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END the Yulin Dog Meat Festival NOW!

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an inhuman festival held each year in Yulin, China where dogs are stolen from their owners, picked up as strays off the street, or bred from illegal puppy mills to be cooked and eaten because they supposedly help the health of those who eat them. Some people there even consider it a delicacy which I find sad and crazy, especially since this only started in 2005 so it's not like it's part of a long tradition. While being brought to the festival, the dogs are crammed into cages -- 5-6 dogs in a cage meant for a rabbit -- to the point where they can't even move their heads. Their limbs are often twisted into awkward positions causing them great pain. The dogs are deprived of food and water for many days. When they finally arrive at the festival, they are tortured even further. After dying an extremely painful death, they are then cooked and served to anyone at the festival. Around 15,000 dogs have been eaten during the 10-day festivals in the past. I want people to sign my petition to make people aware of what's going on. I want to send a message to the government there and make sure the Yulin Festival doesn't continue so that not one more dog suffers. I am a 13-year-old dog owner and animal lover who finds it hard to live knowing dogs are being tortured on the other side of the world as I live my life. Whether you're a dog owner or not, please help stop innocent dogs from being tortured and killed.

Jack P
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STOP! The Yulin dog eating festival! Dogs are innocent animals, that deserve love, attention, care, and a family. First, dogs are stolen from owners, taken from puppy farms or taken from the streets as strays, next they are crammed into cages that are way too small for the amount of dogs inside, click this link to see: , which often twist their limbs into extremely uncomfortable positions and have to stay there for several hours. Once they finally reach their destination, then, like some sort of torture the dogs are boiled, beaten, strangled, electrocuted, burnt and skinned ALIVE! They think the dog tastes better and will be more tender if it has adrenaline! After the horrendous ordeal the visitors happily eat the dogs. Animal cruelty is not a crime in China! When a dog just bites a human, it usually gets euthanised, or, in China there was a policeman that beat a dog to death in public! Here is the link to that: They eat dog meat because they believe that if you eat dog meat it gives the men more sexual stamina and that it will keep them cool during the summer and it will apparently ward off evil spirits. I just can’t beleive that these people could torture the animals that help with the police, help disabled people, support and love each family they have, support and love children if they have been abused and many more.   If a human tortures a dog in China, nothing happens! PUT AN END TO THIS MADNESS!   If you really want to see how China really treats man’s best friend, contact me on and I will send you the link as soon as I can. I’m warning you that the video is extremely graphic and upsetting.  

George Bedford
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Alto al envenenamiento y quema de animales en la ciudad capital de Campeche en México

En la víspera de la convención nacional de líderes de zoonosis, amanecieron muertos más de 100 perros, gatos, tlacuaches, etc., la gran mayoría de los perros envenenados y quemados eran alimentados, medicados y esterilizados por personas comprometidas con la causa animal que con recursos propios sufragan estos gastos y los mantienen de manera comunal en la calle ante la falta de cultura de adopción; fueron ellos los que se dieron cuenta y empezaron a indagar y encontraron cubetas de metal con restos de carne molida envenenada. Han muerto ya más de 500 animales entre perros, gatos, etc., y hasta ahora ninguna autoridad se ha pronunciado. Se han metido varías demandas ante él área correspondiente solicitando dar con el responsable así como la revisión de cámaras pero aún no se sabe nada. Asusta a la ciudadanía esta situación que se está saliendo de control ya que cada día aparecen mas animales muertos incluidas mascotas que salieron con correa a caminar al malecón con su propietarios por lo que se teme pueda afectar a niños ya que son áreas abiertas al público. Existen muy pocas personas ayudando a resguardar a los sobrevivientes y la situación los ha sobrepasado por lo que se lanza esta petición de ayuda para solicitar  al Gobernador del Estado girar instrucciones para dar con el o los Responsables y parar esta masacre antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

maria alma carpizo aguilar
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Localicen a esta perrita en India, enferma y explotada, y a quienes abusan de ella

