, le risque, c’est de caler. Comme un moteur qui n’a plus de carburant, notre économie risque tout simplement de ne pas redémarrer après la crise. Et une économie qui n'est plus en mouvement, comme la société, comme nos entreprises, est en risque vital. Peut-on en conscience prendre ce risque ? Non. Et d’abord parce que nous, salariés, indépendants, professions libérales, artisans, agriculteurs, tous, nous souhaitons protéger nos emplois et donc nos entreprises. C’est pourquoi, comme les soignants montent au front pour accomplir leur mission, nous devons assurer la nôtre et remettre la France au travail. Reprendre avec les mesures sanitaires appropriées. Évidemment, il faut relancer le moteur, sans à-coup, sans brutalité. Il faut agir en responsabilité, c’est à dire en  protégeant nos salariés. Mais si les gestes barrières (dont on sait qu’ils sont efficaces) sont respectés, si les distances et les mesures d’hygiène sont imposées, si les salariés ne présentent ni fièvre, ni aucun autre symptôme connu et lié au COVID, alors oui, il est possible de rendre à ce pays l’activité nécessaire à la vie de tous : avec les bonnes mesures de protections et progressivement, cela va de soi. Parce que la machine ne repartira pas à plein régime du jour au lendemain. Parce que notre métier c’est de mesurer les conséquences et les risques et parce que nous tenons à nos collaborateurs et à leur savoir-faire. Parce que les médecins de l’économie, ce sont les chefs d’entreprise. Mais surtout parce qu’il serait insupportable et trop éprouvant pour chacun d’entre nous, pour notre société fragile, de sortir d’une crise sanitaire majeure pour entrer dans une crise économique et sociale de grande ampleur. Et parce que nous savons - l’histoire nous l’enseigne hélas - qu’à la fin de cette équation mortifère, il y a la crise ultime : la crise de la démocratie. Beaucoup disent que le COVID 19 va changer notre façon de faire, d’être ensemble, de consommer, de travailler. Qu’il y aura un avant et un après. Sans doute. Notre responsabilité, notre place de chef d’entreprise, c’est de faire en sorte que l’après ne soit pas pire que l’avant et qu’au dramatique bilan humain de l’épidémie ne s’ajoute pas la mort économique de milliers d’entreprises et d'emplois. Pour toutes ces raisons et à toutes ces conditions, oui, il est temps de reprendre le travail. C’est impératif.

Jean-Bernard FALCO
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Marriott: End Hen Cruelty

Marriott International is committed to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs (shell and liquid) throughout our operations for all owned, managed and franchised properties by the end of 2025. This is part of a comprehensive set of goals under our Serve 360 sustainability & social impact platform. Marriott International publicly reports our progress towards this commitment. Specifically, in our most recent Serve 360 report, we shared the progress made by our managed Courtyard-branded hotels to source more than 75% of eggs from cage-free suppliers. We will continue to report our progress annually through our Serve 360 report. We will also publish our goals and major progress against those goals in multiple languages beginning in 2019.

2 years ago
Support Erin Andrews, Boycott the Marriott

We would first like to say that Marriott International remains sympathetic to the ordeal that Erin Andrews went through because of Michael David Barrett’s criminal conduct. There has been much confusion in the media and public conversations about our responsibility for what happened and our involvement in the trial. Here are the facts: • Ms. Andrews was the victim of a terrible crime while she was a guest at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Michael David Barrett videotaped her in her guestroom while she was undressed and posted the footage on the internet. Barrett was arrested and served a jail sentence for his crime. • Ms. Andrews later sued our company, the owner of the hotel (which is not Marriott), the franchisee and Michael David Barrett. Our legal team argued that Marriott International had nothing to do with what happened to Ms. Andrews; the Court agreed and completely dismissed Marriott from the case. • We are not and have not been a part of this trial. This trial is between Ms. Andrews and the owner of the hotel, the franchisee and Michael David Barrett. • Our legal team is not among those that have questioned Ms. Andrews during this trial. Additionally, the witness who allegedly viewed the video of Ms. Andrews in a Nashville restaurant earlier this week is a representative for the owner and not a Marriott employee. We continue to be sensitive to the serious nature of this matter and remain committed to the safety and comfort of our guests.

5 years ago
Stop using goose down that may have been cruelly collected

See PETA’s comments on Marriott’s use of down-alternative products: ( We have had a number of hotel brands, including AC and Moxy, which have down-alternative (synthetic) products as a brand standard. In our Courtyard, Fairfield Inn, Residence Inn, SpringHill Suites and TownePlace Suites brands we provide down-alternative fill exclusively in the blankets and comforters with 50% of the pillows being down-alternative. In our other brands down-alternative products are always available upon request. We have enhanced our policies and training in order to provide a guest room that is free of any down products when requested. Our research continues to show the vast majority of guests prefer down bedding. We will continue to evaluate our product offerings balancing, amongst other things, sustainability and consumer preferences. Please see our 2015 Responsible Sourcing Report to learn more about our efforts. (

5 years ago
Stop using goose down that may have been cruelly collected

For some time now, we have had down-alternative (synthetic) pillows, blankets and comforters as a brand standard in a number of our hotel brands. And, in all our brands, we continue to offer upon request a guest room that is free of any down products. In our luxury and lifestyle brands, down alternative products are also available. However, our research shows the vast majority of guests of these brands expect their room offerings to be similar to those in their homes; their preference is down bedding. We have engaged with organizations interested in our providing more down-alternative products to guests so we can continually evaluate our product offerings balancing, amongst other things, sustainability and consumer preferences.

6 years ago