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Luke Donnellan

  • Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety

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Hit and Run drivers should lose their Licence automatically.

In October 2017 our son Tyler was taken from us by the actions of a Hit and Run driver whilst he was out riding his bike with a friend. Thankfully the driver was caught, but was just as quickly let out on bail with no conditions. Most astonishingly, he did not have his licence suspended until the outcome of his court case, as there is currently no legislation in place to allow this.  Overall, a person can be ten feet from pulling into their driveway and be pulled over. If they have been speeding excessively or had a few too many drinks they automatically lose their licence after miraculously making it home safely. This is a good thing, BUT, you can kill someone with your car, drive off and leave your innocent victims broken, dead or dying body laying by the side of the road and you get to walk away, live your life, have a child, celebrate birthdays and Christmases for up to, or over, a year whilst the courts process the case. The amount of Hit and Runs over the last few years has increased and the penalty needs to increase with it. It is a cowards crime and the victims families deserve to see that the law takes it seriously from the very first day. The drivers are entitled to bail but they have lost the right to drive a car when they have shown so little respect for others lives. Its hard enough that we have to live without our beautiful son but our pain is so much worse when we see the Driver nonchalantly living his life in our small town, whilst we have lost so much.  Please, change the legislation in honour of Tyler Dean and all the other innocent victims of Hit and Run drivers. For the ones who lived, and the beautiful angels who didn't. Thank you

Jeynelle Dean
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Petitioning Luke Donnellan, Jaala Pulford, Richard Wynne, Adam Bandt, Melissa Price

Western Highway cheaper, safer, sooner: Go Northern!

 Financial Support For Our Campaign Fighting Fund Can Be Made At Moral support can be made at  Benefits of the Northern Option : Saves taxpayers a whopping $24-65 million dollars! Is a shorter, flatter route for drivers with less fog risk Is much faster to construct by avoiding 500,000m3 of earthworks Makes use of the existing infrastructure and carefully adds a parallel carriageway Avoids the construction of an extra bridge over a quiet side road in the path of the deviation Avoids large underground boulders and seepage areas Follows road-ecology's first rule to ‘avoid the fresh cut’ of the landscape Damages less roadside vegetation by up to 50%  Protects endangered habitats and landscapes Has 75% less loss of large old trees; saves Victoria’s second largest Yellow Gum  Adheres to the Mt Langi Ghiran Management Plan to protect heritage views                     Approving the Northern Option saves: Around 70 large old trees, including Victoria’s second largest Yellow Gum and 2 trees that are approximately 700 years old Habitat of the critically endangered Golden Sun Moth (31 hectares), the Bearded Dragon, the critically endangered Striped Legless Lizard, the rare Barking Owl, and the State listed Brush-tailed Phascogale Rare Spring ‘soak’ groundwater that maintains a large area of plants and trees                 Stop VicRoads from wasting taxpayer dollars and destroying our natural environment. We want VicRoads southern ‘Option 1’ checked against new information. A cheaper, less destructive route, the Northern Option has been overlooked.  Richard Wynne and Luke Donnellan, we want accountability. How can this be in the public interest? About this Campaign VicRoads is planning to widen 12km of the Western Highway near Ararat, including a 5.7km deviation from the highway through hilly landscape. New data shows that using the existing route is much less destructive. VicRoads claim their procedures have been proper and thorough. We have contested this in court. The KORS case against the 2013 ‘Minister’s Assessment’ is pending in the Supreme Court. We cannot let them continue this expensive and destructive development while they continue to rely on a discredited Environmental Effects Statement. The consequence of continuing would be as major as the destruction of thousands of trees, many between 500 and 700 years old, in earlier stages of the project. Say NO to unnecessary destruction of our Country. Our local, centuries-old trees and precious wildlife are at risk of being uprooted and decimated by this construction. Possible Aboriginal heritage trees are also at risk of being destroyed forever. Applications to register these heritage trees have been lodged with Aboriginal Affairs Victoria. In light of the evidence, VicRoads have: Fallen short of the standards and intention of  the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) and Victoria’s Native Vegetation Management: a Framework for Action (2002) Not used the full scope available to reduce the impact of road design and building methods Not used taxpayers money carefully   Please join us for social, cultural and environmental justice by adding your signature and sharing this petition to raise awareness. You can also find more information about the campaign at Together we can make a difference.  

Mia Pithie
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Petitioning State road safety and transport ministers, Luke Donnellan, Duncan Gay, Rene Hidding, Peter Malinauskas, Hon. Liza Harvey MLA, Meegan Fitzharris, Michael Gunner, Liz Harvey

Cyclist passing rule endangers motorcyclists

Road rules that require motorists to give cyclists room when they pass and allow them to cross solid white lines and painted traffic islands are endangering motorcyclists’ lives. While the rule stipulates that they can only cross unbroken lines if it is safe to do so, it seems to embolden drivers to cross the lines even when motorcycles are approaching. It is well documented that drivers don’t often see motorcycles or at least don’t look for them or see them as a threat. Drivers wouldn’t cross white lines to pass a cyclist if a truck or other vehicle was approaching, but they seem willing to do so when a motorcycle is approaching. We understand that the 1m and/or 1.5m passing gap around cyclists is designed to protect a vulnerable road user group. However, the safety of one road user group should never be achieved at the expense or risk of other road user groups; in this case, motorcyclists and scooter riders. The rule should be changed to prevent drivers crossing any unbroken painted lines, or at least, signs allowing motorists to pass cyclists should include a warning to look out for motorcyclists. For more details on a particular crash leaving a woman permanently disabled, read this article:
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Petitioning Luke Donnellan