Este video esta causando indignacion en las redes sociales. En el se puede ver como explotan a Mani, una perrita claramente triste y enferma, la cual se ve obligada a transportar a diario una gran cantidad de leche en su lomo, y a veces hasta niños que se divierten a su costa. Su mirada clama auxilio. La estructura en la que hace el transporte va atada a su cuello por un collar grueso de hierro. Debe ser rescatada antes de que sea demasiado tarde! Su rescate debe llevar el mensaje de la no explotacion animal bajo ninguna circunstancia y tras cualquier frontera, y ser a la vez un ejemplo para los niños que crecen viendo esta crueldad como algo normal. Los animales sienten y sufren, no son cosas! Aqui os dejo el enlace con la noticia y el video: Gracias por tu compasion, por favor, firma y comparte. Por Mani. Mani is exploted in South India. Instead India is a very kind country caring about many animals, this is happening right now there. She carries milk by her back day after day. But not only milk, so her owner can earn some money easily...she also has to suffer some kids taking her like a funny way of transportation. Her owner has just considered she has to work for him, and that its all: all her life will be that, because he wants to be the more original seller of milk. Lets avoid Mani has to suffer, she seems very sick and tired, this not could be life for her! Her face is claiming for justice, patiently...we cant stay doing nothing. Her rescue must carry the message of intolerance of animal abuse in any country, in any case, and cannot be a model of animals care for the children. Animals suffer, can feel, they are not things! Please localize her and make justice!, bringing a new home where she can knows love and peace, as a sanctuary. Here you can see the whole article including the video that crush my heart: Thanks a lot for your compassion, please sign and share, for Mani.

Maria del Pilar Nachon Cifuentes
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Shut down Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo, also known as Kebun Binatang Surabaya (KBS), was founded in 1916 and is the one of the largest zoos in South East Asia, covering 37 acres and housing over 350 species. The zoo has fallen into disrepute however, with allegations of corruption, neglect, uncontrolled breeding and cruelty. It was dubbed "the zoo of death" after reports of at least 25 animals dying every month due to negligence and cruelty. These deaths included a giraffe who had swallowed a considerable amount of plastic, a tiger whose digestive track had decomposed due to be fed formaldehyde and the most recent case of a lion found hanging by its head from cage bars. Many of the animals "cared for" at the zoo live in poor conditions, with little room to move and exercise as well as some species kept in the same cages as other, rival species (reports leaked of a cheetah, a gift from the south african president, that had it's leg bitten off by a malnourished tiger that they kept in the same environment died soon). Some of the animals are highly endangered species. The zoo states that there are 2,800 animals currently residing there, however separate reports give a number as high as 4,000. This inhumane treatment of animals must stop. In 2010 the Forestry Ministry revoked Surabaya Zoo’s license after many animal deaths including rare species such as Sumatran tigers, Komodo Dragons, lions and crocodiles. East Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) conducted an investigation, which found that negligent keepers were to blame for most of the animal deaths. It is alleged that zookeepers are stealing meat which they sell to the black market. Also that animals are being stolen by the zookeepers and also sold. Another factor for the current state of this zoo is the current budget of the zoo. The entry fee is less than $2.00 (US). This current cash flow is not nearly enough to properly breed, house and care for the animals that the facility hosts. As a result, the animals are often underfed and starving (video leaked of a thin sun bear with ribs visible standing on its hind legs begging tourists for food). Due to the lack of training and care from the zoo keepers and officials, the facility is unable to separate breeding animals resulting in cramped spaces and filthy enclosures (roughly 200 pelicans inhabit a single cage the size of a basketball court, unable to stretch their wings, in another case a normally vividly coloured macaw had torn out all of its breast feathers due to the stress of living in a crowded environment). While the zoo may look normal from the outside, behind the scenes tigers are kept locked in small concrete cells, only allowed out 3 days out of 10, crocodiles lie in a pool too small for them to move around, the water green with urine and muck. A baby elephant tugs at its chains as it moves around its enclosure, its mother is nowhere to be found. Little does the baby know is that his mother had died only a while ago, if you search it up, you can find the video of the adult elephant crying moments before its death. Upon closer examination it revealed bruises on the body of the animal. While some of the animals are being relocated, they are also being abused, shouted at and beaten by the KBS staff members (several hippos were relocated, during the process they were physically beaten and injured) Recently the zoo welcomed the birth of 11 komodo dragons, however we are sure that they will unfortunately meet the same fate as all the other inhabitants. We call on the honourable President Joko Widodo to mandate the following 5 actions immediately: 1) Close Surabaya zoo permanently and dismiss the management.  Hire reputable, qualified staff to engage in the immediate care of the animals.   2) Increase funding and security to ensure all animals receive the proper diet, and medical attention necessary. 3) For any animal where rehabilitation is feasible to the point where the animal could survive in the wild, rehabilitation must take place under the direction of qualified experts, so that they can be released back into the wild. 4) Any animals with incurable, degenerative conditions, and that are in significant pain must be humanely euthanized based on the recommendation of veterinary experts. 5) Commission an enquiry with the view to identify the causes of the conditions and the zoo, and the prosecution of those responsible for the state of the animals.   Please act - the world is watching. Reference sites:  

