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Remove Geoffrey Paschel from TLC shows

Geoffrey Paschel is on the currently airing TLC show "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days". This petition is to remove him from the show and have him appear on no further shows due to current allegations and criminal charges made against him. We would also like to make advertisers aware of what they are supporting, and hope to see that your companies will not stand for promoting such atrocities as these. He has been accused of kidnapping, abuse, rape, child endangerment, dealing drugs, felony larceny, theft and battery. He is barred from ever entering Canada. I have included more details below.  1. Alleged child engagement and abuse. He has been accused of abusing his boys physically and using his children as drug mules. During the time he was convicted of dealing opiates he was accused of bringing his children along to his drug deals. 2. He has been accused of abusing his ex girlfriend including a violent attack in which he dragged her bloody by her hair across the wood floors of their home, slammed her head into the walls, gave her a concussion and disabled her cell phone so she was unable to call the police. She said she escaped to a neighbor's house to dial 911. The blood stains on the furniature and around the house support her claims.  3. While under arrest for his abuse he was convicted for causing severe police property damage to a police car and kicking the car with his foot repeatedly.  4. Allegedly he abused his pregnant ex wife and locked her in a hotel room in Costa Rica without food or water. She claimed she was forced to deliver her baby alone in that hotel room. It is speculated that he might have been doing drug deals at the time, but not confirmed.  5. He has a total of four ex wives and three of them have accused him of rape. Sources:      

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Keep Macy's in Commack open

Macy's Has recently announced that their store located at 2 Veterans Memorial Hwy in Commack, NY will be closing this summer with liquidation sales starting in May. According to Newsday, over 100 Long Islanders work at the Commack Macy's and some could lose their jobs if the store closes. Macy's Inc. has had a presence at this location for nearly 40 years, first as a Stern's department store and, for the last 19 years, as a Macy's. A spokeswoman for Macy's told Newsday that the Commack Macy's will close this summer because the lease is being terminated by the landlord, Commack Shopping Center Associates. Commack Shopping Center Associates plans to demolish the Macy's building, which has stood there for almost 60 years, and replace it with a BJ's Wholesale Club. Newsday first reported the landlord was trying to force Macy's out in favor of BJ's back in September of 2019. At that time, Macy's said they had an active lease and they wanted to keep the location open but now, they are being forced out by Commack Shopping Center Associates' greediness. BJ's already has a location only 5 miles away in Deer Park and there is a Costco in Commack only 2 miles away from the Macy's site. With the closure of this Macy's, Commack residents would have to travel up to 12 miles away to the nearest Macy's at The Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station. As a frequent shopper of the Commack Macy's and other stores in the shopping center, I know just how bad the traffic there is now. With big-box retailers like Target, Burlington, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and a new Whole Foods located right next to Macy's, the area is already very congested. The shopping center's location in the middle of the busy intersections of Jericho Turnpike, Veterans Memorial Hwy, Commack Rd, and the Sunken Meadow Parkway creates more traffic chaos and a BJ's here would cause an even bigger traffic nightmare for locals. Commack Shopping Center Associates is currently seeking approval from the Town of Smithtown Board of Zoning Appeals for variances related to the redevelopment of the Macy's site to BJ's including reducing landscaping and parking requirements as well as increasing the building's height. If the variances are granted, they would then still need to get approval from the Town of Smithtown Board of Planning and the Town Board before they can begin redevelopment. The Commack Macy's is a convenient location that many Long Islanders shop at. Show your support for keeping this Macy's open and your opposition of Commack Shopping Center Associates' greediness by signing and sharing this petition. You can also show your support by speaking against the redevelopment of Macy's to BJ's at the Smithtown Board meetings. Together, with your help, we can continue to keep Macy's a staple of the Commack community for a long time to come.    

Michael Prince
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Make NYC authorities take animal theft & crime seriously

