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Petitioning Caroline Crouch

The International Olympic Committee: Save Wrestling as an Olympic sport #SaveOlympicWrestling

On Tuesday, February 12th, the International Olympic Committee voted by secret ballot to recommend that wrestling be dropped from the Olympics in 2020. Wrestling has been in the Olympics since it's ancient origin and has been included in the modern Olympics since 1896. I see no reason to eliminate it as a sport. My son wrestled his entire life and I love the sport of wrestling. It is the only sport where it is equal. The wrestlers weigh about the same weight and it is up to them if they win or lose. Let's tell the IOC that wrestlers and their fans around the world want to see this historic sport stay in the Olympics where it began and belongs today. Per USA Wrestling 1) FILA, the international wrestling federation, the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Wrestling did not expect this announcement. None of these leadership groups anticipated that wrestling was being considered for this. 2) This is a decision by the International Olympic Committee Executive Board. The recommendation is that wrestling not be included as a core sport at the 2020 Olympic Committee. This is not a final decision. This is not a final decision. Let's make sure the final Decision is correct.

Clay Durham
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Petitioning International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach

IOC to Enact Anti-Doping Reform

The Russian doping scandal and the suspension of the Russian national team from the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang showed the scale of the doping usage problem in elite sports. At the same time, the current situation testifies to the deep system crisis and inefficiency of sports bureaucratic authorities. Actions taken by the IOC and WADA threaten the existence of the whole Olympic movement as the mechanism of international integration that unites nations and makes the World better. The sports officials set a dangerous precedent making clear that any athlete and national team could be suspended from taking part in competitions and deprived of rewards on the basis of indirect proofs. We, the undersigned, feel certain that the Olympic movement and fair-play spirit of the Olympic Games should be saved by the following urgent measures: 1. Abolish the practice of confessing the guilt of athletes just relying on the testimony of a witness and recognize the Russian athletes precedent as the civil and criminal law violation.2. Carry out an independent technical expertise of the anti-doping bottles to find out whether the scratch marks have been left on these bottles in a result of unauthorized opening or just represent the technical feature of the product.3. Create the independent anti-doping institute instead of WADA which have demonstrated its inability to fight against doping; to ensure the presence of as many nations as possible in the new organization. 4. Increase the number of in-competition and out-of-competition anti-doping tests; to ban athletes from competitions if they require temporary or permanent usage of prohibited substances according to their Therapeutic Use Exemptions.

Sue Trotter
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Petitioning International Olympic Committee

No Olympics In U.S. Until Trump's Travel Ban Is Lifted For Good!

We implore you to not allow any American city to host the Olympic games until Donald Trump's travel ban is gone once and for all. Athletes work a lifetime to achieve their dream and to have their hopes and dreams dashed because of this ban is against everything that the IOC strives for! "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well." Donald Trump's travel ban defeats athletes from several countries without them ever being able to compete. We believe that those who strive a lifetime to achieve, deserve their chance. The travel ban will not allow for this.

Penny Thomas
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Petitioning International Olympic Committee, Ripple Labs

Make XRP the official cryptocurrency of the Tokyo Olympics 2020!

The countdown to the Tokyo Olympics 2020 has begun! While this global event presents great cultural and economic opportunities, hosting countries also face many challenges concerning infrastructure, transportation and payment systems. As tourists stream into the country, demand for the local currency skyrockets, causing long lines at currency exchanges, as seen at past events like Beijing 2008 and Rio de Janeiro 2016. Confusing exchange rates and language barriers further complicate the problem. We believe that the fast transaction times and security of Ripple Lab's XRP cryptocurrency would be a great contribution towards solving this problem. We thank you for your support!   Donations are welcome: 1LgJp8xbT4fHuVQsFWR4JhCNGG13fhfMgC (Bitcoin/BTC) rnnNckSu2VfYJXkjwaA6VVZg11xGJ2Rygx (Ripple/XRP)  

Ken Takahashi
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Petitioning 東京オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会組織委員会, International Olympic Committee, 日本オリンピック委員会, 小池百合子東京都知事 , 厚生労働大臣, 農林水産大臣


