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END the Yulin Dog Meat Festival NOW!

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an inhuman festival held each year in Yulin, China where dogs are stolen from their owners, picked up as strays off the street, or bred from illegal puppy mills to be cooked and eaten because they supposedly help the health of those who eat them. Some people there even consider it a delicacy which I find sad and crazy, especially since this only started in 2005 so it's not like it's part of a long tradition. While being brought to the festival, the dogs are crammed into cages -- 5-6 dogs in a cage meant for a rabbit -- to the point where they can't even move their heads. Their limbs are often twisted into awkward positions causing them great pain. The dogs are deprived of food and water for many days. When they finally arrive at the festival, they are tortured even further. After dying an extremely painful death, they are then cooked and served to anyone at the festival. Around 15,000 dogs have been eaten during the 10-day festivals in the past. I want people to sign my petition to make people aware of what's going on. I want to send a message to the government there and make sure the Yulin Festival doesn't continue so that not one more dog suffers. I am a 13-year-old dog owner and animal lover who finds it hard to live knowing dogs are being tortured on the other side of the world as I live my life. Whether you're a dog owner or not, please help stop innocent dogs from being tortured and killed.

Jack P
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STOP! The Yulin dog eating festival! Dogs are innocent animals, that deserve love, attention, care, and a family. First, dogs are stolen from owners, taken from puppy farms or taken from the streets as strays, next they are crammed into cages that are way too small for the amount of dogs inside, click this link to see: , which often twist their limbs into extremely uncomfortable positions and have to stay there for several hours. Once they finally reach their destination, then, like some sort of torture the dogs are boiled, beaten, strangled, electrocuted, burnt and skinned ALIVE! They think the dog tastes better and will be more tender if it has adrenaline! After the horrendous ordeal the visitors happily eat the dogs. Animal cruelty is not a crime in China! When a dog just bites a human, it usually gets euthanised, or, in China there was a policeman that beat a dog to death in public! Here is the link to that: They eat dog meat because they believe that if you eat dog meat it gives the men more sexual stamina and that it will keep them cool during the summer and it will apparently ward off evil spirits. I just can’t beleive that these people could torture the animals that help with the police, help disabled people, support and love each family they have, support and love children if they have been abused and many more.   If a human tortures a dog in China, nothing happens! PUT AN END TO THIS MADNESS!   If you really want to see how China really treats man’s best friend, contact me on and I will send you the link as soon as I can. I’m warning you that the video is extremely graphic and upsetting.  

George Bedford
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BANNED EJIAO Chinese medicine dubious qualities to SAVE MILLION DONKEY by SKINNED ALIVE

Shandong has manufacturers to manufacture gelatin, more than 4 million per year killed donkey. Chinese herbal medicines gelatin (Jinan on the 14th Reuters) brewed by the animal skin, with the blood of yin and other effects, popular in the Chinese market, and Shandong gelatin to produce the most prestigious. British media reported that Shandong has manufacturers to manufacture gelatin, actually killing each year more than four million donkeys, plus gelatin production process cruel, to be alive to the skin bleeding ass whipped, then take the animal skin is made of lashed attracted outside. EARN BLOODY MONEY . Shandong quoted a gelatin factory manager said that last year selling gelatin products will hit the jackpot 140 million pounds, but not enough to worry about one day donkey supply Another manufacturer is working towards gelatin, employing more than 10,000 workers, a plant management said: . "We give each worker a month to provide two boxes of gelatin, which allows them to work a full day fast." The whole animal skin nailed to a wooden frame. It reported that, with the consumption level of Chinese people in recent years, with China's support for Chinese medicine, gelatin sales continue to grow. But some manufacturers for the manufacture of gelatin Shandong annually kills more than 4 million donkeys, foreign netizens criticized Chinese manufacturers very shameful act of killing animals, plus gelatin production process cruel, only to be whipped ass to skin congestion, live again stripping Lilly by the international animal rights groups strongly condemned. In addition to a large number of Chinese domestic donkey, donkey-hide gelatin manufacturers also import animal skin from Australia, Africa and other places. African country of Niger this year, exports to China reached 80,000 donkeys, but the local people need help with transport and daily work donkey, donkey number of threats that the country will be announced in September this year, the export ban only donkey. That TCM Theory Holds Gelatin Having AIDS Yin Yang And Other Effects, In Recent Years, By The People Welcome. TCM Theory Holds That Gelatin Having AIDS Yin Yang And Other Effects, In Recent Years, By The People Welcome. Li Ming Dynasty doctors said: ". Donkey brown, black and white color, black were as good medicine" Authentic gelatin with exquisite black animal skin, which is black ass, TCM theory holds that the black color is water, black into the kidney, black animal skin nourishing yin strongest effect. Although gelatin popular in the Chinese market, but its effectiveness has not yet been recognized by Western medicine. Considering the manufacture of gelatin requires donkey 4 Million / year and continuing So presence of donkeys on this earth was threatened and this will have a negative impact on species extinction of donkey. AND STOP THIS CRUELTY NOW SAVE DONKEY FROM EXTINCTION Please Sign And Share Thank you very much