update: apparently if you donate it allows the petition to reach more people. Good Afternoon, I am writing because I need help and have an issue with the way NYC (and overall US gov)authorities handle cases involving animal crime. My dog was stolen and police did not even attempt to find good camera footage for nearly 3 weeks. the detective dropped the case without telling me. I understand they are busy. But if they’re that busy, then the amount of times I’ve seen officers handing out tickets in groups is astounding. Bringing in money to the city seems to be more important than serving the city. Dog theft is an epidemic here. We need NYC to start taking it seriously. Many of our abused dogs in shelters, dog fighting rings, and backyard breedings are the direct result of this kind of crime and the authorities’ inefficiency in handling these matters. A bill to make this a class E Felony just passed through the senate. But will city officials enforce it or sweep it under the rug like my case now? will our Mayor step up and help? I thought it was NYC but I realize its our country as a whole. And that new federal law just signed in does not actually cover most animal abuse acts or crimes.. I keep seeing abusers getting off with misdemeanors. A man shot a woman’s dog in the face and admitted he had no reason and was given a citation. A man in detroit with 16 pits starved & living in filth and a dozen more in same conditions in the basement gets a misdemeanor. he was a dog fighter and they pretty much gave a slap on the wrist and let him go back to do it again. Vick DID NOT go to jail for dog fighting, he went because his money from it crossed state lines. they only break up dog fighting rings bc they know they can bust “bigger” crimes like drugs and guns.  PEOPLE COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY WILL GET AWAY WITH IT. THEY KNOW AUTHORITIES DO NOT INVESTIGATE FULLY OR TREAT IT SERIOUSLY Please help get authorities to take animal theft and crime seriously. Currently, stolen dogs is a huge problem and the police are not helpful. Taking weeks to check camera footage. Labeling it “petty larceny.” Often these dogs go to cruel backyard breeders or fighting rings. Then the city acts proud and they feel like heroes for busting a fighting ring that may not have existed if they had cracked down on this crime. They need to treat these crimes seriously. Search for stolen animals vigorously and have harsher punishments for crimes against animals.  In NYC, you will see 4 to 6 officers issuing a ticket but then none are available to help the public when truly necessary. Stop with your ticket quotas and help the taxpayers. A dog is a life. One that can be scared or hurt. Stop treating them like inanimate objects.  My dog was stolen November 7th. The detective silently dropped my case. I just found out from someone else..the police didn’t even tell me.  Its been 3 weeks and police still have not obtained footage from the apartment buildings on the ONE BLOCK this man ran down. He ran on Quincy between Ralph and Patchen (bushwick, brooklyn ny) so if you know anyone who lives down that street please ask for their landlord info so I may obtain footage. Or help put pressure on the police for me. I don’t know why it takes them 2 weeks to even start looking for footage. some footage has already deleted � because they are taking so long I’m going to have to try to find money to hire a PI. 81 precinct. 718-574-0411 Detective is detective YI (dropped the case without ever contacting me to let me know) Officer Darrell Shannon and officer Gray are officers on the case. I am raising money to hire a private detective. please help share/donate I even emailed council member’s. Council member Antonio Raynoso said there was nothing he can do. As a person in a power The NY laws on dognapping make it petty larceny. If it were taken more seriously and animal theft and cruelty was prosecuted more harshly, we wouldn’t have so many dog fighting rings or backyard breeders or abused animals on shelters. Those ratings are a DIRECT result of our city’s inefficiency and lack of prioritizing and prosecuting animal crimes. NYC GOV & NYPD DO NOT FEEL PRIDE WHEN YOU BUST A DOG FIGHTING RING. DO NOT ACT LIKE HEROES. THOSE DOGS WOULDNT BE IN SUCH POSITIONS IF YOU’D BEEN PROACTIVE AND DONE WHAT TAXPAYERS HAVE BEEN ASKING YOU TO DO. What they have done to help: My dog was stolen Nov 7. They took over a day to put a detective on the case and told me “these things take time.” She was out a couple of days and had her officers check footage. when she got back, she sent me footage from walgreens of the guy running away. that’s all they could get because mcdonalds cameras don’t go out to the sidewalk. I don’t know if that street has a camera on the traffic light. I called daily. I finally emailed the entire precinct on NOV 16 when I still hadn’t neard anything. The news had already run the story. And I’d heard nothing from police. officer shannon told me the cameras at the precinct didnt show the guy’s face and neither did the ones from the school. we’d need to subpoena the school footage to obtain it. on the 17th I got a lead of someone thinking they saw a guy with havok the day before and I asked police to check cameras at checkers and a building people who fit the description walked into. they said theyd check that day.i asked on the 18th and they said they didnt and would go the 19th. checkers cameras wipe in two days...they went tuesday to the building, did not check the camera..just asked a resident if he saw the dog. I could have done that myself. I was flyering that area the day before and asking around already. Nov 20 (wed) they said they asked the buildings on quincy about footage. I’m not sure if they asked every one. but I put notes in the doors asking for landord info so i could call but no one texted me. police said the owners wanted to view footage themselves and would get back to them. today is monday and I am waiting for an update. 3 weeks. for one block. I can’t help but think if this had been a child or even a car which is deemed more worthy based on how much it costs..this would be done faster. in nyc dog theft is a petty larceny so its prioritized like someone stole your shoes. He could be scared or hurt. I’m a mess. and I’m trying to hire a PI now to do a job my taxes ae supposed to pay for for more pics/videos and updates go to “Help find Havok” on facebook   PLEASE HOLD OUR CITY AUTHORITIES ACCOUNTABLE FOR PROVIDING PROPER SERVICE. Taxpayers oay you to serve and protect. spend less time arresting people and issuing tickets for things like selling churros and actually work hard when the people need you. I am so used to people not calling police when a crime is against them and saying “they won’t help anyway.” FIX THIS. A dog is a LIFE. Not a pair of shoes. 