2020年の東京オリンピック・パラリンピック(以下東京オリンピック)は、これまでになく動物を苦しめるオリンピック・パラリンピックになろうとしています。 オリンピックの選手村や会場で提供される食事で使われる畜産物「調達基準」の動物福祉のレベルが、過去のオリンピックと比べて大きく低下したためです。 世界的なイベントであるオリンピックでは、社会的責任が問われるようになっており、環境や社会、人権や動物に配慮されたイベントであることが求められるようになっています。 とくにロンドンオリンピックからは、動物への配慮が加わり、会場で使われる畜産物のアニマルウェルフェアが高められてきました。そのレベルを、東京オリンピックが下げてしまうことになります。 例えば卵の基準は ◎ロンドンオリンピック=放し飼い以上の卵(放し飼い・オーガニック) ◯リオオリンピック=ケージ飼育ではない卵(平飼い・放し飼い等) ×東京オリンピック=飼育方法の規定なし=バタリーケージ飼育の卵もOK となります。 バタリーケージ飼育は、欧米、中南米、南アフリカ、韓国など世界中が廃止していっているものであり、劣悪飼育の象徴ともいえます。 日本ではまだバタリーケージ飼育が主流となっています。詳しくはこちら → 豚肉は、 ◎ロンドンオリンピック=妊娠ストール(虐待的な拘束飼育)禁止 △リオオリンピック=規定はないが、大手企業が自主的に妊娠ストール廃止 ×東京オリンピック=飼育方法の基準なし=拘束飼育OK となり、虐待的飼育をされた豚肉が提供されることになります。この妊娠ストールも、世界的に廃止が進んでおり、EUや米国の10州、その他世界的な大手企業の多くが廃止していっています。 日本では豚の妊娠ストール飼育がいまだに増加しています。詳しくはこちら → 東京オリンピックは過去のオリンピックよりも、動物を苦しめ、負のレガシーを残すことになります。 さらに、東京大会の後、2024年はパリ、2028年はロサンゼルスと続きますが、その2大会ではアニマルウェルフェアは向上することが見込まれ、東京オリンピックが残すであろう【負のレガシー】は、なお一層、際立つことでしょう。 詳細のレポートはこちらから → オリンピックアスリートも、ケージフリー、高速飼育フリーを求めています!   東京オリンピックで世界レベルのアニマルウェルフェアを採用し、卵であればケージフリー以上、豚肉であれば拘束飼育禁止とすることを求めます。 どうか、せめて、ロンドンオリンピックやリオオリンピックで守られてきたアニマルウェルフェアのレベルを、東京オリンピックで下げないでください。 人間だけが楽しむのではなく、動物たちにも思いやりを持ったオリンピック・パラリンピックを実現できるよう、ぜひご賛同よろしくお願いします。

Animal Rights Center アニマルライツセンター
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Petitioning FINA & Cornel Marculescu, International Olympic Committee

Our sport is called "SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING "!

#synchroforever The IOC has requested FINA rebrand the sport of Synchronized Swimming, in an attempt to revitalize the popularity of the sport. In the past 30 years, the sport has increased in popularity, with new events being incorporated, males participating at the international level, new countries participating competitively in international competitions. What both parties are forgetting is Synchro (as we all call it) is a SPORT with extreme ATHLETICISM, POWER, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY and ENDURANCE. Renaming it as Artistic Swimming does nothing to convey the athleticism of our fabulous sport, if anything it's a lateral move in terms of branding and pays absolutely no respect to Synchronized swimmers, past and present. FINA has only just recently opened the door for Men to compete at Worlds, and this name change will be more of a deterant to males than a calling card. Synchronized Swimming today, compared to the 1950's, exemplifies the Olympic Motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius" - "Swifter, Higher, Stronger", and it does this better than many sports currently in the Olympics. We are a sport that is highly dependent on volunteers, and funding, the costs of changing the name at every level could potentially  cripple some organizations. Is IOC and FINA prepared to help fund this rebranding?  There is nothing wrong with rebranding, as the sport has developed and morphed so much over the last 50 years, with the increased technical difficulty, athleticism, and inclusion of Men. Please involve the Synchronized Swimming community in this decision and make it a positive move forward for the athletes, coaches, judges, and volunteers and clubs...past and present!

