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Petitioning Lambeth council, Helen Hayes MP, Cllr Scarlett O'Hara, Cllr Donatus Anyawu, Sadiq Khan

Save Nour Cash & Carry (Brixton)

The owner of Nour Cash & Carry in Brixton Market has been served with a section 25 notice to leave the premises on 22 July 2020. When first coming to the UK, Nour's owner found work in the Brixton and quickly opened the first shop which was around for 10 years before the opening of Nour. Having been welcomed into the community with open arms, it was an easy decision to remain in Brixton following the closure of that shop, and it was a unanimous family decision that Brixton would always be home, even when others deemed it unfashionable and unsafe. Nour has been a staple in Brixton for over 20 years and is a vital resource to ethnic and immigrant communities selling low cost, high end groceries. It serves 90% of the restaurants in the market and surrounding areas, which contributes to their profitability. Having temporarily closed a few months ago, the neighbouring butchers, fishmongers and cafes also suffered a loss in trade due to the reduced footfall bought about by the closure. Brixton has changed dramatically over the past 10 years but the change cannot be at the expense of the people who have always served the community. Over the past 2 years, we have seen closures of many long term and well established retailers in the market. This has had a dramatic effect on footfall and as a result, many of the remaining retailers are now suffering. While we welcome some of those changes and investments, Brixton has developed into a hub for bars and restaurants and is losing its most valued assets, which are the culture and community it has homed for decades. Sign this petition to show your support for Nour and the community whose voices cannot be heard. Together we are stronger.    

Samara Shaheen
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Commission a mural in Lambeth to honour local England football hero Jadon Sancho

Commission a mural in Lambeth to honour local England football hero Jadon Sancho As Lambeth residents, we are calling on Lambeth Council to commission a mural to honour local England hero Jadon Sancho, who was born in Camberwell and raised in Kennington. Lambeth residents want to express their pride in Jadon’s part in the England men’s team’s historic achievement in reaching their first tournament final in 55 years. Moreover, a mural would demonstrate that Lambeth stands in solidarity with Jadon for the vile racist abuse he and other black England players have been subjected to. A hero on and off the pitch, Jadon has never forgotten his Lambeth roots. He’s helped build a state-of-the-art pitch in Myatt's Field Park, helping to nurture the future footballing talents of hundreds of aspiring south London footballers. As Jadon himself has said: "Growing up in Kennington has made me the man I am today. I owe a lot to South London for nurturing the way I play”. A mural would not only honour Jadon and his connection to our Borough, but would help inspire the next generation of boys and girls to follow his remarkable journey from Kennington to Dortmund, Wembley and, now, Old Trafford. Show your support by signing the petition and writing to your local Lambeth councillor(s). Please feel free to get in touch if you have a local artist in mind or would like to suggest a site which would represent a meaningful location to Jadon. Finally, please lend your support to Lambeth Tigers' crowdfunder to help them raise enough money to develop and expand their football & cricket programmes, improve facilities and run an amazing facility for all the community in South London. Callum McCulloch and Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson
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Petitioning Lambeth council, Lambeth Council Planning Applications Committee, Cllr Jack Hopkins, Cllr Clair Wilcox

Save Our Sunlight! Stop the Towers at 8 Albert Embankment!

