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Safeguard Futures: End child marriage

My name is Payzee. I was 15 when my dad first asked me to get married – I giggled “I’m so young”. The next time, I felt if I said no it would damage our relationship. I didn’t comprehend at 16 that it was a life-changing decision that actually meant leaving my family and forming my own. I didn’t understand the consequences. Both my sister Banaz and I were pressured into marriage in the UK at just 16 and 17 years old. Banaz was later murdered at the age of 20 in a so-called “honour” killing for leaving her abusive husband. Whilst I was eventually able to divorce my husband who was 12 years my senior, the lasting effects of my experience of child marriage stay with me. Despite this, current UK law allows 16 and 17-year olds in England and Wales to marry with parental consent, a legal exception that leaves children vulnerable to being coerced by their parent into marrying against their will.That’s why I’m calling for marriage under 18 in England and Wales to be a crime. Outlawing child marriage is the best way to stop coerced child marriage from happening – there is no reason to leave children unprotected from the risks associated with child marriage in today’s society, when only 0.07% of registered marriages are with under 18s. I remember thinking Oh My God, he looks old, he was losing his hair. I was just hoping he wouldn’t want me, that he’d say, “she’s just a baby!”. I had to quit college for a bit because my husband complained that I wasn’t caring for him, cooking for him. He said to my parents, “she needs to have a baby”. It made me feel sick. I did not choose child marriage, it ruined my future. It led me astray from my dreams of focusing on my education, it took away the best years of my life. I’ll never again be that innocent 16-year-old. Alongside Freedom United and Girls Not Brides UK Co-Chairs: IKWRO, Karma Nirvana, Forward, and IndependentYemen Group, I am 100% backing changing the age of marriage. I can confidently say it was not an experience a 16-year-old should go through. I have lifelong emotional scars from it and we need to put a stop to any more young women having their lives controlled like this. Join me in calling on the UK to #SafeguardFutures #BanChildMarriage.

Payzee Mahmod
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Accelerated Access for Motor Neurone Disease (MND / ALS) treatment in the UK - NurOwn

