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Amazon Prime Discount for Teachers

Amazon offers a Prime membership discount of half price fo students. While that is fabulous, I also think they should offer this incredible deal to teachers.  Students must verify eligibility with their school email so it would not be hard for teachers to do the same.  Teachers use Amazon in many different ways. It’s great to create wish lists to get out to parents, to order supplies and other things you need quickly without having to go out, and even on those days you watch a movie for whatever special reason, Prime Video is awesome.  Amazon is a great company and since they offer students (who are usually on a budget) a great discount, why not offer it to teachers who are also usually on a budget as well. Especially since the membership price comes out of our pockets and not the schools.  Of course not every item a teacher buys off of Amazon is for their class. Some teachers with Amazon Prime may not order anything for their students or classroom. I still think it would be great for Amazon to offer, as appreciation, a teacher discount equivalent to the discount they offer students.  I think all businesses should offer a teacher discount, but I am starting with a company that could set a great example for others to follow.  While this isn’t a pressing life or death matter, it’s important all the same.  Please help me get Amazon’s Jeff Bezos attention. Back me up in trying to get Amazon to offer a teacher Prime Membership discount.   

Erica Powell
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Get Amazon to Offer Plastic-Free Packaging Options

Thousands of the products on Amazon are shipped with plastic wrapping and cushioning materials unnecessarily.  We are petitioning for a ‘Plastic-free’ option at checkout and ‘Plastic-free’ labeling available for sellers who already choose eco alternatives. It’s unfair that so much plastic is being put into the world when it is avoidable and safe eco options to replace bubble wrap, shrink wrap and styrofoam are available. Much of the plastic included in e-commerce shipping is not recyclable at all or is very difficult to recycle given the lack of facilities. 91% of all plastic ends up as litter, in landfills or incinerated. Paper and other biodegradable materials are as effective and similar in price to plastic and bubble-wrap, which Amazon requires from it's marketplace sellers. It's time they updated both their checkout options and their marketplace requirements to remove the 'bubble-wrap non-compliance' penalties. Since Amazon ships over 50% of the packages in many countries, we are asking them to set an example and offer materials that are more easily recycled and reused so consumers can feel better about the need to shop online and gain more control over what arrives on their doorstep. According to scientists, about 17.6 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean annually and there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans.  This plastic enters from all nations, including the US and European countries by way of waste export. Why add more?  Please grant consumers the choice to go ‘Plastic-free’. It’s not acceptable for major businesses to leave consumers with so few choices and we are fed plastic we didn’t ask for that later ends up in landfills or in our rivers and oceans. Plastic-free choices should be accessible and plentiful if we want to see lasting change and a dramatic decrease in plastic waste.  Let’s take a big step forward and make ‘Plastic-free’ a regular option on all checkout forms. Amazon has an opportunity to set a GREAT example. 

Nicole Delma at FOND Group
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Remove NRA TV from Amazon's Streaming Service & Website

My oldest friend (for nearly 20 years) has a son who attends Marjory Stoneman Douglas and was there last year, huddling and hiding for his life. For 30 anxious minutes, we knew there was a school shooting but had no word on his safety. We learned he was okay fairly quickly, but too many others weren't so lucky. After seeing 17 young people lose their lives, I was angered to see the defensive reaction from the National Rifle Association - and upset when I saw that Amazon hosts NRAtv, a channel with the slogan “America’s Most Patriotic Team on a Mission to Take Back The Truth." It’s a 24-hour streaming service with 22 original series that promote the NRA's propaganda, and there’s even an entire segment devoted to how it should be easier to purchase an AR15. Amazon needs to remove from their services, sites and offerings immediately. The NRA has long ignored its role in promoting gun violence and betrayed the names of good and responsible gun owners. It’s time to hold it, and its partners, accountable. The NRA represents millions of gun owners BUT nowhere near all or a majority of U.S. gun owners. In fact, less than 10 percent of gun owners belong to the NRA. We need to include gun owners in this fight - responsible people who don't feel that the NRA speaks for them - so let's keep this fight focused. The NRA is a group that's rotten to the core and a company like Amazon should not be spreading its message. Not anymore. We must remember to respect the First Amendment above all else. If NRA members want to watch NRA TV, they can find it without Amazon's promotion. There is no place in your home for brands that earn money through the NRA. Sign this petition, then flood Amazon's Legal Department with calls at 206-266-4064. We already shook up their PR Department and got their long-running media hotline to temporarily shut down (206-266-7180), although it’s still worth a try during business hours, since they’ll likely put it back up again at some point.