Unscrupulous developers are at it again! They’re planning to ruin one of London’s historic villages by building two luxury towers (24 + 26 storeys, respectively) and a hotel at 8 Albert Embankment. We call on Lambeth Council and the Lambeth Council Planning Application Committee to stand with us to REJECT planning application 19/01304/FUL and: Stop the Towers Save Our Sunlight Preserve London’s heritage The planned development would: Damage the integrity of a Grade-II listed building [1] (the old Headquarters of the London Fire Brigade) Ruin a historic village and its daily functioning [2] Block residents’ access to light [3] Blight the Garden Museum’s community work [4] Overshadow the community’s park [5] Defy local planning policy by building residential tower blocks in a Key Industrial Business Area (KIBA) [6] The developer U+I has teamed up with the London Fire Brigade to make as much money as they can by selling off our heritage to build luxury flats. U+I have ignored our requests to work together, and despite hearing objections from local community groups and Historic England, they have submitted their planning application WITHOUT CHANGING A SINGLE THING! The local community calls on Dany Cotton (the Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade and land owner of the site), and Richard Upton (Deputy Chief Executive of U+I and a Commissioner at Historic England) to stop this extraordinarily damaging and excessively greedy planning application. There is Big Business backing these luxury towers, so we need all the support we can get in order to defeat this unscrupulous developer. With your help there is still hope. NOTES:1. The old Headquarters of the London Fire Brigade is a building which has proudly stood on the banks of Albert Embankment since 1937 and lends its iconic shape and design to London’s skyline on the Thames. It is a purpose built building with accommodation for the firefighters built above the station, their balconies overlooking the parade ground below. London locals and visitors alike have enjoyed the sights this building has to offer, including drills by heroes of the Fire Brigade in the parade ground, which the public were able to view. But not anymore! The developers are planning to turn this historic firefighters’ HQ into a hotel, build luxury flats on the site, build over its heroes’ parade ground and turn part of it into a limousine rank, and demolish a workshop built to service fire engines. 2. Lambeth Village is an inner-city community which has evolved from its pre-war context and is now integrated with the urban London lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean it can absorb excessive density, with a potential influx of over 2500 people a day. The area simply doesn’t have the infrastructure or amenities to support this. If the developers have their way, it will devastate the village and the daily life of those who call it home. 3. Access to daylight is a fundamental right and Building Research Establishment (BRE) guidelines establish thresholds of acceptable reductions. In the case of this scheme, developers will be causing many of the surrounding windows to fall below the limit of light received as stipulated in the guidelines. Have they no shame in proposing a scheme which will cause vulnerable people and families in the community to be deprived of their right to adequate daylight while sitting in their homes? 4. The development would blight the Garden Museum’s plans to work with the local community and star designer Dan Pearson to make the neighbourhood come to life with flowers and gardens. The tallest tower of luxury flats (up to 90 metres) would also block the light on the Museum’s own garden, opened in 2017 and designed by Dan Pearson who has collected rare plants from around the world. Each week school children come to this oasis to learn from living plants. The developers are stealing the sun the plants need to live. 5. Old Paradise Gardens is a historic public space gifted to the community by the Archbishop of Canterbury (who lives a stone’s throw away in Lambeth Palace) and is being revived as a community garden. One might say that the gardens are the heart of the community where schoolchildren come to play, locals walk their dogs, cyclists cut through the busy London streets and locals and workers alike flock to soak up the British sunshine. It’s also a place where people have gathered for community events for decades – the most recent community event included planting a wildflower meadow. The planned luxury towers would plunge Old Paradise Gardens into shadow. They will kill wildflowers in the meadow that the local children have planted. But the developers don’t care that the towers will overshadow this park and block out the sunshine that’s needed by all. 6. A Key Industrial Business Area (KIBA) is an area of land set aside to provide work for the local community. Building residential blocks on a key site effectively reduces employment opportunities for local people, reducing their life chances. With London’s house prices through the roof, developers are constantly finding ways to make themselves richer at the expense of local people who have called the area their home and been able to work nearby for decades.

Lambeth Village
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Petitioning Sadiq Khan, Metropolitan Police, Croydon council, Lambeth Council, BROMLEYCOUNCIL

Stop the Killer Dogs of Crystal Palace

On the evening of June 7, three dogs attacked my family as we were picnicking in Norwood Park, SE19. The dogs had the appearance of Pitbull Terriers. They were off lead, not muzzled and more than 50 feet from their owners. As the owners watched, one of the dogs mauled my jack russell terrier, Zoey. My husband fought off all three dogs for several minutes, saving Zoey's life. The owners fled the scene with their dogs, only turning to blame us for sitting in the park and then to threaten us. Within a matter of hours, our beloved dog, who has been a member of our family for more than 15 years, was dead. My husband sustained injuries, I have been treated for trauma, and our 4-year-old, who watched the scene unfold and had to run from the third dog, is in shock. We captured photos of the perpetrators and have been told that at least one of the dogs is a banned breed - a Red Nosed Pit Bull. They are aggressive, muscular, weigh somewhere near 60 lbs, and attacked as a pack. They acted like a pack of hunters.  These irresponsible dog owners are bringing weapons  into our public spaces with complete disregard for the consequences. The dogs themselves are not the problem: the owners dangerous lack of control, disregard for the safety of other dogs and children, lack of responsibility, and threats of violence is the issue. These are bad dog owners who have created bad dogs. As long as these people have these dogs in our midst we are all in danger. The events of June 7 have affected my family personally, but they have also hurt our community. From the reaction of the dog owners - physically threatening us, blaming us, refusing to give their names, refusing to render any assistance,  and fleeing the scene once they knew police were on the way we doubt that this is the first time they have done this. The owners and dogs have since been seen by concerned members of the community with their dogs in several different local parks - off-lead and unmuzzled. As long as they are about, none of us can walk the parks entirely free of fear. This time it was our beloved Zoey, but this pack could easily kill a human - man, woman, or child - next. The local police have been responsive and are doing their best to find these people, as is the local community. Please sign our family's petition showing community support for the police, local council, and other authorities to treat this matter with the utmost seriousness. We would like them to find the owners of these dogs. The dogs should be removed from their care. If the dogs are in fact an illegal breed the source should be determined. Any previous incidents should be investigated. The owners should face the full penalty under law including being banned from owning dogs in the future.  Thank you.

