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Prosecute Trump for illegal offenses before the Dec. 19 Electoral College Vote.

We respectfully call upon the appropriate Federal Authorities to thoroughly investigate the many possible illegal offenses of Donald Trump, the Trump Corporations, and the Trump Foundation before the members of the Electoral College meet to cast their final vote on Dec. 19.  The Electoral College was created by the framers of the constitution to protect against corrupt demagogues; the Electors should be given the full opportunity to vote their conscience if it is formally determined that Trump has broken the law. Throughout the campaign, allegations of Trump's illegal activities have surfaced:  tax evasion, business scams, tenant intimidation, hiring of undocumented workers, illegal trade, bribery, sexual assault,  incitement of violence, and collusion with a foreign government to influence an American election.  If Trump is guilty of crimes, he does not deserve to be our President.

D. Kunfro
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Stop the violent, terroristic rioting ("protesting")!

*This excludes peaceful, non-paid protesters.* Our cities are being destroyed by paid "protesters"/rioters. These individuals should be arrested for hate crimes and treason for attempting to incite a civil war. An investigation needs to be opened into who is funding these anti-America activities (the violent rioting/”protesting”) and these individuals/organizations should be charged for hate crimes and treason as well as be labeled as hate groups. They should be investigated and charged for inciting civil unrest with the intention of initiating a civil war. We are calling on the government to act before more violence and additional murders, such as police officers murdered in multiple cities, take place. There is no place in our country for this lawlessness, bullying, and hatred. Every citizen deserves to be protected, feel safe, and treated fairly.

Stop The Hate
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Tell POTUS, DOJ, FBI & CONG to release info on Trump's Russian ties before electors vote!

In addition  to James Comey, I will also be sending this letter to The White House,  the Department of Justice, The United States House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. If you can think of anyone else to send it to please mention in comments.  Please sign the letter!    In light of the Oct. 7th announcement by: The Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence; on behalf of the U.S. Intelligence Community; concerning the Russian Government having compromised the e-mails of American citizens, US institutions and US political organizations; in an effort to effect the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.  It would be in the best interest of the American public, to release any and all information involving any and all investigation(s) of President-Elect Donald Trump and the Trump campaign's ties to Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government, before the electoral college votes in December. In addition to reports of Trump's top campaign aids having ties to the Russian government, there have been recent reports of the campaign being in constant contact with members of the Russian government throughout the 2016 election process.  This information creates a serious cause for concern and may be a danger to our national secrets, a danger to the safety and security of the american people, and in the case any negotiations took place, is a blatant violation of The Logan Act.  Thank you for your time. The American People PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE!   On November 29th Democratic senators on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence sent the following letter to the President of the United States: Dear Mr. President, We believe there is additional information concerning the Russian Government and the U.S. election that should be declassified and released to the public. We are conveying specifics through classified channels.   Thank you for your attention to this important matter. Sincerely, Ron Wyden , Jack Reed, Mark R. Warner, Barbara Mikulski, Martin Heinrich, Angus King and Mazie K. Hirono View letter here.  

Michelle Collins
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Make Endometriosis A Recognized Disability In the United States

1 in 10 women suffer with Endometriosis which has no cure. Most of these women are in the twenty to forty age group (can be younger or older) and of the women who have this condition up to 40% are infertile. Unfortunately it can take up to 10 years for a woman to be diagnosed with endometriosis. Many struggle to keep jobs or have lost their jobs due to this painful condition. As of right now social security does not recognized endometriosis on the disability list. It is because they consider the pain to be intermittent and can be manged with medication which endo suffers can agree that that is not always the case. Too often women are turned down because of this reason. This petition has been made so that we can get this condition recognized as a disability in the United States. Too often we must suffer because we have no other resort. I hope that we can reach the white house and make this happen.  Everyone please sign, this condition is so common that if you are not a sufferer yourself you know someone (mother, sister, aunt, daughter, wife, girlfriend, friend, etc.) that suffers from it. Thank you for your support!

Nicole Ficenec
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Petitioning James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama

James Comey Publicized Clinton emails but was Quiet about Trump & Sanders Investigations.

James Comey must Face the Press and Congress and Explain why it was ok to publicize the Hillary Clinton email investigation, TWICE,, while saying nothing about the Trump and Sander's investigations that were going on at the same time.

Alessandro Machi
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FBI Director Comey must recuse himself from Clinton investigation

