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Jonathan Bartley

  • Co-Leader of the Green Party
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Jonathan Bartley is a prominent figure in British politics known for his dedicated work as a co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales from 2016 to 2020. Recognized for his passionate advocacy for ecological responsibility, social justice, and sustainable economics, Bartley's political career for the Green Party was marked by a commitment to environmental conservation. Prior to his career in politics, he also co-founded the thinktank Ekklesia. Despite being visually impaired, Bartley has not ceased to make significant strides in both politics and activism, striving to create a more inclusive and sustainable society.

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  • Jonathan Bartley’s response to: Keep our NHS out of US Trade deals

    Dear Petitioner, Thank you for raising this important issue. My Dad was a doctor in the NHS all his life and I’ve always believed - as the Green Party does - that our NHS is a public service that should be run and owned for the public good – not open to exploitation for profit. A key NHS value is co-operation and if elected I look forward to co-operating with other MPs cross party to protect the values on which our much loved NHS were founded – and to oppose Donald Trump or any corporation getting their grubby hands on our precious public services. The Greens have always stood with the people fighting to keep public services in public hands. Whatever the result of this election, the Green Party will continue to resist the NHS being used as a bargaining chip in any US-UK or other trade talks. I can therefore make the following commitments, as Co-Leader of the Green Party and prospective parliamentary candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood: 1. The Green Party will oppose any trade deal that exposes our NHS to further privatisation and profiteering 2 . Green MPs will re-introduce Caroline Lucas’s NHS Reinstatement Bill to reverse privatisation and return our health service to fully public ownership 3. The Greens would restore the NHS by investing at least £6billion per year, plus an extra £1billion for training nurses. Yours Sincerely, Jonathan Bartley
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