Gama Leong
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BAN horsecart and animalcart or use any other animal to earn money

I demand strict law against animal cruelty and ban the use of animals for commercial use. They can't speak that doesnt mean they can't feel. Animal owners overload them with stuff and make money without thinking what circumstances they are going through even they beat to speed them up and put rope in their nose and pull according to their comfort without thinking of how much pain it cause to the pitty animals. They don't even provide proper food and at times forcefully give alcohol to horses to make them sleep without food. Support me to ban horse cart and all other animals used as vehicle.

Gaurav Ahuja
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Say NO to Animal Cruelty!

           What is animal cruelty? In the article of RSPCA, animal cruelty can take many different forms. It includes overt and intentional acts of violence towards animals, but it is also including animals neglect or the failure to provide for the welfare of an animal under one’s control. Causing animal’s psychological harm in the form of distress, torment or terror may also constitute animal cruelty.             In the Philippines, animal cruelty is a big issue that no one can end it. By just tying your pets, giving them leftover/rotten foods, letting them to eat in the trash, abusing them if they do harsh things to the owner, and not giving them a proper good attention, is an act of animal cruelty.             All over the world, animal cruelty is existing. We must do something against it, because animals are so lovely essence. They deserve a good life just like us, humans. Because they also have feelings, they also need love, they need our help. It’s so horrible to see how many animals died and be tortured. We must stop the people who kill them. Every animal is special. Every animal is exceptional.             Please join us to our campaign, and let's join our forces to STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

Khyle Bolante
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Localicen a esta perrita en India, enferma y explotada, y a quienes abusan de ella

Este video esta causando indignacion en las redes sociales. En el se puede ver como explotan a Mani, una perrita claramente triste y enferma, la cual se ve obligada a transportar a diario una gran cantidad de leche en su lomo, y a veces hasta niños que se divierten a su costa. Su mirada clama auxilio. La estructura en la que hace el transporte va atada a su cuello por un collar grueso de hierro. Debe ser rescatada antes de que sea demasiado tarde! Su rescate debe llevar el mensaje de la no explotacion animal bajo ninguna circunstancia y tras cualquier frontera, y ser a la vez un ejemplo para los niños que crecen viendo esta crueldad como algo normal. Los animales sienten y sufren, no son cosas! Aqui os dejo el enlace con la noticia y el video: Gracias por tu compasion, por favor, firma y comparte. Por Mani. Mani is exploted in South India. Instead India is a very kind country caring about many animals, this is happening right now there. She carries milk by her back day after day. But not only milk, so her owner can earn some money easily...she also has to suffer some kids taking her like a funny way of transportation. Her owner has just considered she has to work for him, and that its all: all her life will be that, because he wants to be the more original seller of milk. Lets avoid Mani has to suffer, she seems very sick and tired, this not could be life for her! Her face is claiming for justice, patiently...we cant stay doing nothing. Her rescue must carry the message of intolerance of animal abuse in any country, in any case, and cannot be a model of animals care for the children. Animals suffer, can feel, they are not things! Please localize her and make justice!, bringing a new home where she can knows love and peace, as a sanctuary. Here you can see the whole article including the video that crush my heart: Thanks a lot for your compassion, please sign and share, for Mani.

Maria del Pilar Nachon Cifuentes
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¡¡Alto a la venta y maltrato de animales en el Mercado de Sonora!!

La venta de animales en el Mercado de Sonora propicia a que las personas comerciantes no tomen los cuidados y condiciones que los animales necesitan induciendo así maltrato brutal a los animales. Día a día los animales dentro de éste Mercado se enferman y contagian a los demás, haciendo que todo animal que entra y no sea vendido, sea obligado a morir bajo condiciones fatales. Éste mercado es blindado por personas de cargo alto por lo que no se ha podido regular las condiciones de higiene y salud.  Al firmar ésta petición me ayudas a crear conciencia y alzar la voz para que éste mercado sea regulado e inspeccionado para que los animales dentro no sean maltratados, al firmar ésta petición me ayudas a que las personas como yo y como tú no compren más animales y adopten mejor. Paremos la venta de animales en este mercado y en otros más, que no vean a los animales con fin económico. Me importa parar y hacer un alto porque así como tu sientes, los animales sienten; así como tus hijos necesitan de ti para que estén bien, los animales nos necesitan para que estén bien. Apóyame a firmar y hacer la diferencia. Las firmas recaudadas serán dadas al Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, a la Cámara de Diputados y a otras varias instituciones contra el maltrato animal. Finalmente anexo un vídeo de un reportaje que se hizo en ese lugar y veas con tus propios ojos el dolor de los animales y la falta de regularidad de éste Mercado.  

