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LG - Please revive 3D on a 2018 OLED TV model

It was announced at CES 2017 that 3D support was being dropped from all OLED TV and IPS LED TV models - this is assumed to be because LG Display wanted to meet brightness targets for their 2017 panel range and so 3D and the filter had to go to allow these changes. ..:: Update 17th Jan ::.. This may not be the case as a quote from LG to FlatPanelsHD read as follows: "As said, 3D has been removed but that decision was not driven by engineering concerns. It has not affected the pixel layout or brightness in any significant way. 3D is just no longer a big selling point, says LG." LG Display make the OLED panels for LG Electronics, Panasonic, Sony, Loewe & Philips so this decision affects most brands on the market currently.  They've added 3D sound with Atmos but removed the 3D vision - you'd have thought they'd have worked together well. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of us across the world with large 3D Blu-ray collections who have paid literally thousands of dollars / pounds / euros for these disks which we paid a premium for over 2D Blu-ray do not want to lose access to these when our 2016 OLEDs bite the dust. The 2016 OLED range were the pinnacle of 3D in the home and LG offered the best solution that has ever been seen in the consumer space for 3D. The brightness issues were resolved with brightness levels for 3D of 110cdm which is just behind what a calibrated 2D SDR picture would be and much brighter than anything before it. Everyone who has seen my 2016 LG 65E6 OLED is more impressed with the 3D than the UHD HDR capability. Even when it was sat next to a Panasonic 65DX902 people in my home were more impressed with the OLED 3D than HDR on the high brightness LCD TV. I am asking that in 2018 you reconsider the stance and even if it's a lower end set with a slightly advanced 2016 panel with a lower brightness / NIT level than the other 2018 sets you will have customers willing to spend high OLED prices. I do not know what your research has shown but in the owners forums on places such as AVForums in UK and Europe and AVSForums in the USA many people decided between the B6, C6 and E6 because the latter two supported 3D. People who liked the curve and wanted to save some money bought the C6. People who disliked curves but wanted best of breed 3D support bought the E6 (or even G6). People who disliked the curve and weren't bothered about 3D bought the B6. Please don't make the mistake of assuming it all came down to the soundbar as you'll see from many forum posts this was not the case - for some maybe but not for all. I personally bought the E6 because I wanted a flat TV with 3D - the soundbar doesn't even get much use at all here. There are now many people chasing 2016 OLED TVs because the 3D has been dropped across the entire 2017 range and they have waited and are now disappointed with the CES announcements. So LG please reconsider the choices made in 2017 - it would be a shame that the passive 3D that LG developed on UHD OLED TVs is consigned to the history books because of the marketing brightness war with Samsung (who never really did 3D right with their active solution either). Please just give us consumers an option rather than tossing 3D entirely - many other manufacturers tossed it because they couldn't do it properly. LG can and did and hopefully will again.

Aidan P.
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I am asking everyone to boycott all Worldwide Olympic Partners and Official Partners and Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, until they disassociate themselves and withdraw their sponsorship from these Olympics, because of the horror of the illegal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in South Korea.  In illegal and crude slaughter-houses, markets, breeding farms and their "festivals", dogs and cats, some of whom are stolen pets, are routinely and horrifically tortured by severe beating, hanging, electrocution, grilling, torching, stabbing, limb amputation while still alive, and boiling and skinning alive and finally murdered! All this takes place in full view of other captured and terrified animals, knowing that it will also happen to them! All this is in the name of greed, financial gain and also "fun" when it takes place at the "festivals". It doesn't matter whether the animals are stolen pets, street animals or bred for the specific purpose, they all have the same feelings of fear and pain, something to which the South Koreans (and certain other Asian denominations) are quite oblivious, unfeeling and uncaring! The Worldwide Olympic Partners are as follows: COCA-COLA, OMEGA, MCDONALD'S, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, PANASONIC, VISA INTERNATIONAL, TOYOTA, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, GENERAL ELECTRIC, DOW CHEMICALS, ATOS, BRIDGESTONE, ALIBABA GROUP. Official Partners of Pyeongchang 2018 are: LG ELECTRONICS, KOREAN AIR, THE NORTH FACE, POSCO, LOTTE, KOREA TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SK. Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 are: SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE, SAMSUNG FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE, SSANGYONG, NAVER, HANWHA, AGGREKO, EF. Obviously some of these companies will be better recognisable than others. It is worth mentioning that COCA-COLA AND OMEGA HAVE ALREADY REFUSED TO WITHDRAW THEIR SPONSORSHIP "BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T BE FAIR TO THE ATHLETES AS THEY HAVE WORKED HARD TO GET TO THAT POINT"!! DO THEY THINK IT FAIR TO THE POOR VICTIMS OF THIS HORROR THAT THEY SUFFER AND DIE FOR THEIR SPORT?!!!! I THINK NOT - AND MY GUESS IS THAT THE ATHLETES WOULD BE OF THE SAME OPINION IF THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS! HOWEVER, THEY ARE PROBABLY NOT AWARE OF THIS HORROR AS IT IS BEING "SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET"!!!! We must do all we can to tell these companies and South Korea itself that we mean business and will continue with these actions and more, until they permanently end this horrific trade and festivals in South Korea and elsewhere! PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND COMMENT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. LET US HIT THEM ALL IN THE POCKET AS THIS SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY LANGUAGE THAT THEY UNDERSTAND OR CARE ABOUT!!!!  THANK YOU!   Janice Aedy