Brad Chase
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FDA Approval for Life-Saving NurOwn for ALS Patients

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neuron disease (MND) or Lou Gehrig's disease, is a specific disease that causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles. Some also use the term motor neuron disease for a group of conditions of which ALS is the most common. ALS is characterized by stiff muscles, muscle twitching, and gradually worsening weakness due to muscles decreasing in size. It may begin with weakness in the arms or legs, or with difficulty speaking or swallowing. About half of the people affected develop at least mild difficulties with thinking and behavior and most people experience pain. Most eventually lose the ability to walk, use their hands, speak, swallow, and breathe.  ALS does not have to be a death sentence as patients are getting better with BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics stem cell driven therapy NurOwn which aims to help these nerve cells survive by fighting the neurodegeneration process that causes ALS symptoms. NurOwn uses MSCs harvested from the patient. MSCs are precursor cells that have the ability to differentiate into various cell types. NurOwn’s technology encourages MSCs to develop into cells that secrete neurotrophic factors (NTFs) that promote the growth of nervous tissue. NTFs can also help nerve cells survive through their own neuroprotective function. Below is a video of the amazing impact that NurOwn is having on ALS patients. Please sign this position to help get full FDA approval for NurOwn. To give people their lives back. Their futures back. Most importantly to give them a fighting chance at HOPE. Please share this petition on your social media and with family, friends, and co-workers. Thank you! Please View Videos Below: Thank you for your time (LATEST VIDEO UPDATE)

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#putPLANETbeforePROFIT Companies must eliminate non essential plastic from products & pac

We all know that uncontrolled use of plastic is a disaster from a health and environmental perspective and is a serious challenge to us, our future generations and all life on the planet. Poor and developing countries and poorest of poor are the biggest victims. Yes but dont forget eventually the monster of unsustainable living will devour everyone here. While we are banning plastic bags which are used by small vegetables vendors and shop keepers, the big companies are having a free run and continue to propogate the unmitigated disaster. Their tall claims and talk on sustainability and being purpose driven not withstanding- which in that case becomes quite meaningless and merely a PR exercise or action taken when really forced to. Humans dont need those plastic water bottles like Bisleri, Aquafina, Pure Life, Evian, Kinley etc. It is causing far more harm than good. We must find better ways of delivering clean water.  We dont need those plastic lined packs used to pack 50 grams of chips which are harmful, unhealthy and exorbitantly priced. We dont need those supari, chutki, cadbury, manikchand etc in small plastic pouches. Companies like Amazon are using huge amounts of plastic to deliver their products. Even when I used plastic bags I never used the kind of single use plastic and thermocol etc. It 10 times or much more !! Just about 15 years ago we didnt buy our daals and rice in plastic bags and we didnt have all the stuff packed in huge amounts of plastic. We wont die if we dont do that today but we will certainly kill ourselves and the planet if we dont act fast ! A bit of inconvenience (if at all) is a tiny price to save our environment. Else we face an unmitigated disaster and unthinkable misery to humans and all life forms.   We must pass laws to make sure 1. In a short span time they move to sustainable packaging and maximum recycling. - It is perfectly fine if we dont get 50 grams of potato sold as unhealthy chips sold at extortionate kind of prices - It will be great if we get rid of those plastic bottles use to pack those extremely unhealthy soft drinks.  - Companies like Amazon must find better ways of delivering products else the world is better of without them. The world doesnt need Amazon, Amazon needs the world !