Motor Neurone Disease (MND / ALS) Six lives lost daily to MND in the UK and treatments already exist. There are over 5,000 people suffering from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in the UK. MND is also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) for which the Ice Bucket Challenge raised awareness in 2014.  A third of people with MND die within a year and more than half within two years of diagnosis. Six people a day are diagnosed with MND in the UK. Six people a day die from MND in the UK. The impact of MND on patients, their families and the economy cannot be overestimated. Previously, the only drug available was one not much better than a placebo.  For the first time in history patients need not die from MND as treatments now exist. However, patients don't yet have access to such treatments.  When it comes to cancer, other diseases and historically HIV / AIDS lifesaving drugs have been granted accelerated pathways through the clinical trial and drug approval processes. Furthermore, the EU drug approval process through the European Commission / European Medicines Agency (EMA) and/or the review by MHRA/NICE in the UK to approve a new treatment for NHS patients may each lag behind the US FDA approval process by 9 months or longer. While there is a movement that is gaining momentum in the US to accelerate completion of phase 3 clinical trials and approval of drugs that have been deemed safe and effective for MND patients, there is no similar effort in the UK.  This could result in a situation where a treatment is available in the US but not in the EU or UK for a year or more until approved by the EU and/or MHRA/NICE, resulting in over 2,000 lives lost in the UK during the interval. The UK has its own accelerated process known as Accelerated Assessment / Access which the UK could potentially apply to new MND treatments before or immediately after ongoing phase 3 clinical trials are complete in the US. NurOwn 1-  Stem cells are taken from the patient's own bone marrow (BMMSCs). 2-  The BMMSCs are harvested and enhanced using the NurOwn process to produce a two year supply. 3-  The enhanced BMMSCs are injected into the spinal fluid to preserve nerve cells and slow or halt progression of MND.  This injection is repeated more than once annually. Effective treatments currently in phase 3 trials: 1-      NurOwn   - Stem cell therapy (Brainstorm, US) 2-      Cu-ATSM  - A basic copper compound that crosses the blood brain barrier (CMD, US/Australia) - (Phase 2/3) The anticipated schedule in the US without an accelerated process there is listed below. - December 2020, Completion of phase 3 clinical Trial (NurOwn only)- June 2021, FDA review and drug approval- March 2022, EU and MHRA/NICE approval (without Accelerated Assessment / Access in the EU or UK) The first likely to be approved is NurOwn. It may be possible to combine both treatments potentially increasing efficacy. [ Tregs is still in early clinical trials but is also emerging as an effective treatment for MND. The above excludes a platform trial of 5 drugs due to commence in the US in 2020.] Unnecessarily, waiting, without an Accelerated Assessment / Access Review, for many more months to March 2022 at the earliest is another 4,250 lives lost in the UK despite two different safe and effective treatments being available. Current health / social care and economic costs relating to MND may well offset the cost of new treatments. There is certainly no reason for UK patients to wait beyond the date of FDA approval of NurOwn. A UK government initiative could potentially result in early approval before the FDA as clinical trial data is available and the same stem cell procedure is being carried out at hospitals abroad. If the process is accelerated in the US the FDA review and drug approval processes may commence early and/or drug approval may be granted while phase 3 clinical trials are still ongoing but with sufficient data released. The disease is fatal so approving a drug that has been shown to be safe and effective can be no more fatal than time lost without treatment.The UK government does not have to rely on the US process but can take action under its Accelerated Assessment / Access Review to approve before mid 2021. The above treatments are not a cure for MND but transform it into a disease that can be managed similar to how drugs for HIV allow sufferers to live long productive lives today.  We are at the same point in time of the drug discovery process for MND that we were in when new effective lifesaving drugs were approved to treat HIV. The only difference is that there aren’t as many influential voices calling for early access to treatment for MND patients. What can the UK government do to save over 2,000 lives per annum and reduce the cost of MND to the economy? 1- Announce a policy on MND with the objective of providing patients with treatment at the earliest possible date by actively accelerating the approval process where possible and not simply waiting for the US to approve before taking action. 2- There is nothing stopping the UK government and MHRA/NICE approving treatments before the FDA in the US, based on existing and future clinical trial data. 3- A fast track approval process for the treatment/drug in the UK under the Accelerated Assessment / Access Review or an executive order/decree that approves the treatment/drug. 4- Instruct MHRA/NICE to open discussions with the drug companies NOW to agree supply arrangements and prices to avoid having the same discussions well after the treatment is on the market in the US while people die in the UK as treatment is either too expensive for the NHS or is yet to be approved. 5- Explore the possibility of commencing new large scale (up to 5,000 patients) clinical trials at UK hospitals. One interesting future trial could be the efficacy of combining NurOwn and Cu-ATSM. 6- In the event of a likely delay to the approval of NurOwn and/or Cu-ATSM, explore the possibility of funding patient treatment abroad, where feasible, until approved and until MHRA/NICE completes its review for the NHS to provide treatment. 7- Cu-ATSM is a simple compound to produce.  An agreement with CMD in Australia/US may achieve the objective of agreeing early availability of the drug through centres that specialise in MND such as Sheffield MND Care and Research Centre.  This drug could be administered through a large scale clinical trial. 8- The UK government and NICE should contact Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics and CMD inviting the companies to submit applications for approval / early approval. 9- The MND Association and leading MND treatment centres in the UK can be included in discussions with Brainstorm and CMD as an introduction to the treatments and to plan and prepare for patients receiving treatment. 10- MND treatment centres in the UK can start clinical trials performing the stem cell procedure without using the NurOwn platform for harvesting of bone marrow MSC until NurOwn is available in the UK. This Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells (BMMSCs) procedure is already available in many counties. What can you do?  Write to the Prime Minister and your MP highlighting the issue so that the government can review and approve access to MND treatments early. While the UK excels in medicine and healthcare this does not apply to either stem cell procedures or those using Regulatory T cells (Tregs) in neurology and for treatment of MND. It therefore follows that effective treatments for MND in the UK may have to be provided in cooperation with other specialists or hospital departments other than neurology until there is change. There is no reason for clinical trials not to be commenced in the UK using Stem Cells and Tregs to treat MND.  It may also be possible to host trials using Cu-ATSM with CMD's permission.  Either way government, MHRA, NICE, NHS and treatment centres need to start preparing NOW. The MND Association perhaps could do more to advocate for the early introduction of such treatments in the UK and/or ensure that there is no delay upon FDA approval. Hence start planning NOW. Every life counts!   [Tregs]  [Tregs]