Janice Aedy
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Ataxia Awareness for Research

Ataxia is a rare neuro-muscular degenerative condition that does not stop at a stage but continues to increase. Ataxia mainly affects limbs, movements and slowly it captures the whole body and becomes totally dependent. The other problems associated with the progress of ataxia are slurred speech, involuntary eye movements, vision problem, swallowing problems, cardiomyopathy, diabetes; etc Ataxia patients are mentally sound but will become physically dependent. The sufferer clearly knows and experiences the darkening future but cannot do anything because there is no cure of ataxia. This is extremely miserable situation which leads most to sufferer in deep frustration, anxiety and depression.  So it is very necessary to take steps to bring them out of this frustration and depression. Ataxia is not a common disease and the society is not well aware about ataxia. Therefore, ataxia patients are often misguided. Ataxia patients have formed self help groups and gathered many patients through Internet. These self help groups tried to spread awareness through different camps and put patient views in international conferences. But these efforts are not enough. We need support from society. There are different types of ataxia. Out of which Freidreich’s Ataxia (FA), Cerebellar Ataxia (CA), Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) are some most common . The type of ataxia can be known through DNA test or it can be acquired (after birth). The condition of ataxia can be diagnosed by clumsiness, loss of coordination in arms or legs, unsteady or swaying gait, slurred speech, jerky limb movements.  All these are clinical symptoms by which a doctor can say that person has ataxia. But these symptoms are not enough to know the type of ataxia. We are trying so hard so others will have better options that are diagnosed later.  So that you (it does wait to show signs sometimes), our children or grandchildren do not have to suffer as much or perhaps not at all!  All we are asking for here is your signature to allow the research to be funded by the right source(s).   Unfortunately, we are finding out that somehow via (accidents [head injury],  stroke, brain tumors and other head trauma affecting Cerebellum) also sometimes Ataxia appears.  Although obviously non-genetic the exact same symptoms occur and some are even progressive. If you need more information or wish to make a personal contribution please visit The National Ataxia Foundation here:(NAF)   I ask on behalf of many of my Ataxian friends! Thank you in advance, we appreciate your concern and time!

Krystal Schulze
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Add the Vietnam Freedom Flag emoji

The South Vietnam Flag defines many people, it gives them a sense of purpose and patriotism. Since the downfall of the country to Communism, the country has now been recognised as the country with the yellow star upon red. This petition aims to recreate a sense of hope in the Vietnamese that are lost in hope. The yellow flag with three red stripes is not just a symbol of who they are, but it identifies them as in traditional terms, "the people with red blood and yellow skin." Accepting the Vietnamese Communist Flag is directly accepting that there is no hope for the people that are in seek of their own old home. Everywhere, we can now see the well known Vietnamese Freedom Flag in countries like The United States of America and Australia. But those still suppressed in the nation of Vietnam are being abused and threatened for their actions to promote their belief that the flag should be returned. It is simply not just a flag, but a symbol of the sacrifice of the blood-spread veterans that died to protect their beloved country. I myself, a 16-year-old Vietnamese Australian-born male, have always been taught the yellow flag with three red horizontal stripes is a symbol of love, freedom and hope. It was not until I was exposed to school that I learned that this was not the current nation's flag. It is a deep yearning in me to return the flag to its original state and pay respects to those that fought to keep my family's country in peace and harmony. Although this is merely a petition to add the emoji of this flag online, I hope that in the future many will see the history of this great nation and assist in the return of this symbol to the official country's flag.

Phillip Tran
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