Build the Calder Bike Path

“We’ll build the paths to get the bikes off the road and out of the traffic, making life easier for cyclists and motorists alike.” - Daniel Andrews MP.Currently there is NO SAFE ROUTE for Sunbury and Macedon Ranges residents to get to and from Melbourne by Bike. The main corridor used by commuter and recreational cyclists involves a portion of the Calder Fwy between Organ Pipes Rd and Kings Rd. VicRoads has seen fit to erect several signs on both sides of the freeway indicating cyclists should use the freeway shoulder, however at the Calder Park Drive exit the shoulder ceases to exist.  The space is instead used for a high speed slip lane.  What then for cyclists heading north?  You're on your own apparently, just dice it out for a couple of hundred metres with high speed freeway traffic.  For one commuter cyclist recently it meant a trip to hospital with a concussion and several broken bones after being hit from behind by a car, followed by months off work for recovery. How long until the unthinkable happens and lives are ruined as a result? For a small investment a path can be built on the North side of the freeway, completely eliminating this dangerous bike-car interaction. This needs to happen sooner rather than later. Luke Donnellan: For these people who are trying to do the right thing by leaving the car at home and riding to work instead - Give them a safe option.Detailed proposal can be found here:Proposal PDF

Andrew Smeal
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Petitioning VicRoads , Luke Donnellan, Cr Kris Pavlidis, Danielle Green MP, Lily D’Ambrosio, The Hon. Richard Wynne MP

Save Mernda's 200+ year old landmark River Red Gum, don't chop it down

HANDS OFF OUR TREE, VICROADS It has come to our attention that the one remaining River Red Gum near the corner of Plenty and Bridge Inn Roads is destined to be removed by VicRoads as part of Stage 2 of the VicRoads Plenty Road Upgrade. Surely through a different engineering approach, VicRoads can incorporate this tree into their design for the intersection, and still retain this tree, as well as achieving their traffic management targets. Still reeling from the destruction of the 300 + year old gum tree which stood on the opposite corner (Cockerell's corner), VicRoads intend to take another historical landmark River Red Gum in Mernda. The thought of losing another tree is too much to bare. This landmark has stood in Mernda since before European settlement came to Australia, is a perfectly healthy tree, and was significant both to the early Pioneers as well as a landmark to current day residents. River Red Gums in this area have been subjects of famous art works over time, including such renowned artists as Sir Arthur Streeton and John Borrack, and are an important part of our cultural heritage.  It has withstood the threat of bushfires, the many years of drought, and even the great flood of 1878. From the early travellers on horseback on their way to the goldfields at Beechworth in the 1850's, to the families going on a Sunday picnic at Kinglake or Yan Yean Reservoir during the 1960's and 70's, or even the many thousands of commuters traveling along Plenty Road on their way to work, this tree has seen it all. Because of it's location and for no other reason it just happens to be a hindrance to VicRoads and stands as an obstacle to their plans to upgrade Plenty Road, and their solution to that.......CUT IT DOWN.!!!! And to add salt to the wound, the Whittlesea Council River Red Gum Tree Protection Policy, which is intended to protect every RIVER RED GUM seems not to apply to this tree. Furthermore the Council on their own webpage state, "River Red Gum trees are an important part of our local landscape, and have significant heritage and environmental values. Many of these trees are estimated at being between 200 to 500 years old and provide shelter and food for a range of native animals. All proposals to remove River Red Gum trees must be reported to a Council meeting for a decision." How can you help ? Sign & Share this Petition Send an email of objection to :- VicRoadsPlenty Road Upgradeemail: Luke DonnellanMinister for Roads and Road Safetyemail: Cr Kris Pavlidis (Mayor)City of Whittleseaemail: Lily D’AmbrosioMinister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Minister for Suburban lily.d’ Danielle Green MPMember for Yan Yeanemail: The Hon. Richard Wynne MPMinister for PlanningEmail:    

Lost Mernda
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Petitioning Vince Punaro, Luke Donnellan, Daniel Andrews, David Teague, John Merritt, Wade Noonan

Ban super sized trucks on residential streets in Yarraville

From 1 November 2016 VicRoads is banning 'super sized' B double trucks from the West Gate Bridge, apparently it can no longer take the weight. Instead these massive trucks are going to be allowed to use Francis Street Yarraville to get to the Port. We say the freight industry has to wait until proper road infrastructure is built to continue to use these monsters. Our 100 year old residential streets in Yarraville will not suffice. Francis street is mostly one lane in each direction, lined with houses and has a major community and childcare centre. Nothing like a highway! Imagine what it would be like reversing out of your driveway, with the kids in the back, into traffic with these monster trucks bearing down on you! These trucks belong on freeways and highways, not narrow residential streets. Our community should not have to pay the price of incompetent planning by state governments and their failure to build adequate road infrastructure to the port. Citylink and the Bolte Bridge, right next to the port, are less than 20 years old and don't have the capacity for these monsters, great planning huh? We all know that rail is the best way to move freight, not bigger and bigger trucks needing bigger and bigger roads. How about getting on with it? Sign this petition to support the call to ban these super sized trucks on residential streets in the inner west.

MTAG - Maribyrnong Truck Action Group
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Provide affordable payment arrangements for all Victorian motorists in renewing their vehicle registrations. Provide installment options of 3, 6 or 12 months for all vehicle owners (regardless of concession status).

Balancing the family budget is hard enough without having to worry about big annual payments. Today I'm proud to announce flexible car registration options to ease cost of living pressures for millions of Victorians. From 1 January 2018 you'll be able to chose between three month, six month and yearly rego options. By introducing shorter term payments, we’re giving people a chance to spread the cost of owning a car out over the whole year. A lot of work has had to be done to pave the way for this change, and I want to thank VicRoads and the TAC for making this possible. Our government will continue to take action where we can to support Victorian families and reduce their cost of living.

1 year ago