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  • Councilmember, District 10

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Petitioning Mayor Chuck Reed

Save The Winchester Domes

It was recently announced that the ground lease is due to expire and the landowner is seeking to find a developer for the property that is currently home to the Winchester Theaters, formerly The Century Theaters (21, 22 and 23.) These iconic theaters, built in the 1960s to herald both the space age and new cinema technology, are at risk of demolition.   Don't Let The Domes Meet Their Doom The Retro Dome (under the direction of Guggenheim Entertainment, Inc) and the Preservation Action Council of San Jose (PAC-SJ) are partnering to raise awareness and promote action pertaining to the “Winchester Domes.” Since 1990, PAC-SJ has been dedicated to preserving the architectural heritage of San Jose. The large, dome-shaped venues are located on the property adjacent to the famous Winchester Mystery House and across the street from the Santana Row shopping center, visible from 280. Theater 21 is a single screen; Theater 23 is a two screen theater, each under a single dome; and Theater 22 has three single theaters under three domes. The City of San Jose is in the process of trying to rezone the commercial property as an "Urban Village" to allow for high-density residential development.    A Call to Action We invite you to join the many Silicon Valley residents in favor of preserving these historically significant venues. We believe the Domes should be saved and reused, and incorporated into any Urban Village proposal. One example of reuse would be preserving Century 22 to provide a home to The Retro Dome, which occupied a sister Dome on Saratoga Avenue but was recently displaced when plans were announced to demolish the former Century 25. A wonderfully historic building would be saved from the wrecking ball and The Retro Dome would be reborn and serve as a home to multiple Silicon Valley-based performing arts groups. With the three adjoining theaters, Guggenheim Entertainment and its partners would be able to offer the region a cooperative Performing Arts Center unrivaled by any other.   History The buildings—originally called the Century Theaters—were the first theaters of their kind. Designed by San Francisco architect Vincent Raney and opened between 1964 and 1966 to accommodate a new widescreen technology called Cinerama that was developed to help theaters distinguish themselves from television, The Century Theaters are a cultural symbol of postwar prosperity for the masses and a widespread optimism in the future. Although the theaters have not been granted landmark status yet some architectural historians agree these are some of the best remaining examples of mid-century modern architecture in Silicon Valley and have as much historical significance as the Winchester Mystery House.   The Future After nearly four successful years in their location at the former Century 25 Theater, The Retro Dome (under the direction of Guggenheim Entertainment, Inc) was forced to close its doors when the property owner refused to renew the lease.  Guggenheim Entertainment is looking for a new location to make its home, offering the community and region high quality, professional entertainment and educational programming.  Saving the Domes is an opportunity to restore and reuse an historic property. The Retro Dome and its partners stand poised to immediately provide tenants for the building and breathe new life into whichever venues can be saved. The Retro Dome, with its award-winning programs, would be able to move in and begin operations immediately, creating captivating entertainment for all ages and demographics, making the new Retro Dome another jewel in the crown that is Silicon Valley's entertainment scene.      

The Preservation Action Council of San Jose & The Retro Dome
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Petitioning Santa Clara Valley Water District, San Jose City Hall, Cal-Fire


Almaden Lake is a long time landmark in our community and is slated to be redesigned by the Water District. Not only is it beautiful it is used by Cal-Fire to put out fires here in the Santa Teresa Foothills. The Santa Clara Valley Water District has decided to clean up and redesign the lake. Some of the options include filling in all or part of the lake with land. This is undesirable for the residents as well as for anyone who enjoys the water feature. This is particularly dangerous because the lake is used to put out fires in our foothills.  

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Petitioning Jeff Roche


City of San Jose, Planning Building & Code Enforcement - Attn: Jeff Roche - Ref: PDC 13 - 032:  There is a creek running directly behind the proposed site. Any runoff from the Gas Station however minimal would result in contamination of ground water that we all depend on. The air around gas stations have been found to have significantly higher levels of carcinogens such as Benzene that put current and future generations at higher risk for various cancers. Many of us have been drawn to the Silver Creek area and paid a premium primarily for the peace and tranquility of this area. Having a gas station in the middle of this area would result in higher levels of noise and pollution and make this a less desirable area for current and future residents. Having a gas station would increase the traffic in this area causing congestion especially during school hours as there are two elementary schools located very close to the proposed site. There are several species of birds and animals that make their home in the green area directly behind the proposed site. The proposed site will adversely impact their current habitat. Given these and several other factors we the residents of the Silver Creek Valley communities strongly oppose the idea of a gas station and/or a car wash in the proposed Canyon Creek Plaza site.

Vinod kasturi
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Petitioning Honorable Mayor, Chuck Reed

VOTE NO on (PDC14-030 & PD14-030), a request for PD rezoning to allow for construction of a gas station/car wash tunnel/convenience store project in Canyon Creek Plaza on Silver Creek Valley Road.

The applicant’s case for approval of this project basically comes down to their belief that the project meets City regulations, solves for the inconvenience that they believe the community currently experiences, reduces miles driven, reduces tax leakage, conserves water, makes use of an under utilized parking lot, is similar to many other projects that the City has approved, therefore, this one should be approved too. There is no proof, evidence or data that this project would provide any of the benefits that the applicants claim in making their case for approval. No reduction of miles driven No sales tax leakage No conservation of water No additional convenience Does not meet a demonstrated need within the community Does not utilize an underutilized property Is dissimilar from any other project the City has approved in the past Utilizes a parking study that is 19 months old Utilizes a noise study based on flawed methodology that does not reflect the reality of the noise generated by the project in a real-time manner   In addition, this project…   Has not been recommended by the Planning Commission  Does not comply with Riparian Corridor Policy Study Guidline1B: Incompatible Land Uses Does not comply with Riparian Corridor Policy Study Guideline 2F: Noise Creates unacceptable traffic circulation within the shopping center Does not provide a car-wash stacking lane that complies with the City requirement Creates the danger of fuel tanker spills very close to an active and important creek Limits the future use of the property and would require a very expensive clean up, to be used for anything other than a gas station, limiting the interest of potential developers Has not demonstrated that it is needed or desired by the community Has not demonstrated that the community is currently inconvenienced and that this project represents wanted convenience Represents a threat to existing business        Eliminates parking that the existing businesses need in order to grow        Goes into direct competition with the anchor tenant of the Plaza   For all of the above stated reasons we strongly urge the City Council to DENY the request for zoning change

Keep Evergreen Green
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