Sam B
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Don’t Mess with Britain – Help End Britain’s Litter Crisis

THE FINANCIAL FACTS The annual £1bn wasted on the UK government’s current inefficient management of litter & fly tipping leaves us drowning in litter, killing or injuring 70,000 animals a year and makes us statistically one of the most littered nations on earth. By adopting our approach, Britain could be cleaned up overnight and the costs reduced to £383 million.  That’s an annual saving of £617m! That could be used for one of, or a combination of the following:- 20,000 police 16,000 nurses 7400 doctors 10,000 social homes  Enough is enough and this madness must stop now. What is Needed? A uniformed and structured approach is urgently needed across the nation that is delivered on as a “ONE WAY AND ONE WAY ONLY” policy that cannot be ignored or deviated from. Our target is to achieve over 100,000 signatures from UK citizens in order that we can force this matter to be taken seriously in Parliament and appoint a Litter Minister or Litter Tzar to deliver the programme. By signing our petition, you are supporting our aim to force the government to change the way they tackle litter in Britain by adopting these 5 key actions across the nation: - Educating The Nation – Embedding a public information film and awareness campaign across the country and ensuring that all schools are on board with showing this at school assemblies. Setting Standards That Show We Care – Adopting a zero-tolerance littering policy whereby all litter is picked up every day and maintaining Grade A, litter free standards in line with the law and DEFRA Litter Code of Practice already in place. Enforcement Of The Law – Setting examples across the country with clear visibility to the public that enforcing of fines for littering and fly tipping is in place and being done. Tapping in to evidence from the vast network of traffic cams and CCTVs and encouraging the public to post footage of littering offences caught on mobile phones and dashcams. Enforcement is to also include issuing Litter Abatement Orders for fly tipping on private land and if not cleaned up, action taken immediately by the authorities to do so. Eliminate Fly Tipping – Simplifying the recycling rules and multiple coloured wheelie bins to one standard across the country. Changing and unforming the rules and relaxing the restrictions at all recycling centres that will then allow homeowners to dispose of household waste including the use of a van or truck to do so. Embracing & Adopting an Innovative Approach – Giving the public one free app to use to report litter and fly tipping and turning clean up teams into “smart teams” adopting a proactive, reactive and innovative approach working out in the field using live updates via reports from the public direct to smart tablets to tackle litter and fly tipping in real time and maintain high standards everywhere. The addition of introducing technology such as high-powered driveable litter vacuum trucks for keeping verges litter free and roads swept of debris also equipped with sign washing equipment to keep traffic signage clean and visible will also ensure areas remain spotless and costs are reduced due to less staff needed.

Danny Lucas
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Londoners for clean air, take action! Your health is at risk

We must create awareness, we must take immediate action! It is a matter of urgency we cannot wait for 2030! The levels of NO2 are currently at double of the WHO guideline levels. Air pollution is mainly caused by traffic and diesel fumes.The UK has been in breach of the EU's nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits since 2010 and will not meet them before 2030. London is the second most visited city in the world and Oxford street the most polluted street on Earth. London's air pollution is shocking and our leaders are not focusing on the health risks associated with it. It is a real matter of life or death. London has a serious problem. RISKS: It aggravates respiratory problems by inflaming the lungs, it worsens asthma and bronchitis, suppresses lung growth in children, slows foetal brain growth and has long term health effects on children. It increases the risk of heart problems and strokes in adults. Inhaling high levels of NO2 is like inhaling particles of tar and this continuous exposure increases the risk of lung cancer. Infants and school children are most at risk, they suffer from illegal levels of pollution. Asthma and air pollution is a serious killer, my son lost his dear friend at the age of 9 to asthma, air pollution triggers asthma and also causes asthma in children and adults. The risks are too serious to be ignored. AWARENESS & SOLUTIONS We need to radically reduce the number of cars on the roads, ban diesel and old cars. Information on air pollution levels should be visible around the city, informing the public with the risks associated with high levels of NO2 and a guideline on how to reduce exposure and protect ourselves from it. This is a global problem, London can be an example to the world and a leader in the matter. Please be part of the change to make a cleaner planet for our children. 