Rupark Sarswat
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Bezos to give all his employees at Whole Foods & more paid time off during Coronavirus

On Wednesday, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey sent out an email to grocery store employees with a list of benefits and options for those who fall sick during the coronavirus pandemic. Among his six suggestions was an option for employees to “donate” their paid time off (PTO) to coworkers facing medical emergencies. “Considering [Whole Foods] is a billion dollar company, I think it is selfish asking the retail workers to figure it out within themselves,” wrote one of the employee. The United States, like many other countries around the world, is experiencing a national health crisis caused by Coronavirus COVID-19. Unlike citizens of Western European nations, Americans do not have universal healthcare or guaranteed paid medical leave. Therefore American employees are incredibly vulnerable to such health crises. The risk of foregoing pay or losing one's job prevents people from taking necessary measures to protect themselves and members of their community. Given that Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, one of the most valuable corporations in the world, owned by Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person on earth, it is incomprehensible that better conditions are not granted to Whole Foods' employees. We implore Jeff Bezos to provide his employees or "associates" with better working conditions and paid medical leave during this national health crisis and beyond. Sign this petition to show your solidarity and support for Whole Foods' employees and to send a clear message to Jeff Bezos and Amazon executives that their employees deserve paid medical leave and that no one should have to use PTO to get healthy during a national crisis. Until such conditions are granted, we will boycott businesses owned by Jeff Bezos.

Davidi Gilo
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Petitioning Brune Poirson

Stop à la destruction massive des invendus par Amazon

Bonjour, Je me présente Alexandre B., j'ai 27 ans. Cela fait plusieurs années que je m’intéresse à l'écologie, notamment grâce à des documentaires de l'association Greenpeace. J'ai vu un extrait de l'émission M6 Capital concernant la destruction de millions d'invendus par an. J'ai été profondément choqué !Alors que cela fait des années qu'on demande aux citoyens du monde de faire attention au gaspillage, on apprend que la plus grosse société au monde détruit 3 millions d'objets rien qu'en France ! C'est lors de l'émission Capital du dimanche 13 janvier 2019 que nous apprenons que la société Amazon a mis en place un système de destruction massive de centaines de milliers de produits neufs ! Il faut savoir que ce n'est pas la première fois qu'Amazon se fait remarquer par sa politique non-écologique. En effet, dans un reportage de l'émission "Frontal 21" sur la chaîne de télévision allemande ZDF, diffusée en juin dernier, des salariés d'Amazon expliquaient avoir détruit des produits en parfait état de marche ou avec de légers défauts. Ce système pousse encore une fois à la surconsommation qui détruit peu à peu notre planète ! La multinationale la plus puissante du monde viole le droit des consommateurs à se faire réparer gratuitement leurs produits défectueux et ainsi gaspille plus de 3 millions de produits neufs détruits en France chaque année ! Les pratiques d’Amazon sont inadmissibles et dangereuses lorsque l’on sait que la fabrication de ces produits représente près du quart des émissions de gaz à effet de serre des français. C’est donc une question de vie ou de mort pour notre planète. L'équipe de télévision aurait remonté la filière des entreprises partenaires qui utilisent la plateforme et qui seraient contraintes pour des raisons économiques de détruire leurs invendus ! La secrétaire d'état auprès du ministre de la transition écologique et solidaire, Brune Poirson a annoncé sur le plateau de Capital qu'elle ferait de la lutte contre le gaspillage un priorité et que des mesures serait prises. Aujourd'hui la loi économie circulaire qui sera présenté aux conseils des ministres n'apporte rien et surtout n'interdit absolument pas ce genre de pratiques ! Encore une fois le gouvernement recule face aux lobbies ! Alors signez pour que le gouvernement impose enfin à l'entreprise Amazon (et bien d'autre entreprises) de cesser leurs destructions et de redistribuer la totalité de leurs invendus à des organismes associatifs !

Alexandre BRIOLAIS
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