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Prosecute Trump for illegal offenses before the Dec. 19 Electoral College Vote.

We respectfully call upon the appropriate Federal Authorities to thoroughly investigate the many possible illegal offenses of Donald Trump, the Trump Corporations, and the Trump Foundation before the members of the Electoral College meet to cast their final vote on Dec. 19.  The Electoral College was created by the framers of the constitution to protect against corrupt demagogues; the Electors should be given the full opportunity to vote their conscience if it is formally determined that Trump has broken the law. Throughout the campaign, allegations of Trump's illegal activities have surfaced:  tax evasion, business scams, tenant intimidation, hiring of undocumented workers, illegal trade, bribery, sexual assault,  incitement of violence, and collusion with a foreign government to influence an American election.  If Trump is guilty of crimes, he does not deserve to be our President.

D. Kunfro
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Do your job. Investigate President Trump’s ethical conflicts of interest.

Our Members of Congress are elected to represent their constituents and uphold our American values of good governance and the rule of law. As Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz is in an excellent position to bring ethical violations and corruption to the attention of the American people. Never has this been more important than now. By refusing to release his tax returns and divest his financial holdings into a blind trust, Donald Trump has chosen to jettison the legal and ethical standards followed by our Presidents for the past 40 years. When Director of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) publicly stated that Trump’s business arrangements were still out of compliance with the OGE’s guidelines and would not eliminate his conflicts of interest, Chaffetz threatened the OGE’s funding and demanded the director submit to a private hearing with the Oversight Committee. Chaffetz’s decision to turn a blind eye toward Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest while attacking the Office of Government Ethics director, who holds no power other than to assist and advise our political leaders in avoiding financial conflicts of interest, is a purely partisan act. It is also a dereliction of his duty as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. If you care about ethics and the rule of law, sign this petition to tell Rep. Jason Chaffetz to do his job -- or resign from his committee.

Utah Indivisible
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Make Illegal Tint a Secondary Offense in Utah

Why is dark tint illegal?Let me start by saying that I'm a person who completely agrees with enacting safety measures for our Police Officers. Whether you like them or not, their job is hard and extremely dangerous.The main reason that dark tint on the front windows and windshield is illegal is that it puts Police Officers in a more dangerous situation because they cannot see inside the vehicle. I offer two points listed below: A Police Officer approaches a vehicle during a traffic stop from the rear of a vehicle, which there are no laws that regulate tint. If darker tint is illegal because it puts a Police Officer in a more dangerous situation, pulling someone over solely for the reason of having darker tint does not make sense.   A Fair, Compromised Solution We petition the State of Utah to change it's laws regarding automobile tint as follows... Changing tint infractions to Secondary Offenses; you can no longer be pulled over just for having dark tint. The current limits still apply when being pulled over for other reasons. Changing tint infractions from Correctable Violations ("Fix-it tickets") to flat fines. When pulled over and given a tint ticket, you pay a fine. You are no longer required to remove the tint.   Benefits for Everyone Most, if not all, Utah Residents know that our State gets HOT during the summer. Darker tint has many benefits for Residents. Some of those benefits include reduced interior heat, less interior sun damage, increased privacy, increased safety from glare, and even lower chances of skin cancer due to reduced absorption of UV rays. Studies have shown that US Drivers have more skin cancer on the left side of their faces and Australian Drivers have more skin cancer on the right side of their faces. ( Changing the tint laws in the ways described above should also increase revenue from tint violations while reducing the time required when a tint violation is given out, as Police Officers or other Officials are no longer required to sign off on a Correctable Violation.   Ideas? Feedback? Support? Please leave any feedback, additional ideas, and support in the comments!  

Kamron Nelson
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Save National Land from Being Sold

Jason Chaffetz and other House Republicans are trying to pass legislation to immediately sell off 3.3 million acres of public land the size of Connecticut. 10 states directly affected are: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.  Other states' national parks & land will likely follow. Please sign this petition to demonstrate the opposition to this bill, as well as contacting your representative.

