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Stop selling our kids automatic assault rifles!

While shopping at a Costco in Portland yesterday, I saw a Christmas display with two Nerf brand assault rifles and it took my breath away. I was surprised the concept made it past all management levels at Nerf/Hasbro and equally shocked that Costco decided to carry them! The Raptorstrike (pictured) and Mastodon are made for kids 8+, now with "motorized mega blasting" and a "precision strike set".  You can find them at, Toys R Us, K Mart, Walmart, Target, Costco and Fred Meyer. Thousands are bound to be sold this Christmas and end up in the hands of young boys all over the US. Those same boys who have become desensitized to hearing there was another school/mall/church shooting and are now able to play out these scenarios after school at the park with their "bolt-action blaster" and  "2 six-dart clips".  Sadly mass shootings have become a weekly event. We can spend another 10 years arguing about the cause, or we can start making small changes and speaking up when we see things that just don't sit well with us. Making "toys" to be sold to kids that simulate the exact weapons used in most mass shootings is morally wrong. If you agree these toys should be pulled from shelves and that Nerf/Hasboro should take responsibility for the influence their toys have on our kids, please sign my petition!  

Darcie Alexander
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Stop carrying products from Mario Batali

Two women have come forward alleging that celebrity chef Mario Batali drugged and sexually assaulted them at two restaurants over the years, adding more fuel to a series of allegations against Batali that he's groped, harassed and assaulted a number of women. In response to claims from over 10 women, countless companies have severed ties with Mario Batali. ABC Television fired him from "The Chew," and major retailers like Walmart and Target announced they would no longer carry Mario Batali products in their stores.  But Kmart has yet to announce whether they will cease selling products from Mario Batali, and currently on their website, you can find over a dozen Mario Batali products in the Kmart marketplace.  Tell Kmart that in light of even more sexual misconduct allegations against Mario Batali, it's time for the company to remove his products from their site and follow in the footsteps of other companies that have ended ties with Batali. Batali was the subject of a recent 60 Minutes report where additional allegations of sexual harassment and assault came to light. After the segment, his business partners announced they would be ending their relationship with him, and the Italian market Eataly announced they would formally end their relationship with him, too. It's time Kmart followed suit, too. Send a message to Kmart that perpetrators of sexual harassment and sexual assault have no place in their marketplace.

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Plastic bottle deposit scheme in the UK to encourage recycling

Many countries have a bottle deposit scheme. This means you pay a small deposit for the bottle packaging at the shop and, if you return the bottle later, you can get that deposit money back again. It works a little bit like the 5 pence charge on plastic bags, except, in this case - you can get the money back if you recycle! I experienced this when I lived in Germany and it works for a number of reasons: 1. It encourages recycling. In 2017, of the 38 countries that have this scheme, return rates were as high as 95%. (See: 2. It's great when you get a little money back! 3. Homeless people and anyone strapped for cash help out. Though I hate to think people are using this as their main source of income, it does work towards solving the environmental issue. People would actually come up to you and offer to recycle the bottle for you.  4. Supermarkets get customers coming back to their stores because often the bottle deposit machine is placed inside their stores.   5. It stops plastic bottles entering our oceans which is better for marine life and also for your beach holidays. So why don't we have this in the UK? I'd like to know because, Greenpeace shares, 35 million bottles get discarded every day in the UK.  Please sign this petition to create change and stop waste. It's easy to be sceptical about how much a petition can really change things but: - this petition will be shared with many politicians, courtesy of  - this petition will also encourage the University of Nottingham to trial and showcase how a plastic bottle deposit scheme could work for the rest of the UK. - If you want to see some examples of petitions that were successul in creating change, go to: I also encourage sign Greenpeace's petition on the same topic, to create double the impact:  After researching the pros and cons of this scheme in other countries, I have developed a list of solutions to potential problems the UK may face when developing this scheme. Hence, this petition:  1. Does not support the collection of the bottles by any means that is not sustainable. (I.e. they must, for example, be collected by cars powered by electric made by a renewable source, or, by cycling couriers) 2. Supports including an option to give to charity on the machine. Upon every return machine there is a button which you can press which gives the money to charity instead of to yourself. For this, you don't get a reciept. They have a system like this at a university in Scotland and this lessens the amount of receipts printed. (see: 3. Supports having a receipt-free machine. Rather than a receipt, this petition supports the money coming directly from the machine to stop wasting paper. 4. Supports a policy whereby those companies which are contributing highly to plastic waste, they must account for the cost of the deposit the customer would usually pay themselves.  I.e. If company wants to sell their product in a completely non biodegradable plastic, they cannot demand that the consumer pay the deposit. Then, the customers simply get extra pocket money for recycling it. For every apparent problem, there must be a way of finding a solution! I'd love to hear other people's suggestions. :) Cheers for reading!  

Finola Billings
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