Sumru Ramsey
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Stoke GP (of 23 years) facing unfair dismissal due to alleged racism

PLEEEEEASE read this shocking story as we look down the barrel that is pointing at yet another well qualified doctor that is facing the chop for "alleged" allegations of racism. Please note that my opinion is below the extract from StokeonTrentLive.   Royal Stoke doctor who faces inquiry for asking a Muslim mum to lift her veil says he will QUIT after 23 years as a GP due to the 'major injustice of the investigation. A GP who faces losing his job for asking a Muslim mum to lift her veil has revealed he plans to quit due to the 'major injustice' of the investigation. Dr Keith Wolverson 'politely' suggested he woman remove the niqab covering her face as he had difficulty hearing her explain what was wrong with her child during the appointment at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. But the 52-year-old was then 'deeply upset' to be told the incident had been reported to the  General Medical Council (GMC) and he would be subject to a racial discrimination inquiry. He says he has not been allowed to work at Royal Stoke's walk-in centre since the incident last summer. And ultimately, he could be struck off the register by the watchdog. Now the medic has told how is planning to leave the profession after 23 years of helping sick patients whatever the result of the investigation. He told the Daily Mail: "I feel a major injustice has taken place. This is why you are waiting so long to see your GP and doctors are leaving in droves. This country will have no doctors left if we continue to treat them in this manner. I’m deeply upset. A doctor’s quest to perform the very finest consultation for the safety of the patient has been misinterpreted in a duplicitous manner to suggest there has been an act of racism committed. I absolutely no longer want to be a doctor." The Muslim woman brought her daughter, aged ten or 11, to see him at the Royal Stoke's walk-in centre last June as she was worried the child had tonsillitis. But Dr Wolverson requested she remove the niqab because he could not hear her properly. He says she agreed to the request but half an hour after the consultation her husband made a complaint. Dr Wolverson told the Daily Mail: "He sat outside my consultation room and threateningly made eye contact towards me whenever I went out to fetch each patient. He then made a formal complaint and I was prevented from working at the walk-in centre again." It has since emerged that NHS bosses sent the GMC a form outlining the complaints. It says the woman told the doctor she did not want to remove the veil on religious grounds but he refused to continue the consultation unless she did. It claims he was ‘rude’ and ‘gave her a dirty look’, leaving her shocked and crying. She said she felt ‘victimised and racially discriminated’ against. A spokesman for The Doctors’ Association UK, told StokeonTrentLive: "It is of utmost importance that the religious wishes of our patients are respected. However, evidently there are some circumstances where removal of a niqab or burka is necessary for medical assessment and treatment. "Regardless of whether this complaint is upheld, the General Medical Council should consider issuing clear guidelines to protect both doctors, and our patients.” Written by Hayley Parker, for StokeonTrentLive on 19 May 2019.   For those of us who don't know what a niqab is....A niqab is an item of clothing that covers the face, worn by some Muslim woman as a part of a particular interpretation of hijab (modest dress). According to the majority of Muslim scholars and Islamic schools of thought, face veiling is NOT a requirement of Islam. However, a minority of Muslim scholars assert that women are required to cover their face in public. Today, the niqab is most often worn in its region of origin including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. HOWEVER, EVEN IN THESE COUNTRIES, THE NIQAB IS NEITHER A UNIVERSAL CULTURAL CUSTOM NOR IS IT CULTURALLY COMPULSORY.   Obviously, I don't want to step on anybody's toes or upset anyone, but in the same breath we need EQUALITY.  The doctor below was clearly trying to administer treatment to this lady's poorly child, but due to her headwear struggled to understand what she was saying. The reason he asked her to raise her veil wasn't racially motivated, premeditated or for any other reason than the fact that he couldn't understand what she was saying.  If he got the diagnosis or treatment wrong it could've had catastrophic repercussions, and I'm sorry, but as a parent my child's health would ALWAYS come first. Our doctors are few and far between and having had to have our local Stafford hospital (majority) closed, and the staff travelling and working between the two (Stafford & UHNM Stoke), we need all the doctors we can get to cover the greater area and to cope with such pressures. The fact that a doctor of 23 years may be struck off the register for this misunderstanding is DIABOLICAL & UNJUST. The fact that the mother's description of events changed and also the fact that her husband had been "sat outside my consultation room and threateningly made eye contact towards me whenever I went out to fetch each patient" should also be taken into review.  There are signs all over every hospital that state that there is "zero tolerance to mistreatment of our staff", surely this should count as this?! We need to PROTECT OUR PRECIOUS NHS & THE STAFF THAT WORK DAY & NIGHT to make it work as well as it does - whether in Stoke, Stafford, Birmingham, Manchester, London, Edinburgh or Dublin - WE HAVE VOICES THAT HAVE GOT TO BE HEARD!! Therefore, I implore you to sign this petition and share it to friends & family alike so that our National Health Service & all of the staff that keep it working so well are better protected from such ridiculous accusations. Many thanks in advance, M x