nicole polsinelli
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Dump (Ivanka) Trump!

#GrabYourWallet and encourage Macy's to make a stand for equality, diversity, and justice. The #GrabYourWallet movement was launched by Shannon Coulter, a media marketing specialist, in an attempt to launch a boycott against Macy's, Amazon, Bon-Ton, and Nordstrom, all vendors of various Ivanka Trump clothing items, from shoes to coats and dresses for women and girls. According to British outlet The Guardian, "Coulter estimated that more than 50,000 respondents have expressed support for her campaign and at least 2,000 have said they will participate."  Macy's currently carries 105 items from the Ivanka Trump Collection. They previously phased out a clothing collection from her father Donald, with whom the company had had a business relationship since 2004. Macy's made the following statement on July 1, 2015: "We are disappointed and distressed by recent remarks about immigrants from Mexico. We do not believe the disparaging characterizations portray an accurate picture of the many Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Latinos who have made so many valuable contributions to the success of our nation. In light of statements made by Donald Trump, which are inconsistent with Macy's values, we have decided to discontinue our business relationship with Mr. Trump and will phase-out the Trump menswear collection, which has been sold at Macy's since 2004." Ivanka Trump has been a tireless supporter of her father's xenophobic, insensitive, and lewd campaign for Presidential office. Her public political values should therefore additionally contrast with the diverse and dignified stance Macy's has taken on the Donald Trump brand. Macy's should evaluate their commitment to the safety and security of all Americans and elect to discontinue the Ivanka Trump product line.  Signing this petition means taking a pledge to avoid shopping at Macy's stores and until they make a firm commitment to discontinue their relationship with the Trump family and Ms. Trump in particular. When commenting on this boycott in social media, please use the hashtags #GrabYourWallet, #Macys, and "@Macys" to ensure that they are made aware of your feelings on the issue!  

Tara Giancaspro
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Eliminating the production and use of plastic and paper shopping bags before it’s too late

What is the problem? Plastic and paper shopping bags, contrary to popular belief, are both very harmful to the environment, because plastics are designed specifically to resist decomposition  and therefore polluted the environment; and the creation of paper bags costs the lives of billions of trees. This problem effects everyone and all living organisms residing on our planet and if these products continue to pollute our planet, it is possible that in the near future, Earth will not be able to sustain life.  We are killing our planet! Despite efforts to reduce tropical deforestation, tree cover loss has nearly doubled over the past 15 years. In 2017, 39 million acres (15.8 million hectares) disappeared according to new data released by the research group World Resources Institute (WRI) at the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum. Over the past 65 years, annual production of plastics increased nearly 200-fold to 381 million tonnes in 2015 according to an article written by Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser. The creation of these harmful bags are not worth the price that we sacrifice for the convenience.  How can we live without plastic and paper bags?  Eliminating plastic and paper bags will be a hard transition, but in the long term, it will save contribute to saving our planet. Plastic and paper bags can be substituted with reusable bags made from better materials such as hemp and bamboo. Bags made from hemp and bamboo fibers will be more durable then the typical plastic or paper shopping bag. Problems that come with plastic and paper shopping bags, such as the fragility of paper bags as soon as they become wet and plastic bags molding due to residual moisture, can all be avoided with reusable bags because they are more durable. Another option made in Indonesia are biodegradable bags made from seaweed.  How can switching to reusable bags and biodegradable plastics from plastic and paper bags be economically beneficial for businesses? The average plastic bag costs one to two cents to produce and the average paper bag costs four to five cents to produce according to the New York Times. Reusable bags cost about ten to twenty-five cents to produce and are sold at around one to three dollars. However, reusable bags are more economically efficient due to the nature of costumers reusing their reusable shopping bags. Thus, businesses don't have to buy as many reusable bags compared to the amount of plastic and paper bags they already buy. Plastic and paper shopping bags also cost a lot to recycle. According to the Clean Air Council, recycling one ton of plastic bags costs $4,000, while the recycled product can be sold for only $32. How can switching from plastic and paper shopping bags to reusable bags benefit you? Switching from plastic and paper bags will save you the hassle from having to buy paper bags, dealing with fragile paper and plastic shopping bags, and accumulating bags. According to Penn State Statistics, The average american takes home almost 1,500 plastic bags which mostly go to the landfills or ends up somewhere in the world, such as the ocean. Furthermore, millions of dollar per state are spent to properly recycle or dispose plastic bags and switching from plastic and paper bags will save money for the state and the public.  The worst threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. The future of all living beings and the matter of our survival all depend on us stepping up and taking a stand to the things that are destroying our home.  