Attorney General Loretta Lynch recused herself from investigating Hillary Clinton's emails because Lynch had said “hello” to Bill Clinton. FBI Director James Comey must recuse himself for knowingly violating the law and long-standing Justice Department and FBI policy. It is a violation of the Hatch Act for any government official to “use his official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election.” It is policy to not comment publicly about politically sensitive investigations within 60 days of an election. This policy is specifically intended to prevent any “October Surprise” that would tangle the department in electoral politics. Lynch warned Comey about this policy. He took it on himself to violate policy and make public the fact the he was investigating a new batch of emails that he admitted may or may not have anything to do with Secretary Clinton. The Los Angeles Times reported that “The emails were not to or from Clinton, and contained information that appeared to be more of what agents had already uncovered.” Criticism of Comey has been harsh from Justice Department officials and even from Republicans. Politico reported that former assistant U.S. attorney Nick Akerman said, "Director Comey acted totally inappropriately. He had no business writing to Congress about supposed new emails that neither he nor anyone in the FBI has ever reviewed.” “It’s really hard to have confidence in the integrity and nonpartisan nature of the FBI,” said Anne Weismann, a former Justice Department official, as reported by Bloomberg Politics. Tom Fitton, the president of conservative advocacy group Judicial Watch, told the New York Times, “This letter raises all sorts of questions that Comey and the F.B.I. should have to answer. They can’t roll this out in the middle of a presidential campaign and just leave it at that.” Meanwhile, Clinton has called for full airing of all emails. James Comey, a Republican appointed by Barack Obama, has clearly shown himself to be biased in this investigation. He previously criticized Clinton after his agency had cleared her, even while he admitted “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” Now he clearly violates department policy in reopening an investigation just days before the election. Director Comey must recuse himself from all further activity on any investigation of Hillary Clinton or State Department emails. Sources:James Comey, “Letter to Congress From F.B.I. Director on Clinton Email Case.” The New York Times, October 28, 2016.Caroline Kenny, “Harry Reid: Comey may have violated the Hatch Act.” CNN, Ocober 31, 2016.John Cassidy, “James Comey's October Surprise.” The New Yorker, October 28, 2016.Evan Perez, Pamela Brown, and Steven Sloan, “Lynch objected to Comey's decision to notify Congress of email review.” CNN, October 29, 2016.Jane Mayer, “James Comey Broke with Loretta Lynch and Justice Department Tradition.” The New Yorker, October 29, 2016.Del Quentin Wilber and Evan Halper, “FBI says emails found in Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal may have links to Clinton probe.” The Los Angeles Times, October 28, 2016.Josh Gerstein, Darren Samuelsohn, and Isaac Arnsdorf, "Comey's disclosure shocks former prosecutors.” Politico, October 28, 2016.Chris Strohm and Nafeesa Syeed, “FBI Shocker on Clinton Fuels Criticism of Comey’s Tactics.” Bloomberg Politics, October 28, 2016.Eric Lichtblau, Michael S. Schmidt, and Matt Apuzzo, “F.B.I. Chief James Comey Is in Political Crossfire Again Over Emails.” The New York Times, October 28, 2016.

Richard Mathews
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Arrest & Conviction of George Soros.

It is apparent, from evidence uncovered by social media users that George Soros is the person funding these riots that have spawned after Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. This is a serious matter that needs to be investigated from the ground up until the money trail stops at soros bank account. We the people of the United States protested peacefully at the polls and elected the candidate that we want. We expect the same respect that we gave to voters when Barack Obama was elected, George Soros has played a large role in criminal activity in America and we expect justice.

Joey Collins
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Nosotros queremos juzgados a los que llevarón a bancarota al ELA

Ya es hora de que el FBI tomen alguna acción en los problemas que han ocasionado las agencias federales al no haber auditado o tomado acción contra los funcionarios que hicieron MAL uso de las aportaciones hechas a las diferentes agencias gubernamentales en Puerto Rico. Permitiendo que el pueblo este en una situación de muy preocupante y con la posibilidad un cierre del gobierno.. Creemos que es la falta de fiscalización "LA FALTA DE RESPONSABILIDAD EN SU DEBERES" de estas agencias han llevado a funcionarios en Puerto Rico a aprovechar la falta de fiscalización para lucrarse "ROBANDO AL GOBIERNO FEDERAL Y A PUERTO RICO" resultando en la destrucción de nuestra forma de gobierno.

Por un Puerto Rico mejor
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Petitioning James Comey

Demand for FBI to investigate #pizzagate given the overwhelming circumstantial evidence

Citizen journalist investigating #pizzagate have uncovered overwhelming evidence as to the possibility of crimes against children.  All this evidence needs to be vetted and taken seriously and investigated to the full extent of the law with blind justice. We understand the possibility that very powerful and politically connected people may be involved in this but it is your job to rise above being a political pawn. Additionally, we request you look into any connection between this and with the Monica Petersen murder, Jeffery Epstein Island and the #spiritcooking investigate they have going as well. It is a well know fact that satanic individuals have sacrificed animals in the past and it’s not beyond an educated guess they would take this to a new level. All we ask is for you to do your jobs “we the people# pay you for! We do not pay you to protect wealthy criminals. One last note I find it rather odd that thousands of kids go missing every year and not one word is mentioned on the main stream media!

Restore the Republic
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POTUS Obama: Declassify Russian Interference In US Election Intelligence

The American people deserve to know exactly how involved Russia was in swaying the 2016 election results.  Russia being allowed to influence US politics and the POTUS elect Trump lightly dismissing it as a laughing matter despite copious evidence that it is no laughing matter is frightening.  Everyone- Republican, Democrat, Independent, or otherwise, can all agree that Russia has no place in American politics. The facts our government has gathered should be available to the America people so that they can decide for themselves whether Russian involvement is fact or fiction.  President Obama should immediately declassify all related intelligence so that the members of the Electoral College have all the facts before casting their ballot.  President Obama- please declassify all Intelligence related to Russia's involvement in the 2016 election process immediately. 

Danielle Wells
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