Emily Wirth
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Pass H.R. 2737: Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015

On June 11, 2015, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Mazie Hirono introduced HR 2737 & S 1555 respectively as the Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015.  The pending legislation, “directs the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to make appropriate arrangements for the award of a single Congressional Gold Medal to the Filipino Veterans in recognition of their dedicated service during World War II.”  Other groups have been formally recognized by the United States with the Congressional Gold Medal for World War II service; they include the Tuskegee Airmen, Montford Point Marines, Navajo Code Talkers, Women Air Service Pilots, Japanese American Nisei Soldiers and Puerto Rican Soldiers.  Filipino World War II Veterans are equally deserving of this honor.  In order to pass HR 2737, the bill requires sponsorship from 290 congressional representatives, S 1555 needs 67 senators.  Today, HR 2737 has 312 cosponsors, S 1555 has 71. I would like to ask your assistance in reaching out to your congressional representative to get their support as a sponsor for the pending legislation.  Time is not on our side; the number of remaining Filipino Veterans is fast decreasing.  We need to pass these bills before the 114th Congress come to a close at the end of the year.

Veterans Equity Center
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Congress: Investigate Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential election

Recent media reports have stated that the Russian government may have been involved in computer hacks designed to influence the outcome of the 2016 campaign for President of the United States. Additionally, a Russian government official recently admitted that Russia was in contact with President-elect Donald Trump's campaign during the election. These two incidents suggest that potential crimes may have been committed against the American people and undermined the democratic process of electing our president. We urge Congress to immediately hold public hearings and begin investigations into theses incidents to determine what effects they had on the election.

Richard Kirby
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Petitioning Jason Chaffetz

Subpoena Trump's Tax Returns to Clarify Conflicts of Interest

"We the undersigned citizens wish to express our displeasure with Jason Chaffetz as Chairman of the House Oversight and Budget Reform Committee. Representative Chaffetz holds a position of responsibility to all Americans, not just to those in his Utah Congressional District. We assert that he is failing in that duty.WHEREAS Representative Chaffetz, as Chair of the House Oversight and Budget Reform Committee is absolutely responsible to the American People to expose corruption in the Executive Branch and to defend against it andWHEREAS Prior to the election of President Trump Jason Chaffetz urged Candidate Trump to release his tax records with this statement:"If you're going to run and try to become the president of the United States, you're going to have to open up your kimono and show everything, your tax returns, your medical records," andWHEREAS it is hypocritical of Jason Chaffetz to now hold President Trump to a different standard than the one to which he held Candidate Trump andWHEREAS it is obvious that if no investigation is done, and no records examined, there can be no exposure of current or future corruption or violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution andWHEREAS Chairman Chaffetz has failed to defend the Constitution of the United States and has failed in his duty to initiate an investigation of potential conflicts of interestTHEREFORE: We the undersigned call on Representative Jason Chaffetz to immediately subpoena the tax records of President Donald J. Trump and with the power granted to the committee of which he is the Chair, accurately determine President Donald J. Trump’s current business holdings, and determine his existing debts to foreign institutions, corporations and states for the purpose of protecting against violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution of the United States. "

Kathie Allen
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STOP Trump's Insider Trading: Enforce the STOCK Act

As reported by NPR and Politco, President Donald Trump insists he can do any business deals he wishes while serving as President, but a 2012 law that forbids insider trading by government officials makes his actions as President illegal.  The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act bars Congress, government officials, and their staffs from buying and selling securities based on insider information. The U.S. Office of Government Ethics recently said the law extends to the executive branch employees, including the president and vice president. "The STOCK Act says all executive branch employees are subject to the securities laws, Trump included," says New York University Law School professor Stephen Gillers.  Presidents and their cabinets/staff are privy to an enormous amount of confidential information that could impact stock prices.  Trump would risk passing along inside information anytime he talks to his children and business associates, even if he doesn't intend to. That could open Trump, his children, and businesses up to nearly constant allegations of insider trading. We challenge The US House Oversight Committee and the US Office of Government Ethics to uphold the STOCK Act.  