Loran W
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Harsher punishment for dog meat trade offenders in Yulin,China.

My petition is based upon actions that have been newly made known. Mr Mo Gong Ming in Yulin has recently stated the ban to be imposed on June 15th 2017 for the period during the dog meat festival which is based upon solice (a period in which Yulin consumes dog meat and cat as well). He put into effect the ban during that time, but only for that time period. There still would be other days throughout the year in which they will have no ban imposed. We need to push Yulin officials to follow Taiwan which has signed a ban on eating dog and cats. The ban has very limited punishment for an individual that would be caught delivering dogs or cats. And only with support can we push for the ban to become a law and a full ban decision to outlaw consuming cats and dogs. Previously it was $17 per truck and offender....which as we see is simply not enough punishment... Now it has changed to $100 per truck and offender. If we really look at that,that is simply still not enough...which may be a reason as to why their citizens are still committing these barbaric acts upon animal companions...torturing of dogs and cats before they are boiled alive because they saw the meat tastes better...or torching their fur off for that burnt smell. If we can push harsher punishment for offenders as well as a FULL in EFFECT ban of consuming meat from their officials can we start to do this. They say that the people want to eat meat and what can we do...that's an officials actual response. What can be done is harsher ground rules for punishment on these offenders instead of a ticket and let them be on their journey.. That didn't stop the slaughter of those dogs and cats on that truck. They should take the dogs and cats and seize the offender at that time.   The reported decision initiated to ban the sale of dog meat during the event, shows that they are taking critical steps to curb animal cruelty during this time and to correct an historical wrong. Only by ending the mess slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats, can Yulin be transformed into a centre of culture and civilization.    This ban is a commendable step for dogs, and I hope that Yulin officials will continue to take further steps to protect companion animals by including cats under the order too, and making it a permanent prohibition.  I would love to see this temporary ban break the ground for an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and inspire transformational change across Asia to end the dog meat trade for good. I respectfully urge these changes:    1. Permanently ban dog and cat meat trade in Yulin; 2. Strengthen food safety law enforcement; 3. Penalize inbound dog trucks without proper documents;seize all animals on board 4. Shut down dog slaughter operations inside Yulin; 5. Build a government facility to accommodate confiscated dogs and cats; and 6. End dog and cat meat consumption in Yulin  7.   Push harsher punishment for offenders; and for repeat offenders even more harsher punishment. We need to urge this ban. If not millions of dogsdogs and cats will be killed for meat. It is not a tradition or spiritual journey as some China citizens have said. Some say its for prohit when asking their beliefs. Some completely disagree. Please take a stand with me to show Yulin how you agree there needs to be stronger punishment and a FULL ban in effect. Thank You Crystal Lee Animal Activist/ PETA First Responder    

Crystal Lee
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