Miriam Williams
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Make the loss of nature and wildlife a top priority in the UK General Election

My name is Bella Lack. I’m 16, and I’m asking that our politicians make the loss of nature and wildlife a top priority in the UK General Election 2019 - and that the next Government makes it a priority on day one in office.I’m part of the generation who will experience the full brunt of humanity’s disregard for the natural world if we don’t take action soon. Being 16 also means that I’m too young to vote in the election and so can’t directly help to influence which party leader is going to hold our planet’s future in their hands. However, when you know the extent of the crisis we face and the mounting challenges we'll face in the future, you cannot sit back and watch. The UK's wildlife and nature are in freefall, with 41% of species having declined since 1970. Around the world, 1 million species are on course to extinction. At the same time soils, air and water are all being polluted and undermined, putting at risk our food supply, our health and our wellbeing.  The nature crisis and climate emergency are intertwined: climate change is one of the biggest causes of the loss of wildlife; restoring natural habitats can help to lock away huge amounts of carbon.  As part of a commitment to prioritise nature this election, I'm calling on for all leaders of political parties to meet with a group of young people like me from UK Youth For Nature, and to come with us to visit an important nature site during this election campaign to see how it benefits wildlife, people, water and carbon storage. The natural world is not a supplement for us to enjoy every once in a while, it is a necessity. It is the foundation upon which all life depends, including humans. In the UK we have a responsibility to not only protect, preserve and restore our extraordinary wild areas, but also to provide an example to other countries as to why they too should protect their natural heritage.  As a nation we must step up and face the consequences of our past actions. We have the ability to allow nature to flourish and wildlife to become abundant right on our doorstep. All we need now is the collective will and passion of the people. That means you, your friends, family and neighbours. We’re at a turning point where we either see mass destruction and allow it to continue, or we step up and speak up for what we know is right. So please support us by signing my petition!

