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Amazon CEO remove 'Slicey The Pig' toy. Animals are not objects but sentient beings.

PETITION UPDATE. Amazon is not global respectable retailer. This product is offensive and shows a lack of respect for animals and that Amazon supports and promotes animal cruelty. THE CEO Jeff Bezos has now twice refused to remove the product from from Amazon despite this petition.  'Slicey The Pig' sends out a wrong message that animals are objects and have no desires to live and are here for human use as products. Slicey The Pig thing is in profoundly bad taste as well seriously tainting the image of Amazon as a "respectable" retailer, just like selling steel-jaw leg hold traps. What are you thinking Amazon? This shows lack of respect. Animal need our respect\love and are not here for our gratification to inflict suffering and pain. This product teaches children and adults alike that it is acceptable to accept animal suffering. Products like these only promote distaste and teaches that we are not compassionate and sustainable people when it comes to animals. Please sign this petition to show that animals are not products. This product shows the extent of their brutality\victimization to the extent they are not victims. It shows they don’t have moral sentient value and they don’t matter. This product shows that animals are here for human benefit and that they are commodities like TV sets, phones etc. Animals appear different from us but at the end of the day this does not make them any less than us as we all bleed and suffer and fear. If this was a human depicted it would at once show a lack of respect hence this product is speciest. The Amazon CEO has refused to remove these disgusting product from it's site. After emailing him twice their executive relations team have not given any reason whatsoever ever other than its will remain on the site. A justification was asked twice but no response and they have decided not to pursue this any further while they clearly know they are promoting animal abuse. Please feel free to review the products at below UK SITE INTERNATIONAL Also feel free to drop Jeff polite correspondence. GLOBAL UK CEODoug Created By: Javid Ahmed With helped and support Animal Freedom Fighter Page

Javid Ahmed
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Petitioning Jeff Bezos

Tell Amazon--"Don't profit from hate speech!"

Simon and Schuster have, through their imprint Threshold, signed a $250,000 book deal with Milo Yiannopoulos, former Twitter abuser and current editor at the notorious alt-right news platform Breitbart. The response from concerned citizens was immediate, but muddled. While reviewers and bookstores have promised to ignore anything published by S&S, that takes little away from Yiannopoulos while potentially causing a lot of harm to authors with voices we actually need to hear, and with messages that aren't about hate and division. The only way to let S&S know for sure that the problem is with Yiannopoulos and their tacit support of his racist, hateful ideas is to directly affect them via HIS book, as opposed to the entire stable of S&S titles.  And so we call upon Amazon, the "world's largest bookstore" to use its clout and exercise its ability to make a moral choice: to promise not to carry Yiannopoulos' work (this book or any other) in print or electronic form. Amazon has the opportunity to stand up and say "we choose not to profit by selling hate" and, in so doing make a dramatic statement about ethics in general and about who they are as a company specifically. 

Stephen Hungerford
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Petitioning Jeff Bezos should expedite its acceptance of Litecoin cryptocurrency

Amazon should show continued leadership in innovation by eagerly incorporating the highly-trusted and proven cryptocurrency Litecoin. Litecoin is by far the most effective payment channel system available to incorporate Bitcoin value into real-world commerce. Cutting-edge developments pioneered on Litecoin, such as Atomic Swaps and the Lightning Network, have finally opened up the pathway for a logical and profitable way for Amazon to accept Bitcoin via the Litecoin currency network.  Acceptance and intelligent integration of this efficient and groundbreaking payment method will lead to more streamlined commerce and an improvement in the purchasing experience for the many millions who shop Amazon. This logical expansion in the payment options for Amazon's customers would help to proactively modernize the purchasing process and ultimately improve quality of life by bringing together the most efficient product distribution systems with the most efficient, trusted, transparent, and convenient cryptocurrency payment system available.  

Satoshi Nakamoto
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Petitioning Jeff Bezos

Eliminate Amazon Advertising From is notorious for its racist, misogynistic, hateful propaganda hiding under a thin veil of a 'news' site. One of many examples of the misogyny was exposed in a 2011 radio interview when Stephen Bannon (a Breitbart executive and current president-elect's chief strategist/senior counselor) made the following statement: "...That’s why there are some unintended consequences of the women’s liberation movement. That, in fact, the women that would lead this country would be pro-family, they would have husbands, they would love their children. They wouldn’t be a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England. That drives the left insane, and that’s why they hate these women...”  Kellogg's has pulled their advertisement from because the site "does not align with their values." It is hope that Amazon will be willing to make the same stand that Kellogg's and other advertisers have taken, turning away from a website that incites divisiveness and hate for no other purpose than to line their own pockets. Thank you.

Nell Walton
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We the Petitioners respectfully ask Amazon to make a responsible ethical decision and stop selling animal fur and animal body parts.

The fur industry – is a disgraceful global business where animals live in inexcusable, unforgivable conditions, they are tortured, electrocuted through the anus, gassed, bludgeoned, strangled, their throats cut or worse.

Linda Sue
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Petitioning Jeff Bezos

Amazon Should Buy Benny's

Where can you buy some tires, Twizzlers, a bike, a rice cooker and t-shirt? Some might answer Amazon and they'd be correct, but before Amazon there was Benny's. A wonderful store that has just about everything you could need in a small space with friendly service and quality products.  Unfortunately Benny's has recently announced that they will be closing their 31 stores and laying off 715 employees. I'm suggesting Amazon buy Benny's and keep the stores open but keep them exactly as they are for the most part. This way everyone can keep their jobs and Amazon will have new physical locations to sell products at (could be great for "Amazon Basics" products).  