Montserrat Serrano Guillén
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Harsher punishment for dog meat trade offenders in Yulin,China.

My petition is based upon actions that have been newly made known. Mr Mo Gong Ming in Yulin has recently stated the ban to be imposed on June 15th 2017 for the period during the dog meat festival which is based upon solice (a period in which Yulin consumes dog meat and cat as well). He put into effect the ban during that time, but only for that time period. There still would be other days throughout the year in which they will have no ban imposed. We need to push Yulin officials to follow Taiwan which has signed a ban on eating dog and cats. The ban has very limited punishment for an individual that would be caught delivering dogs or cats. And only with support can we push for the ban to become a law and a full ban decision to outlaw consuming cats and dogs. Previously it was $17 per truck and offender....which as we see is simply not enough punishment... Now it has changed to $100 per truck and offender. If we really look at that,that is simply still not enough...which may be a reason as to why their citizens are still committing these barbaric acts upon animal companions...torturing of dogs and cats before they are boiled alive because they saw the meat tastes better...or torching their fur off for that burnt smell. If we can push harsher punishment for offenders as well as a FULL in EFFECT ban of consuming meat from their officials can we start to do this. They say that the people want to eat meat and what can we do...that's an officials actual response. What can be done is harsher ground rules for punishment on these offenders instead of a ticket and let them be on their journey.. That didn't stop the slaughter of those dogs and cats on that truck. They should take the dogs and cats and seize the offender at that time.   The reported decision initiated to ban the sale of dog meat during the event, shows that they are taking critical steps to curb animal cruelty during this time and to correct an historical wrong. Only by ending the mess slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats, can Yulin be transformed into a centre of culture and civilization.    This ban is a commendable step for dogs, and I hope that Yulin officials will continue to take further steps to protect companion animals by including cats under the order too, and making it a permanent prohibition.  I would love to see this temporary ban break the ground for an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and inspire transformational change across Asia to end the dog meat trade for good. I respectfully urge these changes:    1. Permanently ban dog and cat meat trade in Yulin; 2. Strengthen food safety law enforcement; 3. Penalize inbound dog trucks without proper documents;seize all animals on board 4. Shut down dog slaughter operations inside Yulin; 5. Build a government facility to accommodate confiscated dogs and cats; and 6. End dog and cat meat consumption in Yulin  7.   Push harsher punishment for offenders; and for repeat offenders even more harsher punishment. We need to urge this ban. If not millions of dogsdogs and cats will be killed for meat. It is not a tradition or spiritual journey as some China citizens have said. Some say its for prohit when asking their beliefs. Some completely disagree. Please take a stand with me to show Yulin how you agree there needs to be stronger punishment and a FULL ban in effect. Thank You Crystal Lee Animal Activist/ PETA First Responder    

Crystal Lee
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Stop the Animal Cruelty in Philippines.

        There is human rights, women and children rights even criminal  have rights and etc , but...where is animal rights in Philippines. Yes there is animal rights but only to endangered species. In people's eyes and mind, animals are just animals who can't understand and they have no emotions just mindless creatures. It hurts me seeing animals in the street just as dog and cats being abused and died in hunger sometimes they're being hit and run by some vehicles passing by and didn't bother to stop or slow down. Every time I went home from school I always see dead cats lying on the sidewalk as I pass pass by. I'm an animal lover and I have a pet cat, and whenever I see them dead body of dog or cat I wanted to cry. My father told me that we shouldn't hurt them or kill them,they have life and they too being created by God. I am angry at the people who doesn't bother to help or save the animals being crashed/hit by a car or they just don't care.         In Philippines, there is also dog and cat as food mostly are dogs. I can't believe that, me as also a Filifino, appalled to my fellow Filifinos. They too abuse and use the poor creatures for their benefits.  Sometimes I always see children hurting cats from the street tormenting and treated them as their play toy just for their entertainment and their parents let them be. My siblings and I decided to adopt and protect them from the children who loves hurting animals.    

Sittie Manding
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