Bella Lack
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A Plea for Third Spaces for Transmen and Transwomen

We are Fionne Orlander and Miranda Yardley, both of us transwomen. We recognise that we, as transwomen, are biologically male; we are not the same as women and our lives differ from those lived by women. We are asking you to support our call for the provision of Third Spaces for transgender individuals of both sexes. We as transwomen share concerns with women, we share a need for dignity and privacy when using public spaces such as washrooms and changing rooms, and specifically we are concerned about the risk to us of abusive behaviour and physical and sexual assault when sharing single-sex spaces with other males. In recognising our lives are different from women’s lives, we recognise and support single sex spaces for women, and support the right of women’s organisations under the Equality Act to provide services exclusively to women and girls, who may in a number of circumstances have lived under fear of or experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of men, who overwhelmingly commit the majority of physical and sexual violence. In recognition that women should have access to single sex spaces, and in recognition of our own concern and fear of using single sex spaces designated for males, we call on all political parties to recognise the need for the provision of publicly funded third spaces for transgender individuals of either sex, to allow us to participate fully in public life without imposing ourselves on those single sex places presently enjoyed by women. Specifically we call for publicly funded Third Spaces in respect of the following: Public washrooms and changing rooms, including those at schools, leisure centres and other publicly funded institutions; Hospital wards and other NHS facilities that are presently single sex; Prisons, remand centres and all other parts of HM Prison Service; For the provision of relief centres for transgender individuals who have been physically or sexually assaulted, or who are fleeing or need protection from abusive partners. Please commit to providing Third Spaces for transgender people of either sex. Thank you Fionne OrlanderMiranda Yardley

Miranda Yardley
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Rebuild the NHS!

I’m the baby's dad who took on Boris Johnson over the NHS when he came to Whipps Cross Hospital for a publicity stunt. I started this petition because I discovered as a result of my daughter's experience at Whipps Cross that there is a huge crisis with buildings and equipment in the NHS.  You can read more about this issue in my Guardian article here. Whipps Cross is just one example of how our NHS is literally falling apart: hospitals are crumbling, equipment is broken and repairs are not being made. Spending on buildings and equipment is insufficient to meet the NHS’s needs – this means hospitals will struggle to continue to provide even the current level of service. I started this petition to do something about the buildings and equipment crisis in the NHS! I would be grateful if you could sign the petition.  Thank youOmar SalemPETITION******Our NHS is falling apart. Hospitals are crumbling, equipment is broken and repairs are not being done. Current levels of spending on buildings and equipment are not sufficient to meet the NHS’s needs. The NHS cannot even continue to provide the same service, because equipment is not being replaced and buildings are not being fixed. Over the past decade, as part of austerity, money that was meant to be spent on NHS equipment and buildings was diverted by the government to be used for day-to-day running costs. There is a £6.5 billion maintenance backlog, £3.4 billion of which presents a high or significant risk to patients and staff.  However, the government has promised less than 10% of the extra money that the NHS needs for new buildings and equipment. We want the government to provide the funding needed to remove the maintenance backlog and make sure that proper funding is in place for buildings and equipment.  Experts say that the NHS budget for new buildings and equipment needs to be increased by £6-7 billlion. We want the government to pledge to provide this funding. This should be new money that is not taken from reducing other current or future NHS budgets.     Patients deserve decent hospitals and working equipment. NHS staff deserve to work in good conditions and have the equipment they need to do the best job they can. We need to rebuild our NHS! For more information about the campaign visit

Omar Salem
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Keep our NHS out of US Trade deals

Dear Petitioner, Thank you for raising this important issue. My Dad was a doctor in the NHS all his life and I’ve always believed - as the Green Party does - that our NHS is a public service that should be run and owned for the public good – not open to exploitation for profit. A key NHS value is co-operation and if elected I look forward to co-operating with other MPs cross party to protect the values on which our much loved NHS were founded – and to oppose Donald Trump or any corporation getting their grubby hands on our precious public services. The Greens have always stood with the people fighting to keep public services in public hands. Whatever the result of this election, the Green Party will continue to resist the NHS being used as a bargaining chip in any US-UK or other trade talks. I can therefore make the following commitments, as Co-Leader of the Green Party and prospective parliamentary candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood: 1. The Green Party will oppose any trade deal that exposes our NHS to further privatisation and profiteering 2 . Green MPs will re-introduce Caroline Lucas’s NHS Reinstatement Bill to reverse privatisation and return our health service to fully public ownership 3. The Greens would restore the NHS by investing at least £6billion per year, plus an extra £1billion for training nurses. Yours Sincerely, Jonathan Bartley

2 years ago