Enforce Stock Act Project
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ACA No Repeal Without Replacement!

Today, the ACA covers 16.4 million people. What this means specifically for Utah: The uninsured rate has fallen by 31% since the ACA was enacted. That translates to 143,000 Utahns gaining coverage. 68,000 more could also have health care if Utah had expanded Medicaid. 40% of those still not covered, are estimated to have a mental illness or substance use disorder. An estimated 25,000 young adults in Utah have benefited from the ACA provision that allows kids to stay on their parents health insurance up to age 26. Utah could be saving millions in uncompensated care costs: Instead of spending $70 million on uncompensated care, which increases costs for everyone, Utah could be getting $240 million in federal support to provide low-income adults with much needed care. On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the ACA. The reasons for health care reform are many. As the cost of quality insurance grew, 44 million Americans were left in a gap with no insurance. Also, insurance companies could deny coverage for pre-existing conditions or drop coverage upon illness. They could also drop coverage when reaching the annual or lifetime limit. Over 60% of bankruptcies were related to medical costs even though many of those bankrupted had insurance. If the ACA had been allowed to function as it was intended, Medicaid would have been expanded to make it more affordable to  the millions of people too poor to afford health insurance. Many states refused and chose to opt-out. Utah was one of these states.The ACA also closed the “donut hole” coverage gap that left seniors unable to afford their medication or paying out of pocket. The ACA did suffer rough beginnings and current ongoing issues. Some could not keep their existing doctors under their new plans on the market place. A faulty website kept many hung up trying to sign up and more recently premiums have once again gone up. States that did not expand the Medicaid program that could have offered assistance to their citizens, were left paying these higher premiums. Whether you get coverage on the ACA, through an employer, Medicaid or individual market we all have better coverage as a result of the ACA. Jason Chaffetz, as your constituents, we urge you to please consider what repealing the ACA without replacement means to millions of Americans and for Utahns. Please keep our citizens healthy and protected from insurance and big pharma. We need your help!

