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Joe Magnacca

  • CEO of Massage Envy

Joe Magnacca has been CEO of Massage Envy Franchising, LLC since January 2016.

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Massage Envy needs to support individuals sexually assaulted at their stores

Countless women have come forward to report being sexually assaulted at Massage Envy.  For me, it happened on a Sunday afternoon at a Massage Envy in Richmond, VA in a crowded family shopping center.  I endured a long, humiliating, and painful trial, and the massage therapist was convicted of a felony sexual assault. But equally traumatizing was the way that Massage Envy handled the situation.  I immediately reported the assault and told the manager on duty that we needed to call the police.  She told me that was not necessary because Massage Envy would handle it internally.  They refused to allow me to get on the phone with the supervisor.  That person did call the next day – to tell me that they understood that I was “unhappy with my massage experience”, so they would not charge me for the massage.     I never heard from anyone at Massage Envy ever again. Not through the 11 months of the trial and court proceedings. Not when their employee admitted to everything and was convicted of a felony sexual assault. Not one person from Massage Envy, not from the local franchise or the national Massage Envy corporation, ever checked in with me to see how I was doing, or to apologize for what happened to me when I was at their national establishment.  In fact, I continue to get advertisements in the mail for the local Massage Envy where I was assaulted. Only after my assault did I discover that this has happened before.  Countless times. The company has even released a boilerplate “Statement from Massage Envy on Sexual Assault in their Stores” ( in which they state “Our hearts go out to anyone who has been through this terrible act. We and our franchisees are firmly committed to delivering the therapeutic benefits of massage in a safe environment, and we applaud those who are bringing these issues to light.” But other than issuing a statement “applauding” those who bring these issues to light, my experience clearly indicates that Massage Envy has no practices in place to support individuals who are victimized in their stores.  The way they handled my assault was horrific.  Let's change that for others.  Let's send a message to Massage Envy that they need to change their corporate policy to put in place better procedures to protect their clients and to support individuals who are sexually assaulted at Massage Envy stores.  

Danielle Dick
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Massage Envy needs to support individuals sexually assaulted at their stores

Last week we shared the first steps that we are taking to address incidents of sexual misconduct in Massage Envy franchised locations. And we promised that this was just the beginning. Today, we announced a six-point plan to drive additional, meaningful change. In shaping this plan, we knew that we must do it thoughtfully and we couldn’t do it alone. In addition to experts in victims’ rights, sexual violence and the massage industry, Danielle Dick provided important insight, and has been a key voice in shaping the plan. This plan, which was designed to create a safe environment for both clients and therapists, will be rolled out and implemented across the network over the coming weeks. Massage Envy Commitment to Safety: – Prevention: We are mandating updated background screening for all massage therapists on an annual basis. We’re also launching a fully-automated, third-party system with UBS (Universal Background Screening), consistently rated the country’s top background screening company, that tracks compliance of service providers’ employment requirements in real time. And, the network has just recently completed a review of all massage therapist files to ensure they have completed background and reference checks, have current licensure or certification and that annual training requirements have been met. – Reporting: We are requiring that if a client makes an allegation of sexual assault, the franchisee will provide the client with contact information for local law enforcement and offer a private room to complete the call. – Investigations: We are creating a qualified list of independent third-party resources that we will make available to assist franchisees in their investigations of sexual assault claims. Review: We are partnering with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN works to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and ensure perpetrators are brought to justice. Experts from RAINN will begin an end-to-end review of our policies and procedures — including reporting and investigation. They’ll recommend changes and together we will put change into action. – Support: We are working with RAINN on response services, including victim support, and - through the National Sexual Assault Hotline - free access to immediate confidential assistance, trained staff and other resources. – Guidance: We are forming the Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council. This group, which will initially include a representative from RAINN, as well as Danielle Dick, who was instrumental in advocating for this change, will help us develop, maintain and implement strong safety and support standards. We’ve also created a dedicated corporate department that will lead the development and implementation of safety policies, supported by RAINN and the Advisory Council. We believe the work we’re doing today can serve as a solid foundation for change across the industry, and we’re working with industry groups - like the American Massage Therapy Association - to move that conversation forward. The safety and well-being of members and guests has been our mission from day one and our commitment has never been stronger. Thank you for challenging us to do more. Joe Magnacca, CEO of Massage Envy Franchising, LLC

2 years ago
Massage Envy needs to support individuals sexually assaulted at their stores

Since Massage Envy was founded more than 15 years ago, the safety of members and guests has always been, and will always be, paramount. And, we are always looking for ways to do more. Last week, we announced immediate actions that are taking place across the Massage Envy network: – Each location was required to review, re-communicate and, in no uncertain terms, recommit to our safety and reporting policies. – We have just completed an additional review of all massage therapist files to ensure they have a completed background check and professional reference checks as well as to ensure their licensure/certification is current and annual training requirements have been met. – Our accredited third-party background screening company has begun rescreening each and every one of the 20,000 licensed massage therapists within the Massage Envy network. But these steps are just the beginning. To help define our path forward, we are in dialogue with victims, including Danielle Dick, victim rights groups, industry associations, and sexual violence experts to help define a comprehensive plan that addresses prevention of the horrible acts and respect for victims who come forward to report incidents. You will be hearing more about these plans very soon. Thank you for supporting positive change for the massage therapy industry and the Massage Envy brand. Joe Magnacca, CEO of Massage Envy Franchising, LLC

2 years ago