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Plastic Polluting our Planet

Hello, everybody. My name is Amanda, and I'm 15 years old. I used to use a plastic straw every single day until I learned some facts about them. In the Los Angeles area alone, ten metric tons of plastic fragments—like grocery bags, straws, and soda bottles—are carried into the Pacific Ocean every day. Over the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the previous century. 50 percent of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. We currently recover only five percent of the plastics we produce. Why is that so bad? Well for starters 46 percent of plastics float (EPA 2006), and it can drift for years before eventually concentrating in the ocean gyres. It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade. One million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans. The body can absorb plastic chemicals—93 percent of Americans age six or older test positive for BPA (a synthetic chemical) Much more information can be found at Unfortunately, we can't reverse some of the things we've already done to this beautiful planet. What we can do is make some changes. Anything from asking for no straw, bring a reusable bag, use your own utensils (rather than disposable), buying from farmers markets, use a refillable cup/bottle, to making your staples yourself to avoid plastic can make a world (no pun intended) of difference. What I'm asking today, is that you sign this petition. Not that hard, right? :D I will be sending this request to places like Panera, Starbucks, Safeway, Dunkin Donuts, and more. What I'm asking of them is to use less plastic and styrofoam. To incorporate more recycling cans into their locations. To only give plastic bags to those who ask for them. To use paper straws rather than plastic. To find an alternative to Styrofoam takeout containers. To stop putting things in plastic that doesn't need to be. Have you ever seen the movie Wall-e? It stars a cute little robot who picks up trash. Remember how awful Earth looked? The whole time I was watching that movie I just wanted to go hug a tree (I didn't actually hug a tree). I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad about their choices, I'm just trying to inform! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope we can work together to make 2018 a much friendlier place (for the people and the planet). <3

Amanda Claire
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The ocean cannot speak for itself, so we must speak for it. Our oceans have been increasingly devastated from the inhumane and disgusting overuse of plastic straws. Americans alone use over 500 MILLION plastic straws every day, a number that is only supposed to grow with our inexcusable overuse habits. Eventually, it is predicted that there will be MORE microplastics, such as harmful plastic straws, in our oceans than fish. This is incredibly disturbing to both our ocean’s health and our humanity, as ocean ecosystems are crucial food sources and popular recreational areas. Fast Food companies ALONE produce around 200 pounds of waste for every $1000 dollars in sales. This waste includes a majority of plastic straws, about 30 percent of the total waste, which are non-biodegradable.Once in the ocean, plastic is mistaken for food and marine organisms ingest it causing about 71% of seabirds and 30% of sea turtles to have plastic in their stomachs after death. Eating the plastic can cause suffocation, starvation, drowning, and entanglement. If these fast food restaurants reduce their use of plastic straws by half, the amount of waste can be reduced from 60 pounds of plastic straw waste to 30 pounds, reducing the total cost to the restaurant from $1000 dollars to $850 dollars. This can save the fast food companies more money while also decreasing the environmental burden by decreasing the plastic straw pollution, saving more animals in the process.         Sources:  

Hannah Cooke
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Tell Krispy Kreme to commit to sustainable coffee

*We need a passionate signer like you to take ownership of this campaign. Fill out this form to learn more.* The two biggest coffee companies in America are standing up for sustainable coffee, but where’s Krispy Kreme? Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have stepped up and joined Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge, to make sure coffee supply chains are sustainable and protect vulnerable coffee crops. Both companies are even committing to giving funds to smallholding coffee farms, so they can cope with climate change and plant diseases. Noticeably absent is Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme is not doing the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, and is not currently giving any funds to help make sure coffee crops will be around in the long term. Tell Krispy Kreme to commit to sustainable coffee! If nothing is done; climate change, deforestation, droughts, and plant diseases will wipe away the majority of coffee crops from the planet in 60 years. Already, the most popular commercial coffee variety, arabica beans, are considered endangered. Krispy Kreme made $518 million in 2016. Right now they are expanding their coffee offerings, and hope to have coffee account for 10% or more of all sales. Krispy Kreme committing to sustainable coffee could have a huge impact. Major companies that sell coffee have a responsibility to protect the coffee customers love from extinction. Tell Krispy Kreme to make sustainable coffee a part of their business model. Only in the United Kingdom is Krispy Kreme’s coffee Rainforest Alliance Certified. This means their U.K. coffee meets rigorous environmental standards. But in the U.S., their coffee isn’t Rainforest Alliance Certified. That means every cup of Krispy Kreme coffee in the U.S. could be adding to issues that are putting vulnerable coffee crops at risk. That’s not all, Krispy Kreme isn’t giving any proceeds to help farmers on the frontlines make sure coffee crops will be around in 2100. Starbucks has committed to giving $0.07 from every coffee bag to smallholding farmers. Dunkin Donuts has given over $350,000 to farmers since 2010. Tell Krispy Kreme to take a big leap forward - commit to both sustainably sourced coffee and to giving coffee farmers the resources they need to make sure coffee doesn’t go extinct.

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Krispy Kreme to make their Cardboard boxes biodegradable

Thank you for contacting Krispy Kreme. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen in the communities we serve around the world. We are continuously working to minimize our impact on the environment. As part of our ongoing efforts, more than 4000 tons of our product and packaging materials is repurposed and/or recycled annually. We recognize the importance of this issue to our team members and guests, and we are committed to continued progress in the responsible sourcing and disposal of our packaging material. Again, we thank you for your feedback and invite you to contact us directly at if you have any further questions.

5 years ago