William B
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Petitioning, Amazon, Jeff Bezos

Amazon: put second headquarters in Youngstown, OH

Amazon is looking to build HQ2 and Youngstown is a perfect place for it.    Youngstown OH is a rustbelt city that is now focused on technology growth. The Youngstown Business Incubator is the number one college-affiliated business incubator in the nation.  Youngstown is strategically located just one hour to Cleveland and Pittsburgh and 45 minutes to Akron. It has its own regional airport with 3 large metropolitan airports within an hour.    This move would be perfect for Amazon as well as create an influx in an economically struggling area which will do all it takes to bring those jobs to the city. 

brandon kovach
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Petitioning Jeff Bezos, Please start accepting the Ethereum cryptocurrency (Ether) for payments!

Like many online retailers, currently only allows us to use existing fiat currencies for payments. This is bad both for consumers (you and I) and for for a number of reasons described below. To fix these issues, should lead e-commerce merchants by embracing the use of the Ethereum ( crypto-currency for payments! Ethereum is better for consumers and because.... Lower fees. doesn't charge an extra processing fee, but with credit/debit card fees ranging up to 3.5%, they certainly have those fees baked into costs. Since Ethereum is decentralized and doesn't require a bank or government to process transactions, there are no middle man fees. This results in savings for both and consumers! MUCH more secure. Credit cards are notoriously insecure. With one card-issuing bank keeping track of all transactions, there's a single point of failure for a  hacker to attack and steal your information and money. With Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, that transaction record is distributed between millions of computer systems. Even if one is hacked, the other records are still there (and end up overwriting the hacked version), making transactions MUCH more secure and virtually eliminating charge-backs. Consumers control their money. Why trust a 3rd party to keep track of your transactions when you don't have to? While some fiat currencies are stable and you may trust your bank or government to control those, others are not. In many countries consumers must convert their local currency to another (incurring additional fees, losses due to exchange rates, etc). Ethereum is easy to access and hold onto, and works the same (and at the same value) everywhere. And the consumer stays in control of their money. Smarter transactions. While standard fiat currencies only convey a transfer of value, Ethereum allows for smart contracts, ensuring consumers receive the value that's paid for. Credit card processes like pre-authorizing a card and only settling that transaction when the product is shipped is messy. With Ethereum a transaction can have smart terms to only complete after the product is shipped, or if the product fits, or any other number of possibilities.  Privacy included. Current e-commerce fiat currency payment methods require the collection of consumer information to help fight fraudulent transactions. With Ethereum, transactions can not be faked or reversed, so there's no need for personal consumer information to complete the transaction. Why Ethereum vs other cryptocurrencies? Ethereum has built-in support for smart contracts (#4 above), increased privacy, faster growth in usage and value, and faster transactions vs Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's the right choice. I love shopping on your site. You're consistently focused on a great user experience and service for your customers. Please continue that focus and let us start using Ethereum for payments to benefit everyone involved!  

Alex Linebrink
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Petitioning Jeff Bezos

Treat all new parents at Amazon equally

My name is Ayan, I am a security officer at Amazon. I work for a subcontractor called Security Industry Specialists (SIS) in Seattle, Washington. People working at Amazon get at least 6 weeks and up to a total of 20 weeks of parental leave when they welcome a new baby to the world, but not if you’re a subcontractor. When I had my baby, I was back at work two weeks later. I am asking Amazon to be a leader and take responsibility for the working conditions of all the people who contribute to Amazon's success, including their contracted workforce.  Will you join me in asking Amazon to make sure its subcontractors offer paid parental leave? There’s no paid parental leave for people with my job description. After I gave birth, there was no money coming in and the bills kept coming.  I had issues paying for childcare, rent, and even food. I had to get back to work as soon as possible to make sure that I could take care of my responsibilities. I knew that my healing process must come second because I had to go back to work to support my child. Everyone who works at Amazon deserves the same chance to bond with their new babies. For me, the pressures were too much. I ended up deciding to leave my baby daughter with my mom in Somalia while I stay here working in the U.S.  It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make—to be separated from your child—especially when it’s first born. I miss her a lot. Sign my petition to join me in asking Amazon to ensure that all the new parents under their roof are treated equally. Every baby deserves the time to bond with her parents. Ayan is organizing with her co-workers to ask Amazon to adopt a Responsible Contracting Policy that ensures that they only hire contractors who provide a living wage with quality benefits, such as paid parental leave, and offer their workers a fair path to organize a union. Learn more about Ayan at the SEIU blog.

Ayan and PL+US
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Petitioning Jeff Bezos, Tom Wolf, Kathy Dahlkemper

Petition Amazon to build a 2nd Headquarters in Erie County announced on Thursday, September 7th that it plans to open a 2nd headquarters in North America. The online retailer is soliciting pitches from cities and states for what it calls HQ2. We believe Erie County is the best place to build HQ2. Erie is between 3 large metropolitan cities; Buffalo to the East (92 miles), Cleveland to the West (100 miles) and Pittsburgh to the South (128 miles). We are home to 4 major universities and the largest medical school in the United States. Four economic drivers are emerging in Erie: healthcare, higher education, technology, and tourism. We believe Amazon HQ2 would be a valuable asset to the Erie Community.  

Dan Nick
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