Ethan Fung
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Major Corporations: Stop Using and Supporting Prison Labor

Companies that we support in our day to day lives are contributing to the exploitation and profiteering of an unjust incarceration system. And it has to stop. We are calling forth the corporations that currently use prison labor or have used it in the past to publicly stand united against the exploitation of the 13th amendment. Companies and corporations that currently use prison labor (either directly or indirectly) must stand strong against these inhumane practices. These companies who are still benefitting from prison labor must cease their partnerships or utilization of these practices immediately and put financial and action oriented resources into closing the loophole. Companies who have formally benefitted from prison labor must come out publicly and stand strong AGAINST these practices and call upon other companies to end their business practices of using or working with companies who use prison labor. To all the companies who previously were involved with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC): we ask that you use your lobbying powers and status in this country to pass new legislation to amend the 13th amendment to close the loophole that has been exploited by companies to gain free/cheap labor from incarcerated people. BACKGROUND: First, if you haven't yet watched the documentary 13th, it gives a great explanation of what and how the 13th amendment was written and is still being exploited to create a form of modern day legal slavery. It is available for free on YouTube HERE The 13th amendment states "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." The excerpt in bold has been used as a means of generating cheap/free labor and involuntary servitude through the use of convicts - many of whom have been arrested and charged on vague/petty charges and have been incarcerated underneath a racist and unfair justice system. Many companies we know and love use prison labor or have partnerships with companies that use prison labor to pay slave wages for their merchandising (McDonalds has used prison labor to sew uniforms, Victoria's Secret has used prison labor to sew merchandise), and call centers (AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon use inmate manned call centers), packaging (Starbucks and Nintendo have used prison labor to package their products). Other companies have sold products that have been produced by companies that use prison labor (Whole Foods) and we're calling on them to stand adamantly against doing any type of business with companies that benefit or employ prison labor and instate a prison labor zero-tolerance policy. While some of these prisoners are paid, the reported wages are less than a dollar an hour and in some cases $2 per day. This is not repaying a debt to society, this is working for the prison industrial complex. LIST OF COMPANIES WHO USE OR HAVE USED PRISON LABOR IN THE PAST: LIST OF COMPANIES WHO HAVE BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH ALEC: While many companies have left ALEC, their involvement in this organization is not forgotten and they must use their power to fight for justice.

Ross Bercun
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TLC should remove Big Ed from their channel

"Big Ed" has been adopted by TLC as their supposed break out star from their latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Sharp Media has taken him under their wing and promoted him and pushed him into the limelight while burying another cast member, Geoffrey Paschel, because of public backlash from allegations. He has been accused of many things including sexual assault and displays questionable online behavior. Like the petition against Geoffrey, I will follow suit and outline these allegations and considerations: A woman has come forward and alleged that she used to work with Big Ed. She also alleged that for 9 months, she was sexually harassed and assaulted by Ed while they worked together. She had to sign an NDA and admits she's been in therapy for years to get over it. He consistently chooses young girls to be on his Lives. His preference for inappropriately young women is also seen when he tells Rose he is old enough to be her dad. His trip on his season of Before the 90 Days was clearly sex tourism and to spin it as a love story promotes disgusting, predatory behavior that is a systemic global problem, especially in poverty-stricken Asian countries with very young women. The way he treated Rose on the show was degrading and misogynistic. For a channel that has such a large female following to champion a man who treats women like that, is ignorant and rude about her culture, living situation, and health seems counterintuitive. It seems unfathomable that advertisers such as those tagged in this petition would agree with and support the promotion of someone who sexually assaults, preys, and demeans women and bullies people online. Sources:

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