Kris Harley-Jesson
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Petitioning International Olympic Committee, International Association of Athletics Federations

Keep the 50km race walk in the Olympics

IOC/ IAAF decision on the future of race walk within the Olympic Games and World Championships. It has recently come to light that the IOC has proposed changes to the athletics programme, starting in 2018. These changes include the abolishment of the men’s 50km race walk at the Olympic Games and IAAF World Championships and the 20km race walk moving to a half-marathon distance (21.1km). It is our understanding that the IAAF Council are to vote on these changes at the upcoming Council Meeting in London, 12-13 April 2017. Olympians, athletes and supporters of the Games firmly believe that the IOC should embrace rather than exclude events such as the 50km race walk. The 50km race walk embodies many of the Olympic values, most notably how to endure. It is one of the few remaining free events on the Olympic program, allowing all to witness and engage with athletes in their pursuit of excellence. In Rio, the 50km race walk was a global event and one of only two events where the first four finishers represented different Area Federations. The 50km race walk has been a staple of the Olympic athletics programme since 1932. While appreciating its history, we acknowledge that sport must continually evolve to remain relevant in the modern sporting context. Having two men's events (20km & 50km) and only one women's event (20km) is based on an outdated and heinously wrong assumption. We commend the IAAF on measures taken to ensure this inequality based on gender is closing and celebrate the first official women’s 50km race walk world record. We want to work with the IOC and IAAF to further develop gender equality and create a programme that best showcases our event for a modern audience. We propose that the current schedule of events, men’s 20km & 50km race walk and women’s 20km race walk, be maintained until the Olympic Games in 2020. Furthermore, we propose a working group composed of IOC and IAAF officials and athlete representation to assess the future of the event beyond 2020. These measures ensure sufficient athlete consultation, maintenance of athlete’s livelihoods and rewards the investment of National Federations in support of their athletes to 2020. This proposal provides the IAAF opportunity to commit to transparency in decision making and listen to the athletes they represent. We call on Thomas Bach and the IOC Executive Committee, Sebastian Coe and the IAAF Council, to be transparent in this decision making process and include the athletes in any further discussions in regards to race walking at the Olympics Games and IAAF World Championships.

Chris Erickson
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Petitioning Thomas Bach

Boicote aos Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno PyengChang 2018, na Coreia do Sul, nação que consume carne canina. (Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!)

Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation! Esta é a nossa versão em português da petição "Boycott PyengChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!" This is our Portuguese Petition for Petition "Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!" Petição dirigida ao Presidente do Comité Olímpico Internacional, Thomas Bach, e ao Presidente dos Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno PyeongChang 2018, da Coreia do Sul, Yang-Ho Cho. Vimos pedir a vossa atenção para o seguinte vídeo: A Coreia do Sul é a décima quarta maior economia do mundo. Todavia, é neste país que cerca de 2 milhões e meio de cães e milhares de gatos são abatidos todos os anoa, para serem consumidos como “comida saudável”. Sujeitos a inimagináveis torturas e a diversas carências, desde que nascem até ao dia em que são mortos, os cães destinados ao consumo são presos em jaulas minúsculas e sujas, durante toda a vida, sem qualquer tipo de abrigo que os proteja das variações climáticas. Os seus tímpanos são frequentemente cortados, para que os cães fiquem impedidos de ladrar. Em pleno dia, e frequentemente sob observação de outros cães, são eletrocutados, enforcados, agredidos, degolados, ou cozidos ou queimados até morrerem. Esta é uma indústria motivada por lucros irresponsáveis e imorais, livre de impostos e não regulamentada. Promove-se agressivamente com base no mito de que o consumo de carne de cão (particularmente o órgão sexual masculino) aumenta a virilidade e a resistência masculinas. Os sul-coreanos defendem que quanto mais o cão sofre, melhor é a sua carne. Por esta razão, muitos cães são sujeitos a uma situação de terror e sofrimento extremo, antes da sua morte. Muitos gatos são frequentemente cozidos vivos para a produção de tónicos e elixires que alguns acreditam curar o reumatismo. O consumo na Coreia do Sul é tão excessivo que, neste momento, cerca de 20% dos cães são importados da China. É difícil acreditar que a Coreia do Sul, uma das grandes potências económicas do mundo, com um significante nível educativo, continua a perpetuar esta barbaridade. Para os milhões de cães e gatos que são violentados e abatidos nos mercados, nos matadouros, nos restaurantes e nas quintas de produção da Coreia do Sul esta é uma realidade trágica e um pesadelo do qual não conseguem escapar. Se a Coreia do Sul quiser ser respeitada como uma nação consciente é necessário que reforce a sua estratégia ao nível das leis de proteção animal e que proíba o consumo de carne de cão e gato. A crueldade tem persistido demasiado, e é agora tempo de o governo sul-coreano assumir a sua responsabilidade no que respeita à construção de uma moral nacional que abomine esta prática. O fim dela não só salvará muitos animais de um sofrimento inimaginável, como contribuirá para colocar a Coreia do Sul numa posição económica mais benéfica, na medida em que muitas pessoas por todo o mundo se manifestam a favor do fim desta barbárie. Como disse Mahatma Gandhi, “a grandeza de uma nação e a sua progressão moral está em directa relação com o modo como os animais são tratados nessa nação”. É agora tempo para que as questões sobre o bem-estar animal sejam tratadas seriamente, na Coreia do Sul, onde vive uma sociedade que acreditamos ser eticamente responsável e capaz de mostrar compaixão. Isto quer também dizer que é tempo de o governo sul-coreano começar a reeducar o público sobre a importância da esterilização, do não abandono, e do correto tratamento a ser dado aos animais. O primeiro passo é abolir o consumo de carne de cão e gato. Se a Coreia do Sul não se comprometer com o que acima vai sugerido, farei boicote aos Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno PyeongChang 2018, como farei igualmente boicote ao nível turístico e comercial. Espero que V. Ex.ª considere a minha mensagem com a atenção que ela devidamente merece. Aguardarei a sua resposta. Agradeço, antecipadamente, tudo o que puder fazer no sentido de alterar a presente situação de barbárie descontrolada. ------------------------- É igualmente pertinente escrever ao Comité Olímpico, no sentido de manifestar a intenção de boicote aos Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno PyeongChang 2018. Comité Olímpico InternacionalSr. Thomas BachChâteau de VidyCase postale 3561001 LausanneSwitzerland Mais informação: International Olympic Committee Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) Official Website for The 23rd Olympic Winter Games - PyeongChang, South Korea South Korea's Dog Meat Industry - Cruelty during the transport of meat dogs South Korea's Cruel and Gruesome Dog Meat Industry - "Two faces of Traditional Markets" Short link for this petition:

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Petitioning International Olympic Committee, International Association of Athletics Federations

Let women have a Decathlon competition at the Olympics.

I’m an athlete, and I’m a girl. It is my dream to compete in the Olympics as a Decathlete and I know I’m not alone. But the Olympics doesn’t offer the event for women. The Decathlon is considered the ultimate test of human athleticism. For years, men have competed in the Decathlon at the Olympic level while women are forced to settle for the Heptathlon. It’s past time for this to change. The Decathlon consists of 10 track and field events held over a two-day period. It’s been proven that women can successfully compete in Olympic Decathlon events. In fact, women already compete individually in all the events comprising the Decathlon at the every level. Additionally, the IAAF (the international track and field governing board) has recognized and scored women in Decathlon events since 2001. They simply don’t allow the women’s Decathlon at major international championships. This is a simple matter of fairness. If women are capable of competing the the same individual track sports as the men, AND if women are capable of competing in the decathlon at lower level championship events -- why won’t the IAAF and the IOC allow women to compete at the top level? If you believe in fairness, please sign and share this petition. Help girls like me get one step closer to the dream of competing in the event we love -- the Olympic decathlon.

Rachael Wilson
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