Sonia Faleiro
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Petitioning Lambeth council, Gareth Ball

Reject the Planning Application for Closing Club 414 #save414

Please register your objection via the planning application on the Lambeth Council site: have traveled from all of the UK and abroad to visit this iconic club for the quality events they have organised for decades now.Club 414 is known to be a 'home from home' to many, with the warm reception given by the owners and staff as well as the love and care given to all who visit this club.London is now crammed full of 'trendy' restaurants, bars and soulless venues providing dreary events with no substance. People will become bored of that trend, yet they have never tired of this club!On this basis I strongly believe that this planning application is both an insult to London as well as those who have loyally frequented Brixton for this venue. It would be a ludicrous idea to allow this to happen as you will be carving yet another successful chunk of income from the economy.More clubs are being closed down to make room for the same fashionable restaurants and bars across the UK. Our culture is being destroyed in the idea of profit making.Saturating the market with the same will cause further profit losses not gains.Removing venues which are so close to people's hearts is becoming all too frequent and this venue is one which has stood its ground for more than 30 years and maintained a strong following while doing so. Please add your signature to this petition to help us #save414 and share this petition on twitter, facebook and any other social media you can so we can get the word out! 

Bernadette Connolly
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Protect Clapham Common from Lambeth Council using it ILLEGALLY for large-scale events

Lambeth Council does not have the necessary permission from the Secretary of State which means these commercial events are illegal! Erecting fences and structures on common land requires legal permission from the Secretary of State for the Environment under the Commons Act 2006. Lambeth Council is in breach of the law and must be held to account. Currently, enormous steel fences block our rights of access on to a large tract of Clapham Common - just over 20 acres have been fenced off. Do you object to the loss of public access to this vast area? Lambeth Council has approved a licence for Festival Republic to hold 6 major events a year for up to 40,000 people per day plus 4 large events of up to 20,000 people per day between 1st June and 15th September from 2021 to 2024. Do you object to Clapham Common being used for large-scale commercial events like these, which repeatedly destroy the grassland and damage habitat for wildlife? This continual cycle of degradation and restoration means everyone loses access to this huge expanse of green space for months on end. This area has already been fenced off for 9 months at a cost of over £200k - to repair the damage of previous events. Join the campaign to PROTECT CLAPHAM COMMON.  With your support we will bring Lambeth Council to account. Sign our petition to register your protest and IF YOU WISH TO DONATE TO THE FRIENDS OF CLAPHAM COMMMON FIGHTING FUND go to PLEASE NOTE DONATIONS TO CHANGE.ORG DO NOT COME TO US! Together we can make a difference. Please join us!            

Friends of Clapham Common
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Create a pedestrian crossing to protect children heading to/from school in Streatham.

Streatham Vale has an expanding all-through primary & secondary school - Woodmansterne School - opening up hundreds of places for children from 5-18 years old over the coming years. Although there are pedestrian crossings on the busiest road - 'Streatham Vale' - there are not any to support people travelling from the opposite direction - those coming along Glencairn road (under the railway bridge at the bottom end of the road).  Many children and their families have to cross the busy junction on Sherwood Avenue/Glencairn Road, which is dangerous and difficult to navigate for both pedestrians and drivers.  Many children are walking to/from school alone or with their friends and this will only increase as the secondary population grows and the pupils travel independently.  As a parent you can prepare your children and give them advice on road safety, however there comes a point where a junction is just overly difficult and risky due to the amount of traffic, the limited gaps in that traffic flow and the number of directions you have to consider before stepping out.   At busy times in the morning and afternoon, the route is used by vehicles cutting through Streatham Vale - drivers rushing to get to work or doing the school run themselves.  As a sometimes-pedestrian, sometimes-driver I appreciate the difficulty of the junction regardless of whether on foot or in a car. I have witnessed near-misses as children have stepped into the road, only for a car to come along and have to stop suddenly.  I've seen well-intentioned drivers stop on Sherwood Avenue and allow pedestrians to cross, causing vehicles behind them to nearly crash into the back of them or for drivers coming the other way to not stop, again causing a risk to the pedestrians. It's tricky as the cars are moving quickly and as a pedestrian you have to look in multiple directions and go quickly when there is a gap.  It's made even more difficult because the junction with Sherwood Av and Gleinster Park Road is just a few metres away.   This junction isn't just used by children and families and not just for travelling to/from school - it gets busy at evenings and weekends as well.  I'm truly concerned and fear there will be a serious incident there soon. The aim of this petition is to raise support for a pedestrian crossing at the junction - enabling people to cross Sherwood Avenue safely.  I will be bringing this petition to the attention of Streatham South Councillors and Lambeth Council urging them to take action.

Liz Clow
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Maximise lighting on Clapham Common to improve safety

A Lambeth Council spokesperson said: “The thoughts of the council and our communities are with the family and friends of Sarah Everard at this incredible difficult and traumatic time. Lambeth Council is in close contact with the Met Police about the ongoing investigation, and are fully playing our role in supporting their efforts. “It is understandable that this case has increased local women’s concerns about personal safety, and for some will have triggered memories of past trauma. “We are working with the police on community reassurance and are currently reviewing if further local action needs undertaking, including in regard to lighting and CCTV. That includes work already underway to put extra lighting in at Clapham Common. “Lambeth Council is fully committed to tackling violence against women and girls, and details of our support information in regard to all forms of gender-based violence is on the council website at”

2 years ago