Jaimee Christensen
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Stop The Lies and Get The Facts!  Ask Congress to support American seasonal/small business! Temporary H2B workers help sustain US jobs and are necessary for these LEGAL employers. Do not let ILLEGAL employers force them to close their doors! The H-2B Program Creates American Jobs • The H-2B program is essential for small and seasonal businesses that are committed to hiring a legal workforce but areunable to fill seasonal jobs with American workers despite extensive recruitment efforts. Seasonal industries that use the H-2B program include seafood processing, horse training, hospitality and amusement parks, forestry, landscaping, circuses, carnivals, food concessionaires, swimming pool maintenance, construction and stone quarries. • The H-2B program is important to workers. For H-2B workers, the program provides well-paying seasonal jobs that allowthem to provide for their families and still maintain their homes in their native countries. This program is also important for American workers whose year round positions are reliant upon seasonal laborers during peak seasons. • Every H-2B worker is estimated to create and sustain 4.64 American jobs. The H-2B Visa nonimmigrant program allows employers to hire foreign workers to come to the United States and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis.H-2B workers are not considered immigrants. In order to qualify for an H-2B Visa, an employer must prove that there are not sufficient U.S. Workers who are capable of performing temporary services or labor.   MYTH: H-2B WORKERS TAKE JOBS AWAY FROM AMERICANS.FACT: American workers are guaranteed first chance at every job later filled by an H-2B temporary laborer. By law, every open position must be properly advertised in the community and requires employers to hire any able and willing American workers to fill open positions. The fact is that H-2B temporary workers actually support American jobs and the U.S. economy. The H-2B program provides an opportunity for seasonal businesses to operate at a greater capacity, thereby retaining their full-time American workers and contributing more to their local economies. Additionally, temporary foreign seasonal workers help support many upstream and downstream jobs. According to the American Enterprise Institute study on Immigration and American Jobs, every H-2B worker creates or sustains 4.64 American jobs on average. MYTH: EMPLOYERS DON’T EVEN TRY TO HIRE AMERICAN WORKERS TO FILL THESE TEMPORARY HARD LABOR JOBS.FACT: Employers work extremely hard to hire American workers because 1) it is dramatically cheaper to do so, and 2) the law requires that employers demonstrate that every effort has been made to hire Americans before they can start the process of trying to hire a temporary foreign laborer. Again, the fact is that the vast majority of American workers are not interested in temporary seasonal manual labor jobs. Geography is a big obstacle for many employers; for example, many resort communities don’t have a sufficient local labor pool. And, in many cases, these types of seasonal jobs may not be appropriate for high school students due to the hours or labor laws that prohibit the use of heavy machinery by minors. MYTH: PAYING HIGHER WAGES WILL ENTICE AMERICAN WORKERS AND SOLVE THE SEASONAL TEMPORARY LABOR SHORTAGE.FACT: Hourly pay for these types of jobs have gone up significantly over the last few years because employers who use the H-2B program are required to pay their H-2B workers and similarly employed American workers a premiumwage dictated by the U.S. Department of Labor. These temporary manual labor jobs often pay considerably more than the minimum wage, but American workers still won’t take the positions. Sadly, in many cases, employers who obey the law and use the H-2B program are often competing against businesses that choose to illegally hire undocumented immigrants and pay those workers considerably less. If wages were raised even higher, seasonal employers who use the program would not be able to sustain their businesses or their American workers. MYTH: THE H-2B PROGRAM REPRESSES WAGES FOR AMERICAN WORKERS BY PROVIDING A CHEAPER LABOR SOURCE.FACT: Hiring H-2B workers is a much move expensive and risky option. In addition to the fact employers are required to pay H-2B workers and similarly employed American workers a premium wage that is often well above the federal minimum wage, complying with the H-2B program is extremely costly, complicated and wrought with uncertainty due to an overly restrictive cap and a constantly changing regulatory environment. Employers turn to the H-2B program as a last resort, after extensive efforts to recruit American workers. MYTH: H-2B WORKERS OVERSTAY THEIR VISAS AND EXACERBATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IN AMERICA.FACT: According the U.S. Department of Homeland Security visa overstay in the H-2B program are rare. Workers who do overstay their visas are barred from using the program ever again. The fact is that the vast majority of H-2B workers and their employers are meticulous about compliance. Not following the strict program rules means the end of a well-paying seasonal jobs that allows these workers to provide for their families and still maintain their homes in their native countries – a risk these workers are not willing to take since they generally return to the same employer year after year. Additionally, when approving H-2B visas, the U.S. Consulate confirms workers’ ties to their home countries. Further, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires employers to promptly report any H-2B workers who do not report for work or who complete their work earlier in the season than anticipated. MYTH: THE H-2B RETURNING WORKER EXEMPTION IS UNNECESSARY.FACT: The H-2B program’s annual 66,000 cap (33,000 for each half of the fiscal year) is not adequate to meet the demands of a growing economy. The cap for the first half of the fiscal 2016 was reached on March 15. The second-half cap was reached on May 12, leaving many seasonal employers shut out of the program with no access to legal seasonal laborers. Without the returning worker exemption passed by Congress with bipartisan support and signed into law by the President of December 18, 2015, many companies would have had to close their businesses, lay off American workers or turn away customers.This provision is essential to the survival of small and seasonal businesses across the country and should be made permanent. An H-2B returning worker exemption is a narrow solution to a seasonal workforce shortage that focuses on workers who are valuable to their seasonal employers and who have never violate the terms of their past visas or other U.S. laws. These workers do not pose a security risk and they are not taking away jobs from Americans. The H-2B returning worker exemption in the omnibus appropriations bills simply provides that if an H-2B worker has been counted against the cap in one of the three prior years, that worker can return to work in the H-2B program in the current year without being counted against this year's cap. For more information please visit:https://www.SaveH2b.org To contribute further, please contact your Congressmen/women and tweet using the hashtag: #SAVEH2B.

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